P., Susan

Of Salem. HPL Case 150, 194.

Pabodie, Prof. Frank H.

Of Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition, Engineering. HPL Mountains 4-6, 9-13, 15-16, 20, 22, 26, 33-34, 39-40, 50, 66, 85.

FL Terror2 269, co-inventor of the magneto-optic geoscanner 293, 298.

Pacific Ocean

HPL Aeons risen island (part of ancient Mu) 265, bygone Pacific civilisation (of Mu) 267, Ghatanothoa cult flourished chiefly in Pacific regions 276, Pacific setting of Mu legends 277, T'yog mummy is Pacific specimen 279 & 281; Mound 122.

RB Kiss 44.

AWD Beyond2 islands 154, 169, 176; Island 210, 212; Curwen 18, 35, 40, 46; Dweller island 134; Sandwin 104; Seal 164; Sky 70; Space 242.

HK Bells 81, 88.

FL Terror2 306, 309.

Incl: Caroline Islands; Deep Ones; East India; Easter Island; Humboldt Currents; Marquesas Islands?; Marianas Islands; Micronesia; Melanesia; Nan-Matal; New Caledonia?; New Hebrides?; New Zealand; North Pacific; Polynesia; Ponape; R'lyeh; South Pacific; Tonga Islands?

Aka: Western Ocean.

Paine St

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 326-327, 347, 349-350.

Palace of the Seventy Delights

Celphais. HPL Kadath 354, (355).

Paleozoic era

HPL Nameless 103; Time 385, 398.

Pallid Mask

RWC Mask 59; Repairer 5, 37; Yellow 106.

Pamphilus, St

HPL Mound 155.


HPL Dunwich Great God Pan 172.

RB Hell 37, 48.

Panama Canal

HPL Mountains 6.

HK Hydra 127.


Vermont. HPL Innsmouth 306.


HC Isle 147-161.


AWD Island Papuans 185; Gorge 101.

Papuan legends

HPL Time 407.

Papyrus Ipuwer

Of Egypt. AWD Island 181.


HPL Case 121.

RB Sorceror 155.

AWD Lurker 16.

Paradise Crest

An unincorporated community in California. Formerly known as Vulture's Roost. Later absorbed into Los Angeles. [FL Terror2 268, 312]

Includes: Fischer, Anton; Fischer, Georg Reuter; Reuter, Marie


Sovereign of the sylphs [RB Hell 61].


Dreamwold city. HPL Kadath 316, 321, 325.


France. HPL Call 132; Case 164; Medusa 170, 173-174, 178, 187, 191.

RB Sorceror 155.

RWC Repairer 5.

AWD Gable 206; Gorge 98, 119; Clay 371-372, 375; Lurker 81, 125; Six 124; Space 234-235; Spawn 18-19; Survivor 153.

Incl: Bibliotheque Nationale; Charriere, Dr. Jean-Francois; Corey, Jeffrey; Latin Quarter; Rue St. Jacques; St. Clair Academy; Sorbonne; Wiseman, Richard.


HPL Call 152.

Parker River

Newburyport. HPL Innsmouth 315.

Park Lane

London (or Croydon?). AWD Curwen 33-34.


Servant of Randolph Carter. HPL Gates 422-423; Silver 417, 419.

Park Street

Boston? HPL Pickman 12.

Parry Mountains

Antarctica. HPL Mountains 7.

Partier, Prof.

A person; Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 127-128, 130-132, (133), 134, 141, 146-149, 151.


Egyptologist who found the third priest of Sebek. RB Sebek 126.


New England. FBL Eaters 88, 111.


Chalmers, Halpin; Douglas, Detective Sergeant; Frank (1); Hancock, L.E.; Hortense; Howard; Morton, James; Smith, Dr.; Wells, Henry; Wren, Christopher

Angell Hill; Brewster; Central Square; First Baptist Church; Mulligan Beach; Mulligan Light; Mulligan Wood; Narrows; Partridgeville Chemical Laboratories; Partridgeville Gazette; Partridgeville Glue Works; Partridgeville Reserve (police); Smithwich and Isaacs;

Partridgeville Chemical Laboratories

FBL Hounds 86.

Partridgeville Gazette

FBL Hounds 84-85; Eaters 89.

Partridgeville Glue Works

FBL Hounds 84.

Partridgeville Reserve

Police. FBL Hounds 86.


Wisconsin; a place. AWD Dweller 116, 123, 125, 134-135.


Synonym for Bast; Bubastis. RB Brood 94.

Pasquantog Indians

RB Mannikin Near Bridgetown 79; Satan 6-10, 15, 17.

Incl: Wakimis;

Passumpsic river

Caledonia County, Vermont. HPL Whisperer 209.


New Jersey. HPL Call 145.

Paton, Noel, Dr

Doctor of glandular therapeutics. FBL Hills 264.

Patriot's Day

Massachusetts. HPL WitchHouse 275.

Patucket falls

Pawtuxet? HPL Case 152.

Paul, Clifford

Of Springfield. AWD Watchers 400, 404.


A Roman commander. RB DarkIsle 98.


Shortly after divorce, visited Maine and unburied the Other with Roche, Hank Klarney, and Frank Klarney. Died two weeks later in a delerium. RAL Graag 12-15.


