HPL Test 23.

CAS Return suburbs of 33.

Oaths of Dagon

HPL Innsmouth 337.


Town and college in Ohio. HPL Innsmouth 363.

O'Brien, John

Reincarnation of Conan the reaver. REH People narrator 161-162, 164-166, 168.

O'Brien, Kid

A boxer. HPL Herbert 146.

O'Brien, Turlogh Dubh

REH Dark 64-90; Gods 185~234; Hun 151~173.

See also The Shadow of the Hun (in Sword Woman) and The Grey God Passes.


San Francisco area newspaper. HPL Test 25.

Occult Review, The

HPL Aeons published a highly learned article by Etienne-Laurent de Marigny regarding hieroglyphs on T'yog scroll 270.

AWD Gorge 109.


By Heirarchus. RB Tomb 14.


RB Kiss 49.


One of the Seven Stewards of Heaven, invoked in White Magic [RB Hell 60].

octopus-like entities

Images of Tulu (Cthulhu), made by the Old Ones of K'n-yan. HPL Mound 109, 114, 126-127.

AWD Valley Probably Cthulhu 137 & 147.


Of Bel-Yarnak. HK Jest 60.

O'Donnel, John

REH Children (narrator) (149-159), 160-162, (163), 164; Dwellers (narrator) 113, 118, 120, 123, 127-128; Ring (narrator) (49-65), 50, 54, 57.

Aka: O'Donnel, Black John?

O'Donnel, Black John

REH Bear (narrator) (35), 36-37.

Synonym for: O'Donnel, John?


HK Bells 87.

Of Evill Sorceries done in New-England of Daemons in no Humane Shape

Ambrose Dewart found a partially legible, handwritten copy of a portion of this document in Billington House. Stephen Bates and Seneca Lapham also read it. The fragment relates rumors that Richard Billington had called up a daemon named Ossadagowah at a ring of stones near New Dunnich. [AWD Lurker 14, 69, 139]


CAS Return (narrator) 34.


RFS Mists widow 26.


A city. HPL Kadath 358, 360.


AWD Seal 152.

Incl: Oberlin.


HPL Mound 97-98, 116; Yig (throughout, and) 80-81, 84.


Caddo Indians; Compton, Clyde; Compton, Joe; Compton, Sally; Davis, Audrey; Davis, Walker; Grey Eagle; Kukulcan; McNeill, Dr.; Moore, Major; Quetzalcoatl; Rigby, Tom and Jennie; Smith, Lafayette; Stevens; Tirawa; Wichita Indians; Wolf; Yig; Zeke

Binger; Caddo County; Canadian river; Creek country; El Reno; Guthrie; Kickapoo country; Newcastle; Okmulgee; Pawnee country; Scott County?; Wichita country; Wichita Mountains; Wichita River


Creek County, Okalahoma. HPL Yig 85.

Olassie Trail

Manitoba. AWD Ithaqua 106, 108, 110-111, 115-116; Wind Allison Wentworth and James Macdonald used it to travel from Nelson to Stillwater, and later in an attempt to escape back. Ithaqua was sometimes seen against the sky by travelers on this trail.


Lomar. HPL Iranon 114; Kadath 310; Mound 141; Mountains 47; Polaris 21-23.

Old Dethshill Cemetary

Possibly of Arkham. JVS Dead 28-31, 36-37; Graveyard 227, 229, (230-232), 233-234, (235), 236-237, (238-240), 241.

Incl: Carmody, Russell; Carter family; Carter, Obediah; Harrod Place; Kent, Jeremy; Peabody, Benjamin; Witches' Hollow.

Old Dutchtown

New York. REH House 118-120, 128, 130.

Olde Bury'g Point

New England--Salem? HPL Case 194.

Old God

RB Faceless 39.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Older Gods

Synonym for Ancient Ones. AWD OutThere Mentioned in occult lore studied by Geoffrey Malvern and his friends.

Old Farmer's Almanac

AWD Whippoorwills 43.

old man

Manager or owner of the Stellar Brothers Circus [RB Elephant 39-44, 46-49, 51-52, 54].

Old Man of the Sea

RB Kiss 48.

Old Night

Associated with Zushakon. HK Bells 86.

Old Ones (1)

An ancient race of extraterrestrial origin, whose population on earth centered in Antarctica. Most of our information about this race was collected by Lake, Dyer, and Danforth, of the Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition of 1930-31.

