HPL Pyramids Vital principle of the deceased 222, life principle 234, meeting place of 239.


Place in the Cold Waste; of dreamlands. HPL Dunwich 170; Kadath 307-308, 310, 312-313, 316, 318, 325, 329, 332, 334, 339, 347, 350, 352-353, 355, 358, 361, 370, 384, 388-391, description 395*, 396*, 397, 399, 400, 402-403, 407; Medusa 182; Mound 131; Mountains 71, 103; Other gods of earth have retired to unknown Kadath in the cold waste where no man treads 127, gods of earth still come from Kadath in ships of cloud to play on Hatheg-Kla 132; Mist 285.

AWD Curwen 22; Dweller 133, 138; Gable 207; Keeper 141, 160, 163; Lamp 252; Lurker 48-49, 82, 84, 134; Hastur 22; Seal 160-161; Space 241; Valley 135; Whippoorwills 47.


Brick cylinders of; city in Mnar. HPL Doom 43-45, 48; Iranon 114; Kadath 358.

Kadiphonek, Mt

HPL Polaris 21-22.

Kaiser Willhelm Land

HPL Mountains 71.


Of Greece. HPL Whisperer 214.


Priest of Dreamworld. HPL Kadath 307-308, 345.


Secret name of Ephraim Waite. HPL Doorstep 287, 296.


An outdated term for Pacific Islanders, especially ones who were sold into indentured servitude. HPL Call 146; Innsmouth 330-331, 333, 336-337.

AWD Clay 378.


Author, Magic and Black Arts. HH Guardian 288.

Kane, Lake

RB Mannikin 74.

Kane House

Bridgetown. RB Mannikin 74.


HPL Mound 116.

Incl: Arkansas river; Barton County; Rice County.


Means the Black City. REH Fire (31), 32-33, 36, (37-39), 40, 50-51, 56.

Aka: Beled-el-Djinn; Black City; City of Devils; City of Evil.


Egypt. AWD Island 182.


Egyptian underworld. RB Fane 141; Opener 156, 160.

Karthian Hills

(Dream) HPL Iranon 111, 113-114.


Visited by Zkauba. HPL Gates 447.


Of Vhoorl. HH Guardian 291-296, related/same as Kthulhu? 299.


REH Dig 75; Skull-Face (refs not researched yet.)

Possibly aka: L'mur Kathulos.

Keane, Abel

AWD Island (177), 178, 202, 206, ordained Rev. and death 212; Gorge possible reference (127); Keeper 160; Sky (narrator), 51, 53, 55-56, college student 57, 58, reads language of Necron.? 59, 60, fm. New Hampshire 62, 64, 67, 71, 89.

Keane, Prof. Martin

Of Miskatonic University. AWD Witches 302-307.

Keefe, Sergeant

Of Boston. HPL Aeons Looked into T'yog's eyes with a magnifying glass after Richard Johnson, after the image of Ghatanothoa was well faded 285.


New Hampshire. Town on the railroad from Bellows Falls, Vermont to Arkham. HPL Whisperer 228, 230.

Keeper of Mysteries

RB Opener 160.

Keeper of the Gate

Synonym for Yog-Sothoth. AWD Whippoorwills 70.

Keeper of the Key

AWD Keeper 140, 142.

Synonym for: Alhazred, Abdul.

Keezar, Alice

See: Peaslee, Alice.

Keith, Prof. Phillips

RB Hell 21-52, 54, 56-59, 62, 64, 66-71.


AWD Clay (narrator) 373.

Aka: Jack (5).

Kennedy, Maureen

HC Isle 152, 155.


England. AWD Spawn 21.

Kent, Jeremy

Sorceror buried in Old Dethshill Cemetary. JVS Graveyard 237.

Kent, Josh.

RFS Mists 26-27.

Kent, Malcolm

Of Cornwall. RB Brood 89-91, (92), 93-100.

Kerney, Steve

Of Texas. REH Lost 65.

Kester Library

Salem. HK Salem 261.


Alaska. AWD Island 179.

Incl: Tlingits.


REH Children 150, 153-154, 160, 163.

Key of Wisdom

By Artephius. HPL Case 121.

AWD Lurker 16.

Key to Wisdom

By Artephius. (Should there be a page and story ref here? Check card.) See also Key of Wisdom by Artephious.


Mentioned by Von Junzt. REH Black 57, 73; Roof 5-6, jewel-key 8, 9-11.

Khallikan, Ebn

12th century biographer of Abdul Alhazred (HPL History 51).

AWD Keeper 162.

Khan, Genghis

HK Invaders 70.

Khan, the great

HK Salem 262.


RB Mummy 287.


Antique and shadowy. HPL Haunter 106, 114; the black Kem of Re and Amen, Isis and Osiris HPL Pyramids 221.

