A person. HPL Case 197.


Of Innsmouth. AWD Island 191-195.

Possible synonym for: Marsh, Barnabas.


A god of the Druids. RB DarkIsle 93, 97, 106.

Mace, Peter

HC Isle 147-160, 162-166, 168.

Aka: Peteme.

Macdonald, James

Of Manitoba. AWD Beyond2 residents of Nelson (172); Wind helped in Irene Masitte's attempted escape from being sacrificed to Ithaqua at Stillwater. Was swept into the sky by Ithaqua and traveled for a year as prisoner of same, before being placed on the ground near Robert Norris. Remained unconscious until his death shortly thereafter, possibly resulting from exposure to warmth after long acclimation to cold.

Machen, Arthur

Author, The Novel of the Black Seal, etc. HPL Call 143; Dunwich 172; Whisperer 214.

RB Kiss 48.

REH Children 150-151.

HK Salem 257.

Machu Pichu

Peru. HPL Mountains 41.

AWD Curwen 8, 10-11, 15, 29; Gorge 108, 128, 125, 132; Space 242.

Mackenzie, Robert B. F

Of Australia. HPL Time 404-406, 410.

MacNeil, Dr

HPL Test 50-52, 58, 60.

Macy, Bill

HC Death 362.

Mad Dan

HPL Man 202-203, 205-207.

Synonym for: Morris, Dan.

Madame Tussaud's

London. HPL Museum 215, 218.


Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 124, 146.


AWD Six 124.

Maelstrom, the

Near Norway. AWD Spawn 20, 29.

See also: Spawn of the Maelstrom.

magah birds

Of the dream-world. Brilliant, seven-coloured birds found in resin groves on the island of Oriab. They sing blithely in the daytime. [HPL Kadath 328-329, 331].

Magic and Black Arts

By Kane. HH Guardian 288.

magic signs

Small stones, marked with a swastika, that once were used by the Old Ones and have power against the Deep Ones. According to Zadok Allen, the Deep Ones said "they cud wipe aout the hull brood o' humans ef they was willin' to bother - that is, any as didn't have sarten signs sech as was used onct by the lost Old Ones, whoever they was" [HPL Innsmouth 331]. "Obed he faound the island people all wiped aout between v'yages. Seems the other islanders had got wind o' what was goin' on, and had took matters into their own hands. S'pose they must a had, after all, them old magic signs as the sea things says was the only things they was afeard of. No tellin' what any o' them Kanakys will chance to git a holt of when the sea-bottom throws up some island with ruins older'n the deluge... In some places they was little stones strewed abaout - like charms - with somethin' on 'em like what ye call a swastika naowadays. Prob'ly them was the Old Ones' signs" [333]. The Deep Ones could never be destroyed, even though the paleogean magic of the forgotten Old Ones might sometimes check them [367].

These magic signs somewhat resemble star-stones, except that (1) the magic signs are not described as having any particular shape, whether five-pointed or otherwise, (2) the magic signs are marked with swastikas rather than the eye-and-flame sign found on star stones, and (3) the magic signs are credited to the Old Ones rather than the Elder Gods. "Old Ones" is a term with many meanings, but can possibly be taken as referring to the crinoid Old Ones of Antactica; as these Old Ones are known to have battled the spawn of Cthulhu [HPL Mountains 66, 68], and the Deep Ones are also associated with Cthulhu. (Innsmouth was written Nov.-Dec. 1931, a few months after Mountains Feb.-Mar. 1931.)

Compare with: soapstones; star-stones.

Maglore, Jeffry

Father of Simon Maglore. RB Mannikin 77.

Maglore, Richard

Uncle of Simon Maglore. RB Mannikin 78.

Maglore, Simon

Of Bridgetown. Son of Jeffry Maglore; nephew of Richard Maglore. Author, The Witch is Hung. RB Mannikin 74-87.

Magna Mater

Goddess. HPL Rats 29, 45.

HK Hydra 135.

Possible synonym for: Hydra (1).

Magnalia Christi Americana

By Cotton Mather. A history of early New England, including biographies of many ministers. The book quotes Borellus on the subject of the reanimation of the dead; see Borellus. The book also discusses witchcraft in the Second Book, Chapter XII, Section 16 and in the Sixth Book, Chapter VII (titled Thaumatographia Pneumatica).

The Magnalia includes an anecdote that inspired Carter's story "The Attic Window" [HPL Unnameable 202-204]:

At the southward there was a beast, which brought forth a creature which might pretend to something of an human shape. Now, the people minded that the monster had a blemish in one eye, much like what a profligate fellow in the town was known to have. This fellow was hereupon examined; and upon his examination confess'd his infandous Bestialities; for which he was deservedly executed.
—Magnalia , Book VI, Chapter V, "Historia Nemesios; Relating Remarkable Jedgments of God," in the subsection headed "The Tenth Remark." (Thanks to S. T. Joshi for tracing this reference in the footnotes to his HPL collection, The Dreams in the WitchHouse.)

In a letter to Joseph Curwen, Jebediah Orne referred cryptically to the Magnalia : "But I would have you Observe what was tolde to us aboute tak'g Care whom to calle up, for you are Sensible what Mr. Mather writ in ye Magnalia of ———, and can judge how truely that Horrendous thing is reported." [HPL Case 138]

Richard Upton Pickman said that Cotton Mather knew things he didn't dare put into the Magnalia [HPL Pickman 16].

An old man living in an isolated house in the Miskatonic Valley had a rotting, bulky copy of the Magnalia [HPL Picture 119].

magneto-optic geoscanner

FL Terror2 289, 292, 295-298, 300-303.

Magnum Innominandum

Latin for "the great not-to-be-named."

HPL Whisperer 223.

FL Terror2 302.

