S., Bridget

Of Salem. HPL Case 150, 194.


Arabia. District. RFB Iram 113, 118.

Incl: Shaddad the Less.


A word commonly used in Medieval magical invocations, and derived from the Hebrew word TZ'VAOT, which means "Hosts" as in "The Lord of Hosts." This information was kindly supplied me by Eric Friedman, who goes on to state: "In the original Hebrew, it bears no relationship whatsoever to the word SABBATH (SHABAT), meaning 'rest'. It is only in transliteration into Roman characters that they appear related . . . As for the 'legend' of the 'elder' saboth, this is a real Jewish tradition concerning the fallen angels; how they corrupted the Earth, necessitating the Flood (Genesis; Ch. 6). They are called 'Nephilim' (the Fallen) and 'Anakim' (Giants), both words having been used by Robert E. Howard for the names of antediluvian races in his Conan stories. One interesting point: the Anakim were the 'spawn' engendered by intercourse between the Nephilim and human women! . . .As for the 'Elder Saboth', the oldest known source for the legend is the 'Book of Enoch'," which can be found online at http://www.stmartin.edu/~dsuter/indexb.htm.

HPL Case 162, quoted 170, 215-216, 233; Dunwich 184.

RB Grinning Legend of the Elder Saboth 54.

Sabbat, Sabbath

HPL Diary 311, 316-318, 320-321.

RB Notebook 244-245; Satan 15-18.

See also: Great Sabbath; Witches-Sabbat.

Sabin, Thomas

Of Providence. HPL Case 188.

Sabin's Tavern

Providence. HPL Case 134.


See: Sabaoth.

Sac Indian language

AWD Hastur 9.


New England town enroute Portland to Arkham. HPL Doorstep 290.

Sac Prairie

Wisconsin. AWD Lurker 137.


California. HPL Electric 69, 72; Test 23, 33, 44-45.

Sacred White Elephant of Jadhore

Of Jadhore, and later of the Stellar Brothers Circus. Believed to be an incarnation of Ganesha. RB Elephant 39-48, 50-55.

Aka: Ganesha.


AWD Curwen 10; Gorge Sachsahuaman 125, Sachcahuaman 132.


See: Tsathoggua.

Saducimus Triumphatus

By Joseph Glanville. HPL Festival 211.


HPL Medusa 171; Test 19.

AWD Gorge 108; Wind "stars are born in the Sahara," raved Allison Wentworth while remembering his year spent with Ithaqua.

Incl: El Nigro; Tuaregs.

St. Augustine (1)

Florida city. AWD Survivor 161.

Incl: Bishop, Henry.

St. Augustine (2)

Augustine, Bishop of Hippo. See: Augustine, St..

St. Clair Academy

HPL Medusa 170.

St. Eloi

A place in France. HPL Herbert 156, 162.

St. Eustatius

A port--Caribbean? HPL Case 122.

St. Germain, Count

RB Sorceror 155.

St. John

HPL Hound 171-175, 177.

St. John's church

Providence. HPL Case 114, formerly King's 160.

St. John's Eve

Of dreamlands.HPL Other Barzai told Atal where the black cats go at midnight on St. John's Eve 128.

St. Lawrence river

AWD Dweller 127.

St. Louis

HPL Call 133; Herbert 151; Medusa 175, 180.

JVS Dead 31.

St. Mary's

Church in Philadelphia. HPL Case 138.

St. Mary's Hospital

Arkham. HPL Festival 216; Unnameable 207.

St. Paul's

Church, Philadelphia? HPL Case 138.

St. Peter's

Church, Philadelphia? HPL Case 138.

St. Stanislaus' Church

HPL WitchHouse 271, 298.

St. Toad's

HPL Fungi XXV.


Egypt. HPL Aeons specimens of earliest Sakkarah mummies at Cabot Museum 266.


Arabia/Middle East. AWD Keeper 148, 150, 153, 155-156, 169, 171.


Fire elementals, who are ruled over by djin, the prototype of all djinn [RB Hell 60].

RB Sorceror 155.


AWD Curwen 10, 15, 29; Gorge 122, 125, 127, 129, 134.


Massachusetts. HPL Case 116-117, 135, 138-139, 149-150, 152-153, 156, 159, 194-195, 198-199; Diary 306; Dunwich 157; Gates 422, 428; Includes the Pickman family (History 53); Kadath 340; Pickman 14-15, 25; Silver 414; WitchHouse Salem Gaol 263.

RB Notebook 232-233; Satan 7-9.

AWD Attic 308; Lamp 254; Peabody 194.

HK Hydra 135; Salem 250-251, 257-258, Salem Harbor 259, 263.


A., Jonathan; B., Deborah; Barnard, Rev. Thomas; Burroughs, Rev. George; C., Mehitable; Carson; Gedney, Judge; Hathorne, Judge; How, Amity; Hutchinson, Edward; Lawson, Hepzibah; Leigh, Michael; P., Susan; Polish immigrants; Prinn, Abigail; S., Bridget; Sarah (2); W., Deliverance

Burying Point; Charter Street Burying Ground; Charter Street; Court House; Court of Oyer and Terminer; Derby Street; Essex Institute; Immigrant Panic of 1853; Kester Library; Olde Bury'g Point?; Registry of Deeds; Williams-Lane; Witch Room


Massachusetts; now called Danvers. HPL Case 149.


England. AWD GodBox 120-123.

Saltonstall, Dudley

Trustee of Cabot Museum, Boston. Present at dissection of T'yog mummy. HPL Aeons 287.

Saltonstall, Mr

Of Arkham; a lawyer. AWD Attic 310, 315, 318.

Saltonstall St

Arkham residence of Albert Wilmarth and Daniel Upton. HPL Doorstep 278; Whisperer 216; WitchHouse 271.

FL Terror2 287, 295, 297.


AWD Sandwin 104.


HPL Mountains 6.


Synonym for Satan [RB Hell 37].


Ship. AWD Keeper 137, 171-173.

Incl: Robertson, Capt..


Al-Yaman, Arabia. RFB Iram 114.


In Yemen, home of Alhazred. HPL History 52.

San Antonio

A ship. HK Bells 84.


AWD Gable 210, (212), 213.

Sanderton and Harker, Book Importers

Of Fourth Avenue (store location). AWD Passing Eric Holm bought a copy of Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus from their Fourth Avenue store. Incl. Sanderton, Mr..

Sanderton, Mr

AWD Passing of Sanderton and Harker. Testified at Eric Holm's inquest that Holm had bought a copy of Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus.

San Diego

HPL Whisperer 218, 236.

FL Terror2 289, 297, 310.

Incl: Akeley, George Goodenough; Pleasant St.

Sandwin, Asa

Father of Eldon Sandwin; uncle of David. AWD Sandwin 88, (91-93), 95, (95), 96, (97), 98-107, 110-111, (112), 113.

Sandwin, David

Possible full name of David. See: David.

Sandwin, Eldon

Son of Asa Sandwin, first cousin of David. AWD Sandwin 88-90, (91-92), 93-105, 107-111, 113.


Synonym for Sandwin House. AWD Sandwin 88.

Sandwin House

AWD Sandwin 88-90, 94, 106, 108-114.

San Francisco

HPL Call 147; Electric 61, 69, 76, 78; History 182; Test 16, 20, 23-24, 27, 32, 44; Winged 253.

HK Bells 92; Salem 255.

Incl: Bannister place; California Historical Society; Goat Hill; Jackson St.; Market Street; Mexican quarter; Observer; Royal Hotel; Tlaxcala Mining Company.

Clarendon, Alfred; Clarendon, Georgina; Dick; James, Dr.; Leigh, Michael; Margarita; McComb, President.