RB Steeple 215.


14th Dynasty Egyptian. HPL Time 395.

Khephren, King

HPL Pyramids pyramid of 222, statue of in Cairo Museum 222, restored Sphinx and replaced original face with his own 222, 227, 231, 232, 233, 235, lives underground with Queen Nitokris 235, 236-238, 240-242.


AWD Island Khmer civilization 178; Curwen 12.

Khufu, King

HPL Pyramids 221.

Aka: Cheops.

Khyber Pass

REH Fire 42.

Kickapoo country

Area of Oklahoma. HPL Yig 85.

Kilabah, Abdullah bin Abi

Arabian man who stumbled upon Irem. RFB Iram 113, (114), 115.

Kiles, Captain Jacob

Ancestor of Job and Jonas Kiles. REH Dwellers 115, 125-126.

Kiles, Job

Brother of Jonas Kiles, descendant of Captain Jacob Kiles. REH Dwellers 111-119, 121, 124, 127.

Kiles, Jonas

Brother of Job Kiles, descendant of Captain Jacob Kiles. REH Dwellers 112-113, 115, 120-123, 127-130.

Killiher family

Of Texas. REH Lost 65.


An anthropologist. AWD Curwen 12; Lurker 116.


FBL Kinarth 11.

Compare with: Kynarth.

Kindler of the Flame

HK Invaders 77.

Synonym for: Vorvadoss.

King, The

RWC Repairer 43-44.

King in Yellow, The (1)

A being. RWC Cassilda; Court 81; Mask 60; Repairer 5, 18, 20, 35, 37, scolloped tatters of 37, 45; Yellow 106-107.

King in Yellow, The (2)

A play. RWC Cassilda; Court 72; Mask 46, 58, 59; Repairer 4, 5, (28), drives people crazy 31; Yellow bound in serpent skin 103, 104-105.

HPL History 2.

HH Guardian 288.

King's Chapell

Providence. HPL Case 194.

King's Church

Providence. HPL Case 120, 127, same as St. John's 160.

King's Lane

Cambridge. AWD Wood 72.

Incl: Wecter, Jason.


Massachusetts. HPL Case 121; Festival 209, 212-213, harbor 216; Gates 428; Kadath 317, 356, 401; Innsmouth 336; Silver 415-416; Mist 277-280, 283-285; Terrible 272-275; Doorstep 280.

RB Notebook 239, 241.

AWD Fisherman 290; Lurker 52; Shuttered 272; Whippoorwills 36.


Czanek, Joe; Derby, Asenath; Ellis, Mate; Jack (2); Long-Tom; Olney, Thomas; Orne, Granny; Peters; Ricci, Angelo; Scar-Face; Silva; Spanish Joe; Terrible Old Man

Back Street; Causeway, The; Central Hill; Congregational Hospital; Congregational Steeple; Father Neptune; Green Lane; Hall School; Hooper's Pond; Kingsport Head; Market House; Orange Point; Ship Street; Strange High House in the Mist; Water Street

Note: Will Murray, "Roots of the Manuxet," in Crypt of Cthulhu #75, suggests that Rockport, on Cape Ann, is the model for Kingsport.

Kingsport Head

South of Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 315-316; Mountains 8, (transmitter!) 20.

Kingston-Brown, Nevil

HPL Time 395.

Kingston, Jamaica

RB Terror 227.

Kingston, Massachusetts

On the coast, north of Plymouth. AWD Gable 199; Valley 116.

Kingston, New York

HPL Diary 303; Man prob. in New York? 207.

Incl: Typer, Alonzo.


New England; Rhode Island? HPL Case 119.

King Street

Providence. HPL Case 114, 135, 188.

Kinney, Abbott

Founder of Venice, a beach resort city which later was annexed by Los Angeles, California. FL Terror2 273, 285.


Of Texas. REH Lost 69-70, 84.


Jasper terraces of. HPL Kadath 348.

Kirowan, Prof. John

REH Children 149, 151-154, 160-161; Dig narrator 71, 73, 75; Ring (throughout), Wanderer's Club 56, details of his past 56, tragic past 61-62, travels 63; House (113-130), 117, 119, 123-124, 129.

Kirowan, Michael and Moira

Last name indicates possible kinship to John Kirowan, though there is no explicit link. REH Dermod.


HPL Mountains 42.

See also: Sign of Kish.


Maine. RB Satan 6.


Atlantean high priest who preserved the Commoriom myth cycle. HPL Whisperer 254.

Klarner, Hank

Bought the lodge belonging to the late sorcerer Graag, near the hamlet of the dog, Maine. With his friends Paulsen, Roche, and Frank Hartley, discovered Graag's books and notes, and dug up the earthly remains of the Other. Died of the curse called the mantle of the sorcerer. RAL Graag 12-15.


