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Appendix: Books

"They were the black, forbidden things which most sane people have never even heard of, or have heard of only in furtive, timorous whispers; the banned and dreaded repositories of equivocal secrets and immemorial formulae which have trickled down the stream of time from the days of man's youth, and the dim, fabulous days before man was." --HPL Haunter 100.

Aklo writings

Al-Azif   Ω

Examination of the Cthulhu Cult and Others, An, by Pons, Solar

Inquiry Into the Nan-Matal-Ruins of Ponapae, An, by Pons, Solar

Inquiry Into the Relationship of the Peoples of Polynesia and the Indian Cultures of the South American Continent, with Special Reference to Peru, An

Investigation into the Myth-Patterns of Latter-day Primitives with Especial Reference to the R'lyeh Text, An, Shrewsbury, Laban

Annals of Cuauhtitlan

Aphrodisia: A Study of Erotic Stimuli Through the Ages

Ars Magna et Ultima, by Lully, Raymond   Ω

Atlantis and Lost Lemuria, Scott-Elliot, W.   Ω

Atmosphere, Flammarion   Ω

Azathoth and Other Horrors, Derby, Edward Pickman


Black Book (1)   Ω

Black Cults, Van Heller.

Black God of Madness, Carson

Black Rites, Luveh-Keraph   Ω

book of Azathoth   Ω

Book of Dzyan   Ω

Book of Eibon   Ω

Book of Hidden Things

Book of Iod   Ω

Book of Karnak   Ω

Book of Peers

Book of the Damned, Fort, Charles

Book of the Dead (Egyptian)

Book of Thoth   Ω

Book, the

Cabala of Saboth

Celaeno Fragments   Ω

Chhaya Ritual   Ω

Chronicles of Captain Elias Godsworthy, The

Clavis Alchimiae, Fludd   Ω

Commentaries on Witchcraft, Mycroft

Cryptomenysis Palefacta, Falconer

Cthulhu in the Necronomicon, Shrewsbury, Laban

Cultes des Ghoules, d'Erlette, Comte (1)   Ω

Cult des Morts, Le

Daemonialitas, Sinistari

Daemonic Presences, Heber

Daemonolatreia, Remigius


De Furtivus Literarum Notis, Porta, Giambattista

De Lapide Philosophico, Trithemius

De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulus, Ranft   Ω

De Natura Daemonum, Anania

De Vermis Mysteriis, Prinn, Ludvig   Ω

Defilers, The, Howard

Dhol Chants

Dictionnaire Infernal, de Plancy

Discours des Sorciers, Bouget   Ω

Elder Key

Eltdown Shards, trans. Winters-Hall, Rev. Arthur Brooke   Ω

Evidences of Nahua Culture in Yucatan   Ω

Fable of Nyarlathotep

Fable of the Tree and the Fruit

Fane of the Black Pharaoh, Bloch, Robert

Fuga Satanae, Stampa

Gargoyle, Gordon, Edgar

Golden Bough, The, Frazer, James

House of the Worm, The, Howard

Image du Monde, de Metz, Gauthier

Invocations to Dagon

Key to Wisdom, Artephius

King in Yellow, The (2)

Kryptographik (1), Kluber

Kryptographik (2), Thicknesses

Legend of the Elder Saboth

Liber Investigationis, Geber

Liber Ivonis   Ω

Liber-Damnatus   Ω

Liber Revelationum de Insidia et Versutiis Daemonum Adversus Homines

Magic and Black Arts, Kane

Magnalia Christi Americana, Mather, Cotton   Ω

Magyar Folklore, Dornly

Malleus Maleficarum

Marvells of Science, Morryster   Ω

McGuffey's Eclectic Readers

Monas Hieroglyphica   Ω

Mysteries of the Worm, Prinn, Ludvig   Ω

Nameless Cults, Von Junzt   Ω

Necronomicon   Ω

New Lands, Fort, Charles

Night-Gaunt, Gordon, Edgar

Occultus, Heiriarchus

Of Evill Sorceries done in New-England of Daemons in no Humane Shape   Ω

On the Beam

On the Sending Out of the Soul

Out of the Old Land, Geoffrey, Justin

Outsider and Others, The, by Lovecraft, H. P.

Papyrus Ipuwer

People of the Monolith, The, Geoffrey, Justin

Pnakotic Manuscripts   Ω

Poligraphia, Trithemius


Practical Applications in Military Technology, Dexter, Dr. Ambrose

Quaestio de Lamiis, De Vignate

R'lyeh Text   Ω

Remnants of Lost Empires, Dostmann, Otto

Saducimus Triumphatus, Glanville, Joseph

Saracenic Rituals, Prinn, Ludvig   Ω

Saurian Age, The, Banfort

Secret Parable of Byagoona the Faceless One

Secret Watcher, The, Chalmers, Halpin

Seth Bishop, His Book, by Bishop, Seth.

Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan   

Seventh Book of Moses

Shadow Kingdom, The

Shadow Over Innsmouth, The, Lovecraft, H. P.

Song of Yste   Ω

Soul of Chaos, The, Gordon, Edgar

Sussex Manuscript   Ω

Tablets of Nhing

tablets of the gods

Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New-English Canaan, Phillips, Rev. Ward

Thesaurus Chemicus, Bacon, Roger

La Tres Sainte Trinosophie

Tunneler Below, The, Fischer, Georg Reuter

Turba Philosophorum   Ω

Turkish Wars, Larson

Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Von Junzt   Ω

Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus


Veil Unseen, The

Vitae Sophistrarum, Eunapius


Weird Tales

What Lies Beyond?

Witch is Hung, The, Maglore, Simon

Wonders of the Invisible World, Mather, Cotton   Ω

Worlds Within Worlds

Writings of Pnom



Untitled works by:





Borellus   Ω


de Rochas

des Mousseau, Gougenot



Trismegistus, Hermes

Lao Tze

Levi, Eliphas

Magnus, Albertus

Magnus, Olaus


Schacabao, Ibn




Van Helmont


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