Yaanek, Mount

Antarctica. HPL Mountains 8.


A planet with bholes. HPL Diary Lords of Yaddith 319; Fungi XXXII; Gates planet 447, 448-452, 457; Haunter 114.

AWD Dweller 138.

Incl: bholes; Zkauba.

Yaddith-Gho, Mount

HPL Aeons located in K'naa, with bleak basalt cliffs, and topped by a gigantic stone fortress left by the Yuggoth-spawn 272; Ghatanothoa dwells in crypts below fortress 272; victims offered to Ghatanothoa in marble temple near mountain base 273; T'yog marches up mountain (275); undersea location lost to later generations 276; a new, uncharted island (presumably risen peak of Yaddith-Gho) 265-266.

Yago, Old

HC Death 360, 362-363, 365-367, 370.


HPL Aeons now extinct 274; inner skin (called pthagon membrane) was used in Mu as writing parchment 274.


Hindu god of Death.

According to Prof. Phillips Keith, a synonym for Satan [RB Hell 37].

Yamada, Dr. Makoto

Of Buena St., San Pedro and of Japanese descent.

RB Kiss 43, 46-52, 55-58.

Yao, Kang

Of Hankow. REH Bear Chinese constable 37.

Yarak, Mount

Marks the site of the boreal pole; Hyperborean times. CAS Coming 70.


HPL Electric 74, 77.

Aka: R'lyeh.


See: Bel-Yarnak; Grey Gulf of Yarnak.

Yath, lake of

On Oriab. HPL Kadath 327-328, 331, 345.


HPL Iranon 112.


A race on Cykranosh. CAS Door 33, 35-40.

Year of the Red Moon

HPL Aeons The year (173,148 B.C.) that T'yog first breathed defiance against Ghatanothoa 273.


See: Nug and Yeb.


A planet of worm-like beings. HPL Challenge 14-17.

See also: Spawn of Yekub.

Yellow Sign

HPL Whisperer 223, 239.

RWC Repairer 18, 33, 37-38, 42, 44; Yellow 100, curious letter or symbol (102), 105-106.

HC Isle 157.

AWD Hastur 22.

FL Terror2 302.

See also: Hastur.


Home of Alhazred. HPL History 52; Test 47.

REH Fire 47-49.

Yergler, Rudolf

Author, Chronike von Nath. DWR Music mystic, finished Chronike 1653, just before becoming blind, first edition sent him to a madhouse in Berlin 294; not a musician, vague about what the music summons, mysterious death in madhouse during a thunderstorm, body pitted with holes 295; face must have been pitted and burned 299.


A tribe in Asia. REH Dig 79.


City of the Deep Ones. HPL Innsmouth 367.

AWD Island 190, 194, 212; Curwen 22, 31, 43; Dweller 138; Keeper 141; Lurker 134; Sky 69, 80, 81.

FL Terror2 299-300, 310.


Vanished, in the Pacific. HPL Time 396.

AWD Island 190; Curwen 22; Lurker 134.


RWC Repairer 37.


Goddess, of Hyperborea. CAS Door 18, elk-goddess 19, 23-24, 27, 37, 41.


Same as Yian-Ho? HPL Whisperer 223.

HC Isle 157.

JVS Dead 34.

Note: Referenced also in Chambers "Maker of Moons."


5000 A.D. HPL Time 395.

FL Terror2 the overviews of Yiang-Li 285.


The hidden legacy of eon-old Leng. HPL Diary 313-314, 319, 322; Gates 435.