Compare with: Hastur, because of his epithets "Unspeakable" and "Him Who is Not to be Named."

Magnus, Albertus

HPL Case 121.

AWD Lurker 16.

HK Hunt 167.

Magyar Folklore

By Dornly. REH Black 58.


Hungarians. HPL Case 197.

REH Black 61, 63, 65.

Main St

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 320, Main Street bridge 324, 325, 328, 340-341.


HPL Haunter 96; Doorstep 285*, 286.

RB Satan 5-6.

Incl: Fenner, Dave; Frank (2); Garlan, Ben; Garlan, Jim; Graag; Other, the; Settler, Major; Wing, Mrs.; Wing, Thad
Augusta; Chesuncook; Flagstaff; Great Hill; hamlet of the dog; Kittery; Newport; Pasquantogs; Plymouth; Portsmouth; Roodsford; Settler's Wall; Skowhegan; Wells; York.

Magnus, Olaus

Author of an untitled work. AWD Attic 320; Peabody 193.


Star in the Pleiades. AWD Curwen 46.

Mak Morn, Bran

REH Children Bran cult 153; Dark 86-88.

Aka: Dark Man (2); Morni.

Malay Pride

Esdras Martin's barkentine. HPL Innsmouth 329.


AWD Curwen 12.

Malay States

AWD Island 195.

RB Elephant 40.

Includes: Jadhore.

Malik Tawis, Malik Tous

Melek-Taus is a name for Satan meaning literally "Peacock King" used by the devil-worshipping Yezidis or Peacock Angel cult of Kurdistan. Richard Francis Burton wrote an elegy to this sect called The Kasidah (Kasîdah). (Edward Rice, Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, p. 84; New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1990.)

RB Hell 37.

REH Dig 79, peacock sign 80, bird-like designs 81 & 83, appears as an Oriental (83-84), 85-86, gigantic black shadow like a monstrous bat 87.

Aka: Ahriman; Apolleon; Beelzebub; Black Master; Darke Lord; Serpent, old; Prince of Darkness; Satan; Sathanus.

Malkowski, Dr

Of Arkham. HPL WitchHouse 294-295.

Malleus Maleficarum

AWD Attic 320; Peabody 192.


Britain. AWD OutThere A gaunt old home on the seacoast near Lynwold. Family estate of Lord Malvern and Geoffrey Malvern.

Malvern, Geoffrey

Of Lynwold. AWD OutThere Son of Lord Malvern. Relations with his father were strained due to Geoffrey's frequent escapades. Engaged in sorcery with four friends at Oxford, including Soames Hemery and Duncan Vernon. A scandal ensued, and all but he were sent down. Set free Something from Out There under the priory near Malvern-by-the-Sea, and went insane. Was treated by Dr. William Currie. It is not clear whether he ever regained his sanity.

Malvern, Lord

Of Malvern-by-the-Sea, Lynwold. Father of Geoffrey Malvern. AWD OutThere.

Mammoth Cave

Kentucky. FL Terror2 296.


HPL Test 20.

FBL Eaters 110-111; Gateway 5.

Manhattan Museum of Fine Arts

FBL Hills 240.


RB Sebek 118.


Canada. AWD Beyond2 169, 172, 175; Ithaqua 105; Wind setting of the Stillwater mystery.

CAS Offspring 8.

Incl: Macdonald, James; Navissa Camp; Nelson; Olassie Trail; Stillwater; Wentworth, Allison.


The Pasquantogs prayed to the guiding Manitou. RB Satan 9.

mannikin, the

RB Mannikin 85-86, (87).

Manning, Rev. James

President of the College. Providence. HPL Case 135, 140, 142, 146.

Manton, Joel

Of Arkham. Principal of East High School. HPL Unnameable 201-207.

Manuxet river

Mouth at Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 306, 310, 315, 324, 336.

AWD Lurker 24; Sky 52, 56, 62, and falls 75, 78, 80.

Mao game(s)

AM White2 125.

AWD Lurker 134.


New Zealand. AWD Island 185; Gorge 100.

mantle of the sorceror, mantle of Graag

A curse laid by Graag on any who disturb the remains of the Other. Led to the deaths of Paulsen, Roche, Frank Hartley, Hank Klarner, and possibly Harvey. RAL Graag 14, 15.


Massachusetts. RAL Settlers not too far from Miskatonic University 25.


A "prince" of the netherworld. AWD Wentworth 175.


Arabia/Middle East. AWD Keeper 153.


Mexican cook. HPL Test 40, 45, 47, 49-50, 57.

Margate, Randy

Of Cold Harbor? Brother-in-law of Henry Lucas. AWD Ithaqua 106-107.

Marianas Islands

AWD Gorge 104.

Marie Celeste

AWD Gorge 111.


HK Hydra 129.

See also: cannibis indica.


HC Death 360, 362-366, (369), 370, (371).

Market House, Kingsport

HPL Festival 210.

Market House, Providence

In 1773 Providence. HPL Case 115, 165.

Market Parade

Providence. HPL Case 123.

Market Square, Newburyport

HPL Innsmouth 313.

Market Square, Arkham

AWD Sky 61.

Market Street

San Francisco. HPL Test 20.

Marquesas Islands

HC Isle natives 148, 160.

AWD Island 182, incl. tiki 185; Gorge 100-101; Seal 158; Space 233; Survivor 159.

Incl: Hivaoa Island; tiki.


HPL Gates Cyclopean ruins 451.

AWD Space ant-like beings from 238, 241; Whippoorwills 43.

Marsdale, Alyn

DW Fire2 75.


