Tablets of Nhing

HPL Gates 447.

tablets of the gods

CAS Ubbo 51, 53, 55.


HPL Aeons mythos contain allusions relevant to lost civilisation of Mu 268.

Talbot family

Of Arkham area. AWD Witches 294.


Explorer who died searching for Chaugnar Faugn's statue. FBL Hills 242.


California. HPL Test 23.


A god of Sarnath. HPL Doom 46.


Girl of the Britons; earlier incarnation of Eleanor Brent. REH People 149-150, (151), 152-153, 155-156, 158-160, 162, 167.


REH Bear 36.

Tanarian Hills

HPL Celephais 85-86; Kadath 309, 333, 338, 345, 352.


Polynesian sea-god. AWD Island 178.


Temples of, Egyptian? HPL Medusa 181, 189-190.


HPL Medusa 171.

See also: Bedard, Marceline; Isis.


Synonym for Ghatanothoa. HPL Aeons 278.

Tao, Taoism

"The black truth veiled by the immemorial allegory of Tao." HPL Whisperer 256.

FBL Hounds 76-77; Gateway 7.


HC Isle 147.

Tapa cloth

AWD Gorge 100.


Priest of Sarnath. HPL Doom 44-47.


Deity worshipped by Druids. CAS Holiness 130-131, 137.


Resident of Sewell Street, Arkham. RB Creeper 104.


A place. HPL Gates 433.

HK Salem 262.

Tasm tribe

Tribe of central Arabia. AWD Lamp 249.


HPL Mountains 6.

tattered mantle

RWC Mask 60; Yellow 107.

Tau Omega fraternity house

College Hill, Providence. HPL Haunter 113.


AWD Island 182; Keeper 141; Sky 57, 59; Space, a dark star in ___ where the Great Race migrated to 238, 243.


HC Isle 160.

Synonym for: Jason, Father.


A man. REH Children 150-154, 160.


Star in Pleiades. AWD Curwen 46.


Scientist. HPL Mountains 66, 69.

Taylor, George

Of Wilbraham. AWD Peabody 188, 198.


Composer, Swan Lake. RB Sebek 122.

Tcho-Tcho people

George Rogers visited the ruined city in Indo-China where the Tcho-Tchos lived. He apparently captured an oblong swimmer in darkness and made it into a statue. [HPL Museum 221]

Around 150 million years ago, when Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee was held as a captive mind by the Great Race, another captive mind was of the wholly abominable Tcho-Tchos [Time 395].

AWD Beyond2 169, 176; Curwen 21-22; Gable 207; Gorge near Rangoon 112; Ithaqua 115; Lair 118, (119), 120, little feet pattering (121), (122), 123, 125-126, 128, 131-133; Lurker 84, 133; Hastur serve Cthulhu? 21; Sandwin curious hybrid Chinese? (98), and Tibetan plateaus 104, in Tibet 106; Seal 162; Sky 68; Space ___ of Tibet! 241; Survivor 162; Whippoorwills 40; Wind Allison Wentworth spoke of the accursed designs of the Tcho-Tcho while raving of his year spent traveling as a captive of Ithaqua; Witches 301.

Teach, Edward

RB Terror 226.

Aka: Blackbeard; Thatch, Ned.


HPL Mountains 97-98, 100-101, 106.

Telfer, Dr

Of Cold Harbor. AWD Ithaqua 111, 113, 115-116.


Granite city of, in dream. HPL Iranon 111-116.


In Hungary? A place. REH Black 58.

Temple of Darkness, Temple of Shadows

To Gol-goroth, god of Bal-Sagoth. REH Gods 202-203, 225-227.

Temple of Solomon

HPL Case 132.

Temple of the Cats

Ulthar. HPL Kadath 347.

Temple of the Elder Ones, Inganok

HPL Kadath 359, 361.

Temple of the Elder Ones, Ulthar

HPL Kadath 311.

Temple of the Sea

Temple to A-ala in Bal Sagoth. REH Gods 203.

Temple of the Toad

REH Roof (5), 6, described (8), 10-11.

Ten-Acre Meadow

HPL Dunwich 177.

Tennant, John

AWD Depths 225-226, 234, 237, 243-250.


Illustrator of Alice in Wonderland. AWD Curwen 12, 46.


HPL Electric 68.


HPL Electric 68.

