The Cthulhu Mythos: An Annotated Bibliography

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RB - Robert Bloch

I longed to learn the songs the demons sing as they swoop between the stars, or hear the voices of the olden gods as they whisper their secrets to the echoing void. I yearned to know the terrors of the grave; the kiss of maggots on my tongue, the cold caress of a rotting shroud upon my body. I thirsted for the knowledge that lies in the pits of mummied eyes, and burned for wisdom known only to the worm. Then I could really write, and my hopes be truly realized.
-From "The Shambler From the Stars"

Many of Bloch's early Lovecraftian efforts were built around Egyptian mythology, with the idea that ancient Egyptian gods were modeled on really existing alien beings. As Bloch conceived of them, these Egyptian gods become part of a sort of Egyptian submythos of the Cthulhu Mythos. 

RB Bargain - Robert Bloch, Black Bargain, in Weird Tales, May 1942. 

Narrator: nameless. References: De Vermis Mysteriis; Gulther, Fritz; Mysteries of the Worm; Newsohm;

RB Brood - Robert Bloch, Brood of Bubastis, in Mysteries of the Worm, Chaosium, Inc., 1993. 

Narrator: nameless. References: Africa; Anubis; Bast; Black Mass; British Museum; Bubastis; cats; Celts; centaur; Chewer of Corpses; chimera; Cornwall; Daemonolorum; Damned Coven; De Vermis Mysteriis; Druids; Egypt; Elephantine; England; Gaels; ghouls; harpies; Ireland, Irish; Isis; Kent, Malcolm; Little People; Lupus, Maximus; New York; Pasht; Phoenicians; Picts; Prinn, Ludvig; Rome, Romans; Saracenic Rituals; Saxons; Set; snakes;

RB Creeper - Robert Bloch, The Creeper in the Crypt, in Mysteries of the Worm, Chaosium, Inc., 1993. 

Narrator: nameless. References: Abbot, (Sir) Ambrose; All-Hallows; Arkham; Bascom Street; Black Jim's Place; Brent; Carter house; Chambers, Ezekial; Chambers house; creeper in the crypt; Dark, Jonathon; Fellipo, Tony; Gauer, Harold; ghouls; Greek, the; Hook, Cyrus; Italy, Italians; New York; Old Town Street.; Polack; Pringle Street; Regetti, Joe; Sewell St; Slim; Tarleton; Warren, Colonel; Williams, Reverend; Witch-house;

RB DarkIsle - Robert Bloch, The Dark Isle, in Flowers from the Moon and Other Lunacies, Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1998.

Protagonist: Vincius the Reaper. References: Anglesey; Atlantis; Children of Mabon; Clan of Mabon; Dagon; dragons; Druids; Lupus; Mabon; Mona; Nodens; Paulinus; Primal One; Romans; Tritons; Vincius the Reaper; Ynys Dywyll;

RB Demon - Robert Bloch, The Dark Demon, in Mysteries of the Worm, Chaosium, Inc., 1993. 

Narrator: nameless. References: Asmodeus; Azathoth; Azozath; Book of Eibon; Cedar St; Cultes des Ghoules; Daemonolorum; Dark Demon; Dark One; Demon Messenger; dreams; Gargoyle; Gordon, Edgar Henquist; Lovecraft, H.P.; May-Eve; Mysteries of the Worm; Necronomicon; Night-Gaunt; Nyarlathotep; Orient; Principle of Evil, The; Soul of Chaos, The; Wales; White, Edward Lucas; Yog-Sothoth; Yuggoth;

RB Elephant - Robert Bloch, Death is an Elephant, in Flowers from the Moon and Other Lunacies, Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1998.

Narrator: nameless. References: Blade, Captain; Canrobert; Chaugnar Faugn; Corbot; Dence, Captain; Dolen, Jim; Dzang, Char; Ganesha; Gervis, George; Hinduism; Jadhore; Leela; Malay States; old man; Phelps; Rizzio; Sacred White Elephant of Jadhore; Shaw; Singapore; Stellar Brothers Circus; Tibet; Tsathoggua; Victoire; Zaroff, Captain;

RB Faceless - Robert Bloch, The Faceless God, in Mysteries of the Worm, 1993. 