Innsmouth and Dunwich family. AWD Island 189, 194; Fisherman 292; Clay 371-373, 375-378, 380; Seal 153, not so many died in 1928 154, 156m 158-159, hopping gait 167, 176; Sky 60, 62, all gone except Ahab and two old women 65, 66, 73/74, 84-85, 88, 90; Shuttered 266-267, 270-273, 276-277, 280; Survivor 161; Valley 137-138; Watchers 403.


Home, Innsmouth. AWD Sky 78, 80, 88-89.

Marsh, Ada.

AWD Seal 154-157, 160, 165-166, 170, 174-176, 178-179.

Aka: Phillips, Ada.

Marsh, Ahab

AWD Sky 60, 63, 65, 70, 73, described 74, 78-84, 86, 88-89, description 90, 91.

Marsh, (Miss) Aliza

AWD Sky 88, 91.

Marsh, Barnabas

HPL Innsmouth 338-339.

See: M.; Marsh, Old Man.

Marsh Drift

AWD Seal 159-160.

Marsh, Edward

Of Dunwich. AWD Watchers married to Blessed Bishop 403.

Marsh, Enoch

Father of ? HPL Innsmouth 363.

Marsh, Eric

AWD Lair (narrator) 117-118, 122-124, 126-132, 135.

Marsh, (Miss) Ethlai

AWD Sky 88, 91.

Marsh, Frank

Of New Orleans. HPL Medusa of New Orleans 170, 171, 174-183, 185-193, 200.

Marsh, Jethro

Of Innsmouth. AWD Clay 375.

Marsh, Lydia (Meserve)

HPL Innsmouth 363.

Marsh, Mrs

Of Innsmouth; wife of Obed? AWD Shuttered 271.

Marsh, Capt. Obadiah

AWD Seal 158, 166, widow of 167.

Marsh, Capt. Obed

Of Innsmouth. Married to Mrs. Marsh; grandfather of Ralsa Marsh; related to Sarah Whateley. HPL Innsmouth 306-307, 309, 312, 329, 330-339, second wife and children 338, 365, 367.

AWD Island 191; Clay 377-378, 380; Shuttered 266, 270-273, 277; Sky 60, 64, 70, 78-80, 82, 84-85, 91; Survivor 161; Valley 137.

Marsh, Obed

Of Aylesbury (not the famous one). AWD Valley 125, 129, 130, 133, 144.

Marsh, Old Man

HPL Innsmouth throughout, 326.

See: Marsh, Barnabas.

Marsh, Onesiphorus

Son of Obed Marsh. HPL Innsmouth 339.

Marsh, Ralsa

Of Innsmouth? Of Dunwich? Grandson of Obed Marsh; father of Ralsa Whateley, by Sarah Whateley. AWD Shuttered 276-277, 288; Watchers married? to Lavinia Whateley 403.

Marsh Refining Company, Marsh Refinery

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 306, 308, 310, 320, 323-324.

AWD Island 191; Clay 376; Sky 62, 65, 74-75, 78, 80.

Marsh, Rowley, Dr

Of Innsmouth. AWD Shuttered 277.

Marsh St

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 341.

Marshall Islands

AWD Island 184.


Innsmouth family. AWD Fisherman 292; Shuttered 271-273.

Martin, Esdras

Of Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 329.


HPL Case 122, "Martineco" 162; Medusa 171.

Martin St

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 325.

Martino, Alicia and Felipe

Of Santa Rita. RB Terror 246, 251.


RFS Casket sinister old scientist with a perverted sense of humor and a young wife 11, archaeologist 12.

Martucci, Nonna

RFS Casket 11-15.

Marvells of Science

By Morryster. An old book that was accepted by the wise and learned of the author's time, but is rejected by even the most ignorant in our day. It includes the following passage:

It is of veritabyll report, and attested of so many that there be nowe of wyse and learned none to gaynsaye it, that ye serpente hys eye hath a magnetick propertie that whosoe falleth into its svasion is drawn forwards in despyte of his wille, and perisheth miserabyll by ye creature hys byte. [AB Snake 142]

The Festival narrator saw an old copy of this wild book at the home of his people in Kingsport [HPL Festival 211].


A servant. HPL Medusa 174, 186.


HK Hydra 134.

Incl: Baltimore.


Of Stillwater. Father of Irene Masitte. AWD Wind Tavern keeper, follower of Ithaqua willing to sacrifice his own daughter. He unwillingly gave Allison Wentworth and James Macdonald rooms for the night.

Masitte, Irene

Of Stillwater. AWD Wind Daughter of Masitte the tavern-keeper. Asked Allison Wentworth and James Macdonald to help her escape being sacrificed to Ithaqua. Ithaqua flung her dead, frozen body to the ground near Robert Norris.

Masked Monk

Synonym for Hooded Monk. REH Bear 36.

Masked One

Synonym for Hooded Monk. REH Bear 36.


Of Yokahama. AWD Island 203.

Mason, Bill

HK Invaders 64-68, 70-72, 74-75, (79).

Mason, Dr

Trustee of the Cabot Museum, Boston; was present at the dissection of the T'yog mummy. HPL Aeons 287.

Mason, Frederick Nasmyth

A false name and persona adopted by Thomas Slauenwite after his escape to flee possible murder charges. HPL Winged 242, 243, 253, 254.

Masonic Hall

New Church Green, Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 313, 318, 336.

AWD Sky 56.

Mason, Keziah

HPL WitchHouse 263-266, 271-275, 284, 290, 293, 296.

See also: Nahab.

Mason, Marvin

Fiance of Avis Long. RB Unspeakable 165-167, 169-170, 172-177.

Masque of the Red Death

By Poe. RB Sebek 119, 121.


HPL Dunwich 155; Mound 159; Rats 28, 32; Time 369; Unnameable 203; Whisperer 209.