Terrible Old Man

Of Kingsport. HPL Mist 278-279, 284-285; Terrible 272-275.

Terrible Nameless One

REH Lost 78.

Aka: feathered serpent.

Terror, Mt

Antarctica. HPL Mountains 7-8.

Terror of Cut-Throat Cove

RB Terror description 241, memories 241-243, 245, hunger 248, sinks the Rover 248/249, eats Dena 249/250, at Santa Rita water front 252.

Tertiary Period

65 million--600,000 years ago. HPL Mountains 17, 33, 46, 53, 72, 77.


REH Lost 64.


Allison family; Allison, Job; Brill family; Brill, Jonathon; Donnelly family; Donnelly, Bill; Fletcher family; Fletcher, Saul; Kerney, Steve; Killiher family; Kiowas; McCrill family; McCrill, Braxton; McCrill, Jonas; Mound Builders; Old People; Ord family; Ord, Bill and Peter; Reynolds family; Reynolds, Esau; Reynolds, John; Solomon, Jack; Stark brothers; Toltecs; Toltecs; Wallace, Bigfoot.

Antelope Wells; Blind Horse Canyon; El Paso; Ghost Cave; Lost Valley.

Thabon, King

Of K'naa. HPL Aeons followed Imash-Mo at Nath feast 273, refused to ban T'yog's pilgrimage (274), blessed T'yog at start of journey 275.


HPL Kadath 316.


A beacon of Baharna. HPL Kadath 327.

Thalarion, City of a Thousand Wonders

HPL Kadath 317; White 38.


RWC Repairer 37.

AWD Hastur 12.


AWD Curwen 13.


Tribe of northern Arabia. AWD Lamp 249.

Thang Grotto

Of Tartary. HK Salem 262.

Thanksgiving day

HPL Man 208.


Synonym for Ghatanothoa. HPL Aeons 278.


HPL Polaris 22.

Tharp, Year of

HPL White 39.

Thatch, Ned

RB Terror 226.

Aka: Blackbeard; Teach, Edward.


Farmer near Bridgetown. RB Mannikin 79, (80), 83.

Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New-English Canaan

By Rev. Ward Phillips. Ambrose Dewart found a copy of Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New-English Canaan in Billington House, dated Boston 1801. Dewart took it to be a reprint on an earlier work. It was a thick volume, printed in an imitation of black letter, with the long s and other obsolete typographical traits. [AWD Lurker 17]

About two thirds of the way through the book is a passage discussing a beast-man that resembled the late Richard Billington; the creature was found in the woods near Candlemas of 1787 and executed the following June [17-18]. Alijah Billington wrote a letter to one of the Arkham papers, protesting the book [19, 26, 68]. Later, the author, Ward Phillips, attempted to gather copies of the book and burn them [117].

Dan Harrop found a copy in the collection of his late cousin, Abel Harrop; Dan Harrop remembered vaguely having heard of the book before [AWD Whippoorwills 43].

Thayer Street

Providence. HPL Call 130.


Egypt. RB Fane 133; Sebek 116.

them ones

Synonym for shoggoths?. RB Notebook 232-233, (235), 236, 238-242, 244, (247), black thing (248), 249.


RB Sorceror 155.


HPL Aeons Stuart Reynolds has smattering of theosophical lore 269; Call 126, 128, 131-132, 140, 142; Time 385.

FBL Hounds 75.


200 B.C. HPL Time 396.

Thesaurus Chemicus

By Roger Bacon. HPL Case 121.

Thibet, Thibetans

See: Tibet.


Author, Kryptographik (2). AWD Survivor 160.

Thing on the Doorstep, The

By H. P. Lovecraft. DWR Music 292.

Thing that should not be

Synonym for Nyogtha. HK Salem 261.

thirteenth covenant, the

RB Mannikin 79.


A planet. HPL Fungi X.


Whose jagged peaks the Night Gaunts flew over. HPL Fungi XX; Kadath 335-336; Dreamer peaks of 46.

Thomas, Isaiah

HPL Picture 119.

Thomas St

Providence. HPL Call 128, 142.


Of the Times. A reporter. FBL Hills 265.


A beacon of Baharna. HPL Kadath 327.


Synonym for Cthulhu. AWD Clay 375, 378.


HPL Kadath 353.