San Jose

California. HPL Test 23.

San Juan

RB Terror 231.

San Marcos

A University located in Lima. AWD Lurker 81.

San Mateo Mountains

Mexico. HPL Electric 61.

San Pedro

California. RB Kiss 38-40, 43-44, 52.

HK Hydra 127, 135.

Incl: Dean, Graham; Dena; Godolfo, Morella; Hedwig, Doctor; Yamada, Dr. Makoto.

Buena Street.

San Quentin

HPL Test 16, 21, 23-25, 28, 32-33, 39.


Synonym for Sanskrit? AWD Lamp 250.


Ancient Indian language.

Aka: sanscript?


Of dreamlands. HPL Other written of with fright in Pnakotic Manuscripts 129, scaled Hatheg-Kla long ago and found only ice and rock 131.

Santa Barbara

California. HK Invaders 64, 68, 71.

Incl: Hayword, Mike.

Santa Maria

RB Terror 224-228.

Santa Monica Mountains

FL Terror2 289, 303.

Santa Rita

RB Terror 219-223, 226-227, 229, 240, 250.

Incl: Cut-Throat Cove; Lane, Howard; Martino, Alicia and Felipe; Rico's Bar; Robales, Jose; Valdez, Officer.

San Xavier

California city and mission founded by Junipero Serra. HK Bells 80-81, 85-88, 90-93.

Incl: Bernard, Father; Denton; Franciscans; Jose; Sarto; Todd, Arthur; Xavier Hotel.

Saracenic Rituals

By Ludvig Prinn; a chapter of De Vermis Mysteriis. See: De Vermis Mysteriis.


RB Faceless 41.

Sarah (1)

HPL Medusa a servant 174.

Sarah (2)

HK Salem a little girl 262.


Assyrian king; synonym for Asshurbanipal. REH Fire 92.

Sarey, Aunt

See: Whateley, Sarah.

Sargent, Joe

Innsmouth bus driver. HPL Innsmouth 305, 308, 313*, 341-342.

Sargent, Moses and Abigail

Servants of Asenath Derby (Innsmouth). HPL Doorstep 296, 300.

Sarkis, Plateau of

HPL Polaris 21.


City in Leng (Dreamworld). HPL Kadath 339, 344-345, 371, 374-376, 379-381, 384, 388, 390.


A city of Mnar. HPL Doom 43-49; Iranon 114; Nameless 100.

AWD Lurker 134.


Of San Antonio area. HK Bells 84-86.


Canada. AWD Beyond2 175.

Satan, Satanism

HPL Descendant 361; Medusa 188; Yig 90.

RB Hell 26, 33-38, 44-46, 48-49, 52, 59, 61, 64-71.

RB Satan 7, 15, 16, 19.

AWD Gorge 130; Ithaqua 112; Peabody 192; Sky 71; Valley 135.

REH Dig Synonym for Malik Tous 79, 86.

CAS Holiness Satanic and pre-Satanic facilities 120; Return 36, 39, 43; Ubbo 49.

Aka: Abaddon; Adversary, the; Ahriman; Asmodeus; Azriel; Beelzebub; Black Goat of the Sabbath; Devil, the; Elder Shepherd; Fallen Angel; Father of Lies; Goat of the Sabbath; Lord of the Sabbath; Lucifer; Malik Tawis; Master of the Great Black Lodge; Mephistopheles; Nodens; Prince of Darkness; Sammael; Sathanus; Set; Typhon; Yama; Zamiel.


Synonym for Satan.

AWD Island 179; Peabody 195; Seal 162.

REH Dig Synonym for Malik Tous 84.

Saturday Review

AWD Curwen 3.


AWD Lurker 60, 106; Whippoorwills 46.

CAS Door 22, 36.

CAS Seven 44.

Aka: Cykranosh.


HPL Whisperer 214.

AWD Keeper 150; Lurker 133.

FBL Hounds 86.

Saurian Age, The

By Banfort. AWD Survivor 160.


California. HPL Test 23.

Sawyer, Chauncey

HPL Dunwich 177-178, 190.

Sawyer, Earl

HPL Dunwich 160, 164-165, 168, 176, 191-192.

Sawyer, Sally

Of Dunwich. HPL Dunwich 177, 190.

AWD Lurker 101.

Sawyer, Harold

Of Dunwich. AWD Middle 368.

Sawyer, John

Of Dunwich. AWD Shuttered 279.

Sawyer, Lutey

Of Dunwich. AWD Shuttered 274.


HPL Rats 27, 29, 36, 42-43.

RB Brood Saxon gods 90.

Incl: Athelstane the Saxon.

Sayles, Mr

Of Providence. HPL Case 152.


A bottle. HPL Terrible 273.

scarlet circles

FBL Hounds 86.

Schacabao, Ibn

HPL Case 151; Festival 216.

Schafer, Dr

Doctor of glandular therapeutics. FBl Hills 264.

Schomvaal, battlefield of

Hungary. REH Black 59, 71.


Pysicist. AWD Curwen 7.

Scientific News, The

REH Roof 4.

Scipio, old

"Uncle Scip." A servant. HPL Medusa 174, 184, 186.

Scollard, George Francis

President of Manhattan Museum of Fine Arts. FBl Hills 261.


Arctic whaler, 1820. HPL Mountains 30.


HPL Case 163.

REH Black 61.

Scotland Yard

HPL Museum 239.

AWD Spawn 18.


HPL Mountains 5, 8, 42.

Scott, Kenneth

Baltimore artist and occultist. HK Hydra 126-130, 132-134, 136-141.

Scott County

Okalahoma? Arkansas? HPL Yig 88, 92.

Scott-Elliot, W

Author, Atlantis and Lost Lemuria. HPL Call 128.


RB Kiss 41, 49.

Scythic race

REH Black 63.


RB Kiss 49, 50, described (53).

Sea God: Ponape Origin

Wooden statue of Cthulhu in the collection of Jason Wecter. AWD Wood throughout, named 86.

Sea Goddess

Sculpture by Jeffrey Corey. AWD Clay 373-375, 380.

Seal of Elder Gods

AWD Keeper 170.

Seal of R'lyeh

AWD Seal Described (15?), 166, 168, 171, 176, (177), 178; Witches 303.


RB Kiss 48.

sea men

FL Terror2 scaly 281.

Sears, Ronnie

Possibly of Arkham. JVS Dead 33-34.

Sea Tombs

Poem by Georg Reuter Fischer [FL Terror2 289].


Egyptian god. RB Faceless 40; Fane 133-134; Mummy 284-286, 289-291, 293, 296, 298; Sebek (121), 124-128; Suicide 21.

Secaire, St.

See: Mass of St. Secaire.


Lioness-head Egyptian Goddess. See: Star of Sechmet.

Second Station

Providence police. HPL Case 169, 177, 229.

Secret One

RB Faceless 39.

Secret Place

Egypt. RB Fane 132.

Secret Watcher, The

By Halpin Chalmers. FBL Hounds 87.

Secret Worlds

HK Hunt through which Iod hunted souls; hinted by Prinn to be other dimensions of space 169.

Seekonk River

Rhode Island. HPL Messenger 57.

AWD Brotherhood 328, 329, 336, 343-344, 348, 350; Lamp 249, 256.


Incl: Sefton Asylum.

Sefton Asylum

Arkham area? located at Sefton. HPL Herbert 139, 143, 145, 159, 161, 163.


A place. HPL Kadath 264.


London. AWD Spawn 20, 22, 32-33.

Seminole Indians

HC Death 362, 365, 370.


HPL Aeons Ghatanothoa cult penetrated to forgotten Semitic empires of Africa 276.