HC Isle 147.

Paut temple scandal

RB Opener 162.


En route Connecticut to Rhode Island. HPL Case 165.

Pawnee country

Oklahoma. HPL Yig 83.

Pawtuxet road, river, farm, village, valley

Rhode island. Joseph Curwen farm at. HPL Case 111, 118-119, 122, 124, 127-129, 132, Pawtuxet river 134, farm 136, road 137, farm 137, road 139, road 141, village 144-146, farm 148-149 & 151 & 154, valley 155, bungalow 168, farm 171, 175, 177-178, bungalow 178-180, 181, 182, 184, bungalow 185, 188-189, 191, 198, 200, 209, 224-225.

Incl: Fenner, Arthur; Fenner family; Fenner, Luke; Slocum, Charles

Lockwood Street; Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet


A heretical Christian sect? CAS Holiness 122.


Coin of Hyperborea. CAS Tale 4.


Attendant at Miskatonic University Library. AWD Curwen 23-24; Sky 60-61.

Peabody, Asaph

Of Wilbraham; great-grandfather of Peabody Heritage narrator. AWD Peabody 179, 182, 186, 189, 194-198.

Peabody, Benjamin

Little brother of Mary Peabody. Possibly of Arkham. Buried in Old Dethshill Cemetary. JVS Dead 29, 30, 35.

Peabody, E. Lapham

Of Arkham. HPL Innsmouth 362-363.

Peabody, Jebediah

Of Wilbraham; ancestor of Asaph Peabody and of Peabody Heritage narrator. AWD Peabody 182, 191, 194-195.

Peabody, Mary

Lives near Old Dethshill Cemetary. Possibly of Arkham. Older sister of Benjamin Peabody. JVS Dead 28-31, 35, 37.

Peabody Avenue

Arkham. HPL WitchHouse 278.

Peaslee, Alice (Keezar)

HPL Time 370.

Peaslee, Hannah (Wingate)

HPL Time 370.

Peaslee, Jonathon

HPL Time 370.

Peaslee, Nathaniel Wingate

HPL Time 369, etc; address 371.

Peaslee, Robert

HPL Time 370.

Peaslee, Prof. Wingate

Of Miskatonic University. HPL Time 369, 373, 376, 384, 406, 408-412.

FL Terror2 288-289, 293, 296.

Peck, Dr.

Of Providence. HPL Case 192, 196.


A place in America. HPL Mound 116, Picos Pueblo villages 120.


Peking. AWD Lair 123.

Peking Tower

China. REH Bear 36.

Pendrifter, The

Column in the Brattleboro Reformer. HPL Whisperer 215-216.


AWD Wood religious carvings of 73.


Indian tribe. HPL Whisperer 212-213.


HPL Case 132.

AWD Valley hex country 124.

Pennsylvania Historical Society

HPL Case 139.


HPL Case 215.

RB Hell 26, 29-30, 32-33, 41.

HK Hunt 163-166, 168, 170-172.

Compare with: star, six-pointed.

Pentagram of Fire

HPL Case 151.

AWD Whippoorwills 46.

People of the Monolith, The

By Justin Geoffrey. HPL Doorstep 277.

REH Black 58, 65.

Perez, Juan.

Crewman on the Rover. RB Terror 229, 232-235, 237, 243-246, 248.


Incl: Arkham Gazette; Aylesbury Transcript; Journal of American Folklore; Providence Journal.

Perkins family

Family, Arkham area. AWD Valley 118; Witches 294.

Perkins, Bud

AWD Valley 121-122, 130-133, 138, 140, 142-143, 145-148.


Germany. AWD Lurker 138.

Permian period

280-230 million years ago. HPL Mountains 16, 67, 95; Time 383.

Perrigo, Mr

Providence. HPL Case 162.


HPL Aeons Ghatanothoa cult in 276.

AWD Island 181.

REH Fire 31-32.

Persian Gulf

REH Fire 31-32.


Australia. HPL Time 404-406, 411-412.


South America. HPL Aeons Ghatanothoa cult in 276, 281; Time 395.

AWD Curwen 13, 15, 29; Gorge 97, 108, 122, 124, 127, 134; Keeper 140, 160; Lurker 116; Sky 76; Space 233, 238; Wood 77.

Incl: Incas; Lima; Machu Pichu.


HC Isle 148, 159-160.

Synonym for: Mace, Peter.

Peter, Old

Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 118, 122, 124-125, 130, 134-136, 145.

Peters (1)

A soul in a bottle. HPL Terrible 273.

Peters (2)

Alias of Richard Upton Pickman. HPL Pickman 13, 17.

Peters, Melville F

Of Providence. HPL Case 126.


AWD Gorge 105.

Petra, (Dr., Sir) Lenden

AWD Curwen 32, 34-36.


A valley. HPL Mountains 48.


Of H.M.S. Advocate. AWD Gorge 106.


On of the Seven Stewards of Heaven invoked in White Magic [RB Hell 60].

Phaleron jugs

A style. HPL Case 212-213, 215.

Phantom of Truth

RWC Repairer 37; Yellow was laid 106.

Pharol, black

An alien entity. HK Hydra 135.


