Hounds of Tindalos

Beings from before life began, who exist in angular time and normally cannot enter curved time, where we reside. Halpin Chalmers saw them in a vision while under the influence of the Liao drug. [FBL Hounds 80]

Their existence is the result of an un unspeakable deed that was done in the beginning. They are symbolized in the myth of the Fall: the tree, the snake, and the apple; as well as in an obscene form that is occasionally found engraved on ancient tablets. [81]

All the evil in the universe is concentrated in them. Yet they are not evil in our sense, for where they dwell there is no thought or moral, no right or wrong. There is only the pure and the foul. They are that which fell away from cleanliness at the beginning of time. They hunger for that part of humans that is pure, that is descended from a curve that emerged from the primal deed without stain. [82-83]

They have no bodies, or possibly they have lean, hungry bodies. They are lean, hungry and athirst. They scented Chalmers in time. Chalmers heard their breathing [82]. When he saw them coming towards him, Chalmers began writhing about on the floor of his apartment and barking like a dog. [80-83].

Chalmers called these beings the Hounds of Tindalos, but didn't explain the origin of the name [82-83]. A pungeant, nauseating odor becomes noticeable when they are nearby [80, 85].

They move slowly through outrageous angles. [80] Chalmers said that the Hounds can reach us only through angles, and he tried to remove the angles from his room by using plaster to smooth the corners. [83] Unfortunately an earthquake dislodged the plaster, leaving the angles exposed, and the Hounds were able to enter after all. [85-86]

The Hounds left a bluish slime on Chalmer's body. The scientist James Morton examined the slime and concluded that it was from an unknown form of life that lacks all enzymes, and thus potentially is immortal [85-86].

Thomas Granville saw the Hounds of Tindalos in a painting that came to life at the home of a researcher into consciousness-expanding drugs. To Granville they appeared vaguely wolf-like, with blazing eyes and clashing jaws; but their forms changed rapidly as they moved, as if reshaped from moment to moment by all the evil in the universe. [FBL Gateway 8]

Pseudo-Akeley told Albert Wilmarth the essence, though not the source, of the Hounds of Tindalos [HPL Whisperer 256].

A little man said the Book reveals the ultimate source of the Hounds of Tindalos, "who live in a chaotic, nebular universe at the very rim of space, and who are in league with those Outer Ones" [HH Guardian 299].

Winfield Phillips read about the Hounds of Tindalos in manuscripts that Seneca Lapham had borrowed or photocopied from Miskatonic Library [AWD Lurker 135].

Aka: Canis Tindalos.

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