HPL Festival quoted 208.

Ladeau, Alexis

French friend of Von Junzt. REH Black 57.

Lafayette St

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 320, 325-326, 354-355.

AWD Sky 62.


HPL Call 136.

La Frenaie

A place in France. CAS Holiness wine of 127.

La Tres Sainte Trinosophie

See Tres Sainte Trinosophie, La.

lagh metal

K'naa, also Outer Ones. HPL Aeons a metal brought by the Elder Ones from Yuggoth, and found in no mine of earth 274.

Lake, Prof.

Miskatonic University Biology department. HPL Mountains 5-6, 10-16, 18-19, 22-33, 36-39, 41-43, 63-64, 75, 77, 79-80, 86, 93-94, 96, 104.

FL Terror2 310.

Lamah, Tribes of

AWD Lurker 16.

Lamb, Charles

HPL Dunwich quoted 155.

Lambert, Jed

Of H.M.S. Advocate. AWD Gorge 106/107.


HPL Medusa 187, 200.

Lammas Night

HPL Dunwich 166, 172.

See also: ceremonial days.

Lamp of Alhazred

Lamp owned by the Arab, Abdul Alhazred. AWD Lamp 248-252, 254-255, 256.


Of Providence. DWR Music cultured author in Providence (292); learned Providence friend of Rambeau and Frank Baldwyn, had read passages from a few of the less terrible books (294); read original Chronike von Nath, warned against playing music of the stars 297.

Land of the Dead

HK Bells 87.


HPL Museum 215, 229.

Lane, Howard

Of Santa Rita. RB Terror (narrator) 219, 221, 240, 251-252.

Lang, Luke

Of Dunwich. AWD Shuttered 284-286.

Langer Brothers Circus

Visiting Providence. RB Steeple 211, 222.


Pre-human languages include Aklo, Naacal, Tsath-yo, and Chian [AWD Lurker 134].

REH Black unknown 62.

Incl: Aklo; Amharic; Ancient Tongue; Arabic; Chian; Cykranoshian; Greek; Latin; Naacal; R'lyehian; Tsath-Yo.

Lanier, Jean

HC Isle 152-155.


Providence. HPL Haunter 103.

Lannon, Bill

Of Hankow. REH Bear 35-37.

Lansing, Jeremy

AWD Passing A middle-aged man, serious, with a nautical air, who dabbled in witchcraft with Eric Holm. Unwittingly caused Holm's death by reading the spell that turns the spawn of Cthulhu against the person who first invoked it. Testified at the inquest.

Lao-Tse, Lao Tze

FBL Gateway 7; Hounds 76.

Lapham, Dr. Seneca

AWD Lurker 111-115, (116-117), 118-119, (120-122), 123, (124-130), 131-133, 135, (136-141), 142-146.

Larkin Institute

Arkham? AWD Space 247.


Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition. HPL Mountains 27-28.


Author, Turkish Wars. REH Black 59.

La Salle

HPL Call 137.

Lascar sailors

HPL Call 149.

AWD Island 189; Gorge 98.

Last King

RWC Repairer 37.

Last void

HPL Gates 430.

Latham, George

HC Death 365-366.


The eidolon who rules Thalarion. HPL Kadath 317; White 38.


HPL Descendant 360; Diary low 313, barbarous 314, low 319; the Necronomicon was translated into Latin (History 53); Rats 43.

RB Hell 31, 53; Satan 18; Shambler language of De Vermis Mysteriis 181-183; Steeple 224.

AWD Curwen 34; Ithaqua 114; OutThere Latin inscription by St. Augustine on star-stone imprisoning Something from Out There; Passing the Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus was written in Latin; Wind Allison Wentworth raved adoramus te in his delerium.

HK Hunt 166; Hydra 131.

RAL Graag Graag's book was written in Latin 13; Settlers Dave Fenner studied Latin at Misk. U., Will Richards studied it at Columbia U. 24, Jim Garlan raved in a funny kind of Latin after going insane 26, Misk. U. only school in East with good enough facilities for Dave F's study of medeival Latin 30, Will Richards translates Latin quote from Necronomicon in Dave F's notebooks 31, Latin in notebooks very obscure and difficult 32, Will R. tells Major Settler that Dave F's notebooks would be useful for the study of corrupt Latin 35.

CAS Return 36, 38.

Latin Quarter

Paris. HPL Medusa 170.

