H., Mr

Transylvania. HPL Case (page ref lost)

Synonym for: Hutchinson, Edward.

Haardrada, Harold, King

HPL Call 148.

Hacher's Hall

Providence. HPL Case 128, 132.


AWD Hastur narrator 1-33, name mentioned 5 & 8-10 & 12-13 & 15-16 & 19 & 24-25, 27, 30-31; reads (Boston?) Transcript and passes through Arkham on the way to Tuttle house 22, of Boston 6 & 23.

Hadley, Fred

Of Boston. AWD Wentworth (narrator) 171.

Hadoth (1)

Cited in salutation HPL Case 197.

Hadoth (2)

Valley of, by the Nile HPL Outsider 52. Incl. catacombs of Nephren-Ka.


Place in Arabia. AWD Lamp, Irem said to be near ___249.

Hadrian's Wall

Britain. HPL Case 220; Descendant 361.


HPL Herbert 134.

Haida tribe

AWD Island 179.


HPL Medusa 171-173, 177-179, 181-182, 184, 186, 188-194, 196-197, 200.


AB Haita 527-532.


RB Serpents 258-266.

CJ Acquarium 303.

DWR Music savage music used to summon evil gods 294.

Aka: Hayti.

Includes: Port-au-Prince; Snake-God; Serpent Cult of Obeah.

Halbin, Edith

Of Bristol, and later of London. Killed apparently by an undersea creature in the collection of the late Horatio Lear. CJ Acquarium 301-305, 307-309.


An author. AB Halpin 395; Inhabitant 532.

AWD Curwen 22, 46; Lamp, source of levels of being in other time continua 254; Sandwin 106; Witches 307.

DW Lady 105.

Richard L. Tierney, letter in Crypt of Cthulhu #75, states that a Hali ben Khaledoun is referenced in Sir Walter Scott's The Surgeon's Daughter; suggests that Hali is an early English variant spelling of the Arab name 'Ali; states that John Dee's library had a book by Haly named De Judicius Astrorum; and suggests that this Haly might be the same as Khalid ibn Yazid, who translated Greek alchemical works into Arabic, and wrote Liber Secretorum Artis.

Hali, Lake of

RWC Court 81; Repairer 5, (36), 44; Yellow cloud waves 106.

HPL Whisperer 223.

HC Death black lakes of 364-366; Isle 157.

AWD Island 180; Dweller 138; Gable 209; Keeper 141; Lair2 70; Lurker 84, 124, 134, 138; Hastur 12; Seal 160; Sky 86; Space 238.

JVS Dead 34.

Hallow Eve

HPL Man 207.


HPL Dunwich 161, 164, All-Hallows 165, 168; Innsmouth 321, 331, 335; Yig 89.

RB Notebook 232, 236, 238-239, 241-242, 244.

JVS Dead 28, 31-33.

Aka: All-Hallows; Hallow Eve; Hallowmass; Hallow's-Eve; Night of the Black Lord.

See also: ceremonial days.

Hallowmass, Hallow-Mass

HPL Dunwich 168, 181; Innsmouth 339; Man 208; Doorstep 294, 301-302; WitchHouse 264-296.

RB Satan 17-18.

Synonym for: Hallowe'en.

Hallow's Eve

HPL Case 151-152, 162.

AWD Lurker 60; Whippoorwills 46.

Synonym for: Hallowe'en.

Hall School

At Kingsport. HPL Doorstep 280.

Incl: Derby, Asenath.

Halsey, Dr. Allan

Dean of Miskatonic University Medical School (ca. 1903). HPL Herbert 134, 139-141, 143.


A destroyer. AWD Island 205-207, 209-210.

hamlet of the dog

Maine. Fifteen miles or so from the lodge of Graag. Harvey visited there. RAL Graag 14.

Area incl: Captain; Graag.

Hammond's Drug Store, Newburyport

Market Square, Newburyport. HPL Innsmouth 305, 313.

Hammond's Drug Store, Innsmouth area

AWD Clay Innsmouth area? 375.

Hammond's Drug Store, Arkham

Arkham. AWD Sky 61.


A god. RB Shambler dark Han 183.

Hanby, John

DW Fire2 82. 84, 85, 87.

Hancock, L. E.

Of Partridgeville. FBL Hounds 85.


HPL Gates 426, 429-430.

Haney Lane

London. CJ Acquarium 300, 301, 309.

Hangman's Brook

Arkham. AWD Attic 308.