AWD Beyond2 154, 156; Island 180, 184, 189, 193-194, 201, 211-212; Curwen 3, 16; Dweller 122, 124, 133; Fisherman 289, 293; Gable 212; Gorge 107-108, 113, 124; Clay 371-372; Keeper 146, 171-172; Lurker 117, 124; Middle 352; Peabody 179; Seal 149, 164; Sky 51-52; Space 233; Shuttered 257, 268; Six 124; Valley 116; Watchers 382, 384, 394, 401; Wentworth 168; Whippoorwills 51; Witches 300; Wood pockets of secret worship 84.


Fowler, Goody; Bradford, Governor; Harper, Jebediah; Wampanaug Indians

Arkham; Aylesbury; Aylesbury Pike; Billington's Wood; Bolton; Boston; Cambridge; Concord?; Danvers; Dean's Corners?; Devil Reef; Dunwich; Duxbury?; Elm Mountain; Falcon Point; Gloucester; Harvard University; Haverhill; Innsmouth; Ipswich; Kingsport; Kingston; Manuxet River; Marblehead; Marsh family; Martin family; Miskatonic river; Misquamacus; Newbury; Newburyport; Orthodox Church of the Massachesetts Bay; Rowley; Salem; Sefton; Springfield?; Walden Pond?; Wilbraham; Worcester?.

Massachusetts-Bay, Province of

Old name for Massachusetts.

HPL Case 121.

RB Satan 5, 6.

Massie, Nayland

AWD Curwen 32, 34-36.

Mass of St. Secaire

A Satanic ritual [RB Hell 45].


RB Opener 160-161.

Master, the

AWD Lurker 36, 97-103, 109-110, 140-141.

Synonym for: Billington, Richard.

Master of Evil

RB Faceless 40.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Master of the Great Black Lodge

Synonym for Satan [RB Hell 45].

Master of the light

One of the Space-Eaters. FBL Eaters 115.

Master of the Monolith

Toad-like thing worshipped by the Little People of Xuthltan. REH Black (67, 72), 73.

Possibly related to: Fire of Asshurbanipal, Guardian of; hoofed thing; the Toad.


HPL Case 212, 213, 215, 217.


HPL Case 212.

Mather, Cotton

(1663-1728) New England puritan author and preacher who was involved in the Salem witch trials. Author of Magnalia Christi Americana and Wonders of the Invisible World.

HPL Case 138; Pickman 15, 18, 25; Picture 119; Unnameable 203; WitchHouse 263.

RB Satan 5, 7, 16, 17.

AWD Wentworth 173.

Mather, Increase

RB Satan 7.

Matthewson, Capt. James

Of Providence. HPL Case 134-136, 140-142.

Maugham, Somerset

Author of The Letter. AWD Space 232.


A city? HPL Innsmouth 363.

Mauvaissoir, Jehan

CAS Holiness 119-121, 127, 134, 136.

Aka: des Emaux, Sieur; Melchire.

Maximilian's army

HPL Electric 63, 78.

Mawson, Douglas, Sir

HPL Mountains 70, 103.

May, Aunt

Aunt of Avis Long. RB Unspeakable 166-170.


HPL Mound 137; Yig 83.

AWD Gorge 99; Island 181; Lurker 122; Seal 151, 163; Sky 76; Wood bas-reliefs 73.

Incl: Popul-Vuh.


HPL Dunwich 164-165, 168, 172, 181, 184; Innsmouth 321, 331, 335, 339; Whisperer 225; WitchHouse 264, 271, 283, 296.

RB Demon 69.

See also: ceremonial days; Walpurgis?

maze, underwater

AWD Gorge 101.

Mazurewicz, Joe

HPL WitchHouse 271, 275-276, 279, 284, 286-288, 290, 293-295, 298.


A chauffer. HPL Medusa 174, 180, 186.

McComb, (President)

HPL Electric 61-62, 64, 76, 78.

McCrill family

Of Texas. REH Lost 64-65, 70, 72, 88.

McCrill, Braxton

Of Texas. REH Lost 64.

McCrill, Jonas

Of Texas. REH Lost 66-69, 73, 88, 91.

McGregor boys

HPL Colour 61.

McGuffey's Eclectic Readers

Books used at District School Number Seven in Arkham. AWD Witches 294.

McMurdo Sound

Antarctica. HPL Mountains 7, 12-16, 22-23, Sherman and two sailors 27, 34, 87.

McNeill, Dr

HPL Yig 80, 82-84, 90, 94-95.


Of Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition. HPL Mountains 19, 22, 27-28, 31-34, 39.


Explorer who died searching for Chaugnar Faugn's statue. FBL Hills 242.


See: golden mead.

Meadow Hill

Arkham. HPL Colour 61; Herbert 135, 139, 145; Unnameable 204, 207; WitchHouse 263, 290, 294.


REH Fire 40.


Italian rulers. RB Mannikin 75.

Medicine Hat

Alaska or Canada. AWD Gorge 108.


AWD Gorge 108; Keeper 171.

REH Black mediterranean aborigines (= Little People) 61.


HPL Medusa 171-172, 193, Medusa's Coil 194; Museum 225.

Meeting Street

Providence. HPL Case 114.


AWD Survivor 163.

Mehu atoll

HC Isle 168.

Mektub, Ahmed

REH Ring 49.


HPL Aeons islands may be peaks of the former continent of Mu 268, a Melanesian was petrified by looking into the eyes of the T'yog mummy 283.

AWD Island 179; Gorge 99.

Mela, Tib. Annaeus

Edile of Pompelo. (Story and page ref lost, but prob. FBL Hills.)


Synonym for Mauvaissoir, Jehan. CAS Holiness 134, 136.

Melcombe House

In Kent. AWD Spawn 21-22.


Of Yokahama. AWD Island 203.

