See: Allen, Zadok.


See: Allen, Zadok.


HPL Electric 70.

Zamacona y Nunez, Panfilo de

A Spaniard of 1545. HPL Mound (101), 113, 115-117, 119-157, 160-161, (162-163).

Zaman's Hill

Near Aylesbury. HPL Ancient 57-58; Fungi VII.


Synonym for Satan [RB Hell 37].


Occult author. HK Hydra 127.

Zann, Erich

DWR Music 294.


HPL Case Ben Zariatnatmik (unrelated meaning?) 138, 170, 216.

Zar, Land of

HPL Kadath 317, 326; White 37-38.

Zaroff, Captain

Of the Stellar Brothers Circus. RB Elephant 38.


The coroner of Ulthar. HPL Cats disputes with Nith the notary about the death of the cotter & wife 58.

Zeiros, Satampra

Of Uzuldaroun, Hyperborea. CAS Tale 3.


A collie. HPL Yig 90.


Of Persia. AWD Island 181.

Zenig of Aphorat

HPL Kadath 399.


His edition of Ars Magna et Ultima. HPL Case 121.


AWD Curwen 21; Dweller 133, 137; Depths 235; Keeper 150; Lair 124, 125-126, 130, and hordes 131, and those below them 133, and evil spawn 134; Lurker 133; Hastur 22; Sandwin twin brother of Lloigor 104; Sky 68; Valley 134.


Synonym for Tsathoggua. CAS Door origin in primeval times 18-19*, bat-like features 19, 20, subterranean existence 22, Saturnian origin 22, 23, voracious 23, 24-26, Zhothaqquah is Eibon's pronunciation 26, 30-32, 37, 40-41; Ubbo 48.

AWD Lurker 139.


HPL Medusa 171, 181, 190, 200; Outpost 56-57.

REH Ring 63.


Not the vaults? HPL Case 195.

Zin, vaults of

Beneath Yoth. HPL Kadath 339-340, 342, connected to Leng 373; Mound 139-140; Dreamer 46.

Zion Research Library

Brookline (Boston?) HPL Case 159.

Ziz, Ali

Of Cairo. HPL Pyramids 225, (226), 227.


Wizard of Yaddith. HPL Gates wizard 447, 448-450, 452-453, 457.

Compare with: Carter, Randolph.


Near Brigg's Hill. HPL Fungi XII.


Synonym for T'yog. HPL Aeons 278.


Previous dwelling of the Lemurians. HPL Polaris 22.

Zobnarian Fathers

HPL Polaris 22.


A book. HPL Case 121.


A god of Sarnath. HPL Doom 46.


King of Sarnath. HPL Doom 45-47.


Chief faithful to Brunhild on Bal-Sagoth. REH Gods 212-213, 217, 223, 225-226.


A race of beings in the world of dream. They are furtive and secretive beings who dwell in burrows or tree-trunks. They are small and curious, and usually unseen. One sees their weird eyes long before one can discern their slippery brown outlines. The zoogs' speech consists of fluttering sounds [HPL Kadath 308-311].

Although they eat mostly fungi, they are not above occasionally eating animals or visiting dreamers. [308] The zoogs make a wine from the fermented sap of a moon-tree (a treen grown from a seed dropt down by someone on the moon) [309, 312, 317].

The zoogs dwell in the enchanted wood, just past the Gate of Deeper Slumber in the world of dream. They cannot travel far outside the world of dream, but range freely over the nearer parts of the dream-world. [308-309, 334] One of their villages is near an old circle of mossy stone, where elder beings danced and sacrificed. [308] The zoogs fear and shun a stone slab with a hug iron ring, while leads down to the realm where the Gugs were banished [310, 338, 344].

The zoog Council of Sages recognized Randolph Carter as an old ally [309]. Some zoogs who followed Carter to Ulthar were slain by the local cats, after at least one of the zoogs tried to eat a kitten [314, 323]. Later Carter overheard the zoogs planning a war of revenge against the cats [345]. After Carter warned the cats, they launched a preemptive strike and secured the surrender of the zoogs, along with tribute and hostages. Thereafter the cats provided Carter an escort to protect him from the resentful zoogs. [346, 347]


AWD Curwen 22; Dweller 138; Lurker 134.


RFS Mists demon 25.


HK Bells 84, 89, 92.

Synonym for: Zushakon.


HPL Medusa 174, 182, 189.


A pueblo village. HPL Mound 116.

Zuro, river

In Teloth. HPL Iranon 113-115.


HK Bells 87, 92.

Aka: Zu-che-quon; Dark Silent One.

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