Hangman's Hill

Arkham. AWD Attic 308, 310, 320, 324.

Hannah (1)

Of Providence. HPL Case 153, 175.

Hannah (2)

Servant of the Carters'--cook? HPL Silver 417.


China. REH Bear house of Yotai Yin is just outside Hankow 35, 36.

Incl: Brand, Eric; Dragon House; European Club-Room; Yao, Kang; Lannon, Bill; O'Donnel, Black John; Yun, Yotai.

Harker House

RB Philtre 293.

Hanover Street

Boston. HPL Pickman 24.

Hanson, Don

RB Terror 219, (220), 221-223, 227-237, 239, 240, 243-245, 247-248, 250-251.


(mental hospital). HPL Rats 45.


Antehuman sorceror beneath Mt. Voormithadreth. CAS Seven 56, description 57-58, 59-60, 66.

Harbinger, John

Plainclothesman, Chicago. AWD Depths 233.

Hardie, Sir John

AWD Spawn 18-34.


Vermont. HPL Whisperer 209.

Hardy, Thomas

AWD Attic 311, 325; Brotherhood 329.


AWD Gorge 105.


Papeete mgr. HC Isle 161.

Harlequin Club

REH House 118.

Harley, Francis

Of Bellview (Virginia?). HPL Rats 33.


Village, Wisconsin. AWD Beyond2 154, 175.


Servant of Sir John Tremoth, Tremoth Hall. CAS Offspring (9-10), 12, 14, 16, 18-25.

Harper, Dr. Armitage

Of Arkham. AWD Lurker 76-77, (78), 79-80, 110-112, 119-120.

Harper, Jebediah

Of Massachusetts. AWD Fisherman 292-293.


RB Brood 97; Kiss 41, 49; Sebek 125.


Composer, Symphony Number 3. AWD Wood 76, 79.

Harris, Algernon

FBL Hills (page ref lost).


Employee of Manhattan Museum of Fine Arts, who takes casts. FBL Hills 266.

Harrod, Elmer

Possibly of Arkham. JVS Dead 29-31, 34-37; Graveyard 227-241.

Harrod Place

Old Dethshill Cemetary. JVS Dead 37.

Harrop, Abel

AWD Whippoorwills 34-37, 39-40, 43, 46, 51-55, 58, 64.

Harrop, Dan

AWD Whippoorwills narrator 34-71, named 40 & 45 & 62.

Harrop house

Aylesbury Pike, seven miles from Arkham. AWD Whippoorwills description 34-35.

Harrop's Pocket

Not a proper name; description of area of Harrop house. AWD Whippoorwills 37-39, Harrop's Valley 52, 54-55, 64, 67, 70.


English school attended by Lord Northam. HPL Descendant 359.

Hart, Robert

Of Providence. HPL Case 169, 176, 228-229.

Hartley, Frank

Stayed with Paulsen, Roche, & Hank Klarner at the cottage of the late sorcerer Graag, near the hamlet of the dog, Maine. Possibly a writer of horror tales. Present at the unearthing of the remains of the Other. Subsequently shriveled, looking mummy-like, and died from the curse called the mantle of the sorceror. RAL Graag 12-15.

Hartley, Norman

Of New York and Monk's Hollow. HK Frog (protagonist) 106-114, 116-123.

Hartwell, Dr.

HPL Dunwich 185.

Harvard University

Massachusetts. HPL Case 159; Dunwich 157, 171; History 2; Medusa medical school 170.

AWD Curwen 6; Gorge 98, 120; Keeper 149; Middle 355; Six 124.

Incl: Bishop, Septimus.


Explored the district of the hamlet of the dog, saw Graag's lodge, and talked with the Captain about events 20 years back. Was present at the cave mouth when his friends Paulsen, Roche, Frank Hartley, and Hank Klarner uncovered the remains of the Other. Possibly fell victim, like them, to the curse called the mantle of the sorcerer. RAL Graag (narrator) 12, 15.

Hasbrouck, Squire

Of New Paltz. HPL Man 209.


A person. RB Faceless 35, 38.


A deity. Hastur is apparently an enemy of the Outer Ones; thus, a cult of humans associated with Hastur and the Yellow Sign is devoted to tracking down the Outer Ones and injuring them [HPL Whisperer 223].

AB Haita 527-528, 531.

RWC Demoiselle a falcon-handler 114, 118, 122; Mask 60; Repairer 17, 29, 36, son of 37, 44; Yellow 106.