In rock of Cambrian or pre-Cambrian date, Lake found a triangular, striated footprint of the Old Ones, about a foot in greatest diameter [HPL Mountains 10, 12]. Later he found a similar footprint, but slightly smaller and more primitive or decadent, in strata from Comanchian times [19].


The rather outre physique of the Old Ones has been minutely described for us by Lake [20-21, 24], and can be summarized as follows:

    • The are roughly barrel-shaped, about six feet tall. They are dark grey, flexible, and infinitely tough.
    • At the top of the body, there is a yellowish, five pointed head with an eye at the end of each point. Red tubes extend from the inner angles of the head and terminate in mouths.
    • At the bottom of the body, there is a starfish-like arrangement of five flexible legs, each ending in a triangular paddle. Between each leg there extends a reddish tube used for excretion.
    • On the body there are five bulging lengthwise ridges. In furrows between the ridges are wings that can fold up or spread out like fans, to an almost seven-foot wing spread. From each ridge, at the equator, grows a light grey flexible arm that divides and subdivides into a total of 25 tentacles.

During dissection, Lake found the blood to be a thick, dark-green fluid. He noted many evidences of both animal and vegetable characteristics. He concluded that the beings were amphibian, capable of breathing but also adapted to long airless periods [24-25]. Like vegetables, they are able to obtain nourishment from inorganic sources, but greatly prefer organic and especially animal food [64].

The physiology of the Old Ones gradually degenerated after settling on earth; they became smaller, coarser and simpler, with many atrophied and vestigial organs [25].

Dyer concluded that the Old Ones are strictly material and originated within our own space-time continuum, in contrast to the Cthulhu spawn and Outer Ones, whose first sources can only be guessed at [68].

Dogs show an intinctive hostility to the Old Ones [21, 22, 32, 36-37], their acrid scent [24, 26], and their soapstone stars [20].

Life Cycle

The Old Ones reproduce like certain primitive vegetables, by way of spore-cases at the tips of the wings [25, 64]. Very few of the Old Ones die except by violence [63], and they bury their dead vertically in five-pointed mounds with indented dots [33, 64].

Lake and his party discovered to their cost that Old Ones can be revived after millions of years of frozen dormancy: "awakening in the cold of an unknown epoch" [96], perhaps as a result of exposure to (slightly) increased heat; in the heated tents, Lake noted a thawing of the specimens that restored their "blood" to its fluid state [24]. Later it was observed that "the ceaseless antarctic sun had begun to limber up their tissues a trifle" [25].


Lake speculated that they could vocalize a wide range of musical piping notes, but no articulate syllables [24]. Later, Dyer and Danforth heard a shoggoth utter the phrase Tekeli-li , in piping tones covering a wide range; they concluded that the shoggoth was imitating the speach of the Old Ones [97-98, 100-101].

The Old Ones' written language consisted of groups of dots; these were observed on their bas-reliefs [55, 57], on their five pointed soapstones [20, 32], on their improvised snow graves for their fallen companions [33, 39], near the cave mouths on the mountains [42], on the buildings of the antarctic city [46], and on scraps of paper written on by the recently deceased Old Ones [82]. The shoggoths left similar marks in slime on walls near the dead Old Ones [95].

Five Pointed Stones

They used small five-pointed stones for currency [65] and possibly for other unknown reasons; five-pointed soapstones were found near the specimens discovered by Lake. (See: soapstones.)

Space Travel

The Old Ones traveled through the interstellar ether on their vast membraneous wings, and arrived when earth was still devoid of life [61]. For their their prehistoric flights through cosmic space, they absorbed certain chemicals and became almost independent of eating, breathing, or heat conditions [64]. During the Jurassic, the Old Ones discovered that they were no longer able to leave the atmospher [68].

Creators of Earth Life

The bodies of the Old Ones reminded Lake of references in the Necronomicon to Elder Things supposed to have created all earth-life as a jest or mistake [22]. Lake also recalled the primal myths about Great Old Ones who filtered down from the stars and concocted earth life as a joke or mistake [25]. The Old Ones were the makers and enslavers of earth life, and the originals of the fiendish elder myths which things like the Pnakotic Manuscripts and the Necronomicon affrightedly hint about [59].The Old Ones created earth-life for food and other purposes. They created viscous, living masses called shoggoths to be their servants. They allowed various cell-groups to develop into other forms of animal and vegetable life, exterminating any that became troublesome [62, 65]. They used a primitive simian ancestor of humanity for food and amusement [65]. Eventually the Old Ones lost the art of creating new life from inorganic matter, but remained able to mold species already in existence [67].