Protagonist: Dr. Stugatche (Dr. Carnoti in previous editions). References: Alhazred, Abdul; Arabia, Arabs; Asmodeus; Atlantis; Black Man; Black Messenger of Karneter; Book of Eibon; Book of the Dead; Bubastis; Cairo; Carnoti, Doctor; Dark God (2); Dark One; Demon Messenger; Egypt; Europe; Faceless God; Faceless One; Frazer, James, Sir; God of Ressurection; God of the Desert; Golden Bough; Great Ones; Hassan; Irem; Lord of the Desert; Master of Evil; Mighty Messenger; Mighty Ones; Mu; Mysteries of the Worm; Necronomicon; Nile river and valley; Ninth Pyramid; Nyarlathotep; Old God; Old Ones (7); Prinn, Ludvig; prophecy; Red Sea; Saracens; Sebek; Secret One; Set; sphinxes; Stalker among the Stars; Stugatche, Doctor; Thoth; Wadi Hassur;

RB Fane - Fane of the Black Pharaoh, in Mysteries of the Worm, 1993. 

Protagonist: Captain Cartaret. References: Alexandria; Alhazred, Abdul; Anubis; Arabia, Arabs; Black Pharaoh; Blind Ape(s) of Truth; Book of the Dead; Britain; British Museum; Bubastis; Cairo; Cartaret, Captain; Crusaders; Damascus; dervishes; De Vermis Mysteriis; Egypt; Elder One; France; Horus; Irem; Isis; Karneter; London; Memphis; Mesopotamia; Mighty Messenger; Mysteries of the Worm; Necronomicon; Nephren-Ka; Nyarlathotep; Osiris; Place of the Blind Apes; Prinn, Ludvig; Ra; Saracenic Rituals; Sebek; Secret Place; Set; Thebes; Valley of Kings; Walls of Truth;

Fangs of Vengeance, in Flowers from the Moon and Other Lunacies, Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1998.

Not indexed. This story includes the Stellar Brothers Circus and other characters from Bloch's Death is an Elephant, but is otherwise not Mythos-related.

RB Grinning - Robert Bloch, The Grinning Ghoul, in Mysteries of the Worm, 1993. 

Narrator: nameless. References: Alhazred, Abdul; Bast; Black Rites; Byagoona the Faceless One; Chaupin, Alexander, Professor; Cultes des Ghoules; d'Erlette, Comte; Fable of Nyarlathotep; ghouls; Legend of the Elder Saboth; Leng, Plateau of; Luveh-Keraph; Misericorde Cemetary; Moon of Yiggurath; Mysteries of the Worm; Necronomicon; Newbury College; night-gaunts; Nis; N'ken; Nyarlathotep; Prinn, Ludvig; rats; SABAOTH; Yiggurath;

RB Hell - Robert Bloch, Hell on Earth, in Hell on Earth: The Lost Bloch, Volume II. Subterranean Press: 2000.

Narrator: Nameless. References: Abaddon; Ahriman; Arathron; Asmodeus; Azriel; Beelzebub; Black Goat of the Sabbath; Black Mass; Bethor; Black Magic; Considine, Thomas M.; crux ansantor; crucifix; de Retz, Gilles; de Sade, Marquis; djin; djinn; draconibus; efreet; Elementals; Fallen Angel; Father of Lies; Goat of the Sabbath; gnomes; Gob; Gorgioso's Invocation of the Devil; Hazith; holy water; Keith, Prof. Phillips; Latin; Liber Revelationum de Insidia et Versutiis Daemonum Adversus Homines; Little People; Lord of the Sabbath; Lucifer; Malik Tawis; Master of the Great Black Lodge; Mass of St. Secaire; Mephistopheles; Necksa; Nodens; New York; Och; On the Beam; Ophiel; Pan; Paralda; pentagram; Phaleg; Phul; Prince of Darkness; Prinn, Ludvig; Richalmus, Abbot; Red Magic; Rocklynn Institute; Ross, Dr. Lily; salamanders; Sammael; Saracenic Rituals; Satan; Set; Seven Stewards of Heaven; silver; sylphs; Typhon; undines; Vernon, Eve; Walpurgis; White Magic; Wintergreen, Mr.; Yama; Zamiel;

RB Kiss - Robert Bloch with Henry Kuttner, The Black Kiss, in Henry Kuttner, The Book of Iod. Oakland, CA: Chaosium, Inc., 1995. 