The half-human father of serpents, shunned and feared in central Oklahoma. Yig was the snake-god of the central plains tribes, presumably the primal source of the more southerly Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan. Yig is said to be half-anthropormorphic, appearing like a man unless viewed closely. His character is arbitrary and capricious. Though typically well-disposed to those who honor him and all serpents, he punishes those who harm snakes. After suitable tortures, Yig's victims are transformed into spotted snakes. [HPL Yig 80, 81, 83, 91; Mound 97]

In the autumn, Yig becomes unusually ravenous, and has to be driven away by means of suitable rites. Then the Indians conduct orgies in lonely places, with the ceaseless beating of tom-toms. When the corn harvest comes, the Indians give Yig some corn, and dance in proper regalia to the sound of whistle, rattle, and drum. They keep the drums beating to drive Yig away, and call down the aid of Tirawa, the father of humanity. [Yig 81, 83, 88]

Walker Davis first leaned of Yig beliefs at Okmulgee in Creek country [Yig 85]. The Wichita have protective charms against Yig, which they taught to Davis [87, 88]. Audrey Davis dreamed of Yig appearing in the guise of Satan [90]. When their house was infested with snakes on Halloween, she took it as a sign that the curse of Yig was at work [92], and found it significant that their house was invaded by snakes on Halloween [92]. Following her traumatic encounter with the snakes, Audrey went insane. After nine months, she gave birth to three children with snake-like deformities [95].

Yig was one of the principal deities worshipped among the Old Ones of K'n-yan, beneath the mound outside Binger, Oklahoma. Grey Eagle said that Yig, big father of snakes, is there at the mound outside Binger [Mound 103]. Grey Eagle loaned the Mound narrator a talisman with a serpent design, perhaps related to Yig [109]. The cylinder containing Zamacona's memoir had a carving of a semi-anthromorphic serpent, which the Mound narrator identified as a prototype of the Yig, Quetzalcoatal, and Kukulcan conceptions [115]. Charging Buffalo said that the Old Ones of K'n-yan worshipped Yig [119]. Inside the passageway leading to K'n-yan, Zamacona observed carvings of Yig [120]. The Old Ones regarded Yig as the principle of life symbolized as the Father of all Serpents; their cryptic shrines to Yig were lavish and remarkable [136], surrounded by embowering groves [144]. Among the Old Ones, days were of variable length, and said to be timed by the tail-beats of Yig [137]. In their calendar, the year was measured by Yig's annual shedding of his skin [137]. Among the Old Ones, the cult of Yig coexisted with worship of Tulu (Cthulhu), and was briefly rivaled also by the cult of Tsathoggua [141]. The cult of Yig was still active when Zamacona was in K'n-yan [144]. Zamacona's dreams of the abyss of N'kai shocked the leaders of Yig and Tulu worship [149]. In a passage leading up to the surface, Zamacona saw nitre-encrusted images of Yig and Tulu [152]; the Mound narrator later also viewed them [160, 162-163].

In ancient Mu, T'yog believed that Yig was among the gods friendly to man, who might take sides with us against Ghatanothoa [HPL Aeons 273].

The being impersonating Henry Akeley told Albert Wilmarth the truth behind the legend of Yig [Whisperer 256].

RB Mannikin 79; Serpents 261; Shambler 183.

AWD Lurker 134.

HK Invaders 73.

FL Terror2 legend of 280.

JVS Dead 74.

Aka: Father of Serpents.

Compare with: Niguratl-Yig; Snake-God.


RB Grinning moon of Yiggurath 54.


Ice mountain home of Rlim Shaikorth. Drifted to Hyperborea. CAS Coming 71, 73-75, 77-80.

Yin, the Gardens of



Origin of the Great Race. HPL Time 401.

AWD Lurker 84; Whippoorwills 47.

y'm-hhi, y'm-bhi

Revived dead slaves in K'n-yan. HPL Mound (143), 144, 153-154, 161.

Ynys Dywyll

Welsh island. RB DarkIsle 93.

Synonym for: Anglesey.


Synonym for T'yog. HPL Aeons 278.


Synonym for T'yog. HPL Aeons 278.

Yogash the black

A slave of Nyarlathotep. HPL Kadath 402.

Yogi, the

Spoken of by Harley Warren, and who had been to Yian-Ho. HPL Gates 434.