HC Death Hastur, Prince of Evil 365, 366; Isle 157-159.

AWD Beyond2 161, 165, 170; Island 180, 182, H. (192), 197, ally of Cthugha against Cthulhu and Ithaqua 198; Curwen 17, 20-21, half-brother of Cthulhu 31, 44, 46; Dweller 127, bat-like followers 133; Gable 207, 209; Gorge 122, 126, 131; Depths 235, spawn of 240, 251; Ithaqua 112-114; Keeper 141, 144, 150, 160; Lair 125-126; Lamp the Unspeakable 255; Lurker 124, 133; Middle 359; Hastur of beings who stalk the star-spaces (Air Beings?) 12, =Him Who is Not to be Named 12, 13, 15, 21, 26-27, 33; Sandwin co-leader of forces of air 105; Seal 159-160, 162, 176; Sky 59, 68-69, 86; Space of the Ancient Ones 238-239; Survivor 162; Valley 127, 134, banished to black star near Aldebaran 135; Whippoorwills 50; Witches 301.

HH Guardian 299.

JVS Dead 34.

Aka: He Who is Not to be Named; Him Who is Not to be Named; Lord of the Interstellar Spaces; Not-to-be-Named One; Prince of Evil.

Compare with: Magnum Innominandum.

Hastur, spawn of

AWD Depths spawn of 240.

Hatch, Mr

Wrentham. HPL Case 152.


A village, of dreamlands. HPL Cats traders of Hatheg told of the law in Ulthar against killing cats 58; Other neighbors Ulthar, Hatheg-Kla 128, 129, men of Hatheg climb Hatheg-Kla to search for Barzai 131, people of Hatheg fear eclipses since night Barzai disappeared on Hatheg-Kla 132; Kadath 310, 325.

Hatheg-Kla, Mt

Of dreamlands.HPL Kadath 311-312, 399; Other in stony desert beyond Hatheg 128, thirteen days walk from Hatheg 129, Barzai and Atal make ill-fated ascent 129-131, 50 cubit wide symbol appears, similar to one in Pnakotic Manuscripts 131, gods of earth still visit 132; Mist 282.

Hathorne, Judge

Essex County. HPL Case Salem 150; WitchHouse 263.

Haunter of the Dark

One of the forms of Nyarlathotep. HPL Haunter 103, 106, avatar of Nyalathotep 114.

RB Steeple 213-215, 225, 227-229.

AWD Middle 359.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Haunter of the Dark, The

By H. P. Lovecraft. RB Steeple 212.

haunter of the ring

REH Ring 62, appearance described (59, 64).

Haute Vienne Coven

HPL Case 131.


HPL Case 122.


Massachusetts. HPL Time 370; WitchHouse 263.

Incl: Boardman Street; Golden Hill; Hziulquoigmnzhah.


Of London, printer of Chronicles of Captain Elias Godsworthy, His Trips & Explorations upon the Continent of North America. RB Satan 5.

Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiians

HPL Aeons A swarthy Hawaiian cultist attempted to get at the mummy of T'yog by cutting the glass of its case 279-280.

AWD Island 186; Lurker 117; Sandwin 104.


HPL Call 152.

Hawks Expedition

To Burma. AWD Lair 117-118, 122.

Hawks, Geoffrey

AWD Lair 117-118.


HPL Electric 68.

Hayden, Ben

HPL Man 201-207.

Haymarket (Street?)

London. HPL Museum 237.


Odd spelling of Haiti. HPL Call 132.

Hayword, Mike

Of Santa Barbara. HK Invaders 64-66, 67-79.


One of the Seven Stewards of Heaven invoked in White Magic [RB Hell 60].


Arabia. RFB Iram 118.

Incl: Shaddad the Less.

Hearn, Lafcadio

HPL Medusa 170.


A person. HPL Mound 100-102, 162.

Heavenly Stairway

RB Sorceror sought by mad Chinese emperors 155.

heavy water

HK Hydra 135.


Author, Daemonic Presences. RB Satan 8.


HPL Medusa 193.

Hedwig, Doctor

RB Kiss 38-40, 42, 47.

Heidelberg University

HPL Diary 303.

Incl: Typer, Alonzo.


Author of Occultus. RB Tomb 14.


Scientist. HPL WitchHouse 264.

Hekler, Johnny

AWD Passing a young alcoholic who testified at the inquest for Eric Holm.