REH Untitled 38.

Semitic peoples

REH Fire 32.

Senarbin Deep

In the Caribbean, off the coast of Haiti. CJ Acquarium 303.


AWD Island 182.

Sentinel Hill

Dunwich area. HPL Dunwich 159-161, 164, 168, 181, 187, 190, 192, 194.

AWD Shuttered 258, 266; Watchers (page ref lost).

Sentinel Stone

Near Dunwich. AWD Shuttered 266.

Sepik River

New Guinea. AWD Island 185; Gorge 100, 101.


City in the clouds. HPL Celephais 86-87, 89; Kadath 352*, 357.

Sereke, Satsume

Of the Yokahama. AWD Island 202, (203), 204-205, 207.

Serpent Cult of Obeah

Haitian cult that worships the Snake-God. RB Serpents 259.

See also: Serpent's Curse

serpent, feathered

See: feathered serpent; Terrible Nameless One.

Serpent-men (1)

Of Valusia. HPL Diary serpent-men of Valusia 318; Haunter 106; Time 395.

Compare with: Serpent-People.

serpent-men (2)

Of the world's first continent. CAS Ubbo 54.

Serpent, old

Synonym for Malik Tous. REH Dig 79.


Beneath Voormithadreth, Hyperborea. CAS Seven 58, 59*, 65.

Compare with: serpent-men (2).


See: snakes.

Serpent's Curse

The most terrible curse of all. With her dying breath, a priestess of the Serpent Cult of Obeah laid this curse on her son, the president of Haiti. [RB Serpents 265-266]

Serpent Yig

See: Yig.

Serra, Junipero

HK Bells 80, 84.


Egyptian god. RB Brood 95; Faceless 40; Fane 133; Hell synonym for Satan; Mummy 284; Opener 158, 160, 163; Sebek 117, 125.


Of Dunwich. AWD Lurker 32-33, 40, 101.

Seth Bishop, His Book

By Seth Bishop. AWD Valley 124, (145).

Settler, Major Horace Wingate

Of Maine. Uncle of Dave Fenner, neighbor of Thad Wing. Owner of land where Settler's Wall was located. Investigated it with no success. RAL Settlers 24-25, 27-36.

Settler's Wall

Alien entity or artifact resembling a wall. Located on Settler family property near road to Skowhegan, Maine. First noticed circa 1840. An example of non-Euclidean geometry, the wall has only one side- crossing it always returns you to where you started from. Investigated unsuccessfully by Clyde Cantrell, Will Richards, Thad Wing, Major Settler, Dave Fenner, and Jim Garlan. Quote from Necronomicon suggests it is an entity with a passive alliance to the elder ones. Disappeared during hurricane of 1938. RAL Settlers 17-36.

Seven Caves of Chicomoztoc

HPL Electric 68.

Seven Circles

HK Jest 61.

Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan

In Ulthar, the priest Barzai was deeply learned in the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan [HPL Other 128]. Three centuries later, Randolph Carter visited the patriarch Atal in Ulthar and consulted the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan . Carter was disappointed by the meager information he found there to aid his search for Kadath. [HPL Kadath 312]

AWD Gable 206; Lurker 134; Space 234.

seven lamps, the

Part of a preparation for astral projection. HK Hydra 128.

Seven Lost Signs of Terror

HPL Diary 320.

Seven Stewards of Heaven

Beings invoked in White Magic [RB Hell 60].

Includes: Arathron; Bethor; Hazith; Och; Ophiel; Phaleg; Phul.

Seven Suns

World of Nyarlathotep. HPL Whisperer 226.

AWD Dweller 137.

Seventh Book of Moses

AWD Valley 124; Wentworth 173-174.

Seventh Louisiana Infantry, C.S.A

HPL Medusa 169.

Sewell Street

Arkham. RB Creeper 104.

Incl: Tarleton.


Of the Old Ones. HPL Time 417.


HPL Mountains 5, 8, 42.

Shaddad the Less

Of Arabia; son of Shaddad bin Ad. RFB Iram 118.


Of Arabia; son of Ad the Greater and brother of Shaddad bin Ad. RFB Iram 115.

Shadow Kingdom, The

An esoteric book. REH House 125.

Shadow Over Innsmouth, The

By H.P. Lovecraft. AWD Beyond2 160; Gorge 110.

FL Terror2 296, 299; narrator 299, 302, 310.


By Robert Blake. A story. HPL Haunter 97; a planet? 114.


See: Rlim Shaikorth.


Built by Lemurians. HPL Diary 313.

shambler from the stars

RB Shambler 185-186.


Of Ulthar, a blacksmith. HPL Cats accompanies Kranon to the cotter's house 58.

Shan-si, province

In Burma. AWD Lair 117.


Of the dream-world. The shantak-birds are winged beings that guard Kadath [HPL Kadath 388, 391].

Beings of Rumor and Legend

The onyx-miners of Inganok it was believe that the shantak-birds are no wholesome things, and that it is fortunate that no man has ever truly seen one [363].

Shantak-birds are rumored to frequent a great unused onyx quarry, north of Inganok and close to the cold waste [358]. Flapping sounds at another such quarry reminded Randolph Carter uncomfortably of the rumored shantak-birds [365]. A slant-eyed merchant brought eggs of the rumored shantak-birds to Inganok to trade [361].

The father of all the shanktak birds is rumored to dwell in the great central dome of the palace of the Veiled King at Inganok, where it is fed in the dark [363].

The Awful Truth

The shantak-birds are larger than elephants and have heads like a horse's [367]. To their wings cling the rime (ice) and nitre of nether pits [368]. The shantak-birds have slippery scales instead of feathers [368].

The shantak-birds both understand speech, and can speak themselves. Thus, one shantak-bird understood the guttural speech of the slant-eyed merchant, and replied to him in tittering tones like the scratching of ground glass [370]. Sometimes the shantak-birds wheeze and titter with impatience [403], or leer and titter at their victims [404].

The shantak-birds build nests on the ledges half-way up the peaks dividing Leng from Inganok [371-372].

The shantaks fear the night-gaunts that frequent certain caves near the topmost pinnacles [372, 388, 391].

Foes of Randolph Carter

In the cold waste, near the carven mountains, Randolph Carter saw the shantak-birds [367-368]. After being taken prisoner, Carter rode one the shantak-birds through the air [368-369]. They took him to the monastery of the high-priest not to be described [370]. Later, Carter feared passing over Leng and past the monastery again, partly because of the risk of encountering the shantak-birds once more [375].

Carter asked for night-gaunts to bear him past the realm of the shantaks [388-389].

Nyarlathotep offerred Carter a shantak-bird to bear him to his fabulous sunset city. On arriving there, Carter was to prod the shantak-bird until it cried out, for its sound would make the Great Ones homesick. The shantak-bird was supposed to remind the Great Ones of Kadath and tell them that its halls are lonely [402]. Then the shantak-bird was to utter its homing cry and fly back to Kadath, inspiring the Great Ones to follow behind [403]. But the shantak-bird actually set course for Azathoth and infinity's center [404].

AWD Lurker 84.


AWD Gable 207-209; Keeper 141; Seal 161; Space minions of Ancient Ones 241; Survivor 162; Whippoorwills 47.


HPL Gates 432-436.


AWD Depths (narrator) (225-252), 232, 236-237, 244, 247-249.


The new elephant keeper at Stellar Brothers Circus [RB Elephant 46].


Last of the despots of the tribe of Ad, Arabia. Son of Ad the Greater; father of Shaddad the Less. AWD Lamp 249.

Aka: Ad, Shaddad bin.

Sheeley, Bert

Providence policeman. RB Steeple 219.