AWD Clay 371, 375.

Incl: Corey, Jeffrey.

Laurel Canyon

An area of Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. FL Terror2 270.


Bohemian. HPL Medusa 175.

Lawson, Hepzibah

Of Salem. HPL Case 150.

Lawton, (Captain) George E

HPL Mound 102-103.

Leander, H.M.S

AWD Lurker 137.

Lear, Edmund

CJ Acquarium 303, 304, 307.

Lear, Horatio

CJ Acquarium 302-305, 307.

Leavitt, Robert

A corpse. HPL Herbert 151.


AWD Wind cedars of, mentioned by Allison Wentworth while raving of his year spent traveling as a prisoner of Ithaqua.


Where Aunt May and Uncle Roscoe died in a car crash. RB Unspeakable 169.


Of Jadhore. High Priestess of the Temple of Ganesha, and in her last days, a member of the Stellar Brothers Circus [RB Elephant (42), 43-48, 50-55].

Lee's Swamp

Vermont, near Dark Mountain. HPL Whisperer 225.

Le Fe, Gaston

CJ Acquarium 305.

Legend of the Elder Saboth

RB Grinning 54.

Legrasse, John Raymond, Inspector

HPL Call 128, 132 ff., 144.

Leigh, Michael

Occultist; uncle of Graham Dean.

RB Kiss 43-44, (46-47, 49-51), 57.

HK Salem 254-262, 264-266.

Lekythos jugs

(a style). HPL Case 212-215.


A place. HPL Kadath 380.

Lemdin, Fred

Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet. HPL Case 177.


HPL Call 128; Diary 313; Haunter 106; Medusa 173, 193; Mound 137; Mountains 47.

REH Untitled 37.

FBL Hounds 79.

RFS Warder 164.

CAS Tale contemporary w. Hyperborea 3.


HPL Museum summonable by sacrifice 222.

Leng, Plateau of

Eon-old. HPL Aeons There were rumors of the Ghatanothoa cult on the abhorred plateau of Leng 276; Celephais 87*; Fungi XXVII; Gates 435; Hound 174; Kadath and yellow silk priest 316*, 339, 345, 350*, 352*, 354, 358, high priest 360, 361, 363, 365, 368-371, 374-376, 384, 388, upper Leng and white buildings 390-391; Mountains 7, 29, 45, 70, 103; Museum 217; Whisperer 223, 226.

RB Grinning 54.

AWD Beyond2 169, 171, 176; Curwen 12; Dweller 133, 138; Gable the glass from-- 200, 207-208, 213; Keeper 160; Lamp 254; Lurker 48, 84; Hastur 22; Sandwin 106; Seal 159, 161; Whippoorwills 47; Wind Allison Wentworth raved that Ithaqua sprang from Leng. Dr. Jamison had heard of it before. The Ancient Ones once ruled there.

HK Salem black tower of 261/262.

JVS Dead 34.

Incl: Tcho-Tcho people.


Zodiac sign. HPL Messenger 57.


HPL Medusa 187.


Of Innsmouth. AWD Island 191.


By Chesterton. RB Kiss 38.


AWD Keeper 150; Lurker 133.


A city in Hyperborean times. CAS Coming 74.

Lerion, Mt

Of dreamlands.HPL Other gods' sighs heard in the plaintive dawn winds of 128; Kadath 310-311;

Leslie, Capt. Charles

HPL Case 133.

Lesson, The

Pickman painting. HPL Pickman 19.

Letter, The

Play by Somerset Maugham. AWD Space 232.


HPL Call 132.

Leveredge, Lord

Father of Arnsley. AWD Those 112-113, 117.

Levi, Eliphas

HPL Case source of long chant 170, 216.

Lewis, Prof. Perry L.

A recognized expert on dream phenomena. HK Hydra 129.

Lewiston House

Arkham; hotel. AWD Hastur 1, 25, 29.


A ship. HPL Time 407.


HPL Diary 311.

Incl: van der Heyl, Cornelis.


Tibet. AWD Beyond2 164; Wind Allison Wentworth mentioned the mystic rites of the the Lamasery at Lhassa while raving of his year spent traveling as a captive of Ithaqua.


A Chinese drug used by Lao Tze and Halpin Chalmers. FBL Hounds 76.

Liassic mists

Lower division of the Jurassic series (Oxford Universal Dictionary). CAS Ubbo 54.