Held, Dr

Of Darwich University. RAL Abyss 285-286.


REH Dark 67, 69, 73.

Synonym for: Isle of Slyne.

Hemery, Soames

AWD OutThere Hemery, Soames. Oxford student, one of four friends of Geoffrey Malvern who were sent down because of a scandal relating to their practice of sorcery. Later helped Dr. William Currie reimprison the creature Something from Out There.

Henchman Street

Boston. HPL Pickman 16.


Of Yokahama. AWD Island 203-204.

Hendreson, Mr.

AWD Sky (63-64), 65-66, 81-84, (85), 86.


Explorer who died searching for Chaugnar Faugn's statue. FBL Hills 242.

Henry the Eighth

HPL Mound 115.


HPL Gates 431.

Herrick, Peter

AWD Wind possibly of Royal Northwest Mounted Police. Investigated the disappearance of all inhabitants of Stillwater and of the visitors Allison Wentworth and James Macdonald.

Herrenden's Lane

Providence. HPL Case 137.


Horse belonging to Ammi Pierce. HPL Colour 71, 77.

Herth, Milt

DWR Music found tonal combinations on Hammond Organ that baffled fellow musicians 295.


(A dream world.) HPL Fungi XIII.


AWD Whippoorwills 37.


Or "Hetty". Brig, out of Innsmouth, owned by Obed Marsh. HPL Innsmouth 329.

AWD Clay 378; AWD Shuttered 271.

He Who is Not to Be Named

JVS Dead 34.

Synonym for: Hastur.


AWD Gorge 105.


Witch-beliefs of superstitious people. AWD Wentworth 169.


Britain. HPL Case 220.

high priest not to be described

Of yellow silken mask, Leng. Kadath 316, 360, 370, 372*, 373, 375-376, 380, 384, (390).

High Street, Arkham

HPL Doorstep 282, 285, 300; WitchHouse 271.

High Street, Bloemfontein

HPL Winged 242.

Incl: Orange Hotel.

High Street, Newburyport

HPL Innsmouth 315.

Hill, (Lieut.) Ronald

HPL Herbert 157-158.

Hiller, Bob

"Big Bob Hiller". AWD Dweller 118.


HPL Gates priests 422; Mountains 45, 68; Time 373; Whisperer 224, 260.

AWD Gable 207.

See also: Mi-Go.

Him in the Gulf

HPL Whisperer 226.

Synonym for: Azathoth.

Him Who is Not to Be Named

Synonym for Hastur. HPL Whisperer 226.

AWD Curwen 31, 46; Dweller 137; Gorge 126; Lurker 36, 48, 83-84, 124, 133; Middle 360; Hastur 11, = Hastur 12, 33; Sky 69.

Synonym for: Hastur.

Him Who is to Come

AWD Island 190; Curwen 35.

Synonym for: Cthulhu.

Him Who Will Rise Again

AWD Seal 178.

See Cthulhu.

Him Who Lies Dreaming

AWD Seal 178.

See: Cthulhu.


Al-Yaman. RFB Iram 118.


A reference to Swami Chandraputra. HPL Gates 427, 429, 434, 446, 452-453, 455-458.


HPL Test 19; Time 385.

RB Elephant (44), 46-48, 54.

AWD Island 178, 181.

Incl: Ganesha; Vedas.

Hines, Earl

Composer. DWR Music improvisation Child of a Disordered Brain came near to music of the stars 297.


AWD Island 210.

Historical Society

Providence. HPL Case 112.


By Veno. RB Sorceror 161.

Hivaoa Island

Marquesas. AWD Survivor 159.


HPL Kadath 351-352.

Hoadley, Rev. Abijah

Of Congregational Church, Dunwich. HPL Dunwich 158.

AWD Watchers 401, 402.

Hoag family

Of Dunwich. AWD Watchers 403.

Hoag, Rev. Jeptha

Of Dunwich; Methodist minister. AWD Watchers 401, 402, 403.


Tasmania. HPL Mountains 6.


Tales, Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 138.

Hodge, Dr

HPL Mound 116.

Hodgkins, Russell

California's most noted bibliophile. HK Hydra 126.

Hoebel, Franz

Composer. AWD Wood 76.

Hogarth, Francis

Employee of Manhattan Museum of Fine Arts. FBL Hills 241.


Region of Sahara. HPL Medusa 171; Test 43, 55.