Sheffield, James

DWR Music translated (with modifications) the Chronicle of Nath 294, may have deleted sections of the text 295.

Shepley Library

Providence. HPL Case 112, 124.


Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition. HPL Mountains 14, 23, 27, 32-34, 39.


From Aylesbury. AWD Whippoorwills 58-59, 61, 67.

Shields, Charles A

Of Buffalo; father of Oscar Shields. HPL Diary 304.

Shields, Oscar S

Of Buffalo; son of Charles Shields. HPL Diary 304.

Shining Pursuer

HK Hunt mentioned in De Vermis Mysteriis 169.

Synonym for: Iod.

Shining Trapezohedron

Free Will Church. HPL Haunter 103, 105-107, 114-115.

RB Steeple crystal (213), polyhedron (214), stone (215), 217, 221, 225-229.

AWD Middle 359.

FL Terror2 300, 311.


REH Dig 73-74.

Shippen, Dr

Of Philadelphia. HPL Case 139.

Ship Street

Kingsport. HPL Mist 279; Terrible 273-274.


A place in or near Persia. REH Fire 31-32.


A being housed in the God-Box found near Stonehenge, and guarded by an ancient Druid priest. When let out of its box, it looked like a pillar of smoke with malignant eyes and a ghastly travesty of a face. [AWD GodBox 120-121, (122-123).]


Intelligent, protoplasmic masses that were created by the crinoid Old Ones to serve as their slaves. These beings could mould their tissues into all sorts of temporary organs under hypnotic influence, to perform a variety of heavy work. Their expansions could be made to lift prodigious weights, including the stones that formed the vast cities of the Old Ones. [HPL Mountains 62] The shoggoths were the primary beast of burden for the Old Ones in their underwater cities, though other creatures were used on land. [65]

The Things that Should Not Be

The shoggoths are composed of a viscous black, iridescent jelly, like an agglutination of bubbles. They average about fifteen feet in diameter when a sphere. However, their shape and volume constantly shift, as they form temporary organs, including those of sight, hearing, and speech. Shoggoths reproduce by fission. The shoggoth that Dyer and Danforth saw was faintly self-luminous, with myriads of glowing green eyes forming and unforming as it moved. [66, 101]

Shoggoths have an apalling odour that is different from, and worse than, the smell of the Old Ones [93-95, 99].

Rebel Scum

While working as slaves of the Old Ones , the shoggoths gradually developed a semi-stable brain and an occasionally stubborn volition. The shoggoths became particularly intractable around the middle of the Permian age. Then the Old Ones fought a war of resubjugation, and were able to subdue the shoggoths through the use of weapons of molecular disturbance. Though the shoggoths showed an ability to live out of the water during the rebellion, the Old Ones returned them to living only underwater, since they were considered more difficult to manage on land. [67-68]

During the rebellion, when the shoggoths killed Old Ones, they would tear off the heads and leave the dead bodies coated with glistening, reflectively iridescent black slime [67, 94-95]

In their final, decadent phase, the Old Ones used shoggoths to build their new city in the underground sea beneath Antarctica. By this stage, the shoggoths grew to enormous size and singular intelligence, and could take and execute orders with marvelous quickness. They conversed with the Old Ones by mimicking their voices: a sort of musical piping over a wide range. They came to work more from spoken commands than hypnotic suggestions as in earlier times. [75]  

Dyer and Danforth encountered a shoggoth that made the sound "Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li! " in musical piping tones [97, 98, 100, 101, 106]. The two scientists inferred that this sound was the imitated voice of the shoggoths' bygone masters, the Old Ones [101]. Danforth hinted that Poe had secret sources when he wrote of the call "Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li! " in his novel Arthur Gordon Pym. [97]

Eventually the shoggoths could even mimic the Old Ones' writing with dots of slime [95, 96].

The Shoggoths Triumph

After the Antarctic became colder, the Old Ones adapted some of the shoggoths to land life, to perform needed work in their Antarctic land city. [76]

It is likely that the shoggoths finally killed all the Old Ones in the subterranean water city [96]. At any rate, shoggoths now frequent the passages leading from the Antarctic land city down to the underwater city. The shoggoths have replaced some of the Old One's bas-reliefs with carvings of their own, which are decorative and conventional in nature, composed of a series of crude spirals and angles [92].

Those Old Ones who were accidentally wakened by the Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition, were later slain by shoggoths when the Old Ones attempted to make their way to the city in the underground sea. [93-96]

Shoggoths Abroad

Abdul Alhazred was apparently ignorant of the history of the shoggoths on this planet, Though Alhazred wrote of shoggoths in the Necronomicon , he did not hint that they ever existed on earth, except in the dreams of those who had chewed a certain alkaloidal herb. [62, 95]

The shoggoths have survived to modern times in other locations, aside from Antarctica. Thus, Zadok Allen hinted that the Deep Ones had brought, or were planning to bring, shoggoths to Innsmouth. If already present, the shoggoths are apparently in the houses north of the river between Water and Main Streets. The Innsmouth narrator saw a shoggoth in his dreams of the Deep Ones, and woke up in a frenzy of screaming. [HPL Innsmouth 340, 367]. Based on these references, the shoggoths appear to be allied with the Deep Ones.

Edward Pickman Derby visited the pit of the shoggoths, while he was possessed by Asenath Waite, only to awake there in terror when his own consciousness returned to his body. The pit is located down the six thousand steps, somewhere near Chesuncook, Maine. Later, Derby raved about the pit of the shoggoths when he felt Waite struggling to take over his brain again. [HPL Doorstep 287, 296.] Note that Waite was originally from Innsmouth.

Beneath the dreamlands, shoggoths frequent a foul lake in nether pits that are visited by the night-gaunts. This is somewhere near the peaks of Throk in the Great Abyss. The shoggoths at that lake are said to be puffed and in doubtful sleep. [HPL Fungi XX]

When the Old Ones of K'n-yan explored the black abyss of N'kai, they found amorphous lumps of viscous black slime that took temporary shapes for various purposes. Though these beings were not referred to by name, their description certainly resembles shoggoths. These particular beings oozed along stone channels and worshipped onyx and basalt images of Tsathoggua. [HPL Mound 141]

RB Notebook 235, 238, 240, 245, 248-249.

AWD Curwen 22; Keeper 141; Lurker 84, 133; Sky 68; Whippoorwills 43.

FL Terror2 proto-shoggoths 272, shoggoth-stampeded Danforth 310.

RFS Warder 164.

Aka: Them Ones.


HPL Gates 444, 447.


Synonym for: Cthulhu.

Shrewsbury, (Prof.) Laban

Author, Investigation Into the Myth-Patterns of Latterday Primitives With Especial Reference to the R'lyeh Text, An and Cthulhu in the Necronomicon. AWD Island (177), 178, (179-181), 182-183, (184), 185-190, 195-198, 200-212; Curwen 4, appearance 5, 6, 8, (9, 10), 11-14, 16-19, (20-21), 22-24, 26, 28, 30, author C. in Necronomicon 30, 31, (32), 33-36), Aylesbury Street (not just Curwen Street!) 36, 37-42, on Celaeno 43, tortured on Celaeno 44, 45, 46; Gorge 107, vanished within 1 yr of publication of his book on myth-patterns 109, 110, 112, descr. (113), (114, 118-119), 124, 126, if transported in essence only, why are his eyes missing? 127, 131-133; Keeper 138, (139-140), disquieting aspect (141), 142-143, (144), 145, bio 146, 147-154, (155), 156-157, has been to Nameless City by air 158, 159, was in the glass cases for a while 160, not as strong as Boyd 161, 162-164, 166-169, (170), mailing addresses in London and Singapore 171, (172), 173; Lurker 134, 138; Sky 57-60, 6769, 71-72, 74, 87, 93; Wood 84.

