A person. HPL Case 215.


A person or entity. HPL Diary 306, 308, 310, 312.

Vaal Hotel

Johannesburg. Thomas Slauewite stayed there. [HPL Winged 255]

Vach-Viraj incantation

HK Salem 262.

Valdez, Officer

Of Santa Rita. RB Terror 251.

Vale of Pnath, The

By Robert Blake. A story. HPL Haunter 94.

Valley of Kings

Egypt. RB Fane 133.

Valley of the Lost

See: Lost Valley.


Chile. HPL Aeons Eridanus en route to Valparaiso when risen Mu island is sighted 265, Cabot Museum curator Pickman travels to Valparaiso 266; Call 145.


HPL Diary serpent-men of Valusia 318; Haunter 106; Mountains 47, 69; Time 395.

AWD Curwen 22; Lurker 133; Sky 68.

REH Dark 87.

See also: Serpent-men.


HPL Diary 303; Medusa vampiric serpent hair 200.

van der Heyl

Family. HPL Diary 304-305, 308, 315, 320, 322.

van der Heyl, Claes

HPL Diary 312-314, 319.

van der Heyl, Cornelis

Of Leyden. HPL Diary 311.

van der Heyl, Dirck

HPL Diary 306, 308, 321-322.

van der Heyl, Hendrick

HPL Diary 316.

van der Heyl, Joris

HPL Diary 308.

Vandervelde, (Dr.)

Of Nyangwe. Thomas Slauenwite sent to Dr. Vandervelde for Congo types of Diptera. [HPL Winged 248, 249]

Van Gogh

HPL Medusa 170.

Van Heller

Author, Black Cults. HC Isle 149.

Van Helmont

Old science author. HPL Case 121.

van Hoogstraten

Owner of books in House in the Oaks. REH House 125.

Van Kauran

Family. HPL Man 207-209.

Van Kauran, Bareut Picterse

HPL Man disappeared from New Paltz 209.

Van Kauran, Hendrik

Uncle of Daniel Morris. HPL Man 208.

Van Kauran, Nicholas

Of Wijtgaart. Ancestor of Daniel Morris. HPL Man 207.

Van Kauran, William

Grandson of Nicholas Morris; ancestor of Daniel Morris; of Rensselaerwyck and Esopus. HPL Man 207-208.

Van Keulen, (Dr.) Cornelius

Coroner's physician, of Bloemfontein. HPL Winged 242, 243, 263.

Vanning, Henricus

New Orleans. RB Mummy 284-285; Sebek 115, 117-124, 126-129.

Vasquez, Diego

Illustrator of Nameless Cults. REH Roof 4.


HPL Test 19.

Vatican Library

Rome. AWD Lurker 125.


Of Hinduism. AWD Island 181.


HK Hunt 168.

Synonym for: Iod.


A star. HPL Case 141; Mound 106.


HPL Gates 430, 440.

HK Hydra Around the Center of Ultimate Chaos 141.

Veil Unseen, The

HC Isle 149.


AWD Wood 82.

Veiled King

In temple of Elder Ones, Inganok. HPL Kadath 362.


Author, Worlds in Collision. AWD Island Venus etc. (182).


RB Terror 224-225.


California. RB Kiss 44.


Author, History. RB Sorceror 161.


HPL Diary lords of, came to civilize our planet 313; Time 395.

AWD Island 182; Space tree-men from 238; Whippoorwills 43.

Venusberg music

AWD Sandwin 111.

Venus Tablets

Of Babylon. AWD Island 181.


HPL Electric 63.


Artist. AWD Wood 82.


HPL Whisperer 208-209, 212-214, university 215, 245.

AWD Dweller 133; Gable 206; Seal 163; Valley 135; Witches 300.

Incl: Akeley, Henry; Brattleboro; Fred?, Uncle; Lucy?, Aunt; Osborne?, Willie; Pritchett?, Cap; Warren's farm?

Verne, Jules.

AWD Curwen 32.

Vernon, Duncan

Of Britain. AWD OutThere Oxford student, one of four friends of Geoffrey Malvern who were sent down because of a scandal relating to their practice of sorcery. Later helped Dr. William Currie reimprison the creature Something from Out There.

Vernon, Eve

Singer in the show On the Beam [RB Hell 39].


A Briton; earlier incarnation of Richard Brent. REH People 150-152, (153), 155-158, 160-163.


Chief town of the Bhlemphroims on Cykranosh. CAS Door 32-33, 35.


A planet. HH Guardian 291-293, 295, three oceans 295, 296.

Incl: Abhorred Continent of Dluuhg; Bhuulm; Tlaviir; Wise Men of Vhoorl.

Vibulanus, P

A centurion. FBL Hills 293.

Vice-Admiralty Court

At Newburyport. HPL Case 133.