Of Bel-Yarnak. HK Jest mightiest of priests, wisest of all who dwelt in Bel Yarnak 60-63.

Thoreau Drive

Boston. AWD Curwen 47; Sky 52.

Thorfel the Fair

REH Dark 66-67, 69, 73-76, 78-82, 84-85; Gods 187.

Thorfin, Rane

Grandfather of Brunhild. REH Gods 195-196, 213, 225.

Thorfinnssen, Georg

Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition. HPL Mountains 6, 27.


HPL Rats 40-42, 45.

Thornwald, Mark

RB Philtre 292-296.


Egyptian god. RB Faceless 40; Mummy 284; Opener 163; Sebek 125.

Thoth-amon, ring of

REH Ring 62.

Thou Who Waiteth in the Outer Dark

HK Invaders 77.

Synonym for: Vorvadoss.


HPL Doom 44-45, 48; Iranon 114; Kadath 358.


"The gilded spires of Thran" DW. HPL Gates 431; Kadath 334, 349, 350; Silver 408.

Three Words

HPL Case 131.


AWD Lurker 134.

Thuggee, temple of

REH Fire 44.


Of Ulthar. HPL Cats a cutter of stones, accompanies Kranon to the cotter's house 58.


Island from whence Rlim Shaikorth drew some of its servants. CAS Coming 71-72, 74-76, 78.

Incl: Dooni; Loddhan, Ux.


Primeval place--Greek myth? CAS Ubbo 49.

Thunder Hill

HPL Man 207, 213.

Thurai, Mt

Of dreamlands. HPL Other men have felt rain there, which was really the tears of homesick gods of earth 127.


HPL Pickman (narrator) 16-17, was in France (20).

Thurston, Francis Wayland

HPL Call (narrator) 125.

Thurston's Tavern

Providence. HPL Case 140.

Thutmosis IV

HPL Pyramids table inscribed by, between paws of Sphinx.


Of Asia.

HPL Diary 303; Museum 217; Test 19-20, 25, 28, 36, 40-41, 43, 45, (46/47), 55.

Ganesha is worshipped as Chaugnar Faugn in the old places of Tibet [RB Elephant 44].

AWD Beyond2 154, 164; Island 211; Gable 199, 209; Keeper 140; Hastur Chinese priest fm. inner Tibet 10 & 12; Sandwin 98, 104, 106; Seal 161-162, 172; Space 241; Wind mentioned as site of Lhassa;

Incl: Bonpa priests; Lhassa; Tcho-Tcho people; Tsanpo; U-Tsang.

Aka: Thibet.


On the Pecos. HPL Mound 116.

Tigris-Euphrates valley

AWD Keeper 140.


Marquesas. AWD Island 185; Gorge 100.

Tikkoun elixir

HK Salem very hard to get 262.

Tillinghast, Anne

Ancestor of Charles Dexter Ward. HPL Case 116.

Tillinghast, Crawford

Scientist and philosopher of Benevolent Street, Providence. Constructed a machine to stimulate dormant human senses, including the pineal gland, thus revealing the unseen entities that surround us. Death, attributed to apoplexy, occurred when narrator shot his machine. HPL Beyond 90-97.

Tillinghast, Capt. Dutee

HPL Case 125-126, 147.

Tillinghast, Eliza

See: Curwen, Eliza.

Tillinghast, Capt. James

Ancestor of Charles Dexter Ward. HPL Case 116.


Providence family. HPL Case 122.

Tilton, Anna

Curator, Newburyport Historical Society. HPL Innsmouth 311-313.


AWD Keeper 148, 150.


See: Hounds of Tindalos.


Synonym for T'yog. HPL Aeons 278.


Big father of men; Wichita (?) indian god. HPL Mound 103, 109; Yig whose children men are 88.


Of Greek myth. HPL Mist 282.

AWD Lurker 122.

Titteridge, George C.

Proprietor of Orange Hotel, Bloemfontein. [HPL Winged 242]


HPL Electric 68.


HPL Electric 68.


HPL Aeons T'yog starts up Mount Yaddith-Gho with a staff of tlath-wood in his hand 275.

Tlaviir of Vhoorl

HH Guardian 291-293, 296-297, 303.

Tlaxcala Mining Company

HPL Electric 61.

Incl: McComb, President; Jackson, Superintendent; Feldon, Arthur.