Shrewsfield, Earl of

HPL Rats 30.


Syllable on tomb of Obediah Carter; possib. reference to shub niggurath. JVS Dead 30.


A deity worshipped by an ecstatic fertility cult, and often revered together with other eldritch deities.

While traveling in K'n-yan, Zamacona encountered a shrine of Shub-Niggurath, the All-Mother and wife of the Not-to-Be-Named One. The Mound narrator compares Shub-Niggurath to a "sophisticated Astarte." Astarte was an ancient Semitic goddess; the comparison suggests a cult of fertility, which is consistent with the epithet "All-Mother." Zamacona, a pious Catholic, found the rites of Shub-Niggurath to be repulsive, most especially the emotional sounds uttered by the celebrants. [HPL Mound 144-145]

According to Von Junzt's Nameless Cults , Shub-Niggurath was worshipped in ancient Mu as the Mother Goddess and the Goat with a Thousand Young. A copper temple was dedicated to her. T'yog, the High Priest of Shub-Niggurath, regarded her as one of the gods friendly to humanity, and felt inspired by her to try to vanquish the malignant cult of Ghatanathoa [HPL Aeons 273]. Shub-Niggurath also counted on the help of Shub-Niggurath's sons; these might perhaps be the deities Nug and Yeb, whom T'yog also regarded as friendly to man [273-274].

During a May-Eve ritual recorded outside a Vermont cave, a human and an Outer One voiced praises to several deities, including Cthulhu, Tsathoggua, Nyarlathotep, and Shub-Niggurath. The fragmentary text includes references to Shub-Niggurath as the Black Goat of the Woods and the Goat with a Thousand Young. There are also references to the Lord of the Woods; the reference to Woods might imply that the Lord of the Woods is a male aspect or paramour of Shub-Niggurath [Whisperer 226-227].

On Walpurgis-Eve, Alonzo Typer saw worshippers within a cromlech chanting "Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Goat with a Thousand Young!" [Diary 321].

Devotees of arcane cults tend to call out to Shub-Niggurath whenever they get excited. There is a startling lack of continuity to these interjections, which often pop up in conversations or writings that otherwise seem unrelated to Shub-Niggurath. It is almost as if the phrase implies devotion and awe for all the elder deities, rather than merely Shub-Niggurath. Thus,

    • In the midst of a Necronomicon passage describing Yog-Sothoth and the Old Ones, Alhazred wrote "Iä! Shub-Niggurath!" [Dunwich 170].
    • In his diary, Daniel Morris wrote the exclamation "Iä! Shub-Niggurath!" [Man 209]. Morris had a copy of the Book of Eibon , so perhaps he had read of Shub-Niggurath in that book.
    • While mourning the death of Marceline Bedard, the Zulu witch-woman Sophonisba shouted the name of Shub-Niggurath [Medusa 189]. She also appealed to Cthulhu, which suggests that one can be devoted to both deities.
    • While speaking of Rhan-Tegoth, George Rogers blurted "Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Goat with a Thousand Young!"[Museum 225]. Later, when promising a sacrifice to Rhan-Tegoth, Rogers called out the same phrase [232].
    • Dr. Alfred Clarendon burst out "Iä! Shub-Niggurath!" while arguing with Surama [Test 47].
    • In one of his interdimensional dream travels, Walter Gilman heard or exclaimed the phrase "Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Goat with a Thousand Young!" [WitchHouse 293].

Even the victims of the eldritch cults sometimes blurt out the same invocation, as if expressing fear or awe, or perhaps unconsciously verbalizing things they had witnessed and could not forget:

    • While speaking of his trip to the pit of the shoggoths, Edward Pickman Derby exclaimed "Iä! Shub-Niggurath!" [Doorstep 287] Again when he felt that Asenath Waite trying to pull his soul from his body, he called the name and epithet of Shub-Niggurath [296].
    • Heaton exclaimed "Iä! Shub-Niggurath!" in his ravings after returning from K'n-yan [Mound 101].

RB Mannikin 79; Notebook 235.

AWD Island 180; Curwen 21, 31; Dweller 127, 132-133, 137; Gable 207-209; Gorge 122; Keeper 141, 150; Lamp 255; Lurker 59, 84, 124, 133; Middle 359; Seal 159, 162; Sky he? 59; Survivor 162; Valley 134; Whippoorwills 50; Witches 301.

FBL Awakening 112.

JVS Dead (30), 34.

Aka: All-Mother; Black Goat of the Woods; Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young; Goat with a Thousand Young; Lord of the Woods; Mother Goddess.

Compare with: Niguratl-Yig.


AWD Island 195.


Of Russia.AWD Wind wolf-infested Siberia mentioned by Allision Wentworth while raving of his year spent with Ithaqua.

Siddartha, Gautama

Dreamed of Hsieh Ho. FBL Hills 273.


Of H.M.S. Advocate. AWD Gorge 105.

Sidrak, Mt

(Dream.) HPL Iranon 111.

Sierra de Malinche

HPL Electric 63, 77.

Sign, the

Refers either to the sign of protection (presumably Elder Sign 2) or another sign used by cultists [AWD Lurker 32, 100-101]. Septimus Bishop was warned that the Sign can destroy wizards, so they cannot even re-embody themselves by feeding on human blood [AWD Middle 359].
Compare with: Elder Sign 2.

Sign of Kish

AWD Island 190; Keeper 163; Lurker 49.

Sign of Koth

See: Koth (1).

Sign of Shakespear's Head

HPL Case 128.

Sign of the Elephant

In Cheapside--part of Providence?? HPL Case 123.

Sign of the Goat

HPL Case 131.

Sign of the Golden Eagle

Across the bridge, Providence. HPL Case 123.

Sign of the Golden Lion

HPL Case 140-143.

Sign of the Unicorn and Mortar

Providence. HPL Case 118.

Silurian period

425-405 million years ago. HPL Mountains 18.

silken robe

RWC Repairer 33, white embroidered with Yellow Sign 44.

Silva, Manuel

HPL Terrible 272-274.


RB Hell 70.

Silver Key

HPL Gates 422-423, 426-430, 433, 435-436, 443-444, 447-450, 454; Silver 413-420.

AWD Dweller 138.

Sime, Sidney

Artist. HPL Call 138; Medusa 175; Museum 228; Pickman 13, 18.


Of H.M.S. Advocate. AWD Gorge 106.


RFS Casket careless slipshod servant of Wesson Clark 11, 15.


AWD Gorge 112.


On the southern slope. HPL Iranon 114.

Sindara, the

Title for the ruler of Bel Yarnak. HK Eater 12-15; Jest 63.


AWD Beyond2 176; Island 177, 186-187, 196, 205, 211; Gorge 98, 103-104; Keeper 171; Seal 158, 180.

RB Elephant 39, 43.

Includes: Gervis, George

Singapore Times

AWD Seal 179.


Author, Daemonialitas.

AWD Peabody 192-193.

HK Hydra 127.

Sinkiang province

China? AWD Gable 199.

Sioux indians

HPL Mound 116.


A star. AWD Lurker 106.


REH Fire 44.

Six Kingdoms

HPL Kadath 315.


An engraved stone. HK Hydra 127.

AM Novel 16-17.

Synonym for: black seal.


King of Bal-Sagoth. REH Gods 199, new king 203, tall (204), 205-210, 212-213, 215.

Skai, River

Of dreamlands.HPL Cats Ulthar lies beyond 54; Gates 427; Kadath 310-311, 313-315, 328, 334, 345-346, 380; Other Ulthar lies beyond 128; Silver 420; Mist 282.