A magical grimoire. Yog-Sothoth told Joseph Curwen that Psalm III in the Liber-Damnatus holds the clavicle (key) to a certain spell. This spell causes a Thing to breed in the Outside Spheres, which will eventually influence a descendant of the sorceror to revive the sorceror from his essential saltes. [HPL Case 151, 162]

Liber Investigationis

HPL Case 121.

Liber Ivonie, Liber Ivonis, Liber Ivoris

Variant Latin names for the Book of Eibon . See: Book of Eibon.

Liber Revelationum de Insidia et Versutiis Daemonum Adversus Homines

RB Hell 26.


A sloop. HPL Case 133.

Libo, Publius Seribonius

Proconsul at Tarraco. FBL Hills 286, 289.

Libor Ivonie

Variant Latin name for the Book of Eibon. See: Book of Eibon.


RB Shambler 180.


AWD Lurker 133.

Liggett, Byram

Of Monk's Hollow. HK Frog (114), 117-120, 122.


Spirit/goddess? CAS Holiness 119, 123.


A woman or spirit; manifested in Arkham; companion to Uriah Garrison. AWD Attic 326.

Lillibridge, Edwin M

Reporter for Providence Telegram. HPL Haunter 93, 103.

RB Steeple 213-214.


Peru. AWD Curwen 10, 29; Gorge 97, 122, 124-126, 134.

Includes: Andros, Prof. Vibarro; National Museum; Lima, University of.

Lima, University of

Home of San Marcos lib, museum, or univ. AWD Lurker 81, 125.


London. AWD Curwen 13; Gorge 98, 112; Keeper 140; Wood the year 1911 (mysterious occurence in) 83.


HPL Case 131.

Lincoln, Dr.

HPL Winged Slauenwite's predecessor at M'gonga, who moved to Nairobi and knew of the devil-fly sickness 246, sent medicine to Slauenwite 247.


Roman Britain. HPL Descendant 361.


HPL Electric 70.

Liranian desert

HPL Iranon 116.


HPL Gates 453.

Little, Roger

A psychic and recluse. FBL Hills 280.

Little Bear

Constellation. HPL Kadath 357.

little gods

Of Bel-Yarnak. HK Jest 61.

Little People

HPL Whisperer 214.

RB Brood 92; Hell 63.

AWD Curwen 21; Keeper 150; Lurker 133.

REH Black (61, 65); Children first settlers of Britain, who gave rise to tales of earth spirits and goblins (153), Mongoloid type preceding the Mediterraneans (154), strangely-balanced flint mallet (154-155), short, stocky, broad faces, flat noses, slanted eyes, pointed ears, flint weapons, hissing, reptilian speach (155), preceded the Picts (157-158), fight with Aryara of the Sword People (155-159), Ketrick a reversion to snaky, reptilian Little People ancestor (163-164); People 147.

AM Novel dislike of metal implied by Prof. Gregg leaving all his metal possessions behind (4, 41), leave inscriptions written with red earth (11, 37), dwell in remote and secret places, celebrate foul mysteries, hate the sun (16), boast of the stone called Sixtystone or Ixaxar (17), voices harsh and hissing (16, 20), half-breed boy has black hair, black eyes, olive skin, is retarded and subject to fits during which he speeks in a lost language (19-20), smell like snakes (28), still survive, and retain primitive powers (34), in desolate and lonely country (35), strangely-balanced axe (35-36), reversion to snake/reptile form (40-41); Red flint tools (135, 141, 144-146, 170, 173), treasure of a race extinct for ages (165), them that dwell below (170), keepers (176), little higher than beasts (177); Shining flint arrow-heads (109, 194, 199, 204), gathering for sacrifice (201), stunted, deformed, yellow, with almond eyes (202), three and a half to four feet high, Mongolian eyes, see in the dark (205), prehistoric Turanian cave dwellers 206.

Aka: Children of the Night; fairies.

Compare with: Old People.

See also: black seal.

Little Siam

Arkham area? A cat. AWD Gable 204.


England. HPL Case 163.

Livre d'Eibon

Variant French name for the Book of Eibon . See: Book of Eibon.

lizard figures

Of Easter Island. AWD Island 179.

lizard men

FL Terror2 281.

Llanfer, Doctor

Director, Miskatonic University library. AWD Curwen 3, 43; Hastur 3, 6-8, 15-29; Sky 58.