All-in-One and One-in-All

In Randolph Carter's transdimensional journeys by means of the silver key, he encountered a being that may have been Yog-Sothoth; Carter experienced it as "an All-in-One and One-in-All of limitless being and self—not merely a thing of one space-time continuum, but allied to the ultimate animating essence of existence's whole unbounded sweep—the last, utter sweep which has no confines and which outreaches fancy and mathematics alike." Carter learned that this entity is one of a number of archetypes that exist outside of space, each of which has many phases that manifest in our world as a variety of seemingly separate individuals. Among these archetypes, the "All-in-One" who spoke to Carter is the supreme archetype, and the archetype of all great wizards, thinkers, and artists, including Carter himself. [Gates 439-445]

Guardian of the Gate

The Necronomicon also describes Yog-Sothoth in mystically effusive terms, as the "key to the gate, whereby the spheres meet." He transcends time: "Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth." He knows where the Old Ones broke through to our world of old, and where they shall break through again. Since he is the "key and guardian of the gate," it seems that Yog-Sothoth can enable the Old Ones to break through to our world again. [Dunwich 170] The Necronomicon quote does not state that Yog-Sothoth is actually one of the Old Ones himself; but this later becomes clear, because in the course of The Dunwich Horror , Yog-Sothoth is shown to have the other attributes that Alhazred attributes to the Old Ones: invisible, foul-smelling, and given to begetting offspring on humanity. His two offspring spawned on Lavinia Whateley were the twins, Wilbur Whateley and his unnamed older brother.

According to Randolph Carter, Yog-Sothoth's worshippers include secret cults of earth, as well as the Outer Ones ("crustaceans of Yuggoth") and the vaporous brains of the spiral nebulae [Gates 439]. Henry Akeley referred to the Yog-Sothoth cycle as an example of myths antedating the coming of man to the earth, which are hinted at in the Necronomicon [Whisperer 219]. Alhazred worshipped Yog-Sothoth [History 52].

Old Whateley and his family held ceremonies around the table-like rock, presumably serving as a sacrificial altar, on Sentinel Hill [159, 161, 174]. The invocation was done in the light of huge bonfires with Old Whateley reciting from a large book. The ceremonies were probably performed nude, as Silas Bishop once saw an unclothed Lavinia and Wilbur running up Sentinel Hill on Hallowe'en [Dunwich 161, 162, 181]. Other ceremonies to Yog-Sothoth or similar entities seem to have been held amid the circles of stone pillars that crown most of the hills around Dunwich [156, 158, 159, 162, 187], for Earl Sawyer noticed a smell on Old Whateley and at the Whateley place similar to one he had smelled near the Indian circles on the hills [164, 165]. Zebulon Whateley suggested that rites ought to be performed in the stone circles, apparently for defense against the Dunwich Horror (Wilbur's older brother) 180.

The ceremonial days of European paganism seem to be of great significance to the followers of Yog-Sothoth. Henry Armitage referred to Wilbur's father as a "Roodmas horror" and surmised that Wilbur was conceived on May-Eve (Roodmas) [172]. Wilbur was born on Candlemas [159]. Old Whateley died on Lammas Night [166]. The Whateley family held major ceremonies on Sentinel Hill on May Eve and Hallowe'en [164, 165]. Wilbur saw entities resembling his brother on May Eve on the hill [184]. Wilbur seems to have sacrificed his own mother Lavinia on Hallowe'en [168].

Old Whateley advised Wilbur to open up the gates to Yog-Sothoth with the long chant on page 751 of the complete edition of the Necronomicon [167]. Wilbur copied this formulate from the Latin version at Miskatonic Library [169]. As Wilbur died, he muttered the cryptic phrase "N'gai, n'gha'ghaa, bugg-shoggog, y'hah: Yog-Sothoth, Yog-Sothoth " [175]. Similarly, as Wilbur's brother was finally vanquished by a spell, he cried out "FATHER! FATHER! YOG-SOTHOTH!" [196].