The history of the Old Ones was inferred by Prof. William Dyer and Danforth, on the evidence of bas-reliefs they observed in the antarctic city of the Old Ones. Since Dyer and Danforth had no knowledge of the Old Ones' language, their conclusions should be considered incomplete and tentative at best.

The Old Ones arrived in the Archaean period [12, 19, 22, 25, 30, 32, 37, 39, 59, 103]. At that time, the entire globe was covered with water. Their earliest settlements were in the Antarctic Ocean, but spread further north over time. After a land mass developed near the south pole, they began creating cities on land as well. Few or none of their first cities remained beyond the Archaean stage. [66]

Sometime after the early Achaean and before the Carboniferous period, continents separated from the antarctic land mass and drifted north. Upheavals created new land in the South Pacific. A land-dwelling race of octopi arrived, presumably the spawn of Cthulhu. The Cthulhu spawn and the Old Ones battled over territory, and only the new lands were given to the Cthulhu spawn. Later, the lands of the Pacific sank again, taking with it the city of R'lyeh and the Cthulhu spawn, so that the Old Ones were again supreme on the planet. [66]

Gradually the Old Ones shifted to living mostly on land. By the Carboniferous period, the whole globe, both land and underwater, was scattered with the Old One's vast stone cities. But the antarctic remained the center of their civilisation [66-67, 69].

In the middle of the Permian age, the Old Ones waged and eventually won a war of subjugation against their rebellious shoggoth slaves [67].

During the Jurassic, earth was invaded by the Mi-Go or Outer Ones. The Outer Ones drove the Old Ones out of the northern lands [68]. Still, the Old Ones gradually receded to the south, and by Pliocene times had no land cities except on the antarctic continent and the tip of South America, and even their ocean cities extended no further than the fiftieth parallel of South Latitude. [69]

Dyer suspected that the Old One's history might be mythologized or censored for reasons of pride, and noted that their annals failed to mention many advanced races of beings who figure in legend [68].

Antarctic City and Environs

The mountains surrounding the antarctic city of the Old Ones are dotted with stone cubes [14, 29] and ramparts [34, 40] and cavemouths [41, 43]. The cavemouths are often approximately square or semicircular [42].

The city itself, first revealed through a mirage reflected by the atmosphere over the mountains, features stone buildings with a variety of geometrical shapes such as cones, cylinders, pyramids, and spires in clusters of five [30, 44-47]. The city extends alongside the mountains for about three hundred miles [48, 70], but only about thirty miles in width [48]. At least one of the ramparts is star-shaped [50], and many other features are five-pointed [52].

The city is near a far older city reputed to have been the original settlement of the Old Ones, when the area was still on a primal sea-bottom [70].

The Mountains of Madness

The Old Ones of the antarctic city shunned and feared a range of violet mountains, some 300 miles to the west, and over forty thousand feet in height. During the decadent period, some of the Old Ones made strange prayers to those mountains. Dyer suspected that Kadath in the Cold Waste might lie beyond those peaks [71]. The Old Ones recoiled in terror from certain objects that washed down in a river from these mountains [73]. In a mirage, Danforth thought he saw a reflection of what lay beyond those mountains, and never fully recovered his sanity. Although he would never clearly discuss what he saw, his arcane hints included a mention of Yog-Sothoth [105-106].

Final Retreat

With the advent of glacial periods between 1 million and 500,000 years ago, the Old Ones withdrew gradually to undersea cities off the antarctic coast and to an abyss of underground water near their antarctic city, kept warm by the Earth's internal heat. There the Old Ones built a new city, partly out of reused elements from the old one [73-76]. On exploring a tunnel leading downward from the antarctic city toward this abyss, Dyer and Danforth encountered a shoggoth and concluded that that entire race of the Old Ones had probably been destroyed by their shoggoth slaves [96-101].


Robert Blake said that the Shining Trapezohedron was fashioned on Yuggoth, and the Old Ones later brought it to earth. The Old Ones treasured it and placed it in its curious box. This fact suggests a link between the Old Ones and Nyarlathotep, since the Shining Trapezohedron is a device for summoning an avatar of that being [HPL Haunter 106].

