Jack (1)

HPL Dunwich Ellen Hutchins collie 184.

Jack (2)

HPL Terrible (a bottle) 273.

Jack (3)

HPL Man (narrator) 201, 204.

Jack (4)

AWD Dweller (narrator) 120, 123, 127, 137, 149.

Jack (5)

AWD Clay (narrator) 381.

Aka: Ken.


Nightwatchman. AWD Depths 237-239, 243.

Jackson, Henry

HPL Man 201-204, 211.

Jackson, Steven

's school opposite Court-House Parade, Providence. HPL Case 126.

Jackson, (Superintendent)

HPL Electric 62, 64, 76, 78.

Jackson St

San Francisco. HPL Test 44.


Of H.M.S. Advocate. AWD Gorge 106.


One of the smaller principalities of the Malay States, under British protectorate [RB Elephant 40, 46].

Includes: Dzang, Char; Leela; Sacred White Elephant of Jadhore;


Tribe of central Arabia. AWD Lamp 249.

Jakes, (Capt.) Barnaby

Of the Black Star. RB Terror 224-227.


RB Terror 227.

Incl: Kingston.


River, Virginia? HPL Rats 27.

James, Dr.

Of San Francisco. HPL Winged relayed news to Slauenwite about Moore's coma 253, notified Slauenwite of Moore's death 254.

James, M. R

AWD OutThere Possibly the James mentioned as author of Cathedrals of England.

HK Invaders 64.

Jameson, Dr

Of Chicago University. AWD Depths 228, 230, 232, 234, 241, 244-245, 249.

Jamison, Dr

Of Navissa Camp. AWD Wind Robert Norris stayed with him.

Jammy, Peter

Set of Albertus Magnus. HPL Case 121.

Japan, Japanese

RB Kiss 46-51.

AWD Island Japanese extraction 202; Brotherhood 334; Seal 153.

Incl: Yamada, Dr. Makoto.


A city. HPL Iranon 114.

Jason, Father

HC Isle 148, 157, 162, 168.

Aka: Tavana.


AWD Island 183; Lurker 117.


HPL Case 170.


HPL Case 170, 233.

Jenckes, Daniel

Of Providence. HPL Case 128.

Jenckes Street

Providence. HPL Case 113.

Jenkins, Mr

RFS Mists 25-26.


HPL Case 132.


Synonym for Droom-avista. HK Jest 61-62.


HPL Descendant 360.


A sage who told of the adumbrali. RAL Abyss 291.

Joanna Spring

Australia. HPL Time 406.


Biblical book. HPL Case 153.


South Africa. HPL Winged Slauenwite planned to escape to there 254, 255.

Incl: Vaal Hotel.

Johansen, Gustaf

Author, Johannsen narrative. HPL Call 146, 148.

AWD Gorge 110-111; Seal 163.

FL Terror2 301.

Johannsen narrative

By Gustaf Johansen. AWD Island 186; Gorge 110; Space 244.

John Carter Brown Library

Brown University, Providence. HPL Case 112.

John Hay library

Providence. HPL Case 112, 219; Haunter 93.

Johnson, Richard H., PhD

Curator of the Cabot Museum of Archaeology, Boston. During the publicity afforded to the T'yog mummy in 1931-1932, he read the account of T'yog and Mu in the Black Book. As cultists descended upon the museum, he was tempted to withdraw the mummy from display, but did not do so immediately. After two intruders were found dead in front of the T'yog mummy, he examined the mummy's eyes and saw recorded inside a fuzzy image of Ghatanothoa, whereupon he fainted. When the mummy started to show signs of disintegration, he authorized a dissection, and witnessed the uncovering of the living, pulsing brain. He then wrote an unpublished account of the mummy, which was found among his papers after his death. Died suddenly and mysteriously of heart-failure on April 22, 1933. HPL Aeons (narrator) 264-265.


Scientist. HPL Mountains 66, 69.

Jonas, Tom

Providence. RB Steeple 221.

Jones, Stephen

HPL Museum 215-216, once had access to Necronomicon 217, 218-220, 222-241.

Jones, (Dr.) Wilfred

HPL Test 21-22, 32-35, 60.

Joost, Dr.

Of Pretoria. Slauenwite sent to Dr. Joost for tse-tse flies [HPL Winged 248].

Jornsen Trading Company

HC Isle 147.


Of San Antonio area. HK Bells (82-83), 84, (86).


AWD Island 181.

Journal (1)

HPL Case 169, 176, 192.

Synonym for: Providence Gazette and Country Journal?; Providence Journal.

Journal (2)

HK Invaders 64.

Journal of American Folklore

AWD Survivor 149.

Journal of the American Psychological Society

HPL Time 403, 405.

Joy Street

Boston. HPL Aeons Cabot Museum located in Mt. Vernon Street, near Joy 266; Pickman 24.

Judah, Mr

AWD Gorge 113-114.

Judah and Byron, Attorneys at Law

Cambridge, Massachusetts. AWD Gorge 113, 116.

Judge Durfee house

Providence. HPL Case 114.


Joe Slater's dream alter-ego referred to the insect philosophers that crawl proudly over the fourth moon of Jupiter [HPL Sleep 34].

HPL Gates 451; Time an outer moon 395.

AWD Space migration of Great Race to 238; Whippoorwills 43.

Jurassic period

180-135 million years ago. HPL Mountains 15-16, 68.

AWD Survivor.

See also: chronology.

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