Protagonist: Graham Dean. References: Alhambra; Buena Street; Calcutta; California; Chesterton; Dean, Graham; Dena; England; Eskimos; Fermin, Point; Godolfo, Morella; gorgon(s); Granada; harpies; Hedwig, Doctor; Homer; India, Indians; Japan, Japanese; Leigh, Michael; Lepanto; Machen, Arthur; mermaids; Mexico, Mexicans; Moors; Nereids; oceanids; Old Man of the Sea; Pacific Ocean; Poseidonis; Proteus; San Pedro; Scylla; sea-dwellers; seal-men; Spain, Spaniards, Spanish; Venice; werewolves; White's Point; Yamada, (Doctor) Makoto;

RB Mannikin - Robert Bloch, The Mannikin, in Mysteries of the Worm, Chaosium, Inc., 1993. 

Narrator: nameless. References: Black Messenger of Karneter; Black One; Bridgetown; Cabala of Saboth; Carstairs, Doctor; Commentaries on Witchcraft; De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulus; Doel chants; Edsworth Memorial Prize; familiars; Feast of Ulder; Gates, Absalom; Holy Inquisition; Italy, Italians; Kane, Lake; Kane House; Maglore, Jeffry; Maglore, Richard; Maglore, Simon; mannikin, the; Medici; Mycroft; Mysteries of the Worm; Nyarlathotep; Pasquantog Indians; Pierce, Dr; Prinn, Ludvig; Ranft; Shub-Niggurath; Thatcherton; thirteenth covenant, the; Witch is Hung, The; Yig;

RB Mummy - Robert Bloch, The Eyes of the Mummy, in The Opener of the Way. Jersey: Neville Spearman, 1974. (Interior fascimile of Arkham edition, shares same pagination.) 

Narrator: nameless, but same as in Sebek. References: Anubis; Arabia, Arabs; Bast; Bedouins; Cairo; Crocodile Cult; Egypt; Khartoum; London; New Orleans; Old Ones (7); Powers of Darkness; Sebek; Set; Sphinx; Thoth; Vanning, Henricus; Weildan, Professor; werewolves;

RB Notebook - Robert Bloch, Notebook Found in a Deserted House, in Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, 1990. 

Narrator: Willie Osborne. References: Arkham; Aztecs; Crubinthorpe, Judge; Druids; England; France; Fred, Uncle; Grandma; Hallowe'en; Incas; Indians (Native Americans); Innsmouth, Massachusetts; Kingsport; Lucy, Aunt; Mexico, Mexicans; Osborne, (Cousin) Frank; Osborne, Mehitabel; Osborne, Willie; Pritchett, Cap; Roodsford way; Sabbat, Sabbath; Salem; shoggoths; Shub-Niggurath; South America; them ones; Warren's farm;

RB Opener - Robert Bloch, The Opener of the Way, in The Opener of the Way

Third person. References: Amon-Ra; Anubis; Barton, Peter; Barton, (Sir) Ronald; Bast; Black Temple; Bubastis; Cairo; Carnoti, Doctor; Chaldea; Demon Messenger; Dog-Star; Egypt; Isis; Karneter; Keeper of Mysteries; Master; Nile river and valley; Ninth Pyramid; Opener of the Way; Osiris; Paut temple scandal; Prinn, Ludvig; Ra; Saracenic Rituals; Set; Thoth; Tut-Ankh-Ahmen affair;

RB Philtre - Robert Bloch, Philtre Tip, in Flowers from the Moon and Other Lunacies, Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1998.

Protagonist: Thornwald, Mark. References: Adrienne; Aphrodisia: A Study of Erotic Stimuli Through the Ages; Charles; Grimoire; Harker House; Prinn, Ludvig;

RB Satan - Robert Bloch, Satan's Servants, in Revelations from Yuggoth, Number Two, May 1988.

Narrator: Godfrey, Gideon. References: Abaddon; Adversary, the; All-Hallows Eve; Antichrist; Asmodeus; Bible; Boston; Chronicles of Captain Elias Godsworthy; cross, reversed; Crown of Horns; Daemonic Presences; Devil, the; Edmunds, Jeremy; Elder Shepherd; England; Fable of the Tree and the Fruit; familiars; Frye, Dorcas; Gallows Hill; Godfrey, Gideon; Godsworthy, (Captain) Elias; Great Hill; Hallow-Mass; Haverstock; Heber; Kittery; Latin; London; Manitou; Massachusetts Bay; Mather, Cotton; Mather, Increase; Maine; Necronomicon; Newbury; New England; Newport; Night of the Black Lord; Orthodox Church of the Massachusetts Bay; Pasquantog Indians; Plymouth; Portsmouth; Puritans; Roodsford; Sabbat; Satan; Salem; Wakimis; Wells; Wright, Mary; York;

RB Sebek - Robert Bloch, The Secret of Sebek, in Mysteries of the Worm, Chaosium, Inc., 1993. 