Captives of the Great Race

The psychically-transplanted captives of the Great Race included some from the winged, star-headed, half-vegetable race of paleogean Antarctica [Time 395]. The Great Race sometimes waged war against the winged, star-headed Old Ones who centered in the antarctic [400]. S'gg'ha, a captive mind from the star-headed vegetable carnivores of Antarctica, chiselled pictures on the walls in the city of the Great Race in Western Australia [417]. 

Survivors on Another Planet

In one of his visions, Gilman visited a city where he saw shining metal carvings of the Old Ones, and then a couple of living Old Ones [HPL WitchHouse 277-278]. 

AWD Space (238).

Synonyms: Elder Ones (1); Great Old Ones (2)

Old Ones (2)

Beings associated with Yog-Sothoth. Speaking of Wilbur Whateley's older brother, a spawn of Yog-Sothoth, Old Whateley said that "Only them from beyont kin make it multiply and work. . . . Only them, the old uns as wants to come back" [HPL Dunwich 167]. A long quote from the Necronomicon gives hints about the Old Ones. They have long existed; even now they live undimensioned and unseen, between the spaces we know. They have broken through to our world before and trodden earth's fields; they ruled here once, and will reign again. They have begotten offspring on humanity, but the appearance of such offspring varies from entirely human to that shape without sight or substance which is Them. They are invisible to human eyes, but their foulness can be smelled. Yog-Sothoth is the gate or the keeper of the gate between the spheres, through which they will return [170]. 

Their form can perhaps be inferred from the brief glimpse that Curtis Whateley got of Wilbur's brother; See Yog-Sothoth.

Great Cthulhu is their cousin, yet he can spy them only dimly [170]. Perhaps the Old Ones represent a more alien mode of being than Cthulhu and his spawn? It is not clear whether the Old Ones are likely to be allies or  enemies of Cthulhu. Of the Old Ones, Alhazred says that "the sunken isles of Ocean hold stones whereon Their seal is engraven, but who hath seen... the sealed tower long garlanded with seaweed and barnacles" [170]. It may be implied that the Old Ones vanquished Cthulhu and left their seal on sunken R'lyeh to help keep him imprisoned. If this is true, then these might be the "One Ones" whose magic sign has power against the Deep Ones; See magic sign.

Old Ones (3)

Of K'n-yan. HPL Mound (97-98, 101, 103, 105, 108, 109), 117-118, original stock who peopled Earth as soon as the crust was fit to live on 131, great surface civilizations between glacial ages, esp. at South Pole near Mt. Kadath 131, traffic with upper world cut off 131, million or two years of cleavage 133.

Old Ones (4)

Synonym for: Ancient Ones (2). AWD Gable 213; Survivor 162.

Old Ones (5)

Synonym for: Great Old Ones (3). AWD Sky and immediate servitors 86.

Old Ones (6)

In Mt. Voormithadreth. CAS Coming subterrene, submarine, or supermundane dwellings 71, 79; Seven 50, 55.

Old Ones (7)

Miscellaneous references:  

Arthur Feldon mentioned the term "Old Ones" in connection with a number of gods of apparently Native American mythology [HPL Electric 68]. Later he babbled of European pagan deities [70] and even "Cthulhutl" [74], so it is possible that for Feldon, "Old Ones" was an encompassing term for old and pagan deities of whatever tradition.  

Magic signs of the Old Ones provide protection against the Deep Ones [HPL Innsmouth 331, 333]. The paleogean magic of the Old Ones might sometimes check the Deep Ones, but could never destroy them [367]. 

George Rogers said that if Rhan-Tegoth dies, the Old Ones can never come back [HPL Museum 235].

RB Faceless 44; Mummy 285.

AWD Dweller 133 = Great Old Ones, 134, 151; Lair = Elder Gods 126, = Lloigor, Zhar and friends 132 & 133; Lurker =Great Old Ones? 60, 81, 83, 110, 133; Hastur = Elder Gods in this story, good guys 11, nameless and always stronger than Evil Ones 11; Whippoorwills 47.

DW Lady 105.

REH Bear 36.

HK Bells 86; Salem Nyogtha a brother of 261.

CAS Holiness 119, 134.

RFS Warder 164.

Old People

A race of snake-like subterranean cave dwellers in Texas. REH Lost (76, description 77, had once been human 78, 79), 81-83, (84, poisonous 85), 86, (87), 90.

Compare with: Little People.

Old Square

Innsmouth HPL Innsmouth 324, 336.

Old Testament

AWD Island 181.

Old Town of King Harold Haardrada

HPL Call 148.