In Celephais. A beacon or lighthouse? HPL Kadath 357.

Pharos, Elder

See: Elder Pharos.

Phelan, Andrew

AWD Island (177), 178, 181, 196, 202-203, 212; Curwen (narrator), 3, 5, 11, age race & birthplace 16, from Boston (30), visited Croydon Aerodrome 33, Andrew 40, Andrew 42, 44, Boston address 47; Gorge possible reference (127); Keeper 160; Sky (52), 53, (54), 55-57, vanished Sept 1938 57, 58-61, 67-81, 86-93.


Passenger who died on the third day of an ocean voyage, on a liner that was transporting the Sacred White Elephant of Jadhore [RB Elephant 45].


HPL Case 138-139, 195; Test 51.

HC Isle 152.

Philetas, Theodorus

Of Constantinople. Translated the Al-Azif   into Greek, under the title Necronomicon in 950 A.D (HPL History 52).


HPL Innsmouth 334.

AWD Sky 66.


HPL Call 132.


Family, of Innsmouth. AWD Seal 150, 153, most died in '28 154, 156, 158-159, 166, 176.

Phillips, Arthur

Of Providence. AWD Brotherhood (narrator), 328, 339, 341, 345-347, 351.

Phillips, Ada

Nee Marsh. AWD Seal 179-180.

Phillips, (First Mate) Cyrus Alcott

AWD Seal 158, 167.

Phillips, (Rev.) Jabez Lovell

AWD Seal 158.

Phillips, Jared

Brother of Sylvan, father of Marius Phillips. AWD Seal 153.

Phillips, Jason

AWD Those 112-117.

Phillips, Marius

AWD Seal (narrator), family (149-150), childhood (152), named 155 & 157.

Phillips, Sylvan

AWD Seal 145-152, 154, 157, (158), 159-161, 166-167, (170), 171, 176.

Phillips, Ward

Of Angell Street, Providence. "An elderly eccentric of Providence, Rhode Island." Grandson of Whipple Phillips. HPL Gates 424-427, 446, 452-454, 456-457.

AWD Lamp 248, parents' early death 249, knowledge of Arabic 250, 251, 254-256.

Phillips, (Rev.) Ward

Author, Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New-English Canaan. AWD Lurker 16, pastor 2nd Church of Arkham 17, 18-23, 25-26, 67-68, 102, 117, 119, 126-127, 141; Whippoorwills 43.

Phillips, Winfield

AWD Lurker 111, (112-114), 115, (116-119), 120, (121-123), 124-125, (126-129), 130, (131-141), 142.

Phillips, Whipple

Of Angell Street, Providence. Grandfather of Ward Phillips. AWD Lamp 248-249, 254-256.

Phillips Exeter

A boys' school? HPL Test 56.

Philosopher's Stone

HPL Case 119.

HK Jest 62.

Aka: Elixir; Stone of the Philosphers.

Philosophical Society

Of Newburyport. HPL Case 135.


Historical person. HPL Pickman 18.


HK Hunt Iod is Dweller beyond 168.

Aka: River of Flame.


HPL Call 136.


RB Brood Phenicians built galleys 92.

Phoenician language

REH Dig suggestive of 84.


HPL Rats priest 29, tongue of Phrygia 43.


On of the Seven Stewards of Heaven invoked in White Magic [RB Hell 60].

Physician's Service Bureau

Providence. RB Steeple 218.

Pickering, Anam and Martha

Of Monk's Hollow. HK Frog 114-117.


Curator of Cabot Museum, ca. 1878. HPL Aeons traveled to Valparaiso and Pacific to search for risen Mu island 266.

Pickman, Captain

JVS Snouted 25-26, 28.

Pickman family

Of Salem. Rumored to possess a 16th century Greek copy of the Necronomicon, which vanished with the disappearance of Richard Upton Pickman (HPL History 53).

Pickman, Nathaniel Derby

HPL Mountains 6.

Pickman, Richard Upton

HPL History 2; Kadath (336), 337, *338, 339, 345, 376, 378-379, 381-390, 393; Pickman 12-25.

AWD Six 124.

See also Pickman family.


Of Britain.

RB Brood 89, 92.

REH Black 61; Children =Little People? 153, 154, 156-158, 161, 163; Dark (70-73, 82-85), 86-89, 93; Gods 187; People 152, 154.

Aka: Flint People.

Pierce, Ammi

HPL Colour 53, 55, (56), 57-58, 60-61, 63-70, 72-82.

Pierce, Dr

RB Mannikin 73.

Pierce, Mrs

Wife of Ammi. HPL Colour 57, 67-68.

Pierce, Nick

Sacrificed. HPL Innsmouth 335.


Author, Regnum Congo. HPL Picture 119.


W. Australia. HPL Time 403-406.

Pilgore, Henry

Of Somerset. AWD Keeper 145-146.

Pilgrim's Progress

HPL Picture 119.


Russia. A place. AWD Lurker 136.


Of Boston area? AWD Wood narrator; named 76-78, name misapplied to Jason Wecter 77, 80, 83-85.

pineal gland

HPL Mound Dormant organ of visual perception, stimulated by Crawford Tillinghast's machine 93 & 95.