Narrator: nameless, but same as in Mummy. References: Alexandria; Anubis; Apis; Arabia, Arabs; Assassin sects; Book of Eibon; Bubastis; Carter, Randolph; Coffin Club, The; Cornwall; Creoles; crocodiles; Cultes des Ghoules; Delvin, Doctor; De Marigny, Etienne-Laurent; dervishes; De Vermis Mysteriis; djinn; efreet; Egypt; England; harpies; Horus; Irem; London Zoo; Louisiana; Manicheism; Masque of the Red Death; Memphis; New Orleans; Nile river and valley; Nyarlathotep; Osiris; Partington; Poe, Edgar Allan; Prinn, Ludvig; Royce, Richard; Saracenic Rituals; Sebek; Set; snakes; Swan Lake, The; Tchaikovsky; Thebes; Thoth; Vanning, Henricus; Wallis-Budge; Weildan, Professor; werewolves;

RB Serpents - Robert Bloch, Mother of Serpents, in The Opener of the Way. Jersey: Neville Spearman, 1974. (Interior fascimile of Arkham edition, shares same pagination.) 

References: Crawler of Midnight; Haiti; Port-au-Prince; Serpent Cult of Obeah; Serpent's Curse; Snake-God; Yig.

RB Shambler - Robert Bloch, The Shambler from the Stars, in Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, 1990. 

Narrator: Robert Harrison Blake, later the protagonist of HPL's "The Haunter of the Dark." References: Alexandria; Arkham; Blake, Robert Harrison; Book of Eibon; Brussels; Byatis; Cologne; Cultes des Ghoules; dervishes; De Vermis Mysteriis; djinn; Egypt; Flemish lowland country; Han; Latin; Libya; Montserrat; Mysteries of the Worm; mystic dreamer; Necronomicon; New England; Prinn, Ludvig; Providence; shambler from the stars; South Dearborn Street; Syria; Yig;

RB Sorceror - Robert Bloch, The Sorceror's Jewel, in Mysteries of the Worm, 1993. .

Narrator: Nameless. References: Amsterdam; angles, and angular time; Appolonius; Arzybasheff; Astral plane; Axenos the Elder; Aztecs; Bacon, Friar; Cagliostro; China; De Rais, Gilles; de Sitter; Diana, High Priestess of; Druids; Egypt; Einstein; elementals; Fourth Dimension; Gallery of Fiends; geometry, non-Euclidean or mystical; Gifford; Gnomes; Goat with the Hands; Heavenly Stairway; History; Homonculus; Ishtar, priests of; Lulla, Aug; Mortensen, William; Mysteries of the Worm; Niles, David; Paracelsus; Paris; Prinn, Ludvig; Ptolmeic; Rasputin; Rome, Romans; Russia; St. Germain, Count; Salamanders; South Kinnikinnic; Star of Sechmet; Sylphs; Theophrastus; Undines; Veno; Voorden, Isaac;

RB Steeple - Robert Bloch, The Shadow from the Steeple, in Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, 1990. 

Protagonist, Edmund Fiske. References: atomic bomb; Benefit Street; Blake, Robert Harrison; Bloch, Robert; Bowen, (Prof.) Enoch; Central Station; Chicago; College Street; De Vermis Mysteriis; Dexter, (Doctor) Ambrose; Egypt; Einstein; Fane of the Black Pharoah; Federal Hill; fellahs.; Fiske, Edmund; Free-Will Church; Honolulu; Haunter of the Dark; Haunter of the Dark, The; Hurley, William; Illinois; Ireland, Irish; Italy, Italians; Jonas, Tom; Khem; Langer Brothers Circus; Latin; Liber Ivonis; Lillibridge, Edwin M; Los Alamos; Lovecraft Circle; Lovecraft, H.P.; Lovecraft mythos; Merluzzo, Father; Milwaukee; Monahan, (Patrolman , later Sergeant) William J; Narragansett; Necronomicon; Nephren-Ka; New England; New York; Nyarlathotep; Physician's Service Bureau; ; Practical Applications in Military Technology; Princeton University; Providence; Providence Bulletin; Providence Telegram; Purvis, Ogden; Sheeley, Bert; Shining Trapezohedron; Spain, Spaniards, Spanish; Spirito Santo Church; Starry Wisdom sect;

Strange Eons. Chapell Hill, NC: Whispers Press, 1978. Reprinted, Los Angeles: Pinnacle Books, 1979.