Old Town Street.

RB Creeper 103.

Oligocene epoch

35-25 million years ago. HPL Mountains 18.

Oliver's grandfather

HPL Pickman 12.


South America. AWD Curwen 10; Gorge 125.

Olney Court

Providence. HPL Case 111, 117, 127, 148, 152-154, 156, 174-175, 203, 227.

Olney, Epenetus

Of Providence. HPL Case 152, 188.

Olney, Thomas

Kingsport; Narragansett Bay. HPL Mist 278-285

O'Malley, Father

HPL Haunter 98, 103.


AWD Keeper 148, 156, 171.

Ommiade Caliphs

HPL History 1.

Ompallios, Tirouv

Of Hyperborea. CAS Tale 3-5, (6-8), 9, 11, 16-17.

On the Sending Out of the Soul

A pamphlet. HK Hydra 126-127, (128, 134-135, 137, 140).

One Medicine Three-Hat

Indian man, of Cold Harbor. AWD Ithaqua 107.

One Over All

AWD Island 190.

Ones whom Solomon knew of old

HPL Diary 317.

On the Beam

A show that Eve Vernon sang in [RB Hell 39].

Onyx Sphinx Press

Arkham, Massachusetts. Publishers of Azathoth and Other Horrors by Edward Pickman Derby [FL Terror2 267].


A place in dream, beyond the Karthian hills. HPL Iranon 111, 113-116.

Ooth-Nargai, Valley of

Where Celephais is. HPL Celephais 85-89; Kadath 309, 333, 338-339, 345, 352-353, 356.

AWD Lurker 134.

Opener of the Way

Synonym for Anubis. RB Opener 156-157, 160-161, 167.


AWD Sky 68.


One of the Seven Stewards of Heaven, invoked in White Magic [RB Hell 60].


HPL Cats the cat is bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Ophir 55.

oppressor, the

A mysterious blazing being who had done a terrible wrong to Joe Slater's dream self, and which shook and laughed and mocked at him. Algol is the blinking beacon of the oppressor [HPL Sleep (27, 28), 34]


Dark foreign attendent at Rogers' Museum. HPL Museum (218-219), 220-221, 223-227, 231-232, 234, 238-241.

Orange Hotel

Of High Street, Bloemfontein. HPL Winged 242, 260, 262.

Orange Point

Kingsport. HPL Festival 216.

Order of Dagon

Synonym for Esoteric Order of Dagon. AWD Clay 378.

Order of Dagon Hall

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 320, 325, 339, 350.

AWD Shuttered 271; Sky 65, 74-75, (76), 80, 83-84.

Aka: Dagon Hall.

See also: Esoteric Order of Dagon.

Ord family

Of Texas. REH Lost 188.

Ord, Bill and Peter

Of Texas. REH Lost 65-79, 88-89.

Ordovician period

500-425 million years ago. HPL Mountains 18.


Isle, in Southern Sea of Dreamworld. HPL Kadath 312-313, 315, 324-328, 332, 334, 345.


HPL Aeons burst of activity among Oriental religious cults 278.

RB Demon 65.

AWD Gorge 99; Seal 153.

Orient Shipping Company

HPL Aeons Cabot Museum acquired T'yog mummy from 265.


Constellation. AWD Island 182; Keeper 141; Lair 124, 126, 134; Lurker 106; Hastur 27, 32.

Oris, Om

RFS Casket mightiest of wizards 11; Mists 25.


Islands off Scotland. REH Gods 195, 213-218.

Incl: Brunhild; Thorfin, Rane.

Orme, Sir Edward

Of Dunwich. AWD Watchers 400.


Family of Arkham and Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 363-364.

AWD Sky 64, 83-84.

Orne, Benjamin

Father of Eliza. HPL Innsmouth 362.

Orne, Eliza

Ancestor of Innsmouth narrator. HPL Innsmouth 362.

Orne, Granny

Of Kingsport. HPL Mist 279.

Orne, Jebediah

Letters. HPL Case 112, 138-139, 147, 149, 150-151, 157, 161, 195, 208.

Orne, Simon

Synonym for Orne, Jebediah, alias Nadek, Joseph. HPL Case 138, 149-151, address 152, Simon 162, Simon O. 194, 195-197, 203-204, 208, 222-223, 233.

Orne's Gangway

HPL WitchHouse 288.


Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition. HPL Mountains 20.

Orthodox Church of the Massachusetts Bay

RB Satan 6.