Tlaxcala country

Mexico. HPL Electric 62, 74.


A woman of K'n-yan. HPL Mound 150-154, 157, 163.

Tlingit Indians

Of Northwest Coast. AWD Island of Ketchikan, Alaska 179; Survivor 159.


HPL Electric 74.

Toad's-heath manor

Suffolk. Home of Grymlanns. REH Dig 80.


From the description, a being possibly synonymous with or related to the Master of the Monolith. REH Roof clink of hoof on stone (7), 9, sounds of horse on roof (10), tentacled, hoofed, winged, and tittering (11).

toad-like thing

See: Master of the Monolith.


On the moon. HPL Kadath 320-323, (371), 376, 381, 386-387.

See also: moon-things.

toads and toad-like entities

See: frogs; Toad, the; toad-like thing; toad-things.

Tobey, Dr

HPL Call 130.

Todd, Arthur

Of Hollywood. HK Bells 80-93.


Synonym for T'yog. HPL Aeons 278.


AWD Lair 135.


Ohio. HPL Innsmouth 363.


HPL Mound 137.

REH Lost ancestors of 79.


Type of saurians. AWD Survivor 152.


HPL Electric 74, 77.

Tonga Islands

AWD Island 185; Gorge 100.

Incl: Tapa cloth.

Topa cloth designs

Tonga. AWD Island 185.


Elder devil of Eskimos. AWD Gorge 121.


HK Hunt 168.

Synonym for: Iod.


HPL Electric 63.

Tostig the Mad

Viking? REH Gods 195-196.


An inhabitant of Yekub. HPL Challenge 14-15.

Totten Land

HPL Mountains 72.


France. CAS Holiness 125.

Tous, Malik

See: Malik Tous.

Tower of Mlin

In Teloth (dream). HPL Iranon 111.


Windham Co., Vermont. HPL Whisperer 216-217, 225, 229, 238, 244, 263, 271.

Incl: Akeley, Henry.

Town Square

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 319, 324, 326-327, 336, 341-342, 347, 352, 355.

Town Street

Providence. HPL Case 114, 117, 122-123, 129, 152.

Traite des Chiffres

By De Vigenere. HPL Dunwich 183.


AWD Sandwin 91.

See: Aylesbury Transcript; Boston Transcript.


HPL Diary 317.


South Africa. HPL Winged 244.

Incl: Pretoria.


HPL Case 162, 164, 195-196, 200, 223.

AWD Gorge 98, 111.

Incl: Cregoivacar.


See: Shining Trapezohedron.

Trask, Dr

Anthropologist. HPL Rats 42-43.

Tregardis, Paul

CAS Ubbo 48-55.

Tremont St

Boston. HPL Pickman 24.

Tremoth, Lady Agatha

CAS Offspring 10-12, 16, 25.

Tremoth Hall

CAS Offspring 7-8, 10, 12, 19-20.

Tremoth, Sir John

CAS Offspring 7, 10-21, 24-25.


Missouri. AWD Lurker 137.

Tres Sainte Trinosophie, La

HK Hunt 167.

Trevor, (Lady) Margaret

HPL Rats 30.

Trevor Towers

HPL Celephais 89; Kadath 354.

Triassic period

230,000,000 yrs ago--180 million years ago. HPL Mountains 16; Time 383.

RFS Warder 156.


HPL Rats feast like that of 40.


RB Terror 231.


Author, Polygraphia and De Lapide Philosophico. HPL Case 121; Dunwich 183.

Trismegistus, Hermes

HPL Case 121.

AWD Lurker 16.


In Greek Mythology, sea-dwelling creatures with a human-like upper body and a fish-like lower body. They carry shells that can blow on to calm the waves during a storm. They visisted the Strange High House in the Mist in company with Nodens. [HPL Mist 283, 286]

RB DarkIsle 112.

Troad, excavations in the

HPL Rats 40.


HPL Whisperer 214.

Troubler of the Sands

HK Invaders 77.

Synonym for: Vorvadoss.

Trowbridge St

Cambridge. HPL Mound 159.

true scroll

The scroll created by T'yog to take when confronting Ghatanothoa. HPL Aeons T'yog creates scroll (274), stolen by Imash-Mo (274), true scroll in custody of Nagob 278, still exists and Ghatanothoa cult attempting to bring it to T'yog 280, found in hand of dead cultist (283), can undo petrification; does it survive? 286.