A deity. AWD Beyond2 164-165, 170-171; Curwen 20-21, 31; Dweller 133; Depths 235; Ithaqua 114; Lair 124-126, described 129, 130, and hordes 131, and those below them 133, and evil spawn 134; Keeper 150; Lurker 133; Hastur 22; Sandwin 100-101, twin brother Zhar 104, co-leader of forces of air 105, 106-108, 115; Seal 159-160, 176; Sky 68; Valley 134.

Aka: Loegar.

Lloyathic game

AWD Lurker 134.


HPL Whisperer 223.

JVS Dead 34.

Possible synonym for: Kathulos.


A god of Sarnath. HPL Doom 46.

Lockwood Street

Pawtuxet. HPL Case 185.


Viking captain. REH Gods 188-189, 192.

Loddhan, Ux

Magician at Thulask. CAS Coming 71-72, 74-75, 77-78.


Synonym for Lloigor. AWD Lurker 51.

Lofoten Islands

Norway. AWD Spawn 18-21, 25-27, 31, 33.


Of dreamlands. HPL Gates 432; Iranon 114; Kadath 310; Mound 141; Mountains 47, 73; Museum 221; Other distant and frozen, source of Pnakotic Manusripts 128; Polaris 22*, 23; Time 395.

FL Terror2 litanies of Lomar 285.

See also: Olathoe

Incl: Alos; Banof, valley of; Daikos; Gnophkehs; Inutos; Kadiphonek, Mt.; Noton, Mt.; Olathoe; Sarkis, Plateau of; Pnakotic Manuscripts; Pole Star; Thapnen; Zobna; Zobnarians.


England. HPL Call 132; Case 163-164; Celephais 83, 86; Descendant 358; Museum 221-222; Rats 34, 39.

RB Fane 135; Mummy 286; Satan 5.

RWC Repairer 5.

AWD Curwen 13, 32, 34-35, 40, 42; GodBox 119, 123; Gorge 98, 110, 118; Keeper 137-138, 140, 142, 144, 146-147, 171-172; Lair 135; Lurker 4, 81, 138; Middle 352; Shuttered 257; Space 234; Spawn 26, 31; Survivor 153; Wood 83.

REH Black 56; Roof 4-5.

CJ Acquarium 300-301.

CAS Ubbo 50-51, 53, 55.

Includes: Bates, Lucius; Colum, Naylan; Halbin, Edith; Kuching; Lear, Edmund; Lear, Horatio; Longeway, Talbot; Petra, Lenden; Northam, Lord; Rhodes, Emily; Rogers, George; Wadham, Leonard; Whateley, Abner (2); Williams.

Basil Street; British Museum; Brompton Road; Cadogan Square; Chandos Street; Charing Cross; Croydon; East India Docks; East India Dock Road; Embankment, the; Eton Club; Follexon; Gray's Inn; Haney Lane; Haymarket; Knightsbridge Station; Limehouse; London Times; London Zoo; Longeway and Longeway, agents; Middle Temple Lane; Park Lane (London or Croydon?); Madame Tussaud's; Orabona; Pont Street; Portland Place; Regent's Park; Regent Street; Rogers' Museum; Scotland Yard; Selfridges; Soho; Southwark Street; Strand; Thames; Walton Street; Walworth Road; Waterloo Bridge; Waterloo Station; Whitechapel;

London Times

AWD Curwen 34; GodBox 123.

CJ Acquarium 300.

London Zoo

RB Sebek 126.

Long, Avis

RB Unspeakable 165-177.

Long Dock

Providence. HPL Case 137.

Longeway and Longeway, agents

CJ Acquarium 300.

Longeway, Talbot

CJ Acquarium 300-301.


HPL Pickman 21.

Long Tom

A bottle. HPL Terrible 273.

looped cross

HK Salem 262.

Synonym for: crux ansata.

Lopez, sailor

Wrote notes about the Congo. HPL Picture 119.

Lord of All Things

Epithet of Azathoth. HPL Haunter 110.

HK Hydra 139.

Lord of the Desert

RB Faceless 40, 44, 48.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Lord of the Earthquake

AWD Curwen 10.

Synonym for: Kon. Possible synonym for: Cthulhu.

Lord of the Great Abyss

AWD Gable 207; Lurker 84.

Synonym for: Nodens.