Transylvania. HPL Case 164.


DW "perfumed jungles". HPL Gates 431, 440; Kadath 351; Silver 408.


Street? in Prague. HPL Case 194.


Author of Kryptographik (1). HPL Dunwich 183.


A province or kingdom of ancient Mu. Included Mt. Yaddith-Gho, and ruins left by pre-human races such as the spawn of Yuggoth. Sacrifices were made to Ghatanothoa, whose priesthood was pampered and powerful. Other gods worshipped (and considered more friendly to man) were Shub-Niggurath, Nug, Yeb, and Yig. At the time of the Year of the Red Moon, the nation was ruled by King Thabon. It was then that T'yog made his tragic attempt to free humanity from the tyranny of Ghatanothoa. [HPL Aeons 272-273, 275-276]

Incl: Dhoric shrine; Imash-Mo; Ghatanothoa; Nath-feast; pthagon membrane; Thabon, King; tlath-wood; T'yog; Yaddith-Gho, Mt..

Knapp Street, East

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. HPL Haunter 115.

Knightsbridge Station

London. CJ Acquarium 300.

Knox Land

HPL Mountains 13.


Subterranean world. HPL Aeons Von Junzt implied the presence of the Ghatanothoa cult in K'n-yan 276; Mound (implicitly throughout the story), 131-133, 136-142, 144-150, 152-154, 159, 163; Whisperer 254.

AWD Curwen 22; Dweller 138; Lurker 134.

FL Terror2 301.


Gll'Hthaa-Ynn; gn'agn; gyaa-yothn; Nug; Shub-Niggurath; T'la-yub; Tsathoggua; Tulu; y'm-bhi; Yeb; Yig

B'graa; Do-Hna; Grh-yan range; L'thaa; Nith, plain of; N'kai; Tsath

Compare with: Nergu-K'nyan.

K'n-yan (blue-litten) | V Yoth (red-litten) -----------------------| | | V V N'kai (black; incl. Tsathoggua) Vaults of Zin

Kon, Lord of the Earthquake

AWD Curwen 10.

Possibly synonymous with: Cthulhu.

Kopps, Henry

Of Lynwold. AWD OutThere His two sons, along with Albert Cloy, got lost in the caves under the priory near Malvern-by-the-Sea and found the body of Old Cramton.


Lover of Brunhild, queen of Bal-Sagoth. REH Gods 197.

Koth (1)

HPL Case sign of 214; Kadath sign of 339, tower of 340, 342, 375.

AWD GodBox sign of 122.

Koth (2)

A dead city. REH Dig black cyclopean walls of 75, dead city of 83, black citadels of 84, 86.

Koth (3)

Name of a forgotten god. REH Fire 51.


A river or stream in Dreamland. HPL Iranon 112, 116-117.

Kralitz, House of

HK Kralitz 2, 5-6.

Kralitz, 21st Baron, Franz

HK Kralitz narrator 2-9.


Of Ulthar. HPL Cats old burgomaster of Ulthar 57, calls at cotters' house to investigate their disappearance 58.

Kryptographik (1)

By Kluber. HPL Dunwich 183.

Kryptographik (2)

By Thicknesses. AWD Survivor 160.


HPL Aeons 278.

Synonym for: Ghatanothoa.


HH Guardian came via Saturn 299.

AWD Gorge 109.

Synonym for: Cthulhu.


AWD Dweller 127.

CAS Ubbo 48.

Synonym for: Cthulhu.


HPL Museum 234.


DW Fire2 82, 86, 90.


A Siamese cat. CJ Acquarium 301-305.


Name used by the Maya of the Yucatan for the feathered serpent deity, better known as Quetzalcoatl.

The Mound narrator recognized a serpent carving from K'n-yan as a prototype of the Yig, Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan conceptions [Mound115]. The Curse of Yig narrator identified Yig as the older and darker prototype of Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan [Yig 83].

Kull, King

Of Valusia. REH Dark 87.


AWD Gorge 130.

Synonym for: Cthulhu.


A dreamer. HPL Celephais 83-89; Kadath only sane visitor to star gulfs 309 & 402, 333, 354-356.


Pacific islands? AWD Island 195; Gorge 103.


JVS Dead 30.

Synonym for: Cthulhu.


AWD Gorge 108.

Kwakiutl Indians

Northwest Coast Indians, Quatsino Sound. AWD Survivor 159.

Kynaratholis, King

Of Dreamworld. HPL Celephais 87.


HPL Gates 451.

Compare with: Kinarth.

Kythamil, Kythanil

Source of the Hyperboreans; near Arcturus. HPL Gates 443-444.

AWD Dweller 138; Lurker 134.

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