Maine. RAL Settlers Will Richards and Clyde Cantrell stumble on Settler's Wall while driving to Skowhegan 18 & 23.

Skuyler, Humphrey

An eccentric artist. REH House 118-124.

Slade, John

AWD OutThere Constable of Lynwold. Found Geoffrey Malvern delirious and delivered him to Dr. William Currie. Informed Dr. Currie when Old Cramton was found dead in the cave under the priory.

Slater, Joe

An unintelligent vagabond, hunter and tapper in the Catskill Mountains who had exotic dreams of being an entity of light in a luminous realm. This light entity was periodically subject to a degrading bondange, such as his birth in the limiting body and mentality of Slater, but temporarily regained its freedom during Slater's dreams. The entity was consumed with the desire for revenge against a being called the "oppressor." Slater used to rave of these dreams after waking from them, and in his excitement after one dream, butchered Peter Slater and was confined to a state psychopathic institution. As Slater lay dying, the Sleepnarrator was able to commune with him telepathically via an electrical device. After Slater's death, the light entity flared up in the night sky as the new star Nova Persei, close to the daemon star Algol, the beacon of the oppressor [HPL Sleep 26-35].

Slater, Peter

A Catskills Mountains resident, who was slain when he tried to restrain the raving Joe Slater [HPL Sleep 27-28].

Slauenwite, (Dr.) Paul

Formerly of Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa. Father of Thomas Slauenwite. Died 1916. [HPL Winged 244]

Slauenwite, (Dr.) Thomas

Born Trenton, N.J. in 1885, son of Paul Slauenwite. Served in France in WWI in a South African regiment. Studied medicine at Columbia University and specialized in African fevers. While in Mombasa, was accused by his friend Henry Sargent Moore of having stolen a major theory from the late Sir Norman Sloane. [HPL Winged 244]

Moved to M'gonga, learning there of a fatal disease caused by the bite of the local "devil-fly," of which he obtained specimens [244-248]. Created a disguised variant of the species by crossing it with tsetse flies and painting the wings blue [248-250]. Posing as a London entomologist named Neville Wayland-Hall, sent specimens of the infected flies to Moore, claiming that they were harmless and asking for Moore's help identifying them. [251]

Received news of Moore's infection, illness, and eventual death [251-254]. Inferring that he was now suspected of murder, fled to Johannesburg and adopted the name Frederick Nasmyth Mason, a mining properties broker from Toronto [254].

Was harassed in Johannesburg, and later Bloemfontein, by a devil-fly whose behavior suggested that it carried Moore's soul, which was seeking revenge. Died of fright after being bitten by the fly. [254-262] Left a journal about his murder plot and his later downfall [243, 262].


REH Black 61, 63, 65.


Family. HPL Diary 312, 317, 320.

Sleght, Adriaen

HPL Diary 306, husband of Trintje 321.

Sleght, Trintje van der Heyl

HPL Diary 311, wife of Adriaen 321, daughter of Dirck van der Heyl 321.


Gangster visiting Arkham. RB Creeper 105.

Sloane, (Sir) Norman

Government physician, of Mombasa. After his death, his theory on the transmission and development of remittent fever was either rediscovered or stolen by Dr. Thomas Slauenwite. [HPL Winged 244]

Slocum, Charles

HPL Case 145, 208.

Smith, Clark Ashton

HPL Call 143; Medusa 175; Mountains 22; Museum 216; Pickman 18.

AWD Wood sculptor of Elder God 73, 74-75, 78.

Smith, Dr

Partridgeville area. FBL Eaters 96, (102), 103-104, (105).

Smith, Eleazar

Of Providence. HPL Case 130-134, 136, family 138, diary 139, 140-143, 147, 149, 213.

Smith, Japhet

AWD Gorge 114-117, 119-120, 131.

Smith, Lafayette

HPL Yig 89.


Manhattan Museum of Fine Arts employee who takes casts. FBL Hills 266.

Smithwich and Isaacs

24 Central Square, Partridgeville. FBL Hounds 85.

Smuggler's Point

REH Dwellers 115, 125, 127-128, 130.

Snake Den

A cave in Arkham. HPL Gates 423-424, 428-429, 437, 451.


Deity of the Serpent Cult of Obeah, in Haiti. RB Serpents 261.

Aka: Crawler of Midnight.

Compare with: Yig.


HPL Medusa 171, 189, 193-194, 196, 199-200; Mound 109, 115, 126; Museum Rhan-Tegoth's tentacles resemble snakes 224-225; Yig 80 & throughout.

RB Brood serpents growing from foreheads of priests of Bast 97; Sebek serpents 117 & 125.

FL Terror2 attracted by winged worms 283, 287, venomous 289, 291.

AM Novel Little People's voices harsh and hissing (20), smell like snakes (28), reversion to snake/reptile form (40-41); Shining Little Peoples' voices like hissing of snakes 201.

Snake Tomb

In Petra. HPL Mountains 48.


A coloured gas. HPL Kadath 356, 406.


A human dreamer. HPL Kadath 319.

snouted thing

JVS Snouted (25), 26-28.

Snow, Deacon ("Elder")

's church, Providence. HPL Case 123, 141.

Snow Thing

Synonym for Ithaqua. AWD Beyond2 165.


Synonym for Ithaqua. AWD Ithaqua 105, 116.

soapstones, five-pointed

Artifacts left by the lost Old Ones of Antartica. The Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition found soapstones, six inches across by one and a half inches thick, in the shape of five pointed stars. There was a smooth depression in the center. The tips were broken off and there were signs of other cleavage at the inward angles and in the center of the surface. With a magnifying glass, Carroll thought he could make out groups of tiny dots in regular patterns. The camp dogs seemed to hate these soapstones [HPL Mountains 19-20]. The Expedition later found more of the star-shaped soapstones, among the bodies of several Old Ones; these stones were smaller than the previous specimens, with no marks of breakage except at some of the points [20]. On returning to their wrecked camp, the Expedition found a pile including several of the greenish soapstone fragments with five-pointed rounding and faint patterns of grouped dots [32]. When the Old Ones buried six of their dead in snow graves, the grave mounds resembled the soapstones with five points and the groups of patterned dots [33, 39]. From records  in the Old One's city, the scientists inferred that the Old Ones used small, flat counters, five-pointed and inscribed, as money. The scientists theorized that the smaller of the various greenish soapstones found by their expedition were pieces of such currency [65]. After returning home, the Expedition leaders refrained from showing the more puzzling of the greenish soapstones [35].

The soapstones are reminiscent of both the magic signs mentioned by Zadok Allen, and the star-stones of ancient Mnar. Like the magic signs, the soapstones are attributed to "Old Ones"; however, whereas the magic signs are said to have a swastika marked on them, the soapstones are said to have patterns of small dots. One can imagine that a swastika could be formed as a pattern of small dots. However, we don't know the shape of the magic signs and whether they were five-pointed like the soapstones anyway.

Regarding the star-stones of ancient Mnar, they are definitely five-pointed like the soapstones, but are marked with the Elder Sign 2, which seems too complicated to be described as a "pattern of dots."  

FL Terror2 Antarctic soapstones 300.

See also: star-stones; magic sign.

Society for Psychical Research

HPL Diary 303.

Incl: Typer, Alonzo.


See: Tsathoggua.


London. AWD Keeper 138, 140, 147, 162.

Incl: Colum, Naylan.

Soldier's Field

Chicago. AWD Depths 238.


HPL Case Temple of 132; Diary 317.

Solomon, Jack

Of Texas. REH Lost 66, 68, 89.


REH Fire 47.


HPL Mound 115.

AWD Keeper 145.