Orwell, George

Author. AWD Wood 82.

Osborn, Clem and Marie

Arkham area. AWD Whippoorwills 38, 54, farm 57, 58, 67-69.

Osborn, Jason

Of Dunwich. AWD Lurker 56, 72, 95, 97-99, 101.

Osborn, Joe

HPL Dunwich 191, 197.

Osborne, (Cousin) Frank

Cousin of Willie Osborne. RB Notebook 236-245, 248-249.

Osborne, Mehitabel

Salem witch; ancestor of Willie Osborne on father's side. RB Notebook 233.

Osborne, Willie

Nephew of Aunt Lucy and Uncle Fred; descendent of Mehitabel Osborne. RB Notebook (narrator) 231, 240, 243-244, 248.

Osborn's general store

HPL Dunwich 166, 168-169.


Egyptian god. HPL Pyramids 221, 234, 241.

RB Fane 133; Opener 163; Sebek 116-117, 125.


Norway. HPL Call 148.


God, son of Sadogowah. AWD Lurker 15, 16, description? 43, description? 85, description? 88, 139, 146-147.


Genus of saurians. AWD Survivor 152.


An old name for Tahiti. HPL Innsmouth 329.

Other, the

Entity called on by Graag for his sorceries. Earthly remains, resembling a large white worm, buried by Graag and protected by the curse called the mantle of the sorcerer. On being uncovered by Roche, Paulsen, Hank Klarney, and Frank Hartley, crumbled into dust. RAL Graag 15.

Aka: worm; white worm.

Other Gods

Of dreamlands. Gods of the outer hells, who guard the feeble gods of earth. They snatched Barzai up into the sky when he attempted to view earth's gods [HPL Other 131]. The high priest of Celephais said that the Other Gods from Outside subject Earth's Gods to strange protection [Kadath 353]. Kurances warned that the Other Gods had strange ways of protecting Earth's Gods from impertinent curiousity [355].

The Other Gods from Outside left their seal upon earth's primal granite at least twice: once in antediluvian times, as recorded by a drawing in the Pnakotic Manuscripts, and once on Hatheg-Kla after they took Barzai the Wise [Other 131, Kadath 312, 399]. When men living in a valley near Ngranek angered Earth's Gods, the latter spoke to the Other Gods, who drowned the valley in sinister lava [Kadath 315]. That valley is overlooked by a carven face of Earth's Gods, but it is not clear whether the carving was made before or after the valley was laid waste; it is conceivable that the Other Gods left the face as a sign of warning, much as they did the seal on Hatheg-Kla.

The Other Gods dance slowly, awkwardly, and absurdly to the pounding and piping that accompanies Azathoth [308, 318]. They roll and tumble mindlessly in the black ultimate void where broods the daemon sultan [399]. Their soul and messenger is the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep [308, 318, 321, 353, 370, 396].

Though the Other Gods are mindless [Kadath 319, Nyarlathotep 3], Nyarlathotep appears as a cultured and devious being [Kadath 398-403], suggesting that he is either the smartest of the bunch, or else that the Other Gods form a sort of corporate mind, far greater than the individuals who compose it. On this theory, Nyarlathotep could be the name for any form that the Other Gods manifest in order to communicate their will.

In the empty space beyond the Basalt Pillar of the West, the larvae of the Other Gods lurk; they are shapeless black things with slimy paws, blind and mindless, given to leering or pawing at any passersby. Though said to be mindless like the adults of their kind, they are curious and have singular hungers and thirsts [319]. Carter also encountered these larvae when the shantak bird was carrying him toward the void of Azathoth [404].

Devotees of the Other Gods and Nyarlathotep include the gugs, who reared stone circles and made strange sacrifices. Eventually, however, the gugs committed an abomination that caused Earth's Gods to banish them to carverns below [338]. (It seems curious that worshippers of the powerful Other Gods could be banished by the week and feeble Gods of Earth.) Another devotee is the high-priest not to be described, who dwells in the remote and prehistoric monastery on Leng [370].

The Other Gods are not feared by the night-gaunts, since the night-guants' only lord is Nodens [389]. Nor do the ghouls serve the Other Gods, for ghouls have no masters. Yet the Other Gods can control both night-gaunts and ghouls when they must [396-397]. 