Contrast with: false scroll.


AWD Curwen 15.

Trumbull, Jesse

Arkham area. AWD Whippoorwills 38, 59.


Megalithic ruins in Uganda were said to have been an outpost of Tsadogwa. [HPL Winged 247]

Synonym for: Tsathoggua.


Ruler of a cruel empire that is to come three thousand years from now [HPL Sleep 34, Time 395].

Tsang, desert plateau of

Where Chaugnar Faugn was a god. FBL Hills 242, near Lhasa? 256.


HPL Test 39-40, 44-46.


City in K'n-yan. HPL Mound 133-135, 137-153.


An amorphous and toad-like god-creature [HPL Whisperer 254].

He is said to be great in girth, very squat and pot-bellied. He has a huge, toad-shaped head. His sleepy lids are half-lowered over his globular eyes, from which trickle a phosphor-like glow. The tip of a queer tongue protrudes from his fat mouth. His whole body is covered with short, dark, fine fur, giving the impression of a bat or sloth. [CAS Seven 50, 54-55; Tale 10]

However, Tsathoggua can apparently change his form, for he is known as "plastic" [HPL Gates 443] and "amorphous" [HPL Aeons 272].

Tsathoggua is sluggish by nature. Even when ravenously hungry, he will not arise from his place, but waits in divine slothfulness for the sacrifice [CAS Seven 44, 50]. He seems to drink the blood of his victims rather than eating their flesh; for Ezdagor sent someone to Tsathoggua as a "blood-offering" [50, 55], and the previous victim appeared to be a "lean husk" [54], which is suggestive of something that was drained, rather than eaten whole.

Origin and Oldest Cults

Tsathoggua came down from Saturn soon after the Earth's creation [CAS Seven 44].

It appears that Tsathoggua is one of the entites worshipped by the Outer Ones. Thus, Tsathoggua was mentioned in a litany recited in a Vermont cave on May-Eve by an Outer One and a human [HPL Whisperer 226].

A few daring mystics have suggested that the devotees of Tsathoggua were as alien to mankind as Tshathoggua itself [HPL Mountains 29]. On viewing the Antarctic city of the Old Ones, Prof. Dyer was reminded of the Hyperborean legends of Tsathoggua and the "worse than formless" star-spawn associated with that semi-entity [Mountains 45]. Yog-Sothoth told Randolph Carter that entities from the double planet Kythanil flew to earth and worshipped Tsathoggua [HPL Gates 443]. These are probably the same as the "star-spawn" mentioned by Dyer.

Albert Wilmarth said that Tsathoggua's home was black, lightless N'kai [FL Terror2 301]. The Outer One masquerading as Henry Akeley said that Tsathoggua came from black, lightless N'kai: the deepest level of a system of caverns beneath Oklahoma [HPL Whisperer 254] This probably just means that N'kai was Tsathoggua's oldest habitation on this planet.

The worshippers of Tsathoggua in N'kai were peculiar-sensed beings which had no light at all, but which had great civilisations. In form, they seem to have been amorphous lumps of viscous black slime that took temporary shapes for various purposes. [HPL Mound 140-141] Most likely these slime-beings are also the same as the formless star-spawn from Kythanil.

The cult of Tsathoggua later become popular among the Old Ones of K'n-yan, and almost rivalled the ancient cults of Yig and Tulu. The city of Tsath was named after Tsathoggua. However, the people of K'n-yan abandoned the worship of Tsathoggua after an expedition to N'kai found some of the black slime creatures. One of Tsathoggua's temples was later turned into a shrine of Shub-Niggurath [144]. During Zamacona's visit, Gll'-Hthaa-Ynn detoured to avoid an ancient, deserted temple of Tsathoggua. [HPL Mound 140-141]

One branch of the Old Ones of K'n-yan carried the cult to the outer world, where one of the images found its way to a shrine in Olathoe, in the Arctic land of Lomar [HPL Mound 141].

God of the Hyperboreans

One of the mysteries of Tsathoggua is that he is associated equally with N'kai and with the ancient arctic realm of Hyperborea (now Greenland). Perhaps he changed location, or perhaps he manifests in both places.