A full-length Cthulhu Mythos novel from late in Bloch's career. (To be indexed.)

RB Suicide - Robert Bloch, The Suicide in the Study, in Mysteries of the Worm, 1993.

Protagonist: James Allington. References: Alhazred, Abdul; Allington, James; Bast; Black Rites; Cultes des Ghoules; d'Erlette, Comte; Ethiopia; Foster; Luveh-Keraph; Mysteries of the Worm; Necronomicon; Prinn, Ludvig; Sebek; Soul Chant of Sebek;

RB Terror - Robert Bloch, Terror in Cut-Throat Cove, in Mysteries of the Worm, 1993.

(The story has no references of specifically Mythos origin. This story was included in both editions of the Mysteries of the Worm collection, presumably because of the Lovecraftian flavor.)

Narrator: Howard Lane; Amazon; Barbados; Blackbeard; Black Star; Cut-Throat Cove; Drake, Dena; Hanson, Don; Horner, Isaih; Ingali, Roberto; Isaih Horner, Hys Journal: Thyse Being a True Acct. of The Voyage of The Black Star: 1711 Anno Domini; Jakes, (Capt.) Barnaby; Jamaica; Kingston, Jamaico; Lane, Howard; Martino, Alicia and Felipe; Perez, Juan.; Port-au-Prince; Portugal, Portuguese; Rico's Bar; Robales, Jose; Rover; San Juan; Santa Maria; Santa Rita; Spain, Spaniards, Spanish; Teach, Edward; Terror of Cut-Throat Cove; Thatch, Ned; Trinidad; Valdez, Officer; Venezuela; West Indies;

RB Tomb - Robert Bloch, The Secret in the Tomb, in Mysteries of the Worm, 1993.

Narrator: Strange. References: Book of Eibon; Boston; Cabala of Saboth; Eldertown; Heiriarchus; Mysteries of the Worm; Necronomicon; Occultus; Prinn, Ludvig; Strange; Strange, Jeremy; Yuggoth;

RB Unspeakable - Robert Bloch, The Unspeakable Betrothal, in Mysteries of the Worm, 1993. 

Protagonist: Avis Long. References: Clegg, Doctor; Leedsville; Long, Avis; Mason, Marvin; May, Aunt; Reba; Roscoe, Uncle; Yuggoth;

Mysteries of the Worm
Robert M. Price, Robert Bloch / Paperback / Published 1993. It's hard to see how this promising young acolyte of H. P. Lovecraft evolved into the author of Psycho and similar slasher thrillers. However, ours not to reason why. It's enough that he left us these memorably florid early works. Bloch's major contribution to Mythos lore was in a number of stories that tied Egyptian mythology in with the Mythos. But his most memorable piece here is Notebook Found in a Deserted House, which features the simpler writing style of his mature years, but somehow still married to the truly Lovecraftian sensibility of his early works. This is an essential volume for any Mythos collection. Click here for pricing and ordering information.

Flowers from the Moon
This book collects for the first time a variety of Robert Bloch's early stories from Weird Tales and Strange Stories. These stories range from whimsical and maniacal humor to dark and eldritch horrors editor Robert Price notes in his introduction. Including the following stories: The Druidic Doom, Fangs of Vengeance, Death Is An Elephant, A Question of Identity, Death Has Five Guesses, The Bottomless Pool, The Dark Isle, Flowers From The Moon, He Waits Beneath the Sea, Power of the Druid, Be Yourself, A Sorcerer Runs for Sheriff, Black Bargain, A Bottle of Gin, Wine of the Sabbat, Soul Proprietor, Satan s Phonograph, The Man Who Told the Truth, The Night They Crashed the Party, and Philtre Tip. "A Super-cool collection of Robert Bloch's early stories for the magazines Weird Tales, Rogue, and Strange Stories. Includes many almost unknown and/or rarely anthologized tales...Another beautiful collector's edition from this venerable Wisconsin publisher." -- BookLovers. Click here for pricing and ordering information.

A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance
By Chris Jarocha-Ernst. An indispensible resource for Cthulhu Mythos readers, writers and scholars, "A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance" includes more than 2600 works cited by author and title, with original bibliographic data and a detailed concordance of Mythos terms, citing which stories they appear in. If you want to find a story, all the works of a particular author, or every story that mentions dread Cthulhu, "A Cthulhu Mythos Bibiography & Concordance" is the reference work you've been looking for. Recommended. Click here for pricing and ordering information.

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