Memorial Hall

Providence. HPL Haunter 94.


Egypt. HPL Case 197; Alhazred visited the subterranean secrets of Memphis History 52; Pyramids 221-222, 227.

RB Fane 133; Sebek 125.


HC Isle 148, 159-160.

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin

A Hebrew phrase quoted by Zadok Allen when describing the Dagon cult at Innsmouth [HPL Innsmouth 334, 337]. The reference is from Daniel chapter 5, where the story is told how King Belshazzar mocked the beliefs of the Jews by drinking wine from their sacred vessels at a party and praising the gods of the elements from which the vessels were made; and how a hand suddenly appeared and wrote the phrase mene, mene, tekel, upharsin on the palace wall. The prophet Daniel explained the phrase to mean that Belshazzar had been weighed in the balance and found wanting, and that his kingdom would shortly be taken from him. Zadok may have meant that the Dagon cult was comparable to the Babylonians in terms of its depraved practices and pagan nature.


Of dreamlands, a dark southern boy. While visiting Ulthar, his black kitten is stolen by the cotter and his wife; Menes utters prayers that lead to their deaths. HPL Cats 56-58.

Mephistopheles, Mephisto

Synonym for Satan [RB Hell 42, 43, 45].

A "prince" of the netherworld. AWD Mephistofeles Seal 162; Wentworth 175.


HPL Time 3.

Merluzzo, Father

Of Spirito Santo Church, Federal Hill, Providence. HPL Haunter 111-112.

RB Steeple 215, 217-219.


RB Kiss 49.

AWD Seal 159.


HPL Cats the cat is "bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroe" 55.

Merritt, John

Of Providence. HPL Case 120-121, 152, 211.


HPL Challenge 2.

RB Fane 133.


230-65 million years ago. HPL Mountains 17, 33, 53; Time 385, 398.

AWD Survivor 163.

See also: chronology.

Messenger of the Gods

AWD Seal 162.


Sculptor. AWD Wood 76.

metals with strange properties

HPL Aeons T'yog's cylinder from ancient Mu was made of an unanalysable metal 268; Mound metal of the Old Ones 127.

See also: lagh metal; Tulu metal.

Methodist Church

Dunwich. AWD Watchers 401, 402.

Incl: Hoag, Rev. Jeptha.


HPL Case 152, 194, 216, 233.


Of Uganda and M'gonga. HPL Winged bitten by the devil-fly, he was brought from Uganda to M'gonga and treated by Thomas Slauenwite 245, 246, cured 247, wife named Ugowe 247, helped Slauenwite search for specimens of the devil-fly 247-248.

Mexico, Mexicans

HPL Aeons Ghatanothoa cult penetrated Mexico 276; Electric 61-63, 68-71, 74, 79; Mound 96, 113, indians 117, 120, 137, 151; Test Mexican quarter, San Francisco 23 & 32, Mexican cook 40, Mexican boy 46; Yig 81.

RB Kiss 39-40; Notebook 235.

AWD Island 181; Keeper 140; Lurker 138.

HK Bells Mexicans 81-83.

Incl: Acolhua; Anahuac; Azteca; Aztecs; Chalca; Cthulhutl; Feldon, Arthur; Huitzilopotchli; Ipalnemoan; Jackson, Superintendent; Maximilian's army; Mictlanteuctli; Nahuans; Nahuatlacatl; Nezahualpilli; Niguratl-Yig; old ones (7); Quetzalcoatl; Tenochtitlan; Tepaneca; Tlahuica; Tlascalteca; Tloquenahuaque; Tonatiuh-Metzli; Xochimilca; Yog-Sototl

Aguas Calientes; Chihuahua; Fonda Nacional; Queretaro; Rio Grande; San Mateo Mountains; Sierra de Malinche; Seven Caves of Chicomoztoc; Tlaxcala; Tlaxcala Mining Company; Torreon; Veracruz?.

Mexico City

HPL Electric 62-64, 68, 71, 73, 75-76.

AWD Gorge 124.

Mezzamalech, Zon

Sorceror of Mhu Thulan, Hyperborea. CAS Ubbo 50-55.


HPL Call 136.


Africa. HPL Winged a cotton and ivory trading post, 50 miles from the Uganda line, almost on the equator 245; Thomas Slauenwite did research there 245; 248, 249, 251;

Incl. Batta; Gobo; N'Kuru; Slauenwite, Thomas.

Mhu Thulan

Ultimate penninsula of the Hyperborean continent. CAS Coming 67, 71, 82; Door 18, 22, 24, 27-28, 40-41; Ubbo 50-54.


A (Greek?) patriarch, who suppressed the Necronomicon (HPL History 2-3).


AWD Lurker 138; Witches Upper ___ incl. Potter family 300, 305, 307.

Incl: Potter family.

Michigan Avenue

Chicago. AWD Depths 237, 241-242.

Michigan, Lake

AWD Depths 225, (242); Seal 152.


AWD Island 179; Gorge 99.


HPL Electric 74, 77.

Middle Ocean

HPL Doom 48.

Middle Temple Lane

London. AWD Lurker 4.

Midsummer Night

REH Black 57-58, 60, 64, 72.

See also: ceremonial days.

Mighty Messenger

Synonym for Nyarlathotep. RB Faceless 40-41, 46; Fane 134.

AWD Dweller 137, 142, 151; Hastur 22.

Mighty Ones

HPL Mist 283.

RB Faceless Synonym for Great Ones 41.


Name used by Nepalese hill-tribes for the Outer Ones; see Outer Ones.

AWD Curwen 22; Lurker 84; Hastur those who serve (Cthulhu?) 21; Whippoorwills 47.

HH Guardian 299.

RFS Warder 164.

See: Outer Ones

Mile-End Cove

Providence. HPL Case 118.