Some places in dreamland have known the presence of the Other Gods. Thus, certain white hemisperical buildings on curious knolls in Leng's northward reaches are unpleasantly associated with the Other Gods and Nyarlathotep in common folklore [391]. And when Carter reached Kadath, he felt the presence of the Other Gods there [397]. After Earth's Gods were lured away by Carter's fabulous sunset city, only the Other Ones from outser space held sway on unremembered Kadath [399]; though Earth's Gods were later returned to Kadath by Nyarlathotep [407].

The Other Gods are also referred to as the ultimate gods [Nyarlathotep 3].

Nyarlathotep told Carter to "remember the Other Gods; they are great and mindless and terrible, and they lurk in the outer voids. They are good gods to shun" [403].


Canada. HPL Herbert 154.


R. Carter boyhood realm. HPL Gates 431, 440; Kadath 334, 348-349; Silver 408.

Outer Extension

HPL Gates 434.

Outer Ones (1)

A race of fungoid, crablike alien beings with outposts on earth.


The bodies of the Outer Ones resemble a five-foot long, pink crab with many pairs of legs and two bat-like wings in the middle of the back. The head is a convoluted ellipsoid, resembling a pyramided set of rings or knots of thick ropy stuff, all covered with multitudes of very short antennae. Sometimes they walk on all their legs, sometimes on the hindmost pair only, using the others to carry objects.[HPL Whisperer description 210-211 & 236] The footprints or clawprints of the Outer Ones are hideously crab-like. The prints are about the size of a human foot, with a central pad from which pairs of saw-toothed nippers projected in opposite directions, thus making it difficult to infer the direction of travel [221].

The Outer Ones are more vegetable than animal, and have a somewhat fungoid structure [239] Their blood or juice is a foul-smelling, green sticky stuff [234, 236], perhaps because of the presence of a chlorophyll-like substance [239].

The Outer Ones have subtle senses that do not require light, for they originated in the outer void where there is no light. Light even hurts and hampers and confuses them [254]. They seem to generally avoid moonlight [231, 232, 233, 234, 235]; though on one occasion, one was seen flying past the full moon [211].

The Outer Ones usually communicate telepathically. However, they have rudimentary vocal organs that can be surgically modified to allow them to emulate speech [240]. Their voices have a severe buzzing quality [211-212, 217, 234].

The Outer Ones are able to live in interstellar space and fly through it with their wings, which have a way of resisting the ether [217]. The Outer Ones' wings are too poor at steering to be of much use traveling on earth [217-218]. Nevertheless, one specimen was seen flying from a hilltop [211], and Akeley feared that the Outer Ones were learning to steer better with their space wings [234].

The Outer Ones can be seen by humans, but are invisible to ordinary cameras, due to being composed of matter alien to our part of space. However, a chemist with the right knowledge could create a photograpic emulsion that would capture their images [236, 240]. After the Outer Ones die, their bodies evaporate in a few hours [236].


The Outer Ones originated in a black cosmos outside time and space, far outside the Einsteinian space-time continuum or greatest known cosmos [Whisperer 228, 254]. Most of the Outer Ones still inhabit strangely organized abysses of infinite vastness, outside the space-time globule that we consider to be the cosmos [240].

The Pennacook myths taught that the Outer Ones came from the Great Bear in the sky [212].


Some of the Outer Ones populated the dark planet Yuggoth (Pluto), at the rim of our solar system, amidst the giant ruins left by some elder race [Whisperer 228, 254].

Albert Wilmarth spoke to Georg Reuter Fischer of the Outer Ones as "Plutonians" [FL Terror2 300, 301].

See: Yuggoth.

Earth and the Old Ones

According to Von Junzt, the Outer Ones colonized earth before terrestrial life [HPL Aeons 272].

However, according to Prof. Dyer, the Outer Ones seem to have arrived later, during the Jurassic age. The Outer Ones invaded earth from Pluto and drove the crinoid Old Ones out of the northern lands [HPL Mountains 68]. The Mi-Go were composed of more exotic matter than the Old Ones, and were able to undergo transformations and reintegrations impossible for the latter [68]. Dyer wondered whether the Mi-Go were still a threat during the declining years of the Old Ones [76].

Mu and Yaddith-Gho

According to Von Junzt, the Outer Ones left monstrous ruins in a region that later became the human kingdom of K'naa, on Mu. The Outer Ones perished from that region aeons before humans arrived, but left behind a fortress atop Yaddith-Gho, wherein dwelt their demon-god Ghatanothoa, who later became a bane to the human population [Aeons 272].

