Eagle, John

HPL Diary 305.


AWD Curwen 21; Keeper 141; Spawn 31.

HK Invaders 73-74.

CAS Ubbo 48, 50, gods who died before Earth was born 51, 55.

Earth Beings

AWD Hastur 11.

Earth Creature

AWD Sky 68.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Earth's gods

See: Great Ones (1).

Easter Island

HPL Aeons Easter Island images are possible vestiges of bygone Pacific civilisation (of Mu) 267; Diary 303; Gates 426; Haunter 102; Innsmouth 329; Medusa 187.

AWD Island 179, 182, 186; Curwen 13; Gable 206; Gorge 100, 109, 121; Lurker 116; Sandwin 99; Seal 163; Sky 76.

FL Terror2 286.

JVS Dead 30.

Incl: Rano-raraku.

East High School

Arkham. HPL Unnameable 201.

East India, East Indies

HPL Aeons The night watchman at Cabot Museum was found with a bit of East Indian hemp knotted around his neck 282.

AWD Curwen 13; Clay 377-378.

See also: South Pacific.

East India Dock Road

London. AWD Curwen 34.

East India Docks

London. AWD Curwen 36.

East Nineteenth Street

Manhattan. HPL Test 20.

Eater of Souls

HK Eater 12-13, white hairy and appallingly hideous 14.


(allusion) HPL Herbert 138.

Eddy, Orin B

Of Providence. HPL Haunter 103.


Rhode Island--near Pawtuxet. HPL Case 179, 185.

Edmond, Paul

Of Hollywood. HK Hydra 126-134, 136-141.

Edsworth Memorial Prize

RB Mannikin 75.

Edmunds, Jeremy

A pious and famous witch-finder. He told in his sermons about the geography of Hell. Edmunds told Godfrey of the damage wrought by witches and their familiars, and of tests to use for detecting witches. He urged Gideon Godfrey to dedicate himself to a journey: either specifically the journey to Roodsford, or possibly more generally to the vanquishing of witches. [RB Satan 7-8]

Edward III

HPL Descendant 361.


RB Hell 53; Sebek 123.

Egeburg, the

In Oslo. HPL Call 148, 154.


HPL Aeons Cabot Museum includes Egyptian mummies from earliest Sakkarah specimens to last Coptic attempts 266, Ghatanothoa cult penetrated Egypt 276; Case 133, 194; Cats the Cat is the soul of antique Aegyptus 55, dark wanderers from south, who visit Ulthar, worship gods that sound vaguely Egyptian 56; Fungi XXI; Haunter 100, 2 refs? 103; Medusa magic 170, 193; Nyarlathotep 1; Pyramids throughout, 217, lower 218, mysteries older than pre-dynastic Egypt related to animal-headed gods in panthon 223, elder magic of 227, full of inner mysteries and antique powers 228, embodied in Houdini's dream as a giant paw 230, 231, sepulchres 234; Time 395.

RB Brood colonized Cornwall 92, 93-96, 98; Faceless 36-37, 39-42; Fane 133-136, 139, 141-143; Mummy 284-286, 296, 298; Opener 156, 158-160, 162-163, 168; Sebek 115-117, 119-125, 127, 129; Steeple 213-214, 228-229; Shambler 180; Sorceror 154.

AWD Island 181-182, pyramids 199; Brotherhood, Egyptian papyri 329; Gorge 99, 122; Keeper 140; Sandwin 104; Space 234; Survivor animal worship of ancient Egypt 162.

REH Roof degraded and mongrel peoples of lower Egypt 8; Untitled 36, 38.

HK Hunt 169-170; Invaders 70.

RFS Warder 164.

Incl: el Drogman, Abdul Reis; Amen; Amon; Anubis; Apis; baboons; Bast; Black Pharaoh; Blind Apes of Truth; Cartaret, Captain; Cheops; Chewer of Corpses; Horus; Hyborians; Isis; Ka; Khephnes; Khephren, King; Luveh-Keraph; Neb; Nephren-Ka; Nitokris; Nyarlathotep; Osiris; Pasht; Ra; Re-Harakhte; Sebek; Set; Sphinx; Stygians; Thoth; Thutmosis IV; Unknown God of the Dead; Alexandria; Ankh; Black Rites; Bubastis; Cairo; Coptic Period; Elephantine; Horus; Fayum; Grand Cairo; Great Pyramid; Hadoth, Valley of; Karnak; Karneter; Khem; Memphis; mummies; Nile; Ninth Pyramid; Papyrus Ipuwer; Place of the Blind Apes; Pyramids; Secret Place; Semites; Soul Chant of Sebek; Thebes; Valley of Kings; Wadi Hassur; Walls of Truth.

Aka: Khem.


Hyperborean sorceror. CAS Coming 82; Door 18-41.

HH Guardian 288.

Eight Brazen Towers

Of the Yezidees. REH Dig 79.

Eiglophian Moutains

Hyperborea. CAS Seven 42.

Incl: Voormithadreth, Mt..


HPL Case 161; Moutains 19; Whisperer light-speed limit 253; Time 376; WitchHouse 264.

AWD Curwen 7.

RB Steeple *226; Sorceror 152.

FBL Hounds 74-75, Einstein formula 86.


Synonym for Ireland. REH People 149.