200,000 years ago, lost Hyperborea knew the nameless worship of black amorphous Tsathoggua [HPL Aeons 272]. Originally, this worship was probably rendered by the beings from Kythanil, since Yog-Sothoth told Carter that those beings worshipped Tsathoggua in primal Hyperborea [HPL Gates 443].

Later, the worship in Hyperborea was apparently taken up by the primate forbears of humanity; for, among the minds held captive by the Great Race were three from the furry "pre-human" Hyperborean worshippers of Tsathoggua [HPL Time 395].

During the human era, the people of Hyperborea also worshipped Tsathoggua, who was fabled to reside below Mt. Voormithadreth. During worship at his black altars, the devotees always faced in the direction of Voormithadreth. At that time, the sorceror Ezdagor sent Ralibar Vooz to Tsathoggua as a sacrifice. Tsathoggua decided not to feast on Ralibar Vooz, but instead sent him onward as an offering to Atlach-Nacha. [CAS Seven 44, 55].

Later in Hyperborean history, the thief Satampra Zeiros visited a shrine of Tsathoggua in the suburbs of ruined Commoriom, the former capital of Hyperborea [CAS Tale 3]. By the time of Satampra Zeiros, the people of Hyperborea had ceased to worship Tsathoggua; but it was rumored that jungle beasts visited his abandoned temples and uttered inarticulate prayers to him [10].

The temple visited by Zeiros had a basin filled with a foetid black slime. This slime turned out to be a living being that could change shape at will, and which pursued Zeiros and his associate. [CAS Tale 11-17] This being was probably one of the slime-creatures from Kythanil.

Cult Survivals

Tsathoggua is mentioned in the Pnakotic Manuscripts, the Necronomicon, and the Commoriom myth-cycle preserved by the Atlantean high-priest Klarkash-Ton [HPL Whisperer 254].

In medieval France, Brother Ambrose witnessed a manifestation of Sodagui (Tsathoggua) that was raised by Azedarac, Archbishop of Averoigne [CAS Holiness 119].

Prof. John Kirowan admitted the former existence of the Tsathoggua cult, but doubted that it survives today [REH Children 152].

According to the Rajah of Jadhore, Ganesha was worshipped as Tsathoggua long ago [RB Elephant 44]. However, the differing appearance of the two deities (elephant-headed versus toadlike) makes this identification doubtful.

Megalithic ruins in Uganda were said to have been an outpost of Tsadogwa. [HPL Winged 247]

Tsathoggua as an Earth God

David, nephew of Asa Sandwin, recalled reading of Tsathoggua and Yog-Sothoth as leaders of the elemental earth powers [AWD Sandwin 105]. According to Horvath Blayne, Tsathoggua was a god of earth, and one of the Ancient Ones who rebelled against the Elder Gods [AWD Island 180].

Tsathoggua's association with underground sites (N'kai and under Voormithadreth) may have inspired this interpretation of Tsathoggua as an earth elemental. However, there is a more plausible explanation for Tsathoggua's dark dwelling places; as a being who previously lived on distant Saturn, Tsathoggua may simply be averse to light.

According to books such as the Sussex Manuscript, Celaeno Fragments, and Cultes des Ghoules, Tsathoggua is waiting in N'kai [AWD Gorge 126]. Passages from the Necronimicon mention Tsathoggua [AWD Keeper 151]; according to some such passages, Tsathoggua shall come again from the black-litten caverns of N'kai within the earth [AWD Curwen 21; Lurker 84, 133].

The Indian wise man Misquamacus said that Ossadagowah was a child of Sadogowah (Tsathoggua) [AWD Lurker 15, 139].

Modern Scholars and Encounters

After wreaking vengeance on a rival, Daniel Morris wrote "Praise the Lord Tsathoggua!" [HPL Man 211]. Morris may have learned of Tsathoggua from the Book of Eibon [207, 208].

Rogers' Museum had a figure of black, formless Tsathoggua [HPL Museum 216]. Stephen Jones imagined the figure of Tsathoggua elongating itself from a toad-like gargoyle to a long, sinuous line with hundreds of rudimentary feet [HPL Museum 230].

A letter from Henry Akeley mentioned Tsathoggua [HPL Whisperer 223].

Tony Alwyn read of Tsathoggua in the forbidden texts at Miskatonic University library [AWD Beyond2 165].