Incl: Pilgore, Henry.

Somesville road

Near Wolf Lake. RFS Mists 26.

Something from Out There

AWD OutThere Follower of Cthulhu, trapped in a sunken kingdom by a star-stone on a stone casket under the priory near Malvern-by-the-Sea. Set free by Clithanus and reimprisoned by St. Augustine; later freed again by Geoffrey Malvern, who went insane. Described as a shocking, greenish hulk with three eyes, it moves by awkward rolling. Requires three human sacrifices to regain full strength. Leaves victims crushed and frozen. Killed Old Cramton and Herbert Green before being reimprisoned again by Dr. William Currie, Soames Hemery, and Duncan Vernon.

Sona-Nyl, land of fancy

HPL Kadath 317; White 39, 41.

Song of Yste

A book of occult lore. A family of adepts, named the Dirka, translated the Song of Yste into the three great languages of the dawn cultures, and later into Greek, Latin, Arabic, and Elizabethan English. Various passages in the Song of Yste speak of the adumbrali, a dangerous transdimensional species. Graf Norden and Harvey both studied the Song of Yste. [RAL Abyss 284-285, 288, 290-291].

The Song of Yste was mentioned in a book by the wizard Graag [RAL Graag 13]

Sophia, Aunt

Aunt of Adam Duncan. AWD Attic 308.

Sophonisba, Old

Zulu servant. HPL Medusa 174, 182, 189-191, 194, 200.

Sophy, Aunt

See: Sophonisba, Old.

Sorbonne, the

University in Paris. HPL Medusa 170.

AWD Shuttered 257.

Incl: Whateley, Abner.

Soul Chant of Sebek

RB Suicide 21.

Soul of Chaos, The

By Edgar Gordon. A book. RB Demon 65.

souls, immortal

HPL Medusa 187, life and death all one 194; Pyramids 234.

See also: astral body; reincarnation.


(United States). AWD Gorge 108.

South Africa

50,000 B.C. HPL Time 395.

Thomas Slauenwite briefly expected a high position in the South African Health Service [HPL Winged 244]. Later he planned to return to South African to escape likely prosecution on a murder charge [253].

Incl. Bloemfontein; Johannesburg; Pretoria; Transvaal.

South America

HPL Call 132; Mountains 10.

RB Notebook 236.

AWD Curwen 8, 28; Gable 199; Gorge 115.

Incl: Abancay; Andes; Andrada, Father; Andros, Prof. Vibarro; Buenos Aires; Chimu civilization?; Conquistadores; Cordillera de Vilcanota; Cuzco?; Devourer, the; Fernandez, Timoto?; Incas; Kon; Machu Pichu; Montez, Ysola; Ollantaytambo; Peru; Quichua-Ayars; Sacsahuaman; Salapunco; Trujillo; Viracocha.

South Carolina

HPL Gates 422.

South Dearborn Street

RB Shambler 180.

Southern California

FL Terror2 271, 282.

Incl: Los Angeles; San Diego; Santa Monica Mountains.

Southern Cross

Constellation. AWD Curwen 17; Gorge 105.

Southern Pacific depot

San Francisco. HPL Electric 62.

Southern Sea

HPL Kadath 312-313, 317, 331.


Britain. AWD Keeper 143-144, 146-147, 151.

South Kinnikinnic

RB Sorceror 154.

Incl: Voorden, Isaac.

South Londonderry

HPL Whisperer 224.

South Main

Providence. HPL Case 115, 179.

South Pacific

Of Pacific. HPL Dagon 14-19; Innsmouth 306, 309, 329, 337; Mountains 66; Museum 217; Time 407.

AWD Island 177-178, 183-184, 187, 194-196, 201, 211; Fisherman 290; Gorge 99-100, 108; Innsmouth 372-373, 378; Keeper 137, 140; Shuttered 261; Wood 73.

Incl: Walakea;

Easter Island; East India; Kanakas; Marquesas Islands; Otaheite; Polynesia; Polynesians; Ponape; R'lyeh.

See also: Pacific.

South Station

Boston. HPL Pickman 17.

South St

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 351-352, 354-355.

Southwark Street

London. HPL Museum 215, 227, 237-238.

South Water Street

Providence. HPL Case 115.

Southwick, Adoniram

Sacrificed. HPL Innsmouth 335.


HPL Mound 131.

space eaters

FBL Eaters (throughout).

Spain, Spaniards, Spanish

HPL Case 133; A printing of the Necronomicon was made in the Seventeenth century, probably in Spain (History 53); Mound 126, 136-139, 143-145, 147, Spanish wordsss 148, Spaniard 150, Spain 151, 153, 155, Spanish text 156, Spanish 163.

RB Kiss 40; Steeple Spanish translation of Necronomicon 224; Terror 223-225, 227-228, Spanish 232.

AWD Island 184; Gorge 115.

REH Gods 188; Roof 5.

Incl: Dena; Godolfo, Morella; Moors.

Alhambra, Granada.

Spanish Joe

A bottle. HPL Terrible 273.

spawn of Cthulhu

See: Cthulhu, spawn of.

Spawn of Dagon

HK Spawn2 described (78), children of Dagon 79, history 79, 80-82.

Compare with: Deep Ones.

Spawn of the Maelstrom

AWD Spawn 18-34.

Spawn of Yekub

Worm-like beings, giant centipedes. HPL Challenge 8-9, 12-14.

Spence, Louis

HPL Aeons speculations concerning lost continents and civilisations 269.

Spencer, Dr

Quebec University. AWD Wind affirmed that the gold plaque found in the pockets of the dead Robert Norris must have come from some place ancient.


HPL Cats cousin to the cats 55; Pyramids Temple of 222-223 & 232 & 242, had frightening visage before Khephren replaced it with his own face 222, 223, 225, 227-228, 231, 233, 235-236, 238.

RB Mummy 284.


RB Faceless 40.

Spirito Santo Church

Federal Hill, Providence. HPL Haunter 111.

RB Steeple 215, 218.

Incl: Merluzzo, Father.


HPL Time 373.


Washington. DWR Music Rameau found Chronicle of Nath in Spokane bookshop 294.

Incl: Baldwyn, Frank?; Rambeau?


Of Yokahama.

Sprague, Ephraim, Doctor

AWD Hastur 1, 4-5.


Massachusetts. HPL Dunwich 158.

AWD Watchers 382, 383, 384, 392, near Dunwich 394, 399, 400.

Incl: Boyle, Ambrose; Paul, Clifford; Springfield Republican.

Springfield Republican

Springfield. AWD Watchers 401.

Spring Glen road

Dunwich. AWD Lurker 32-33.

Square of Pillars

Great Race. HPL Time 414.


Medeival science writer. HPL Case 121.

Stairs in the Crypt, The

A story by Robert Blake. HPL Haunter 94.

Stalker among the Stars

Synonym for Nyarlathotep. RB Faceless 40.

JVS Dead 34.

Stamford-Norwalk area

Connecticut. RAL Settlers 17.

Incl: Cantrell, Clyde; Richards, Will; Advertiser; Darien.


Author, Fuga Satanae. AWD Attic 320; Peabody 193.

Stampers' Hill

Providence. HPL Case 111, 115, 117, 153.

star designs

AWD Gorge 100; Lair 131.

Stark, Abel

Of Dunwich area. AWD Wentworth 172.

Stark, Amos

Of area north of Dunwich. AWD Wentworth 170-172, (173), 174-178.

Stark brothers

Of Texas. REH Lost 70, (84-85).

Stark, Dewey

Of Dunwich area. AWD Wentworth 172.

Stark, Ella

AWD Wentworth 172.