Like the Old Ones, Wilbur's brother was invisible, but Wilbur could see it a little when he made the Voorish sign or blew the poweder of Ibn Ghazi at it [184]. Dr. Armitage learned how to make the powder [186, 191]. Yog-Sothoth's form can perhaps be inferred from the brief glimpse that Curtis Whateley got of Wilbur's brother, when it was revealed by the Professors' sprayer: shaped somewhat like a hen's egg, and jelly-like, lacking solidity; seemingly composed of many seperate wriggling ropes pushed close together; grey with blue or purple rings; bulging eyes scattered all over; and ten or twenty trunks with mouths opening and closing [194]; "an octopus, centipede, spider kind o' thing" [197]. Henry Armitage commented that the thing looked more like the father than Wilbur did [198].

On the other hand, at Rogers' Museum, the statue of Yog-Sothoth looked like a congeries of iridescent globes [Museum 230]. This could have been a symbolic image meant to convey Yog-Sothoth's role as the "key to the gate, whereby the spheres meet."

According to Wilbur's diary, the plan for the return of the Old Ones and Yog-Sothoth called for the "clearing off" of all earth beings from earth [184]. In Dr. Armitage's delerium, he raved of a plan for certain Elder Things to extirpate all earth life and drag the earth "from the solar system and cosmos of matter into some other plane or phase of entity from which it had once fallen, vigintillions of aeons ago" [185].

Raiser of the Dead

Joseph Curwen summoned "Yogge-Sothothe," who revealed to Curwen how to create a spell that would cause a descendant to resurrect him [HPL Case 151]. Yog-Sothoth was also invoked by Charles Dexter Ward to resurrect Curwen [171]. Simon Orne closed a letter to Curwen with the cryptic phrase "Yogg-Sothoth Neblod Zin," which perhaps implied that Curwen and his friends were devotees of Yog-Sothoth [195]. After Curwen's revival in modern times, he wrote a note indicating that he had raised Yog-Sothoth thrice [215]. Dr. Willett found the spells invoking Yog-Sothoth to resurrect the dead from their salts, or to return them back to their salts [204-205], and later used the second spell to destory Curwen [234]. Regarding the goals of Curwen, Orne, and their cohort Edward Hutchinson, Willett concluded that "They were robbing the tombs of all the ages, including those of the world's wisest and greatest men. . . . from what was extorted from this centuried dust there was anticipated a power and wisdom beyond anything which the cosmos had ever seen concentrated in one man or group" [199]. If Willett was correct, the conspirator's goal was far different—more personal and limited—than the Whateleys plan to bring the wholesale return of the Old Ones.

Allies and Enemies

Robert Blake wrote "Yog-Sothoth save me" when he saw the approach of that avatar of Nyarlathotep known as the Haunter of the Dark [Haunter 115]. The implication seems to be that a human could look to Yog-Sothoth as a protective entity, at least under certain conditions. Perhaps there is also an implication of some enmity between Yog-Sothoth and Nyarlathotep?

Danforth mentioned Yog-Sothoth when speaking of his glimpse of what lay beyond the antarctic mountains of madness [Mountains 106]. Since the crinoid Old Ones of Antarctica lived in dread fear of those mountains, this raises the possibility that Yog-Sothoth was somehow the cause of that fear.

RB Demon 64.

AWD Beyond2 165; Island most powerful of Ancient Ones 180; Curwen 21; Dweller 127, 133; Gable 207; Gorge 122, 126; Depths 235, brood of 241, 251; Ithaqua 114; Keeper 141, 149; Lamp 255; Lurker 37, Yogge-Sothothe 48, 50, 60, 71, 81-82, 84, 96, 108, 124, 128, 133, 135, 145-147; Hastur 12; Sandwin 105; Seal 159-160, 162, 176; Space 239; Survivor 162; Valley 127, 134; Whippoorwills Yogge-Sothothe 46, 50, only Ancient One who could take the form of a congeries of shining globes 70.

