Of Dunwich. Synonym for Whateley, Ralsa. AWD Shuttered 278-279, 288.


RB Fane 133; Opener 163.

Aka: Re; Re-Harakhte.

Rackham, Dr

Miskatonic University. AWD Beyond2 176.


Painter. HPL Case 163.


HK Hunt the cradle of Buddhism 169.


Town in Transylvania. HPL Case 164, 196, 203, 223.


Of Spokane? DWR Music 293 (narrator), 297, 299.

Randall, Captain

H.M.S. Advocate. AWD Gorge 104-105, 107.

Randle Place

Boston. AWD Lurker 143.


Author, De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulus. RB Mannikin 75.


A boat. HPL Innsmouth 329.


AWD Gorge 112.


Easter Island. AWD Island 186; Gorge 100.

Rapa Nui

FL Terror2 286.

Synonym for: Easter Island.

Rapelye place

HPL Man 211.


Night-flying archaeopteryx, familiar of Ezdagor, on Mt. Voormithadreth in Hyperborea. CAS Seven (48-49), 50-59, 61-63, 65-66.


HC Isle 147, 161-162.


RB Sorceror 155, 161.

Rathbourne, Helen

FBL Awakening 101-114.

Rathbourne, John

FBL Awakening 101-114.

Rathbourne, Susan

FBL Awakening 101-114.


HPL Rats 31, 33-38, 40, 42-45.

RB Grinning 57.

HK Salem 250-252, 255, 258.


HPL Pyramids 221.

Aka: Ra; Re-Harakhte.


HPL Pyramids the Horizon-Sun, ancient god of Heliopolis 220, image on breast of Sphinx 223.

Aka: Ra; Re.


A maid of Avis Long. RB Unspeakable 169, 171.

Red Bridge

Providence. AWD Brotherhood 328.

Red Magic

The highest esoteric art that was never written or told [RB Hell 60].

Red men of the isles

REH Gods 216-217, 228-230, 232.

Red Sea

RB Faceless 36.

AWD Keeper 171-172; Sky 66.

Regan, Patrick

Of Providence. HPL Haunter 103.

Regent's Park

London. HPL Museum 237.

Regent Street

London. HPL Museum 237.

Regetti, Joe

Gangster, visitor to Arkham. RB Creeper 103-110, 112.

Registry of Deeds

Salem. HPL Case 151.

Regnum Congo

By Pigafetta. HPL Picture 121.


A place in New England? HPL Case 118.

Reid, Dr

HPL Pickman 13-14, 17, 24.


HPL Kadath (306).

REH Ring 50 (later shown to be a mistaken example).

FBL Gateway "Uncle" and Thomas Granville reincarnations of Halpin Chalmers and Frank? 8-9.

HK Hunt 169.

CAS Ubbo regressing through memories of past incarnations? 53-54.

See also: astral body; souls.

Reis el Drogman, Abdul

HPL Pyramids 219, 221, 223-228, features resemble those of Khephren the Great 231 & 238, 241.


Synonym for R'lyeh. HPL Mound 131.


HPL Medusa 187, 192.


Author, Daemonolatreia. HPL Dunwich 185; Festival 211.

AWD Survivor 160.

Remnants of Lost Empires

By Otto Dostman. REH Black 57.


HPL Man 207.

Resevoir Avenue

Providence. HPL Case 165.

Reuter, Marie

Wife of Anton Fischer, mother of Georg Reuter Fischer. FL Terror2 270-271, (272-274, 280-282, 285-287).


Rose Morris's dog. HPL Man 210-211, 214.

Reynolds family

Of Texas. REH Lost 66, 68.

Reynolds, Esau

Of Texas. REH Lost 64-65, 71.

Reynolds, John

Of Texas. REH Lost 64-67, 69-91.

Reynolds, Stuart

Sunday feature writer for the sensationlistic Boston Pillar; sent to Cabot Museum to report on bodies from Chateau Faussesflammes, wrote about T'yog mummy instead. Rushed to Widener Library for a sight of the Necronomicon. HPL Aeons 269, (270).