Stark, John

REH Hoofed 145-146, (147), 150, 153-159, (160), 161, (162-164), 165, 167-168.

Stark, Molly

Of Dunwich area. AWD Wentworth 172.

Starkweather-Moore Expedition

HPL Mountains 5, 19, 35, 39, 105.

Star of Sechmet

RB Sorceror 155-156, 161, (162).

Starry Wisdom

AWD Middle 258.

Starry Wisdom sect

Free Will Church, Federal Hill, Providence. HPL Haunter 93, 103.

RB Steeple 213-214, 217, 225, 229.

Incl: Bowen, Prof. Enoch.

star, six-pointed

Part of a "pentagram." HK Hunt 163.

stars and constellations

See: celestial objects.

Stars, Isle of the

AWD Lair 124, 133.


Starfish-shaped stones engraved with the Elder Sign. AWD Island 196, described 197, 207; Curwen makes Indian less suspicious?! (18), 22, 37, 38, covered with hieroglyphs 40, 44; Gable 209; Gorge 101, (127); Depths (240), description (247), (248-251); Keeper 144, 150, 153, 163; Lurker 133, 143; Middle (361); OutThere One with a Latin inscription by St. Augustine served to imprison Something from Out There under the priory near Malvern-by-the-Sea. Radiated a feeling of benevolence to Dr. William Currie; Sandwin (114); Sky (52, 68, 86, 89), 93; Space 242; Spawn (29-30), description *31, 32, 34; Witches, bear Seal of R'lyeh (303), 305.

Aka: five-pointed stones.

Compare with: magic sign; soapstones.

Star-Treader, The

AWD Seal 160.


Synonym for the Elder Gods, or perhaps their agents. AWD Lair 131, 134.

State Historical Society

Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 119.

State House

Providence. HPL Case 112-113, 159.

State Street, Innsmouth

HPL Innsmouth 341.

State Street, Newburyport

HPL Innsmouth 312-314.


Explorer who died searching for Chaugnar's statue. FBL Hills 242.


Playwright of Conscious Lover. HPL Case 188.

Steenwyck's store

(Mountain Top). HPL Man 210.

Stellar Brothers Circus

RB Elephant (38), 39, (40-55).

Incl: Blade, Captain; Chaugnar Faugn; Corbot; Dence, Captain; Dolen, Jim; Leela; Old Man; Rizzio; Sacred White Elephant of Jadhore; Shaw; Victoire; Zaroff, Captain;


A city. HPL Iranon 114.


HPL Yig 81.


Manitoba, a town. AWD Wind Connected to Nelson by Olassie trail. Inhabitants all worhsipped Ithaqua and offered human sacrifices. Later they angered Ithaqua by working against him. They then planned to sacrifice Irene Masitte, but after her escape, Ithaqua swept all the inhabitants of the town into the sky.

Stone circles

HPL Dunwich 156, 158, 198; Whisperer 210, 221.


England. HPL Case 205; Descendant 360; Rats 29.

AWD GodBox 120-121; Watchers, ref. 386.

REH People 154.

Stone of the Philosophers

HK Jest 60.

Synonym for: Philosopher's Stone.

Stowacki, Pete

HPL WitchHouse 288-289.


London. HPL Museum 227, 237.

Strang, Michael

REH Hoofed narrator 147, 149, 157, 160-161, 163-165.


Descendant of Jeremy Strange. RB Tomb (narrator).

Strange, Jeremy

RB Tomb 12-13, 15-16.

Strange High House in the Mist

HPL Innsmouth 316.

AWD Lamp 254.


RWC Mask 46.

Street of Pillars

Celephais. HPL Celephais 86; Kadath 353, 356.


Hungary. A town. REH Black 58, 61-63, 65, 71-72.


Changed to Shonhi in corrected Arkham edition.

Stuart, Gilbert

Painter. HPL Case 127, 163.

Stugatche, Doctor

RB Faceless 35-40, 42-48.

See also: Carnoti, Dr..


REH Ring 62; Untitled 38.


REH Untitled 38.


REH Untitled 38.

Subway Accident

By Pickman. A painting. HPL Pickman 20.


AWD Keeper 171.


England. REH Dig 80.

Sufyan, Abu

Caliph in Al-Hijaz, Arabia. RFB Iram 114.

Sugar Act

HPL Case 129.


In the Catskills. HPL Man 209.

Suleiman the Magnificent

REH Black 59-60, 68.


Night watchman. AWD Spawn 23-26, 32.

Sully, Mrs.

Of Maine. Cooked a fine Maine breakfast at Thad Wing's place. RAL Settlers 28.

Sumatra Queen, Sumatry Queen

Barque, out of Innsmouth, owned by Obed Marsh. HPL Innsmouth 329, 333.

AWD Clay 378; Shuttered 271.


HPL Challenge 2.

Sumner's Pond

In or near Arkham. (Story ref lost.) p. 136.


AWD Island 181; Whippoorwills 46.

Sung, Plateau of

AWD Lair 117-118, 120-123, 126, 131-133, 135-136; Sandwin possible ref (98).

Superior, Lake

AWD Dweller 127.

AWD Beyond2 154.

Supply, U.S.S

AWD Lurker 137.


HPL Test 19-20, 25-32, 35-46, 50-51, 53, 55-59.


HPL Case 162.


England. HPL Celephais 88.

AWD Watchers 382.

Incl: Walters, Charles; Walters, Nicholas.


HPL Challenge 7.

REH Roof 7.

Sussex Fragments

See: Sussex Manuscript.

Sussex Manuscript

A unique manuscript which purports to be a translation of the Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred. The work is leather-bound, and written in hand-produced blackletter with illuminations. The manuscript is in English, but written in the style of several centuries ago. The opening page is headed Cultus Maleficarum in Libri quattuor, which would appear to mean something like Cults of Evil Sorcerors in Four Books. Its origin is given as "Sussex - mdxcviii," — that is, Sussex, 1598. And it is said to be "ex hyms Baronis Fredericus Primus," which would seem to mean that it was transcribed or owned or commissioned by a Baron Frederic the First. The work is far too short to be the complete Necronomicon, which in any case is divided into more than four books. It is possibly a collection of extracts from the unpublished translation by John Dee (1527-1608).

Transcriptions of the Sussex Manuscript have been published in the books The Necronomicon: Selected Stories and Essays..., ed. Robert M. Price, and in A Guide to the Cthulhu Cult, by Fred L. Pelton.

Asaph Gilman's papers included baffling passages from the Sussex Manuscript. [AWD Gorge 109] Prof. Vibberto Andros loaned a transcript of the Sussex Manuscript to Claiborne Boyd [126].

Sylvan Phillips' papers included references to the Sussex Fragments. Marius Phillips found a copy of the Sussex Fragments that had been hidden by Sylvan. [AWD Seal 159-160]


Hyperborea. CAS Tale 3, juice used as ink 13.

Swan Lake, The

By Tchaikovsky. RB Sebek 122.

Swan Point Cemetary

Providence. HPL Case 160.


See: magic sign.


Incl: Gothenburg.

Sword People

REH Children 155-156, 159, 162-163.


See: white sybil.


HPL Call 148.

Sydney Bulletin

HPL Call 145.

Sydney Cove

HPL Call 148.

Sydney University

HPL Call 146.


Air elementals, who are ruled over by Paralda [RB Hell 61].

RB Sorceror 155.


REH Fire 39.

RB Shambler 180.


Old science writer. HPL Case 121.

symbol, peculiar

HPL Museum 217, 220, 222.


Left his nose in Fen Chow Fu. FBL Hills 241.

Symphony Number 3

By Harris. AWD Wood 76, 79.


HK Salem Syrian sorcerors & Nyogtha 261.

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