Pinos Range

California. HK Bells 80-81, 86.

Piper, Abigail

Of Arkham; sister of Amos Piper. AWD Space 230-231, (233), 244, 245.

Piper, Dr. Amos

Of Arkham; brother of Abigail Piper. AWD Space 229-235, (236-238), 239-246.

Piregard, Fr

Of Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 117, 119, 121, 138.

Pirate Hill

REH Dwellers 115, 124.

Place of Dagon

AWD Lurker 15, 70, 147.

Place of the Blind Apes

Where Nephren-Ka bindeth up the threads of truth. RB Fane 132.

Compare with: Blind Apes of Truth

Places, Weird

Some of the uncanny, unusual, bizarre places. Incl:

Abaddon; Alamout, Mt.; Alaozar; Algol; Antarctica; Atlantis; Atlantis; Bal-Sagoth; Carcosa; Cykranosh; Dread, Lake of; dreamlands; Easter Island; Egypt; Eight Brazen Towers; Hali, Lake of; Hyperborea; Ib; Irem; Isle of the Altar; K'n-yan; K'naa; Kadath; Karneter; Khem; Koth; Kythamil; Lemuria; Leng, Plateau of; Lomar; Mnar; Moon of Yiggurath; Mountains of Madness; Mu; N'kai; N'ken; Nameless City; Nis; Place of the Blind Apes; Plateau of Leng; Plateau of Sung; Pnath, Vale of; Poseidonis; R'lyeh; Sarnath; Seven Suns; Shaggai; Shamballah; Stars, Isle of the; Valusia; Wood of N'gai; Xuthltan; Y'ha-nthlei; Yaddith; Yekub; Yhe; Yian-Ho; Yoth; Yr; Yuggoth; Zothique.

Placid, Lake

HPL Man 201.

Plainfield Pike

Rhode Island. AWD Lamp 253.

Plains Indians

HPL Mound 98.


Scientist. HPL WitchHouse 264.


See celestial objects.

Plateau of Leng

See Leng, Plateau of.

Pleasant St

San Diego residence of George Goodenough Akeley. HPL Whisperer 236.

FL Terror2 297.


HPL Silver 417.

AWD Hastur 17; Sky 57, 93.

FL Terror2 310.

Includes: Celaeno.

Pleistocene epoch

600,000-12,000 years ago. HPL Mountains 18, 29, 64, 73, 75.

Pletzka's force tube

DW Fire2 80, 85.


AWD Keeper 148.

Pliocene epoch

10 million to 600,000 years ago. HPL Mountains 52, 69-70.


An author. FBL Hounds 74.

Plowman, Piers

AWD Space 236.

Plum Island

Off coast between Newburyport and Innsmouth. [HPL Innsmouth]


Planet. HPL Mountains 68; Whisperer 223, called Yuggoth 240, 264, 271.

HH Guardian 298.

Aka: Yuggoth.

Plymouth, Maine

RB Satan 8.

Pnakotic fragments

See: Pnakotic Manuscripts.

Pnakotic Manuscript(s)

A set of esoteric texts of great antiquity. Also known as the Pnakotic fragments.


The Pnakotic Manuscripts are said to be from distant and frozen Lomar [HPL Other 128; HPL Kadath 310]. In ancient Lomar, the Polaris narrator studied the Pnakotic Manuscripts for long hours each day. [HPL Polaris 22]

However, it appears that some portions of the Pnakotic Manuscripts predate Lomar. Thus,

    • Some frightful portions of the Pnakotic Manuscripts are too ancient to be read. [Other 131; Kadath 312]
    • A few daring mystics have hinted at a pre-Pleistocene origin for the fragmentary Pnakotic Manuscripts [HPL Mountains 29]. Prof. Dyer said that the Pnakotic Manuscripts have pre-human implications [45].
    • The Pnakotic Manuscripts are alleged to be pre-human [HPL Aeons 268].
    • Parts of the text of the frightful Pnakotic Manuscripts survive physically and directly from the time of the Great Race [HPL Time 389].


The most ancient portions of the Pnakotic Manuscripts include a curious symbol that was later found carved on Hatheg-Kla after Barzai scaled the peak and was taken by the Other Gods. [Other 131; Kadath 312]

After using the Silver Key to reach the First Gateway, Randolph Carter recognized it partly from hints in the Pnakotic fragments [HPL Gates 430].

The eighth Pnakotic fragment includes a long ritual, concerning things that existed in the north before the land of Lomar, and even before humanity. Information from that ritual lead George Rogers to the lost city where he found Rhan-Tegoth. [HPL Museum 221]

The Pnakotic Manuscripts mention Tsathogguah [HPL Whisperer 254].

The Pnakotic Manuscripts include whispers of Kadath in the Cold Waste [Mountains 71].

While the Polaris narrator fell under the spell of slumber from the Pole Star, he struggled to recall some relevant lore of the skies from the Pnakotic Manuscripts . [Polaris 23]

Dyer concluded that the crinoid Old Ones were the originals of the fiendish elder myths that were hinted about in the Pnakotic Manuscripts [Mountains 59].

The Pnakotic Manuscripts tell with fright of Sansu, who climbed Hatheg-Kla in the dreamlands and found only wordless ice and rock [Other 131].