Continuing Outposts

The Outer Ones maintain a secret colony on this planet [Whisperer 238], with outposts including ones in Vermont and on certain remote peaks in the Old World [240].

Albert Wilmarth compared the sightings of Outer Ones to the legends of Mi-Go or Abominable Snow-Men of the Himalayas [214]. The formerly human brain called B-67 told Wilmarth that he originally met the Outer Ones in the Himalayas [260].

There are multiple varieties of the Outer Ones, and only the variety represented in Vermont is able to bodily fly through space without mechanical aid or special surgery. Those Outer Ones inhabiting certain remote peaks in the Old World were brought in other ways [240].


According to Pennacook legends, the Outer Ones have mines on earth where they take a mineral they cannot get from any other world [Whisperer 212]. According to Von Junzt, the Outer Ones also brought a special metal from Yuggoth; this lagh metal cannot be found in any mine on earth [Aeons 274].


For the most part, the Outer Ones are content to let mankind alone, as long as we stay away from certain mountains and valleys where they are active [Whisperer 211]. However, the Outer Ones have occasionally been known to accost lone travelers with surprising offers [212]. They have alliances with certain members of the human race [228]. Akeley got information from a human who spied for the Outer Ones and later killed himself [217, 220]; Akeley believed that there were other spies [217], including Walter Brown (q.v.).

Pseudo-Akeley said that the Outer Ones have an increasing desire to make themselves known to humanity and establish peaceful coexistence, now that mankind's increasing knowledge is making it more and more difficult for the Outer Ones' outposts to exist secretly on this planet [239]. The Outer Ones apparently inspired humanity to discover Yuggoth (the planet Pluto) [240, 254, 264-265].

According to pseudo-Akeley, there is a secret cult of men who oppose the Outer Ones. Pseudo-Akeley linked them to Hastur and the Yellow Sign, and claimed that the cult works on behalf of monstrous powers from other dimensions [239].

Bringers of Strange Gods

Armitage came to believe that the foulest legends of secret myth were first brought to earth by the Outer Ones [Whisperer 256]. Randolph Carter believed that Winged Ones had came to Earth to teach the Elder Lore to man [HPL Gates 432].

As noted previously, the Outer Ones brought the demon-god Ghatonothoa to earth [Aeons 272]. The Outer Ones reverence Cthulhu, Tsathogguah, Shub-Niggurath, the Lord of the Woods, Azathoth, and Nyarlathotep [Whisperer 226]. They worship Yog-Sothoth as the Beyond-One [Gates 439].

Earth Creatures

Dogs and other earthly beasts have always hated the Outer Ones. The region around Akeley's house was devoid of animal life [Whisperer 262-263]. Akeley's dogs apparently kept the Outer Ones at bay [229]


Professor Dyer, when he saw the Antarctic city of the crinoid Old Ones, was reminded of various primal legends, including the Mi-Go or Abominable Snowmen of the Himalayas [HPL Mountains 45]. The specimens of the crinoid Old Ones reminded Lake of stories of other elder entities, including the Albert Wilmarth's stories of the Outer Ones [25].

Aka: Abominable Snow-Men; Mi-Go; Yuggoth, Spawn of; Winged Ones.

Outer Ones (2)

Synonym for Evil Ones (2). HH Guardian 294, 296, 299, 302.

Outer Powers

HPL Man 209.

Out of the Old Land

Poem by Justin Geoffrey. REH Roof 3.

Outsider narrator

HPL Outsider 46-52; lived in an ancient castle underground , with no memory of birth or upbringing 46-47; on escaping to the surface, discovered himself to be a monstrosity and recovered his memory 49-52; mentions "those who are still men" - perhaps was human once himself 52; thereafter haunts varous Egyptian settings, incl. catacombs of Nephren-Ka, rock tombs of Neb, feasts beneath the Great Pyramid 52.

Outsider and Others, The

By H. P. Lovecraft. AWD Beyond2 160, 172; Dweller 122, 126, 129, 148.

Out There

A transdimensional place. HH Guardian 296.


England. HPL Descendant attended by Lord Northam.

AWD OutThere Soames Hemery, Geoffrey Malvern, Duncan Vernon were among a group of five students sent down after a scandal arising from their sorcerous practices.

Incl. Hemery, Soames; Malvern, Geoffrey; Northam, Lord; Vernon, Duncan.

Oxford-Field Museum Expedition

HPL Mountains 42.


A river? HPL Nameless 103.


HPL Yig 84.

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