Holberg, Brigadier-General

AWD Island 202, 205-205, (206), 209-210.


See: ceremonial days.


HPL Case 149; Diary 312; Hound 173, 175, 177.


Los Angeles, California. HK Bells 92; Hydra 127, 134, 140.

FL Terror2 267, 272, 304, 306.

Incl: Edmond, Paul; Hollywood Citizen-News; Todd, Arthur.

Hollywood Citizen-News

Hollywood, California. HK Hydra 126.

Hollywood Hills

Los Angeles, California. FL Terror2 267, 289, 296, 303.

Includes: Laurel Canyon.


Los Angeles, California. FL Terror2 270.

Holm, Eric

A colorless little man with an absurd moustache. His only friend was Jeremy Lansing, who shared his generally unsuccessful experiments in witchcraft, which led ultimately to his untimely demise. He used an invocation of a spawn of Cthulhu from the Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus, and mistakenly instructed Jeremy Lansing to read the spell that turns the creature against the person who summoned it. [AWD Passing]


Explorer who died searching for Chaugnar Faugn's statue. FBL Hills 243.

Holmes, Prof. Jordan

AWD Depths 225-237, 239, 241-242, 244-252.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

HPL Pickman 21.

Holt, Ebenezer, Capt

HPL Picture 121-123.

Holy Inquisition

RB Mannikin 75.

Holy Water

RB Hell 47, 68.


Ancient author. RB Kiss 47.


A ship. HPL Case 165.

Homquat, King

Of Hyperborea. CAS Seven 42, 49.


RB Sorceror 155.

Ho-Nan province

Burma. AWD Lair 118; Sandwin Honan country 98.


REH Roof 5-6.

Hong Kong

AWD Island 202.


RB Steeple 220.

Hooded Lama

Synonym for Hooded Monk. REH Bear 36.

Hooded Monk.

REH Bear 35.

Aka: Black Lama; Black Monk; Hooded Lama; Masked Monk; Masked One.

hoofed thing

From the description, a being possibly synonymous with or related to the Master of the Monolith. REH Hoofed (148-151, 155, 160), 161-163, (164-165), described 166, 167-168.

Hoog, Mr. and Mrs

HPL Man 211.

Hook, Cyrus

RB Creeper 103.

Hooper's Pond

HPL Mist 280.

Hope Valley

Rhode Island. HPL Case 180.

Hopkins, Ahab

Of Wilbraham; lawyer. AWD Peabody 180, 183, 187-188, 191.

Hopkins, Capt. Esek

Of Providence. HPL Case 140-142.

Hopkins, Stephen

Of Providence; ex-governor. HPL Case 128, 135-136, 140.

Hoppin, Aaron

Of Providence. HPL Case 137.

Horla, The

By Guy de Maupassant. HK Invaders 64.

Horner, Isaih

RB Terror 224-228.

See also: Isaih Horner, Hys Journal...

Horrid Mysteries

By the Marquis of Grosse. REH Children 151.

horror from the depths

Fossil things from Lake Michigan. AWD Depths 225-252, revealed to be Cthulhu brood 252, descriptions 226, 227-228, 231.


Henry Well's horse--Partridgeville. FBL Eaters 92, 94.


Egyptian god. RB Fane 133; Sebek Eye of Horus 121.

Hotel Miskatonic

Arkham. AWD Lurker 5.

Hotel Richmond

HPL Diary 303.

Houdini, Harry

HPL Pyramids (narrator) 217-243.

Hough (and wife)

AWD Beyond2 157-159, 169-170, 172.

Hough, Laban, Susie, Peter, and Lavinia (Vinnie)

AWD Whippoorwills 38, Lavinia 40, 53, Vinnie 58, 67, Vinnie 67, 69.

Hough, sister

Arkham area. AWD Whippoorwills 41.

Houghton, Dr

Of Aylesbury. HPL Dunwich 166-167, 172.

Houghton, Sheriff John

Of Dunwich. AWD Middle 368.

Hound, the

HPL Hound 171-178; esp. 174.

