Calling all minions... We have recently been alerted to these brands which should be eagerly patronized by cultists, deathless Chinamen, and general fans of the Eldritch.
  • King's Fish House is a restaurant chain for when you just can't wait to get back to Y'ha-nthlei. The loveable octopoid entity with the golden crown is clearly a harbinger of non-Euclidean things to come. Official website.
  • Mythos Beer, in the stylish green bottle, will help you drown your sorrows while you wait until the stars are right again. Official website.

Thanks to John Navroth for informing me of the following additional incursions into our space-time continuum:

  • Dagon Beer, which apparently emanates from Myanmar, is doubtless one of the "forbidden and accursed designs of the Tcho-Tcho people of Burma." John's comment on this photo: "Dagon and a butt — a killer combination. . ." Official website.
  • MiGo Travel Mug, the preferred drinking appliance of the Fungi from Yuggoth; or perchance the latest device for conveying living brains through the vast aether of space? Note the hideous green glow! Official website.
  • Absolut Vodka, beverage of the be-tentacled. Remember, dream responsibly! Official website.

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