Africans who took Slauenwite through the N'kini jungle belt. [HPL Winged 254]


AWD Curwen 21; Keeper 151; Lurker 133.

CAS Ubbo 48, 50-51, 55.


Georg Reuter Fischer received a bachelor's degree in English literature from UCLA [FL Terror2 284, 286].


HPL Winged a black with a queer illness 245, epidemic caused by Glossina palpalis fly 246, Slauenwite visits Uganda in search of the devil-fly 247, the devil-fly half of a hybrid's ancestry would have drawn it to Uganda 255, Slauenwite noted that Uganda was hot 255, primitive legends of the Uganda blacks concerning the devil-fly 256.

Incl: Mevana; Mlolo, Lake; Ugowe.


Of Uganda. Wife of Mevana. [HPL Winged 247]


Africa. HPL Winged a town somewhere near M'gonga 251, authorities searched there for Nevil Wayland-Hall 253, people there remember the bearded stranger who mailed the package 254.


See: Feast of Ulder.

Ulman, Clark

Discoverer of Chaugnar Faugn's statue. FBL Hills 242...245.

Ulster County

HPL Diary 303.


A town, of dreamlands. HPL Cats beyond the River Skai 55, no man may kill a cat there 55, visited by dark wanderers from the south 56, all cats disappear overnight 57, burgesses pass law against killing cats 58; Gates 427; Kadath Pnakotic ms. 310, 311, 313-315, 323-325, 345-346, 353; Other beyond river Skai, nieghbors Hatheg, Barzai advised the burgesses to make law against killing cats 128, men of, climb Hatheg-Kla by day to search for Barzai 131, people of, fear eclipses since night Barzai disappeared on Hatheg-Kla 132; Silver 420; Mist 282.

AWD Lurker 134.

Incl: Atal; Barzai; Kranon; Nith; Shang; Thul; Zath.

Ultimate Abyss

HPL Gates 444, 447.

Ultimate Chaos

HPL Haunter 110.

Ultimate Gate

HPL Gates 430, 433, 435, 437-438, 443.

Ultimate Mystery, The

HPL Gates 440.


AWD Sandwin (ref) 111.

'Umr at-Tawil

A being who lives in the First Gateway, at the extension of earth which is outside time, and serves as a Guide to the next, or Ultimate Gate [HPL Gates 430, 435]. It is heavily cloaked, apparently shaped something like a man, but changeable in shape and half again as large; it moves by gliding or floating [432]. The Necronomicon and the Book of Thoth warn of this being, who guides the rash beyond all the worlds into the Abyss of unnameable Devourers. He is known as 'Umr at-Tawil, the Most Ancient One, which the scribe rendereth THE PROLONGED OF LIFE [430-432]. The Necronomicon teaches the obeisances which it is proper to render to 'Umr at-Tawil [432]. He has been feared by the whole world since Lomar rose out of the sea and the Winged Ones came to earth to teach the Elder Lore to man [432]. He knows all things, and He seemed to Randolph Carter to be surprisingly free of the malignity ascribed by Alhazred [432-433]. 'Umr at-Tawil brandished a large sphere of iridescent metal and lead the Ancient Ones in a chanting ritual so that their dreams might open the Ultimate Gate for Carter [434-436, 441]. 'Umr at-Tawil's magic temporarily hid the revelation of transdimensional selves from Carter while the latter was in the First Gate, so that Carter would be able to use the Silver Key with precision to open the Ultimate Gate [443].

AWD Curwen 21; Dweller 137; Keeper 151; Lurker 133.

Unaussprechlichen Kulten

By Von Junzt. Better known by the title Nameless Cults. See: Nameless Cults.


Elemental spirits of the water. Ruled over by Necksa. [RB Hell 61]

RB Sorceror 155.

United Federation of Nations

DW Fire2 75, 82.

United States

AWD Gorge Southern 108; Space 233.

University Club

University of Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 120, 146.

University of Buenos Aires, University of Buenos Ayres

(or Aires). HPL Dunwich 169; Library includes a copy of the Necronomicon (History 53).

AWD Gorge 97; Keeper 149; Lurker 81, 125.

University of Vermont

HPL Whisperer 215.

University of Wisconsin

AWD Dweller 120, 128.

Unknown God of the Dead, Unknown One

HPL Pyramids 241, 243.

Unspeakable, the

Epithet of Hastur. See: Hastur.

Unter Zee Kulten

A German book. All copies were supposedly destroyed in the seventeenth century, but a pirated copy existed in the library of the late Horatio Lear. CJ Acquarium 305.


RWC Repairer 37.

Updike, Mrs

HPL Beyond Thick-witted housekeeper of Crawford Tillinghast, who unwittingly attracted the attention of things from beyond by turning on the lights; later, all Tillinghast found of her was a heap of empty clothes 94, (95-97).

Upham, Professor

Of mathematics at Miskatonic University. HPL WitchHouse 269-270.

Upton, Daniel

HPL Doorstep (narrator) eight years senior of Edward Derby 277, architect 277, Harvard, Boston, & marriage, Arkham, father in Florida 278, WWI & Plattsburg 279, first name 289, 293.

Upton, Edward Derby

HPL Doorstep 279.


Village. HPL Kadath 364.


Of the dream-world. Winged beings of some kind; when Randolph Carter heard vague whirrings in an onyx quarry north of Inganok, he thought the sounds might be from bats or urhags or less mentionable presences. [HPL Kadath 366]

Usher, Roderick

HPL Haunter from Poe? 115.


HPL Test 19.


New capital of Hyperborea. HPL Mountains 47.

CAS Tale 3-4, 6.

Incl: Zeiros, Satampra.

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