A dictaphone recording made at Rick's Lake, Wisconsin, recorded a voice neither human nor bestial, which uttered praise to many elder beings, including Tsathoggua [AWD Dweller 137].

The late Amos Tuttle's papers included references to Tsathoggua [AWD Hastur 12].

While pondering an invocation to the Warder of Knowledge in the Eltdown Shards, Gordon Whitney recalled references from other works to the unspeakable practices of the Tsathoggua cult [RFS Warder 159].

The late Elmer Harrod called the name of Tsathoggua as part of an invocation on a cassette tape [JVS Dead 34].

A tiny man told Dr. Wycherly that the Book reveals whence obscure and loathsome Tsathoqquah came, and why [HH Guardian 299].

Name Variants

Tsathoggua is also known as Sadogowah [AWD Lurker 139], Sodagui [CAS Holiness 119-120, 123; AWD Lurker 139], Tsadogwa [HPL Winged 247], Tsathoqquah [HH Guardian 299], and Zhothaqquah [AWD Lurker 139].


See: Tsathoggua.


Language of Hyperborea. HPL Gates 452.

AWD Curwen 19; Lurker 134.


HPL Test 19, 54.

Tulane University

HPL Call 141.

Tulu, Great

A name for Cthulhu, used by his followers among the Old Ones of K'n-yan. See: Cthulhu.


HPL Mound 135-136, 148-149, 151, 154, (156), 161.

Tunneler Below, The

By Georg Reuter Fischer. FL Terror2 published by Ptolemy Press 267, 286-287, 290.


Australian miner. HPL Time 410.

Turba Philosophorum

Or, "Gathering of the Philosophers." An early and influential Latin alchemical text, dating possibly to the 12th century. In a series of twenty-five dictums, the work discusses the nature of the elements and methods of combining and transforming them. The online text is available at www.sacred-texts.com.

Joseph Curwen had a copy in his collection [HPL Case 121]. Given his interest in reanimating the dead, Curwen might have been intrigued by lines such as "assuredly, if I understand this regimen, bodies become not bodies, and incorporeal things become bodies..." Although in context, the "bodies" apparently are elements such as copper and mercury, rather than corpses.

Turkey and Turks

REH Black 59, 61, 64, 71-73.

Turkish Wars

By Larson. REH Black 59.


REH Fire 31-32, 34.

Turkoff, Prof

Of Beloin University. RFS Warder 153, 166.

Turk's Head

Providence. Inn or tavern? HPL Case 136.


See: Madame Tussaud's.


REH Roof 3-11.

Tut-Ankh-Ahmen affair

RB Opener 162.

Tuttle, Amos

AWD Hastur 1-6, 8, (9), 10-17, 23-26, 29-30, 33.

Tuttle, Paul

AWD Hastur 1-9, (10), 11-12, (13), 14-16, 18-33.

Tuttle house

House on Aylesbury Pike. AWD Dweller 137; Hastur 8, 22-23, 30-32; AWD Sandwin 105.


Dunwich family. AWD Lurker 99-100.

Tyndal, Jebediah

New Dunwich. AWD Lurker 50, 52, 100.


Of K'naa. HPL Aeons High Priest of Shub-Niggurath, guardian of copper temple 273, creates true scroll for protection against Ghatanothoa 273-274, loses scroll to Imash-Mo 274 & 276, marches up Yaddith-Gho on Day of the Sky-Flames 275, never seen again 275 & 286, devotees speculate on what he saw 277, names like T'yog mentioned in reports of cult activity 278, his mummy discovered on temporary Pacific island 266, crouching posture and stony texture 267, attracts attention of reporter Stuart Reynolds 269, fame leaks beyond Boston 270, chief topic of (1931 & 1932) 271, cultists plan to free T'yog with true scroll 278, cultists make obeisances to mummy 279, press identifies mummy with T'yog 280, preserved for 175,000 years 280, changing aspect 280-281, Peruvian says T'yog mummy tried to open eyes 281, minute opening of eyes 281-282, shifts of posture 283-284, image of Ghatanothoa left in eyes 284-286, withdrawn from public view 287, dissection reveals living, pulsing brain 287-288.

See also: true scroll; false scroll.

Typer, Alonzo Hasbrouch

Of Kingston, N.Y. HPL Diary (throughout) 303, 305-306.


Synonym for Satan [RB Hell 37].


AWD Survivor 163.

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