An alien being that came from Yuggoth, where the cities are under the warm deep sea [HPL Museum 236]. It came to Earth and lived in an Arctic city three million years ago [240], before Lomar and before humanity, when the climate was warm. The ruins are in Alaska, up the Noatak river from Fort Morton. Rhan-Tegoth was resting dormant there on a carved ivory throne until George Rogers and Orabona brought it to London. [221]

Rhan-Tegoth is of great size, fully ten feet high even when crouching [240]. It has six sinuous limbs ending in black paws with crab-like claws, and a round head with three eyes, and foot-long proboscis. Its body is almost entirely covered with a dense growth of slender tentacles, each ending in an asp-like mouth. The longest tentacles are on the head and below the proboscis, where they are marked with spiral stripes. [224-225, 240] It is amphibious [236], with a system of gills on its head [224]. Rogers kept it in a tank of liquid [236]. It made a baying or trumpeting noise, and had a horrible smell [237]

Rhan-Tegoth featured in certain obscure legends that Rogers had studied [239]. Rogers awakened it with rites and blood sacrifices, including a dog [221-223]. Rhan-Tegoth's victims are crushed and flattened, seared as if with acid, and covered with innumerable circular wounds [223, 240, 241]. Rogers regarded it a god, with himself to be the first priest of its latter-day hierarchy [222, 225]. Rogers expected that it would grant him power in exchange for his sacrifices [232]. Rogers was also afraid that Rhan-Tegoth would die if he did not continue to feed it, and believed that if it dies, the Old Ones can never come back. It is not clear which "Old Ones" are referred to here. However, the grouping may include Cthulhu [235] and Shub-Niggurath [225], who were mentioned in Roger's rantings.

Rogers believed that Rhan-Tegoth could not be affected by human protections such as pistols [223]. However, after Rogers' death, Orabona somehow killed or otherwise neutralized Rhan-Tegoth. Orabona put the creature on display as a supposed waxwork. However, the authorities considered it too shocking and forced Orabona to stop displaying it. [239]

AWD Lurker 135.

Aka: Gnoph-Hek.


A freighter. AWD Island 204.

Rhode Island

HPL Case 107, 117, 133, 165, R.I. 229; Gates 424.

AWD Survivor 149, 160.

Incl: Lovecraft, H. P.; Nentaconhaunt; Pawtuxet; Plainfield Pike; Providence; Providence River; Seekonk river.

Rhode Island Historical Society

HPL Case 126.

Rhode Island School of Design

HPL Call 128.

Rhodes, Emily

Of London. A painter. CJ Acquarium 300-310.


Village, resort? HPL Case 175, 177, 179.

Ricci, Angelo

HPL Terrible 272-274.

Rice, Stephen

HPL Colour 62.

Rice, Prof. Warren

HPL Dunwich 173-174, 184-187, description 193.

FL Terror2 309.

Rice County

Kansas. HPL Mound 116.

Richalmus, Abbot

RB Hell 26, 29-30.

Richards, Father

Of Wallington. AWD Those 114, 117.

Richards, Will

Of Stamford-Norwalk area, Connecticut. RAL Settlers High-school acquaintance of Clyde Cantrell, with whom he owned the Advertiser 17, fraternity brother of Dave Fenner at Columbia University in 1930-1931, graduated summa cum laude B.A. in Latin in same year 24, investigates Settler's Wall 17-36.


Who failed to get Chaugnar Faugn's statue. FBl Hills 243, his book 246, brewery 253.


Of H.M.S. Advocate. AWD Gorge 106.

Richmond, Hotel

HPL Diary 303.


Virginia. REH Roof 5.

Rick's Lake

Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 117-120, 122-123, 126-127, 132-135, 140, 146, 150-151; Valley supposed to be sea-serpent in 135.

Rico's Bar

Santa Rita. RB Terror 219.

Rigby, Tom and Jennie

HPL Yig 90.


A star. AWD Lair 124-125.

Riley, Sergt

Second Station, Providence. HPL Case 169, 177, 229.

Rima, the Bird Girl

Statue by Jeffrey Corey. AWD Clay 371, 374.


HPL Medusa 175.


A city. HPL Kadath 358, 360.

Rio Grande

HPL Electric 78.

River of Flame.

HK Hunt 168.

River People

REH Children 156, 162.

River Street, Arkham

AWD Lurker 3, 23.

River Street, Innsmouth

HPL Innsmouth 357.


Pawtuxet Valley. HPL Case 155.


An estate in Missouri. HPL Medusa (164-168), 169, 172, 199-200.

Rizzio (1)

HPL Museum 215.

Rizzio (2)

Equestrian director at the Stellar Brothers Circus. RB Elephant 47, 51.

Rlim Shaikorth

An (the?) Outer One. CAS Coming 71-72, (73), 74-81.


Submerged continent beneath the Pacific. HPL Call 130, 136, 139-141, strange geometry 143, 150-151; Electric 74; Man 211; Medusa 181, 189, 193-194; Mountains 47, 66; Whisperer 223, 254.