Trapeze artist at the Stellar Brothers Circus [RB Elephant 49-50].

Victoria Embankment

HPL Hound 177.

Victoria Land

HPL Mountains 7, 29, 35, 87.


Austria. HPL Case 164.

AWD Gorge 98, 114; Lurker 138; Space 229.

REH Dig 76.

Incl: Corey, Nathaniel.


A freighter. HPL Call 145, 154.

AWD Gorge Vilgilant 111.


REH Gods 188, 191, 210, 218, 233.

Vincius the Reaper

RB DarkIsle 94-114.


AWD Curwen 10.

Aka: White Form of the Waters. Possible synonym for: Cthulhu.


Western, caverns. HPL Mound 115, 160; Rats 26-27, 32-33; Time 373.

FL Terror2 295.

REH Roof 5.

Incl: Delapore family;

Carfax; Winchester;

Visionary Press

FL Terror2 296.


Buddhist scripture. AWD Island 181.

Vitae Sophistrarum

By Eunapius. AWD Peabody 193.


RFS Mists 25-27.

Vladinoff, (Count) Boris

REH Black 59, 71.


Legendry of the Negro culture. AWD Survivor 162.


One of the Lofoten Islands. AWD Spawn 19-20, 26-32, 34.

Von Boehnk

In Vienna. A person. REH Dig 76.

Von Junzt

{1795-1840) A German eccentric who lived curiously and died in a grisly and mysterious fashion. He spent his entire life delving into forbidden subjects. He traveled to all parts of the world, gained entrance to innumerable secret societies, and studied many rare books and manuscripts on the esoteric. He is best known as the author of the infamous Unaussprechlichen Kulten or Nameless Cults, which was first published in Dusseldorf a year before his death. [REH Black 56-57; HPL Aeons 271]

At some point in his life, Von Junzt visited Honduras and evidently saw the Temple of the Toad, of which he later wrote in Nameless Cults . [REH Roof 6]

Six months before his death, Von Junzt returned from a mysterious visit to Mongolia. In the ensuing months, Von Junzt worked unceasingly on a new manuscript. Then Von Junzt was found dead in mysterious circumstances, strangled in his locked and bolted chamber. The marks of taloned fingers were on his throat. The torn pages of his manuscript were scattered about him on the floor of the room. Von Junzt's best friend, the Frenchman Alexis Ladeau, spent a night piecing the manuscript fragments together. After reading what was written, Ladeau burned the pages to ashes and slit his own throat with a razor. [REH Black 57; Roof 4]

See also: Nameless Cults.


HPL Call 132-133, 136-137, 139; Rats 31, 44.

HC Death 364.

REH Dig 73.


Of the dream-world. A kind of amphibious terror found in pools on the island of Oriab. Sometimes their voices can be heard howling in the distance. They dare not approach the slopes of Mt. Ngranek. [HPL Kadath 330]

voor, voorish

AM White2 voor 127, voorish dome in Deep Dendo 127, kingdom of Voor 130, voor 149.

Compare with: Voorish sign.

Voorden, Isaac

Of antique shop on South Kinnikinnic. RB Sorceror 154-156, 158-161.

Voorish sign

HPL Dunwich 184.

Compare with: voor; voorish.


Subhuman savages on Mt. Voormithadreth, Hyperborea.

AWD Curwen 22; Keeper 141; Lurker 84, 133; Sky 68; Whippoorwills 47.

CAS Seven 42-44, origin 44, 45-46, 49-54, 59.

Voormithadreth, Mount

Eiglophian Mountains, Hyperborea. CAS Seven 4246, 48, 50-53.

Incl: Abhoth; Archetypes (2); Atlach-Nacha; Ezdagor; Haon-Dor; Old Ones (6); Raphtontis; Serpent People; Tsathoggua; Voormis

Cavern of the Archetypes;

Vooz, Ralibar

High magistrate of Commorion and third cousin to King Homquat. (Hyperborea.) CAS Seven 42-52, (53), 54-66.

Vordennes, (Sir) Cheever

AWD Curwen 13; Gorge 112.


Of Bel-Yarnak or Gray Gulf of Yarnak. HK Eater 13-15; Invaders 73, 76-78.

Aka: Flaming One; Kindler of the Flame; Thou Who Waiteth in the Outer Dark; Troubler of the Sands.


France. AWD Six 124.

Vrolok, Yosef

Aka: Roelocke, Joseph. REH Ring 61-65.

Vulture's Roost

California. Unincorporated community later renamed Paradise Crest, and still later absorbed into Los Angeles. FL Terror2 267-268, 272-273, 287, 312.

Includes: Fischer, Anton; Fischer, Georg Reuter; Reuter, Marie


Averoigne, France. CAS Holiness 119-121, 124-125, 133, 141.

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