Surviving Copies

George Rogers claimed to have read the prehistoric Pnakotic fragments [Museum 217].

Alonzo Typer read from the text of the Pnakotic Manuscripts in the library of the deserted van der Heyl house, and regretted having come there [HPL Diary 311].

Robert Blake found a copy of the Pnakotic Manuscripts in the deserted church of the Starry Wisom sect in Providence [HPL Haunter 100].

In the dreamlands, Barzai the Wize was familiar with the Pnakotic Manuscripts [Other 128]. According to a zoog, the Pnakotic Manuscripts were borne into the land of dreams when the hairy cannibal Gnophkehs conquered Lomar. The last copy of the Pnakotic Manuscripts lingers in Ulthar, beyond the river Skai [Kadath 310].

Tony Alwyn, a librarian at Miskatonic University, knew something of the weird knowledge hidden in the Pnakotic Manuscripts [AWD Beyond2 164]. A recent case involving Ithaqua was clearly related to the mythology so horribly narrated in the Pnakotic Manuscripts [AWD Beyond2 172].

Laban Shrewsbury spoke to Andrew Phelan of various esoteric texts, including the Pnakotic Manuscripts [AWD Curwen 20]. Shrewsbury had made notes from a borrowed copy [41]. Shrewsbury also told Nayland Colum of the Pnakotic Manuscripts [AWD Keeper 141]

Prof. Upton Gardner asked Laird Dorgan to request a copy or photostat of the Pnakotic Manuscripts from Miskatonic University [AWD Dweller 122]. The papers left on Gardner's desk included pages copied from the Pnakotic Manuscripts [AWD Dweller 126].

The Gable Window narrator found a copy in the house of his late cousin, Wilbur Akeley [AWD Gable 206].

Claiborne Boyd found passages from the Pnakotic Manuscripts among the papers of his late great-uncle Asaph Gilman [AWD Gorge 109].

Winfield Phillips read from a Pnakotic Manuscript (sic) borrowed from Prof. Seneca Lapham, who in turn had probably borrowed or copied it from the Miskatonic University library [AWD Lurker 134].

Haddon found fragments of the Pnakotic Manuscripts among the books of Amos Tuttle [AWD Hastur 2]. Paul Tuttle donated the book to the Miskatonic University library [AWD Hastur 25, 29]

Laban Shrewsbury told Horvath Blayne that the Cthulhu Mythos sprang from old manuscripts including the Pnakotic Manuscripts [AWD Island 180].

David, a librarian at Miskatonic University, had delved into the Pnakotic Manuscripts [AWD Sandwin 101, 105].

Marius Phillips found a copy that had been hidden by his late uncle, Sylvan Phillips [AWD Seal 160].

Amos Piper consulted a copy while possessed by a member of the Great Race [AWD Space 234].

Alijah Atwood found a copy among Dr. Jean-FrancoisCharriere's books and papers [AWD Survivor 160].

Dan Harrop found a copy in the collection of his late cousin, Abel Harrop [AWD Whippoorwills 43].

Related Manuscripts

In Inganok, ceremonies are observed as set forth in scrolls older than the Pnakotic Manuscripts . [HPL Kadath 312].

The T'yog scroll from ancient Mu had hieroglyphs resembling some symbols found in the Pnakotic Manuscripts . [HPL Aeons 268]

Pnakotic pentagon

HK Invaders 71.

Pnath, vale of

HPL Doom 48*; Haunter Vale of Pnath 94; Kadath 336*, 340, 372; Dreamer vales of 46.

AWD Lurker 134.

FL Terror2 288, 291.

Pnom, writings of

In which are collated many powerful exorcisms against the white spirits of the pole. The sorceror Evagh perused them with sedulous care [CAS Coming 69].


HPL Dunwich 159.

Poe, Edgar Allan

Of Providence. HPL Mountains 8, 97.

RB Sebek 121.

AWD Brotherhood 330-333, 339, 341, 344-345, 349-350.

REH Children 151.

Poe Street

Providence. AWD Brotherhood 329.

Pocket, the

Synonym for: Harrop's Pocket.


Gangster visiting Arkham. RB Creeper 105-109.


REH Black 59, 71.


Hyperborea? CAS Coming Polarians--from islands nearer the pole than broad Thulask 74, 76-78; Tale 5, 9.

Incl: White Sybil.

Pole Star

HPL Polaris 20-21, 23-24.


By Trithemius. HPL Dunwich 183.

Polish immigrants

HPL Gates of Boston 453.

Salem. HK Salem 250, 258-260, 262.

Pollio, Q. Trebellius

Secretary of Publius Libo. FBL Hills 291.


Star or constellation? AWD Lurker 106.


By Trithemius. HPL Dunwich 183.


HPL Diary 303.

Polynesia, Polynesians

South Pacific. HPL Aeons cults of Polynesians form threat to Cabot Museum officials 265, former continent (Mu) whose peaks survive as Polynesia 268, Ghatanothoa cult teachings merged into lore of Polynesian Areoi 276, swarthy Polynesian cuts glass of T'yog mummy case 279; Time 407.