AWD Island (183-184), 188, (198-199), 208, 211-212; Curwen 18, 21-22, 31, location 35, (37-39), 42; Dweller 133; Gable 207, 209; Gorge location 104, descr. 106, 126, 131; Depths 235; Keeper 141, 150, 163-164; Lair 126; Lamp 254; Lurker 61, 83-84, 124, 133-134; OutThere Lost undersea kingdom where one of the Ancient Ones was banished by the Elder Gods. Described as "ever damned" by Saint Augustine; Passing mentioned in Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus; Seal (158), 159, 161, 164-166, (177), location (179); Sky 59. 68, 81; Space 234; Valley 126-127, 134, 137, 147; Whippoorwills 43, 46-47; Wind Allison Wentworth spoke of it while raving of his year spent as a captive of Ithaqua; Wood under the Atlantic 77.

FL Terror2 288, 291, 311.

FBL Awakening 112.

DW Lady 105.

RFS Warder 164.

Aka: Relex; Rulay; Ryah; Ryche; Ryeh; Ya-R'lyeh.

Incl: Black Island.

See also: Seal of R'lyeh.


Language of the spawn of Cthulhu. HPL Call 136-137, none can read now 139; Dunwich sample 175, 196; Gates 452.

AWD Curwen 20; Gorge letters carved in statue (102).

R'lyeh Text

An esoteric text touching on the cult of Cthulhu.


The R'lyeh Text includes hints that seem to indicate that the time for the resurgence of Cthulhu is drawing near [AWD Curwen 20].

Prof. Laban Shrewsbury's Cthulhu in the Necronomicon includes this quote from the R'lyeh Text : "Great Cthulhu shall rise from R'lyeh, Hastur the Unspeakable shall return from the dark star which is in the Hyades near Aldebaran . . . Nyarlathotep shall howl forever in the darkness where he abideth, Shub Niggurath shall spawn his thousand young . . ." [AWD Sky 59]

The R'lyeh Text includes the phrase Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah' nagl fhtagn , which was translated by H. P. Lovecraft in The Call of Cthulhu as "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming" [AWD Hastur 13-14].

The Cthulhu Mythos sprang from old books including the R'lyeh Text [AWD Island 180].


Amos Tuttle's copy was bound in human skin [AWD Hastur 10].

Copies and Modern Readers

Haddon found a copy among the books of Amos Tuttle, which was later consulted by Paul Tuttle [AWD Hastur 2]. Paul Tuttle donated the copy to Miskatonic University [25, 29].

David, a librarian at Miskatonic University, delved into the R'lyeh Text [AWD Sandwin 101, 105].

Tony Alwyn, a librarian at Miskatonic University, knew something of the weird knowledge hidden in the Book of Eibon [AWD Beyond2 164, 172].

Laban Shrewsbury spoke to Andrew Phelan and Nayland Column of various esoteric texts, including the R'lyeh Text [AWD Curwen 20; Keeper 141]. Claiborne Boyd found passages from the R'lyeh Text among the papers of Asaph Gilman [AWD Gorge 109]. Abel Keane read of the R'lyeh Text in Shrewsbury's Cthulhu in the Necronomicon [AWD Sky 59].

Prof.Upton Gardner had photostatic copies of pages from the R'lyeh Text [AWD Dweller 126].

The Gable Window narrator found a copy in the house of his late cousin, Wilbur Akeley [AWD Gable 206].

Winfield Phillips borrowed either an original copy or a photostat of R'lyeh Text from Prof. Seneca Lapham. It probably was borrowed or copied from the Miskatonic University library. [AWD Lurker 134]

Roba el Ehaliyeh, Roba el Khaliyeh, Roba El Khaliyey, Roba El Khaliye

South Arabian desert, known by the Ancients as the "Empty Space," where Alhazred spent ten years alone, and of which many strange and unbelievable marvels are told. Held to be inhabited by protective evil spirits and monsters of death (HPL History 52).

AWD Keeper 148, 153, 156.

Aka: Crimson Desert; Dahna; Empty Space; Roba el Ehaliyeh; Rub al 'Khali.

Robales, Jose

Mayor of Santa Rita. RB Terror 229, (248), 249-251.

Robardin, Hoseib Alar

A spirit of old Carcosa, and narrator of the story. AB Inhabitant 535.

Robertson, Capt

Of the Sana. AWD Keeper 137.

Robinson, Buck

The Harlem Snake--a boxer. HPL Herbert 146.

Robinson, Collector

Newport, R.I. HPL Case 133.

Rochambeau Avenue

Providence. HPL Case 169.