Hounds of Tindalos

Beings from before life began, who exist in angular time and normally cannot enter curved time, where we reside. Halpin Chalmers saw them in a vision while under the influence of the Liao drug. [FBL Hounds 80]

Their existence is the result of an un unspeakable deed that was done in the beginning. They are symbolized in the myth of the Fall: the tree, the snake, and the apple; as well as in an obscene form that is occasionally found engraved on ancient tablets. [81]

All the evil in the universe is concentrated in them. Yet they are not evil in our sense, for where they dwell there is no thought or moral, no right or wrong. There is only the pure and the foul. They are that which fell away from cleanliness at the beginning of time. They hunger for that part of humans that is pure, that is descended from a curve that emerged from the primal deed without stain. [82-83]

They have no bodies, or possibly they have lean, hungry bodies. They are lean, hungry and athirst. They scented Chalmers in time. Chalmers heard their breathing [82]. When he saw them coming towards him, Chalmers began writhing about on the floor of his apartment and barking like a dog. [80-83].

Chalmers called these beings the Hounds of Tindalos, but didn't explain the origin of the name [82-83]. A pungeant, nauseating odor becomes noticeable when they are nearby [80, 85].

They move slowly through outrageous angles. [80] Chalmers said that the Hounds can reach us only through angles, and he tried to remove the angles from his room by using plaster to smooth the corners. [83] Unfortunately an earthquake dislodged the plaster, leaving the angles exposed, and the Hounds were able to enter after all. [85-86]

The Hounds left a bluish slime on Chalmer's body. The scientist James Morton examined the slime and concluded that it was from an unknown form of life that lacks all enzymes, and thus potentially is immortal [85-86].

Thomas Granville saw the Hounds of Tindalos in a painting that came to life at the home of a researcher into consciousness-expanding drugs. To Granville they appeared vaguely wolf-like, with blazing eyes and clashing jaws; but their forms changed rapidly as they moved, as if reshaped from moment to moment by all the evil in the universe. [FBL Gateway 8]

Pseudo-Akeley told Albert Wilmarth the essence, though not the source, of the Hounds of Tindalos [HPL Whisperer 256].

A little man said the Book reveals the ultimate source of the Hounds of Tindalos, "who live in a chaotic, nebular universe at the very rim of space, and who are in league with those Outer Ones" [HH Guardian 299].

Winfield Phillips read about the Hounds of Tindalos in manuscripts that Seneca Lapham had borrowed or photocopied from Miskatonic Library [AWD Lurker 135].

Aka: Canis Tindalos.

House of the Worm, The

By Howard. FBL Eaters 89.

How, Amity

Of Salem. HPL Case 150.


FBL Eaters (88-91), 92, 95-103, 105-114.

Howard, Robert E.

AWD Seal 163.

Howler in the Night

AWD Dweller 138.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Hoy, Tsin Lo

DW Fire2 82, 84, 85, 87.


See: Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan.

Hsieh Ho

Chinese man who saw Chaugnar Faugn. FBL Hills 272-273.


(river?). HPL Man 207.

Huessman, Mrs

Housekeeper of Dr. Gordon Whitney. RFS Warder 159.


HPL Electric 68-69, 71, 74.

Human race

Different and rather inconsistent traditions touch on the origin of the human race.

According to the analysis by Dyer and Danforth of murals found in the Antarctic, the crinoid Old Ones of Antarctica created earth-life for food and other purposes. They allowed various cell-groups to develop into other forms of animal and vegetable life, exterminating any that became troublesome [HPL Mountains 62, 65]. They used a primitive simian ancestor of humanity for food and amusement [65]. The inference seems to be that the simian forebear of humanity was created by the crinoid Old Ones.

The Old Ones of K'n-yan appeared to be human, and might share a common origin with humanity. According to the legends of the Old Ones, Tulu (Cthulhu) brought them to earth from a distant part of space where conditions were much like earth. The Old Ones were the original stock who peopled the earth as soon as its crust was fit to walk on. However, after a massive sinking of continents beneath the ocean, a million or two years ago, the Old Ones withdrew underground and thereafter evolved separately from humanity [Mound 129, 131, 133]. This account differs greatly from the Dyer/Danforth theory, but is not necessarily more reliable, since the Old Ones harbored doubts about the accuracy of their own ancient traditions.

Zadok Allen said that humans are related to the Deep Ones: "Seems that human folks has got a kind o' relation to such water-beasts—that everything alive came aout o' the water onct, an' only needs a little change to go back again" [Innsmouth 331]. Interpreted broadly, this could be merely a restatement of the modern scientific view that the earliest life forms evolved underwater. On the other hand, the implication might be that human beings are descended directly, and relatively recently, from the Deep Ones, and perhaps diverged as a result of adapting to land life. At any rate, it is extraordinarily odd that humans and Deep Ones can mate together and bear offspring, as this is not possible between humans and related species such as apes, for example.