HH Guardian 299.

REH Bear priests of 36; Children 152; Dig typo "Yog-Sathoth" 75; Fire 51.

HK Kralitz leprous, subterranean 8.

FBL Awakening 101-114.

JVS Dead 34.

Aka: Iog-Sotot; Guardian of the Threshold; Keeper of the Gate; Lurker at the Threshold; Yog-Sototl; Yok-Sothoth.

Yog-Sothoth, brood of

AWD Depths 235.


HPL Electric 74, 77.


Of Yokahama. AWD Island 203.


Steamer, out of Hong Kong. AWD Island 202, 205.

Incl: Bailey; Benton; Gunders; Henderson; Mason; Melik; Sereke, Satsume; Spolito; Yohira.


Synonym for Yog-Sothoth.

HH Guardian 299.

CAS Ubbo 48.

York, Maine

RB Satan 5, 6.


England. HPL Descendant 359.


Subterranean world below K'n-yan. HPL Man emanation of Yoth! 209; Mound red-litten 133, four-footed, semi-human animals 134, inhabitants quadrupedal, reptilian 139, created animal types for use and amusement 139, 140-141, 148; Whisperer 254.

AWD Curwen 22; Dweller 138; Lurker 134.

FL Terror2 301.

Yothic manuscripts

HPL Mound 140-142.

Yr (1)

A formula. HPL Dunwich 184.

Yr (2)

AWD Lurker a place beyond Kadath 49.

Yr (3)

Undetermined, possibly the same as Yr (1) or Yr (2). AWD Middle 359.


REH Black 62; Roof 3-4.


Synonym for Pluto. Where the crustacean Outer Ones worship Yog-Sothoth.

Pseudo-Akeley spoke to Wilmarth of Yuggoth [HPL Whisperer 223]. Nyarlathotep is the bringer of strange joy to Yuggoth through the void [226]. The Outer Ones came to earth from the dark planet Yuggoth, at the rim of the solar system [228]. There are mighty cities on Yuggoth, with great tiers of terraced towers built of black stone, and cyclopean bridges over black rivers of pitch. The bridges at least, and perhaps others of the structures, were built by a forgotten elder race that became extinct before the arrival of the Outer Ones [254].

Akeley feared that the Outer Ones planned to take him to Yuggoth and beyond [234]. Pseudo-Akeley said that he was planning to visit Yuggoth [253]. Armitage felt that Pseudo-Akeley gloated excessively over Yuggoth and its black secrets [255]. Pseudo-Akeley intended to persuade Armitage to go to Yuggoth with him [257].

Pseudo-Akeley said that Yuggoth is beyond Neptune, and is the ninth planet from the sun. Pseudo-Akeley hinted that the Outer Ones would soon use their mental influence to cause humans to discover Yuggoth [240, 254]. Later, Armitage felt certain that that the newly-discovered planet Pluto was the same as Yuggoth, and that the Outer Ones had indeed inspired the discovery [264-265].

HPL Fungi IV, XIV; Gates 439, 451; Haunter 106, 114; Medusa 181; Museum origin of Rhan-Tegoth 236.

RB Demon 64, 66; Tomb 14; Unspeakable 168, 172.

HC Isle 157.

AWD Curwen 22; Dweller 138; Lamp 255; Lurker 134; Hastur 12, 22.

FL Terror2 312.

REH Dig noxious winds from 75.

HK Kralitz fungoid inhuman beings on 8.

Yuggoth, spawn of

Synonym for: Outer Ones.


Supreme lord of science on Yekub. HPL Challenge 15.

Yule, Yuletide

HPL Festival 208, 214-215.

See also: ceremonial days; Christmas.

Yun, Yotai

Of Hankow. REH Bear 35-37.

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