Lord of the Interstellar Spaces

AWD Gable 207.

Synonym for: Hastur.

Lord of the Sabbath

Synonym for Satan [RB Hell 49].

Lord of the Winds

Synonym for Ithaqua. AWD Wind mentioned by Allison Wentworth in his delerium.

Lord of the Woods

Synonym for Shub-Niggurath. HPL Whisperer 226.

Lords of Air

AWD Sky 68.

Lords of Yaddith

HPL Diary 319.


Order of saurians. AWD Survivor 152.

Los Alamos

RB Steeple 228.

Los Angeles

HK Bells 80-81, 86, 92.

FL Terror2 county 267 & 280, city 272.

Incl: Ross (2)

Hollywood; Hollywood Hills; Hollywoodland.

Los Angeles Times

HK Hydra 134.

Lost Valley

Of Texas. REH Lost 64, 66, 69-70, 78, 84, 89.

Aka: Valley of the Lost.

Incl: Ghost Cave


HPL Call 135; Medusa 168-169, 192.

RB Sebek 115.

Incl: New Orleans.


Kentucky. FL Terror2 270-271, 296, 307.

Lovecraft Circle

RB Steeple 212.

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips

Of Providence.

RB Demon 62; Steeple 212-213, 216-217, 219, 224, 226-229.

AWD Island 186; Beyond2 160, 162; Curwen 3, 7, 14, 30-31, 41; Dweller 122, 126, 129, 133-134, 148; Gorge author of Shadow Over Innsmouth 110; Keeper 137, 140, 155; Hastur 14; Seal 163, 164; Valley quoted (116); Wind Dr. Jamison showed Robert Norris stories by H. P. Lovecraft about Cthulhu.

REH Children 151.

FL Terror2 294-297, 300, 303, 309-310.

RAL Graag drew on genuine sources for his stories, but changed a few names and added his own details 13; Settlers knew a lot about Necronomicon and Settler's Wall, wrote some of such things as fiction, corresponded with Dave Fenner (27 & 32).

DWR Music quote from "Thing on the Doorstep" 292.

JVS Graveyard 237-239; Snouted (narrator) 26, 28.

Compare with: Providence author, a.

Lovecraft mythos

RB Steeple 228.


HPL Pickman 21.

Lower Green

Newburyport. HPL Innsmouth 315.


Suburb of Tsath in K'n-yan. HPL Mound suburb of Tsath 151.


In Asturias, origin of Panfilo de Zamacona y Nunez. HPL Mound 113, on Bay of Biscay 115.

Lucas, Henry

Cold Harbor; brother-in-law of Randy Margate. AWD Ithaqua 105-107, 109-110, 113-116.


RB Hell 35, 37, 43, 65, 68.

As Caugnar Faugn. FBL Hills 301.

Lucy, Aunt

Aunt of Willie Osborne. RB Notebook 232-243, 245.

Ludwig, Robert

Of New York. HK Hydra 126-129, 133, 135-140.

Luitpold Land

Antarctica. HPL Mountains 70.

Lulla, Aug

RB Sorceror 161.

Lully, Raymond

Author, Ars Magna et Ultima. HPL Case 121.

AWD Lurker 16; Whippoorwills 43.


DWR Music instrument resembling Hammond Organ, Frank Baldwyn made adjustments to enable it to play music of the stars 295.


A Roman galley slave who became prisoner of the Druids on Anglesey. RB DarkIsle 100-113.

Lupus, Maximus

Roman in Britain (ancient times). RB Brood 92.

Lurker at the Threshold

Synonym for Yog-Sothoth. AWD Whippoorwills 70.


AWD Peabody 179.


Of Dunwich. AWD Lurker 32-33, 40.


A mad mystic and priest of cryptic Bast, who wrote the volume Black Rites. [RB Grinning 54; Suicide 19]

lygath trees

HPL Kadath 364.

Lyman, Dr

An alienist. HPL Case 112, 148, 166, 181, 186, 192, 196.


Caledonia County, Vermont. HPL Whisperer 209.


A town? AWD OutThere 585-587, 589, 592, 594.

Incl: Cloy, Albert; Cloy, Jibber; Cotton, Jeremy; Cramton, Old; Currie, Dr. William; Green, Herbert; Kopps, Henry; Malvern, Lord; Malvern, Geoffrey; Slade, John; Wayne, Jasper.


AWD Lurker 122.

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