AWD Island 178, 184; Curwen 12/13; Gable 206; Gorge 99; Keeper 140; Lamp (254); Seal 151, 160, 163-164, 167, 171, 176, 179; Shuttered 270, Polynesian wife of Obed Marsh 276; Space 233, 241, 244, 246; Survivor 161.

Incl: Ponape; Tangaroa.


HPL Aeons Cabot Museum collection include plaster figures molded from hollows in Pompeiian ashes 266.

Pompelo (Pompelona)

Roman province in Vascones, at foot of Pyrenees. FBL Hills 287.


Carolines Islands, South Pacific. HPL Aeons megalithic masonry is vestige of lost Pacific civilization (Mu) 267; Innsmouth 329.

AWD Island 178, 183, 186, 188, P. 194, 195-196, 202-206, 212; Gorge 98, 100, cult like Inns. 101, 108-110; Clay 378; Lurker 121-124; Seal 158, 167, 176-177; Sky 76, 79; Space 235, 242, 246; Shuttered 266, 272; Survivor 162; Valley 137; Who monograph on Ponapae; Wood 73, 75.

Incl: Fish-Men.


India? AWD Survivor 153.

Incl: Charriere, Dr. Jean-Francois.

Pond Street

Bolton. HPL Herbert 144.

Pons, Solar

Of London. Private detective with an uncanny resemblance to Sherlock Holmes. Author, Inquiry into the Nan-Matal Ruins of Ponapae, An and Examination of the Cthulhu Cult and Others, An. AWD Six throughout, Mythos books are fake 126; Who author of Cthulhu-related monographs.

Pont Street

London. CJ Acquarium 309.

Poole, Sam

The whittler. HPL Man 203, 205.


Of Mayas. AWD Island 181.

Porta, Giambattista

Not sure where it came from. Author, De Furtivus Literarum Notis. HPL Dunwich 183.

AWD Survivor 160.


Haiti. RB Serpents 261, 262; Terror 231.


New England city (Maine?) enroute Maine to Arkham. HPL Doorstep 288, 290.

AWD Whippoorwills 34; Wood 73, 77, 79.

Portland Place

London. Home of Stephen Jones. HPL Museum 227.

Port Royal

HPL Case 122.


New England city enroute Portland to Arkham. HPL Doorstep 291.

Portsmouth, Maine

RB Satan 5, 6, 19.

Portugal, Portuguese

HPL Mound 137.

RB Terror Portuguese 224.

AWD Gorge 115.


HK Spawn2 67.


HPL Mist 282.

RB Kiss 50.

Post Office Square

Providence. HPL Case 165.

Potter, Ann Tillinghast

HPL Case 127.

Aka: Curwen, Ann; Tillinghast, Anne.

Potter, Andrew

Arkham area. AWD Witches 294-299, 301-305, 307.

Potter family

Arkham area. AWD Witches 295, 297-300, 306-307.

Potter, Wizard

Arkham area. AWD Witches 300, 305, 307.

Potter's field, Arkham

A cemetary in Arkham. HPL Herbert 135-136, 138.

Potter's field, Bolton

A cemetary in Bolton. HPL Herbert 144, 146, 151.

Potter's General Store

HPL Colour 62.

Potter, Welcome

Charles Dexter Ward's great-great-grandfather. HPL Case 116.

Power's Lane

Providence. HPL Case hill 125, Power's Lane 148.

Power Street

Providence. HPL Case 115.

Powers of Darkness

RB Mummy 285.

Practical Applications in Military Technology

Address by Doctor Dexter. RB Steeple 220.


Czechoslovakia. HPL Case 164, 194-195, 197, 199, 203, 223.

AWD Six 125.

Precambrian era

4.5 billion to 600 million years ago. HPL Mountains 5, 12, 14, 25.

Prentiss, Rhoda

Of New England; fiancee of Adam Duncan. AWD Attic 311, 313-315, 318, called from Boston on the way home 321, 324-327.


Providence. HPL Case 135.


Transvaal, South Africa. HPL Winged 244.

Incl. Slauenwite, Dr. Paul.

Price, Jed

AWD Survivor 162.

Aka: Alligator Man.

Primal One

Synonym for Nodens. RB DarkIsle 112.

Prince of Darkest Dark

HC Death 368.

Prince of Darkness

Synonym for Satan [RB Hell 37, 44, 64].

Synonym for Malik Tous [REH Dig 79, 84].

Prince of Evil

HC Death 365-366; Isle 157.

Synonym for: Hastur.

Prince of Wales Island

AWD Island 179.

Prince Street

Boston. HPL Pickman 16.

Princess Ellen

A ship. AWD Keeper 144, 147, 151.

Princeton University

HPL Call 135; Medusa 169-170.

RB Steeple 220.

Principle of Evil, The

Subject of a story by Edgar Gordon. RB Demon 65.

Pringle Street

Arkham. RB Creeper 107.

Incl: Chambers house.

Prinn, Abigail

Of Salem. HK Salem 250, 252, 254, 257, 259-261, (262-265), 266.