Milky Way

HPL Colour 79; Mound 106.


California. HPL Test 23.

Miller, Dr

Of Philadelphia. HPL Test 51-52, 55, 57, 60.

Million Favored Ones

Children of Nyarlathotep. HPL Whisperer 226.

AWD Dweller 137.


Of Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition. HPL Mountains 20.


Wisconsin. HPL Haunter 92, 115.

RB Steeple 212-213.

Incl: Blake, Robert; Bloch, Robert.


AWD Dweller 126.

Minoan fisher

HPL Haunter 106.

Minot, Joe

HPL Pickman 13.

Minot, (Dr.) William

HPL Aeons on February 18, 1933, was stabbed to death 265, conducted dissection of T'yog mummy 287.

Miocene Epoch

25-10 million years old. HPL Mountains 18.

CAS Ubbo 49.


A person. HPL Case 145.


DW Lady 105-108.

Miri Nigri

Strange dark folk of the Pyrenees (Chaugnar Faugn's toad men?) FBL Hills 288.

See also: Chaugnar Faugn's toad men.

Misericorde Cemetary

RB Grinning 52.


A barque. HPL Mountains 6, 9, 34.

Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition of 1930-31

Of Miskatonic University and Antarctica. AWD Space 244.

Synonym for: Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition of 1930-31.

Miskatonic Avenue

Arkham. HPL WitchHouse 271.

Miskatonic Club

HPL Doorstep 297.

Incl: Upton, Daniel.

Miskatonic River

Massachusetts. HPL Colour island 57; Dunwich 155; Silver 415; Mist 277, estuary 279, 280; Doorstep 277; WitchHouse island 263, 265, 274, 278.

AWD Attic 308; Curwen 4, 27, 41, 44-45; Fisherman 291; Lamp 254; Lurker 3, 7, 11, 19, 27, 29, 31, 41, 73, 91, 127, 139; Middle 352-353, 355, 358, 361-362; Seal 166; Shuttered 257-258, 264, 278, 281, 283, 286, 288; Watchers, course described 386, 387, 388, 394.

Miskatonic University

Arkham. HPL Colour 57; Dunwich 157, 168-169, 182; Herbert medical school 133, 138, 143, 149, 154; History 2; Innsmouth jewelry specimens 310, museum 362; Mountains 25, 61; Doorstep 278-280, 295; Time 369-370, 384, 406; Whisperer 209; WitchHouse 263, museum 285, University Spa 298.

AWD Beyond2 154, 159, 162, 164, 172, 175-176; Dweller 122, librarian 126, 128-130, 141, 148, 150; Gable 199, 202, 205; Gorge 98, 103, 112, 116; Keeper 146, 149; Lurker Hotel Miskatonic 5, Quadrangle 5, Library 19, 47, library 51, 75, quadrangle 76, library 76, 111, library 119-120, 125, 142, library 146; Hastur small restaurant nearby 6; Sandwin librarians belonging to same club 89, 97-98, 101, 105, 107, 112; Seal 168; Space 230, 233-234, 246; Shuttered, anthropology department includes Professor Bethnall 281; Watchers 402.

FL Terror2 269, 282-284, 286-291, 293-294, 305-306, 308-310.

RAL Settlers Dave Fenner studied Latin there and consulted Necronomicon before having a breakdown and dropping out (24, 26, 30), located near Massacussetts Bay and not far from Marblehead (25).

JVS Graveyard 232.

Incl: Alwyn, Tony; Armitage, Henry, Dr.; Ashley, Ferdinand C.; Atwood, Prof.; Bethnall, Professor; Derby, Asenath; Derby, Edward Pickman; Dexter, Prof.; Dyer, Prof. William; Ellery, Professor; Elwood, Frank; Freeborn, Tyler M.; Gilman, Walter; Halsey, Dr. Allan; Harper, Dr. Armitage; Keane, Prof. Martin; Lake, Prof.; Lapham, Dr. Seneca; Morgan, Dr. Francis; Pabodie, Prof. Frank H.; Peaslee, Nathaniel Wingate; Peaslee, Prof. Wingate; Rackham, Dr.; Rice, Prof. Warren; Upham, Professor; Waldron, old; West, Herbert; Wilmarth, Albert N.

Hotel Miskatonic; Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition of 1930-31; Miskatonic Club; Miskatonic University library.

Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition of 1930-31

HPL Mountains 4-etc.; Time 406.

FL Terror2 293.

Aka: Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition of 1930-31.

Incl: Atwood, Prof.; Boudreau; Carroll; Danforth; Daniels; Douglas, Capt. J. B.; Dyer, Prof. William; Fowler; Gedney; Gunnarsson; Lake, Prof.; Larsen; McTighe; Mills; Moulton; Pabodie, Prof. Frank H.; Ropes; Sherman; Thorfinnssen, Georg; Watkins; Williamson

Arkham brig; Miskatonic barque;

Miskatonic University library

Of Miskatonic University. Includes a 17th century copy of the Necronomicon (HPL History 53).

AWD Attic 311, 327; Curwen 3-4, 21, (22-24), 25, 40-41, 43; Gable 201, 205, 211; Hastur 2-3, 5, 10, 15, gift of R'lyeh Text, Book of Eibon, and Pnakotic Manuscripts 25, 28; Six 124; Sky 58, 68, 86, 92-93; Space 246; Valley 125, 134, 138; Watchers 402; Witches 300-301, 305; Wood rare book collection 83.

Incl: Akeley Collection; Armitage, Dr. Henry; Llanfer, Doctor; Peabody.

Miskatonic Valley

HPL Dunwich upper Miskatonic valley 172, 176; Herbert 144; Picture 117; WitchHouse 294.