From his research into primal myths, Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee concluded that other intelligent races had inhabited earth before the first amphibian forbear of man crawled out of the sea 300 million years ago [Time 385].

During his sojourn as a captive mind among the Great Race, Peaslee heard hints of the fate of mankind that were too disturbing to put into writing [Time 396].

Humboldt Currents

AWD Curwen 18.


HPL Case 195; Doorstep 277.

REH Black 57-59; Ring 55, 56, Hungarian person 63; House 129; Roof 7.


As in Attila the Hun. REH Black 57, 61.

Hunterdon County

New Jersey. FL Terror2 295.

Hunter of Souls

HK Hunt 168, 177.

Synonym for: Iod.

Huntington Library

San Marino, California. HK Bells 86; Invaders 69.

Incl: Book of Iod; De Vermis Mysteriis.


HPL Man 207.

Hurley, William

Taxicab driver, Providence. RB Steeple 211-212, 222.

Huron, Lake

AWD Seal 152.


HPL Whisperer 213.

Hutchins, Elam

HPL Dunwich 184.

Hutchins, Hester, Josephine, and Amelia

Arkham area. AWD Whippoorwills 38, 41, cousin Flora in Dunwich 41, 44, Hester 48, Hester 53, Hester 58-59, 60, 61, 67, Amelia 70.


Letters. HPL Case 112.

Hutchinson, Edward

Salem-Village. HPL Case 138, 149-150, 154, 156-157, 159, 161, "H." 194, "H." 195, 196-197, 203-204, 213, 221-223, 233.

Hutchins, Sam

HPL Dunwich 187-188.

Hutchins, Will

HPL Dunwich 194.


HPL Hound 172.


AB Inhabitant 535.

RWC Cassilda; Mask 60; Repairer 17, 37, 44; Yellow mystery of 106.

AWD Curwen 21; Dweller 133; Gable 200, 207, 214; Gorge 132; Keeper 141, 150; Lair2 70; Lurker 86, 106, 124, dark star 133; Hastur 12, 15, 17-18, 27; Seal 160; Sky 59, 86; Valley 135; Witches 307.

FL Terror2 310.

Incl: Aldebaran.

Hyborian Age

REH Untitled 37.


REH Untitled 37-38.


Near Lynwold. AWD OutThere Dr. William Currie, Soames Hemery, and Duncan Vernon found Something from Out There in the Cathedral and drove it back to the priory near Malvern-by-the-Sea.

Incl: Clithanus.

Hydra (1)

A mother goddess of the Deep Ones. The Esoteric Order of Dagon preached that the children of human/Deep One liaisons would never die, but go back to Mother Hydra and Father Dagon, whom we all came from once [HPL Innsmouth 337]. In Greek mythology, Hydra was a many-headed water serpent that was killed by Heracles.

HK Hydra a god 135-138.

Aka: Gorgo; Magna Mater; Mormo.

Hydra (2)

A constellation. Walter Gilman felt drawn to a spot in the sky between Hydra and Argo Navis [HPL WitchHouse 275, 278].


HK Eater 13.


By Gantley. CJ Acquarium 305.


HPL Electric 70.


AWD Keeper 148.


HPL Aeons Reputed source of Book of Eibon 268, worshipped black amorphous Tsathoggua 200,000 years ago 272; Gates 443, 448, 452; Mountains 45, 73; Time 395.

CAS Coming Hyperborean isles 71, 73, 81; Door implicitly; Holiness Hyperborean script, dragon's blood 120, 139; Seven 42-43, 45, 47, 59; Tale includes mastodons 3, 6, 10; Ubbo 49-51, 54.


Acromi; Cunambria, Queen; Eibon; Evagh; Ezdagor; Haon-Dor; Homquat, King; Mezzamalech, Zon; Morghi; Ompallios, Tirouv; Raphtontis; Tsathoggua; Voormis; Vooz, Ralibar; Yhoundeh; Zeiros, Satampra;

Aguil; Commoriom; Eiglophian Mountains; Mhu Thulan; pazoor; suvana-palm; Thule; Tsath-yo language; Uzuldaroum; Voormithadreth, Mt.

See also: Kythamil.


God of sleep. AWD Lamp 255.


On Cykranosh, a relative of Tsathoggua (paternal uncle). CAS Door 26-28, 30-32, 38-39.

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