A writer. While well enough of his editors to take it easy for a while, visited Graag's lodge in Maine and unburied the remains of the Other with Paulsen, Frank Hartley, and Hank Klarney. On realizing he was cursed by the mantle of the sorcerer, killed himself with poison. RAL Graag 12-15.


New York. HPL Electric 68.


25, 27, county 28.

Rocklynn Institute

New York. RB Hell 21-23, 25, 38-40, 43.

Rodia, Simon

FL Terror2 268, 273, 279-280, 285, 298, 304, 306.

Rodriguez, the Portuguese

HPL Call 151.

Roelocke, Joseph

Born Yosef Vrolok. REH Ring 55-56, 60-62.

Roerich, Nicholas

HPL Mountains 7, 14, 29, 40-41, 104.

Rogers Clarke

A ship. AWD Seal 179.

Rogers, George

HPL Museum 215-229, 231-240, (241).

Rogers' Museum

London. HPL Museum 215 & (throughout).


A city or realm? HPL Doom 48.


HPL Case 195, 197.

Rome, Romans

HPL Case 164; Descendant 359, 361; Rats 27, 29, 36-38, 40, 42-44.

RB Brood 90, 92, 95; DarkIsle 94-114; Sorceror 155, 161.

AWD Lurker 125; Six 125; Space 238.

HK Bells 84; Hydra 135.

RFS Warder 164.

Incl: Lupus; Paulinus; Vincius the Reaper


A boy of Teloth. HPL Iranon 113-116.


Synonym for Roodmas. AWD Lurker 60.

See also: ceremonial days.


Synonym for Roodmas. HPL Case 151-152.

AWD Whippoorwills 46.


HPL Man 208; Medusa 181.

Aka: Roodemas; Roodemass.


Maine. RB Satan 5-6, 9-12, 15-19.

Incl: Frye, Dorcas

Roodsford way

RB Notebook 231.


Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition student. HPL Mountains 31-34.

Rosa, Salvator

Painter. HPL Colour 54.

Roscoe, Uncle

Uncle of Avis Long. RB Unspeakable 168-170.

Rosetta Stone

HK Bells 80.

Ross (1)

HPL Mountains 7.

Ross (2)

Of Los Angeles. HK Bells (narrator) 80, 83, 89, 92-93.

Ross, Dr. Lily

Of the Rocklynn Institute, New York. RB Hell 24-25, 27-59, 64, 66-71.

Ross Island

HPL Mountains 7-9.

Ross Sea

Antarctica. HPL Mountains 4, 10, 35.


HPL Hound 177.


See Romania.

Round Hill

HPL Whisperer 218, 221, 258*, 260, 264, 267.

Round Mountain

Overlooking Dunwich. HPL Dunwich 155.

AWD Middle 353; Shuttered 258, 261, 264; Watchers 387, 399.


RB Terror 224, 251.

Incl: Drake, Dena; Hanson, Don; Ingali, Roberto; Perez, Juan.


New England town enroute to Arkham from coast road to the north. HPL Innsmouth 306, 308, 315-316, Rowley road 347, Rowley NW of Innsmouth 354, 357, 359, 362; Doorstep 291.

Rowley ragstones

Birmingham and Wolverhampton, England. AWD Lurker 136.


Massachusetts. AWD Curwen 16.

Royal Hotel

Market Street, San Francisco. HPL Test 20.

Royal Northwest Mounted Police

Canada. AWD Beyond2 172; Ithaqua 105-106; Wind constables investigated the Stillwater mystery.

Incl: Dalhousie, John; Herrick, Peter; Norris, Robert.

Royal Society, The

HPL Call 146.

Royce, Richard

Of New Orleans. Personal aide to Henricus Vanning. RB Sebek 120, 122-124, 126-127.

Rub al 'Khali

See: Roba el Ehaliyeh.

Rue St. Jacques

Paris. HPL Medusa 170.

Rufus, L. Caelius

Roman provincial quaestor. FBL Hills 287.

rugose cones

See cone-creatures.


Synonym for R'lyeh. FL Terror2 towers of Rulay 283, same as R'lyeh 288.

Runazar, King of

In Lord Dunsany. HPL Case 148.

Russell family

Of Providence. HPL Case 123.


AWD Lurker 117, 136; Wind steppes mentioned by Allision Wentworth while raving of his year spent with Ithaqua.

RB Sorceror 155, 161.

Incl: Siberia.

Rutland Herald

HPL Whisperer 214, 216.


AWD OutThere Synonym for R'lyeh, according to Duncan Vernon.


AWD OutThere Synonym for R'lyeh, according to Duncan Vernon.


Synonym for R'lyeh. AWD Clay 375, 378.

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