Prinn, Ludvig

Flemish alchemist and sorceror who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition at the height of the witch trials. This would probably place his death in the 1600's. However, Prinn claimed to be the sole survivor of the Ninth Crusade (1271), which would have made him something like four centuries old. Though his claim of such extreme age was disbelieved by contemporaries, the old chronicles of the Ninth Crusade listed a Ludvig Prinn who was a gentleman retainer of Montserrat. [RB Shambler 180]

Prinn claimed to have acquired his sorcerous arts during travels in Saracenic lands. This included years spent captive among the wizards and wonder-workers of Syria, where he encountered djinns and efreets . Prinn also consorted with the mediaeval seers and prophets of Saracen times in Egypt, where he journeyed in the deserts and looted tombs in the hidden valleys of the Nile. The Libyan dervishes preserve legends of his deeds in Alexandria. [RB Faceless 41; Fane 135-136, 141, 143; Sebek 123-124]

Prinn may have had a doctorate, on the basis of a reference to him as Dr. Ludvig Prinn [AWD Whippoorwills 43].

In his later years, Prinn returned to the Flemish lowland country of his birth. He lived in the ruins of a pre-Roman tomb in the forest near Brussels. He was said to be accompanied by familiars and other conjured beings, who were spoken of fearfully as "invisible companions" and "star-sent servants." Local peasants shunned the forest by night because of strange noises that resounded to the moon, and feared that sacrifices were being performed at ancient pagan altars in the darker glens.

However, when the soldiers of the Inquisition came for Prinn, they found the tomb empty of familiars and bare of any sorcerous instruments or apparatus, though some of the nearby pagan altars had fresh bloodstains. Prinn was subjected to particularly atrocious tortures, but gave no information to his questioners, who eventually tired of the process and cast him into a dungeon.

It was while he was in prison, awaiting trial, that Prinn wrote the work for which he is remembered, De Vermis Mysteriis . It is not known how the pages were smuggled out of jail, but the volume was first published a year after his death. [RB Shambler 180-181]

Will Benson held that Prinn was not a charlatan [HK Hunt 167]. Charles stated that Prinn was a considerable sorceror in his day [RB Philtre 293].

See: De Vermis Mysteriis.

Pritchett, Cap

Mailman; Vermont? RB Notebook 234, 236, 238-239, 242-245, 249.

Prolonged of Life

HPL Gates 431-432.


RB Faceless return of Nyarlathotep 41.

Prospect Street

Providence. HPL Case 109, 165, 181, 203, 220.

Prospect Terrace

Providence. HPL Case 113.


An ancient author. RB Kiss 47.


Rhode Island. HPL Beyond Crawford Tillinghast lived in Benevolent Street 91, narrator was once held up in East Providence 93; Call 2 refs 126, 2 refs 128, 142; Case 107, 112-117, 122-123, 125, 131, 133, 139, 141, 147, 152-153, 159, 165, 181, 192, 195, 229; Gates 424-425; Haunter 93-throughout.

RB Shambler 182; Steeple 211-214, 216-220, 222, 225-227, 229.

AWD Brotherhood 329-331, 333, 335-337, 342, 345, 348, 351; Dweller 148; Middle 359; Survivor 148-151, 153, 156, 159-160, 165, 167.

FL Terror2 269, 293.

DWR Music 293-294, 297.


Allan, Mr.; Asa, Old; Atwood, Alijah; Blake, Robert; Bowen, Asenath; Bowen, Prof. Enoch.; Bowen, Dr. Jabez.; Bowen, Prof. Enoch; Brown, John; Brown, Joseph; Brown, Moses; Brown, Nicholas; Carter, John; Carter, Randolph; Charriere, Dr. Jean-Francois; Checkley, Dr.; Clark and Nightingale; Cobbett, Hepzibah; College Street; Cotton, Dr.; Crawfords; Crooker decorating firm; Cunningham, Inspector; Curwen, Eliza; Curwen, Joseph; Dexter, Dr. Ambrose; Dexter, Elisha, Mr. & Mrs.; Dexter, Gregory; Dexter, Knight; Dexter, Rose; Doyle, Mayor; Drowne, Dr.; Dwight, Walter C.; Eddy, Orin B.; Federal Hill Boys; Feeny, Francis X.; Field, Naphthali; Gamwell; Gamwell, Mrs.; Gomes, Tony; Graves, Rev. John; Green, Daniel; Green, James; Gregory; Hannah; Hart, Robert; Hopkins, Capt. Esek; Hopkins, Stephen; Hoppin, Aaron; Hurley, William; Jackson, Steven; Jenckes, Daniel; Jonas, Tom; Lanigan; Lillibridge, Edwin M.; Lillibridge, Edwin M.; Lovecraft, Howard Phillips; Lyman, Dr.; Manning, Rev. James; Matthewson, Capt. James; Merluzzo, Father; Merritt, John; Monahan, William J.; Nig; Nightingale, Mr.; Nightingale-Talbot letters; O'Malley, Father; Olney, Epenetus; Orne, Simon; Peck, Dr.; Perrigo, Mr.; Peters, Melville F.; Phillips, Arthur; Phillips, Ward; Phillips, Whipple; Poe, Edgar Allan; Potter, Ann Tillinghast; Potter, Welcome?; Purvis, Ogden; Regan, Patrick; Riley, Sergt.; Russell family; Sabin, Thomas; Sayles, Mr.; Sheeley, Bert; Smith, Eleazar; Snow, Deacon; Tillinghast, Crawford; Tillinghast, Capt. Dutee; Tillinghast, Capt. James; Updike, Mrs.; Waite, Dr.; Ward, Charles Dexter; Ward, Mrs.; Ward, Theodore Howland; Weeden, Ezra; Weeden, Hazard; West, Benjamin; Whipple, Capt. Abraham; Whitefield adherents; Whitman, Sarah Helen; Willet, Dr. Marinus Bicknell; Winsor, Samuel