Head man of Wampanaug indians; also name of a stream. AWD Lurker 15-16, related to Quamis? 30, 35, stream 73, 98, stream 127, 139-140, 146, stream 147.

Missale Romanum

A book. REH Children 149.

Mission San Xavier

See: San Xavier.


AWD Gorge Delta 97, 118.

Incl: Natchez.


HPL Medusa 164, 168, 200; Yig 89.

AWD Lurker 137.

Incl: Barker's Crick; Bend Village; Cape Girardeau; Riverside; Trenton.

Mlolo, Lake

Of Uganda. Where Mevana was bitten by the devil-fly. Thomas Slauenwite led an expedition there to collect a specimen. [HPL Winged 248]


HPL Doom 43-49; Mountains 47; Nameless 100.

AWD Curwen 22; Dweller 138; Lurker 109, 133, 136; Sky 68, 86.

Incl: Ai, River; Akurion; Bnazic Desert; Bokrug; Cydathria; Dothur; Falona; Gnai-kah; Ib; Ilarnek; Implan; Kadatheron; Lobon; Middle Ocean; Nargis-Hei; Nariel isles; Pnath; Rokol; Sarnath; Tamash; Taran-Ish; Thraa; Zo-Kalar; Zokkar.

Note: Iranon appears to take place in Mnar. Of the following refs in Iranon, the ones marked with asterisks also appear in Doom, a story definitely set in Mnar. Note also that Kadath does not refer to any of the places mentioned in Iranon, save Lomar and some cities that are in Mnar; that is, Kadath did not induct this story into Dreamworld geography, as it did all the other dream tales. The story's theme of the unreality of dreams also argues against its taking place in the land of Dream.

Athok the cobbler; Iranon; Romnod; yath-trees;

Ai river*; Aira city; Bnazic desert*; Cydathria, cities of*; Drinen in the East; Illarnek*; Jaren city; Kadatheron*; Karthian hills; Kra river; Liranian desert; Lomar; Mlin, Tower of; Narthos, valley of; Nithra river; Olathoe*; Oonai; Sarnath*; Sidrak, Mt.; Sinara on the southern slope; Stethelos city; Teloth city; Thraa city*; Xari river; Zuro river;


Of Arabia; prophet. RFB Iram 118.


Daughter of Murtagh. REH Dark 67, 69, 78-80, (81), 85-86.


A daemon? CAS Holiness 120.


Of Africa.

Thomas Slauenwhite did research there, but lost popularity with the government officials [HPL Winged 244 & 245]. Slauenwite planned to escape through Mombasa [254].

Incl:Sloane, Norman.

Mombasa Gazette

Reported news of the death of Henry Sargent Moore [HPL Winged 253].


Welsh island. RB DarkIsle 93.

Synonym for: Anglesey.

Monahan, William J

Of Providence. Patrolman , later Sergeant. HPL Haunter 111.

RB Steeple 215, 217-219.

Monas Hieroglyphica

By John Dee. First published in 1564, the work discusses the meaning of various archetypal pictorial symbols, and especially a certain glyph of Dee's own creation. The online text is available at the Twilit Grotto. When John Conrad explored the house in the oaks near Old Dutchtown, N.Y., he found a copy of the Monas Hieroglyphica [REH House 126].

Mongolia, Mongolians, Mongols, Mongoloids

Asia. HPL Gates Mongol hordes 443.

AWD Beyond2 154, 164, 169, 171; Gable 199, 206; Keeper 140; Seal 168; Space Inner ___ 233.

REH Bear 36; Black 58, 61, 63; Children 150, 154; Dig 77; Lost 80-81; People Mongoloids 147; Ring inner Mongolia 63; Roof 3.

Mongoloid technique

Of hieroglyphics. HPL Diary 310.

Monk's Hollow

HK Frog 106-107, 109, 112, 114, 116, 118; Hunt 162.

Area includes: Benson, Will; Codman, Betsy; Dobson; Durkin, Ed; Hartley, Norman; Liggett, Byram; North Swamp; Pickering, Anam and Martha; Winthorp, Persis; Witch Stone; Wizard's House.

Montagny, Pierre-Louis

HPL Time 396.

The secular meditations of Pierre-Louis Montagny [FL Terror2 285].

Monthly Weather Review

AWD Lurker 137.

Montez, Ysola

AWD Curwen 29.


Vermont. HPL Whisperer 209.

Mont Saint-Michel

HPL Pickman 14.


HPL Man 209-210.


RB Shambler Ludvig Prinn was a gentleman retainer of Montserrat 180.


HPL Kadath 319, (320-321), 322, (323-324); Mountains 66.

AWD Island 181.

Moon of Yiggurath

RB Grinning 54.


HPL Kadath 369, moon-beasts 377, 378-380, 382-383, 385-386, 389, serve Nyarlathotep 397.

See also: toad-things.


Of the dream-world. In the enchanted wood grows a haunted tree unlike the others, that grew from seeds dropped from the moon. The zoogs make a wine from the fermented sap of a moon-tree. [HPL Kadath 309-310] Randolph Carter saw similar trees growing on the moon [320].

Moore, Henry Sargent, Ph.D.

HPL Winged Of Brooklyn, N.Y., a Professor of Invertebrate Biology at Columbia University, N.Y. 243, a classmate and friend of Thomas Slauenwite in American and Africa, he accused Slauenwite of stealing a theory from the late Sir Norman Sloane 244, author of Diptera of Central and Southern Africa 245, 246, 247, 248, 250, 251, bitten by the devil-fly 252, coma and death 253, devil-fly escaped after his death 254, 255, 256, 257, 258, 259, 261, 262.

Moore, Major

HPL Yig 81.

