The Cthulhu Mythos: An Annotated Bibliography

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HK - Henry Kuttner

Men know him as the Dweller in Darkness, that brother of the Old Ones called Nyogtha, the Thing that should not be. He can be summoned to Earth's surface through certain secret caverns and fissures, and sorcerers have seen him in Syria and below the black tower of Leng; from the Thang Grotto of Tartary he has come ravening to bring terror and destruction among the pavilions of the great Khan. Only by the looped cross, by the Vach-Viraj incantation, and by the Tikkoun elixir may he be driven back to the nighted caverns of hidden foulness where he dwelleth.
-From "The Salem Horror"

HK Bells - Henry Kuttner, Bells of Horror, in Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos, ed. Robert M. Price, Minneapolis: Fedogan and Bremer, 1992. 

Narrator: Ross. References: Ancient Tongue; Bells; Bernard, Father; Book of Iod; California Historical Society; Coyote Canyon; Dark Silent One; Denton; Franciscans; Hollywood; Huntington Library; Indians (Native Americans); Jose; Land of the Dead; Los Angeles; Mexico, Mexicans; Mutsunes; Negus, Johann; Nueva California; Odysseus; Old Night; Old Ones; Pacific Ocean; Pinos Range; Rome, Romans; Rosetta Stone; Ross; San Antonio; San Francisco; San Xavier; Sarto; Serra, Junipero; Todd, Arthur; Western Ocean; Xavier Hotel; Zu-che-quon; Zushakon;

HK Eater - Henry Kuttner, The Eater of Souls, in Henry Kuttner, The Book of Iod. Oakland, CA: Caosium, Inc., 1995. 

Protagonist: the Sindara. References: Ancients; Bel-Yarnak; Betelgeuse; Black Shining One; Eater of Souls; Giant Stars; gorlak; Gray Gulf of Yarnak; Great Gulf of Yarnak; hydromancers; necromancers; Sindara, the; Vorvadoss;

HK Frog - Henry Kuttner, The Frog, in The Book of Iod

Protagonist: Norman Hartley. References: Arabic; Codman, Betsy; Dobson; Forbidden Place; frogs, froglike creatures; Hartley, Norman; Indians (Native Americans); Ireland, Irish; Liggett, Byram; Monk's Hollow; New York; North Swamp; Pickering, Anam and Martha; Winthorp, Persis; Witches' Cradle; Witch Stone;

HK Hunt - Henry Kuttner, The Hunt, in The Book of Iod

Protagonist: Alvin Doyle. References: Benson, Andreas; Benson, Will; Book of Karnak; Buddhism; Cagliostro; Chhaya Ritual; de Plancy; De Vermis Mysteriis; Dictionnaire Infernal; Dimension Prowler; Doyle, Alvin; Dravidians; Durkin, Ed; Dweller beyond Phlegethon; Egypt; Elder Key; Etruscans; Greece, Greeks or Greecians; Hunter of Souls; India, Indians; Iod the Shining Hunter; Ishakshar; Latin; Magnus, Albertus; Monk's Hollow; pentagram; Phlegethon; Prinn, Ludvig; Rajgir; reincarnation; River of Flame.; Secret Worlds; Shining Pursuer; star, six-pointed; Torphonios; Tres Sainte Trinosophie, La; Vediovis.; Wizard's House;

HK Hydra - Henry Kuttner, Hydra, in The Book of Iod

Protagonists: Paul Edmond, Robert Ludwig. References: Alberico; astral body or astral self; Azathoth; Baltimore; Baltimore Central post office; Book of Karnak; California; cannibis indica; Carnatic; Center of Ultimate Chaos; Chhaya Ritual; Cold Flame; des Mousseau, Gougenot; Dis; Edmond, Paul; Elder Key; Elixir Vitae; geometry, non-Euclidean or mystical; Gorgo; Great Ones; Griffith Park; heavy water; Hodgkins, Russell; Hollywood; Hollywood Citizen-News; Hydra; India, Indians; infra color, the; Italy, Italians; Latin; Lewis, Prof. Perry L.; Lord of All Things; Los Angeles Times; Ludwig, Robert; Magna Mater; marijuana; Maryland; Mormo; New York; On the Sending Out of the Soul; Panama Canal; Pharol, black; Rome, Romans; Salem; San Pedro; Scott, Kenneth; seven lamps, the; Sinistari; Sixtystone; Veil; Whirling Vortices; Zancherius;

HK Invaders - Henry Kuttner, The Invaders, in Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos, ed. Robert M. Price, Minneapolis: Fedogan and Bremer, 1992.  

Narrator: Gene. References: Atlantis; Babylon; Bel-Yarnak; Bierce, Ambrose; Blackwood, Algernon; Borgias; California; Cimmeria; Cthulhu; Damned Thing, The; de Maupassant, Guy; De Vermis Mysteriis; dwellers in the Hidden World; Earth; Egypt; Flaming One; France; Gene; gods of earth, Earth's gods; Gray Gulf of Yarnak; Grey Gulf of Yarnak; Hayword, Mike; Horla, The; Huntington Library; Invaders; Iod the Shining Hunter; Italy, Italians; James, M. R; Journal; Khan, Genghis; Kindler of the Flame; Mason, Bill; Mu; Mysteries of the Worm; myth-pattern; Nergu-K'nyan; Pnakotic pentagon; Prinn, Ludvig; Santa Barbara; Thou Who Waiteth in the Outer Dark; Troubler of the Sands; Vorvadoss; Word of power; Yig;

HK Jest - Henry Kuttner, The Jest of Droom-avista, in The Book of Iod

Protagonist: Thorazor. References: Bel-Yarnak; Black Minaret; Dark Shining One; Dis; Droom-avista; Dweller Beyond; Elixir; gods of good and evil; Jester; little gods; ocuru-lamps; Philosopher's Stone; Seven Circles; Sindara, the; Stone of the Philosophers; Thorazor;

Kiss - The Black Kiss. See entry under Robert Bloch.

HK Kralitz - Henry Kuttner, The Secret of Kralitz, in The Book of Iod

Narrator: Franz, 21st Baron Kralitz. References: Argus; Cthulhu; Iod the Shining Hunter; Kralitz, House of; Kralitz, 21st Baron, Franz; Yog-Sothoth; Yuggoth;

HK Salem - Henry Kuttner, The Salem Horror, in Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (1990). 

Protagonist: Carson. References: Alhazred, Abdul; Arabic; Black God of Madness; Boston; Burying Point; Carson; Charter Street; Charter Street Burying Ground; crux ansata; Derby Street; Dweller in Darkness; Gallows Hill; geometry, non-Euclidean or mystical; Immigrant Panic of 1853; Kester Library; Khan, the great; Leigh, Michael; Leng, Plateau of; looped cross; Machen, Arthur; nameless monastery; Necronomicon; Nyogtha; Old Ones; Polish immigrants; Prinn, Abigail; rats; Salem; San Francisco; Sarah; Syria; Tartary; Thang Grotto; Thing that should not be; Tikkoun elixir; Vach-Viraj incantation; witch-mark; Witch Room;

HK Spawn2 - Henry Kuttner, The Spawn of Dagon, in The Book of Iod. Part of a series of Elak of Atlantis stories that are not otherwise Mythos-related. 

References (Only the following Mythos-related terms are indexed): Atlantis; Dagon; Poseidonia; Spawn of Dagon;


The Book of Iod

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