Abbot's distil-house; Amasa Field; Angell Street; Athenaeum; Baker & Greenbaugh; Baptist Church; Barnes Street; Barnes Street; Bay and Book; Benefit Street; Benevolent Street; Biltmore hotel; Broad Street; Brown University; Cathedral of St. John; Central Station; Charriere house; Cheapside; Christian Science Church and Dome; City Hall; College Hill; College Street; Colony House; Conanicut Island; Congdon Street; Congregational Church; Court-House Parade; Cranston line; Crown Coffee House; Deacon Snow's Church; Doubloon Street; Douglass' Histrionick Academy; Dr. Cotton's hill church; Durfee-Arnold Letters; Elephant; Elmwood Avenue; Empire Street; Federal Hill; First Baptist Church; Free Will Church; Free-Will Church; Frying-Pan and Fish; George Street; Golden Ball Inn; Great Bridge; Hacher's Hall; Herrenden's Lane; Historical Society; Industrial Trust beacon; Jenckes Street; John Carter Brown Library; John Hay library; Journal; Judge Durfee House; King's Chapell; Langer Brothers Circus; Long Dock; Market House; Market Parade; Meeting Street; Memorial Hall; Mile-End Cove; Moses Brown School; Muddy Dock Bridge; Narragansett; Nentaconhaunt; New Coffee-House; North Burial Ground; North End; North Providence; Olney Court; Physician's Service Bureau; Plainfield Pike?; Poe Street; Post Office Square; Power Street; Power's Lane; Presbyterian-Lane; Prospect Street; Prospect Terrace; Providence Art Club; Providence Bulletin; Providence Evening Bulletin; Providence Gazette and Country-Journal; Providence Journal; Providence River; Providence Telegram; Psi Delta House; Public Library; Red Bridge; Resevoir Avenue; Rochambeau Avenue; Sabin's Tavern; Second Station; Seekonk river?; Shepley Library; Sign of Shakespear's Head; Sign of the Elephant; Sign of the Goat; Sign of the Golden Eagle; Sign of the Golden Lion; Sign of the Unicorn and Mortar; South Main; South Water Street; Spirito Santo Church; St. John's Church; Stamper's Hill; Starry Wisdom Sect; State House; Swan Point Cemetary; Tau Omega fraternity house; Thurston's tavern; Town Street; Turk's Head; Waite's hospital; Washington Bridge; Waterman Street; Weybosset Point; Weybosset Street; Williams Street

Providence Art Club

HPL Call 128.

Providence author, a

Wrote a privately-published manuscript on Innsmouth horror. AWD Hastur 6.

Note: This might be an reference to HPL, rather than just an HPL-like character, if Innsmouth was ever privately published; I think it might have been. Reader's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos cites a Vanguard Press edition in 1936.

Providence Bulletin

Synonym for Providence Evening Bulletin? HPL Haunter 107.

RB Steeple 217-218.

Providence Evening Bulletin

Probable full title of Evening Bulletin. Or else full title may be Providence Bulletin.

Providence Gazette and Country-Journal

HPL Case 114, 126, 128, 135, 147.

See also: Journal (1).

Providence Historical Society

Providence. HPL Case 112.

Providence Journal

Providence. AWD Brotherhood 333, 351; Survivor 150.

Providence Telegram

HPL Haunter 103.

RB Steeple 213.

Incl: Lillibridge, Edwin M..

Providence River

Rhode Island. AWD Brotherhood 344.


HPL Electric 70.

Psi Delta House

College Hill, Providence. HPL Haunter 113.


Membrane. HPL Aeons the inner skin of the extinct yakith lizard; T'yog scroll written on pthagon membrane 274.


Of the frog-fish (Deep Ones). HPL Innsmouth 367.

Ptolemy Press

Hollywood, California. Publishers of The Tunneler Below by Georg Reuter Fischer. [FL Terror2 267.]


Period of Egyptian history.RB Sorceror 161.

Public Library

Providence. HPL Case 112.

Pueblos Indians

HPL Mound Pueblo village 96, indians 107, village of Zuni 116, village 120; Yig 83.


RB Satan 5, 6, 12.

purple spiders

From vales neighboring Leng. HPL Kadath 371.

Purvis, Ogden

Private investigator, Providence. RB Steeple 220-222.

Pyramids of Gizeh

Egypt. HPL Pyramids 217, 219, 221-225, third pyramid that of Queen Nitokris 226, Great Pyramid 227, Second Pyramid 231 & 235.


Where Chaugnar Faugn once dwelt. FBL Hills 254, 280-281.


Damon and Pythias friendship.HPL Man 201.

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