Moore, (Dr.) Wentworth

Taxidermist of Cabot Museum; examined changes in T'yog mummy and attempted to preserve it with atringent spray. Witnessed the final dissection of the mummy. Disappeared in March of 1933. HPL Aeons 265, 281, 282, 287.


RB Kiss Moorish sorcerors and necromancers 40.


Family, Aylesbury area. AWD Valley 118, 137-138, Sereno More 140, Jared More and his boy 144 & 148.

Morgan, Dr. Francis

HPL Dunwich 173, 176, 185-187 etc., description 193, big game rifle 188.

FL Terror2 medicine and comparative anatomy 288, 293, 295, 301-302, 308-309.


Of Hyperborea. High priest of the goddess Yhoundeh. CAS Door 18-21, 23-24, 27-41.


Enchantress. (Averoigne area?) CAS Holiness 132-139, 142-143.


Name mentioned in Magna Mater invocation. HK Hydra 135.

Synonym for: Hydra.

Morni, the

Nickname of Bran Mak Morn. REH Dark 86-87.


AWD Gorge coast 108, 122.

Morris, Daniel

HPL Man 207-208.

Aka: Mad Dan.

Morrison Co

HPL Call 145.

Morrison, Professor

From Northwestern (University). AWD Depths 229-230, 232, 249.

Morris, Rose C

HPL Man (203, 206), oldest daughter of Osbone Chandler 208, 210-212, (213-214).


Author, Marvells of Science. HPL Festival 211; AB Snake..

Mortensen, William

Photographer. RB Sorceror 149, 151.


Of Cambridge, Massachusetts. HPL Winged notified Thomas Slauenwite that Henry Moore had been bitten was was feeling run down 252, stopped writing to Slauenwite 253.

Morton, (Captain)

AWD Seal 180.

Morton, James

Of Partridgeville Chemical Laboratories. FBL Hounds 86.

Moscopulus, Emanuel

FBL Hounds 74.

Moses Brown School

Providence. HPL Case 110, 112, 163.

Most Ancient One

HPL Gates 433-436.

Synonym for: 'Umr at-Tawil

Mother Goddess

Epithet of Shub-Niggurath. Inspired by the Mother Goddess, T'yog wrote down a formula to protect himself from Ghatanothoa. HPL Aeons 273.


Of Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition. HPL Mountains 14-15, 18-19.

Mound Builders

Native Americans. REH Lost 81.

Mountains of Madness

Antarctica. AWD Dweller expedition 133; Lamp 252; Space 240, 246.

FL Terror2 300.

Mountain Top

A village. HPL Man 202, 212.

Mt. Vernon Street

Boston. Location of Cabot Museum. HPL Aeons 266.

Mowry, Selectman

HPL Innsmouth 336.


Pearls from wave-washed Mtal. HPL Doom 48.


Visited by Zkauba. HPL Gates 447.


Continent and nation in the Pacific. HPL Aeons Naacal language 271 & 273, flourished 200,000 years ago 272, province of K'naa 272, all of Mu threatened if Ghatanothoa emerges 273, sinking of 275/276, taboo against attempts to imagine what Ghatanothoa looks like 277, occultists and newspapers connect cult stirrings with Mu legends 278 & 280; Medusa 193.

RB Faceless 41.

AWD Island 184, 188; Keeper 170; Lurker 124.

HK Invaders 70, first human race 73.

FL Terror2 286.

RFS Warder 164.


Imash-Mo; Nagob; Nug; Outer Ones; Shub-Niggurath; Thabon, King; T'yog; yakith-lizard; Yeb; Yig

Dhoric Shrine; Easter Island; Ghatanothoa; K'naa, province of; Melanesia; Naacal language; Nan-Matal; Nath-feast; Polynesia; Ponape; pthagon; Tahiti; tlath-wood; Yaddith-Gho, Mt.

See also: Churchward, Colonel.


Of Arabia. Son of Abu Sufyan, caliph in Al-Hijaz. RFB Iram 114-115, 118.

Muddy Dock Bridge

Providence. HPL Case 137, 140-141.


REH Black 72.


AWD Keeper 171.

Mulligan Light

Near Partridgeville and the Narrows. FBL Eaters 106.

Mulligan's Beach

FBL Eaters 97.

Mulligan Wood

Partridgeville. FBL Eaters 92, 97-98, 100-101, 103, 105, 107, 109-110, 114.


HPL Aeons Cabot Museum collection of mummies, including that of T'yog 264-267 & 269-271; Pyramids composite human/animal 234-235, 239-240.

Municipal Pier

Chicago. AWD Depths 241.

Murray, Miss

Author, Witch-Cult in Western Europe. HPL Call 198.

Mu Sang

Who prophecied about the White Acolyte and Chaugnar Faugn. FBL Hills 248, 252, 255-256.

Museum in College Street

HPL Call 146.

Museum of Fine Arts

Boston. HPL Pickman 14.


Arabia/Middle East. AWD Keeper 148.


HK Bells 80-81, 84, 89, 92.


Author, Commentaries on Witchcraft. RB Mannikin 75.

Mysteries of the Worm

See: De Vermis Mysteriis.

mystic dreamer

HPL Haunter strange old man (188).

RB Shambler of New England 179, boyhood in Arkham 179, student of the classics 182.


AWD Hastur good vs. bad gods 11, elemental-like 11; Sandwin after-life 106, seals put upon them by the retreating Ancient Ones 106.

HK Invaders Earth's gods vs. Invaders 73.

FBL Hounds "unspeakable deed...before time" 81-82.

CAS Ubbo "gods who died before the Earth was born, leaving their lore inscribed on tablets of ultra stellar stone; and their tablets were guarded in the primal mire by the formless, idiotic demiurge, Ubbo-Sathla" 51.

See also: cosmology; chronology; reincarnation.

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