El Paso

Texas. HPL Electric 63, 78.


An author. HPL Herbert 155.

Elder God

Sculpture by Clark Ashton Smith. AWD Wood 73.

Elder God

Carved image of. AWD Gorge 100.

Elder Gods (1)

AWD Island 179, benevolent 180, 181-182, 186, 188, 197-198, described (200), 212; Curwen 21-22, 31, 37, 42-43; Dweller 133; Gable 207; Gorge beneficient 121, 126; Depths 235-236, 240-241, 249, 251-252; Keeper 141, 157, 163, seal of 170; Lair 126, 134; Lurker 51, home in Glyu-Vho 83, 84, 123, 133-135; OutThere 590-591; Hastur 11, home in Betelgeuse 27; Sandwin 106-106, 112; Seal 160-162, 164, 177, 179; Sky books stolen from 68, benign authority 69, 71; Space 238-239, 240-242; Spawn 30-31; Survivor 162; Valley 127, 134-135; Whippoorwills 47, 51; Witches 301, 303; Wood 81.

Aka: Elder Ones (4); Old Ones (7); Ancient Ones (2).

Elder Gods (2)

CJ Acquarium 306, 307.

elder gods (3)

RFS Warder 164.

Elder Key

HK Hunt 169; Hydra blasphemous Elder Key of which only two copies are reputed to exist on earth 127.

Elder Lore

HPL Gates 432.

Elder One (1)

HPL Fungi the last Elder One XXVII.

Elder One (2)

RB Fane 134.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Elder Ones (1)

HPL Mountains 25.

Synonym for: Old Ones (1).

Elder Ones (2)

Spawn of the dark planet Yuggoth, who colonized the earth before the birth of terrestrial life. Built gigantic fortress on top of Mount Yaddith-Gho, in the crypts beneath which their god Ghatanothoa lowers and broods eternally. Brought the lagh metal to earth from Yuggoth. HPL Aeons (272), 274.

Possible synonym for: Outer Ones?

Elder Ones (3)

HPL Kadath 311, 351, 356.

Synonym for: Gods of Earth.

Elder Ones (4)

AWD Lair 125; Sky 86.

Synonym for: Elder Gods.

Elder Ones (5)

Unidentified meanings. HPL Medusa 187; Mist 277, 282, 285-286.

REH Dig 83.

Elder Pharos

"Pharos" means lamp or lighthouse. HPL Fungi XXVII; Mountains 106.

FL Terror2 272.

Elder Seal

AWD Valley 135.

Synonym for: Elder Sign (2)?

Elder Shepherd

Probably a synonym for Satan. RB Satan 18.

Elder Sign (1)

A symbol whose form and significance is unclear. In some references, the Elder Sign is apparently a hand gesture invoked for protection. Thus, when Randolph Carter asked about the Great Ones, the farmer and his wife would only make the Elder Sign and tell him the way to Nir and Ulthar [HPL Kadath 311]. And when Surama was frightened by Dr. Alred Clarendon's curses, he made an elder sign that no book of history records [HPL Test 35]. However, the sign is not always effective: Alhazred reports that, beyond the Gateway guarded by 'UMR AT-TAWIL, there lies "the Evil that defieth the Elder Sign" [HPL Gates 431]. 

The Elder Sign seems also to be an element of cult ritual; in the time of Roman Britain, strange folk descended from a lost Western continent met together and made the Elder Sign in the dark [HPL Descendant 361]. Then again, the narrator of The Messenger regards it as a device for invoking malevolent beings; he refers to "the Elder Sign, bequeathed from long ago, That sets the fumbling forms of darkness free" [HPL Messenger 57].

HPL drew this image of the Elder Sign at the conclusion of a letter to Clark Ashton Smith dated November 7, 1930, and included in H.P. Lovecraft, Selected Letters III, ed. August Derleth and Donald Wandrei (Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1971), p. 216. If you wanted to convey this symbol through a hand gesture, a possible way might be to hold up one hand vertically, edge on, and hold the other hand behind it with fingers open so that the thumb and forefinger appear on one side and the other three fingers on the other side. Alternatively, you could perhaps make a gesture similar to a genuflection, drawing first a vertical line and then two or more horizontal lines in the air. (Scan of the Elder Sign is courtesy of Donovan Loucks at http://hplovecraft.com

Elder Sign (2)

Misquamacus used a stone carved with the Elder Sign to seal the prison of Ossadagowah [AWD Lurker 15, 139]. Alijah Billington removed and later restored this stone [Lurker 141]. Dewart observed this carving, which was shaped like a star, with a broken lozenge at the center that seemed to be a caricature of an eye, and other lines suggestive of flames or of a pillar of flame [Lurker (27)].  Cthulhu was sealed within the barnacled tower at R'lyeh by the Elder Sign, which his minions are powerless to touch [Lurker 83]. Perhaps the same as the sign of protection referred to by Mrs. Bishop [Lurker 103]. Referred to by Seneca Lapham as the mark the Great Old Ones fear and hate, for it is the mark of the Elder Gods whose strength against the Great Old Ones is absolute [Lurker 128].  Richard Billington was subject to the power of the Elder Sign [Lurker 142]. Lapham and Winfield Phillips dug up the stone marked with the Elder Sign and used it to reseal the opening [Lurker 144, 146]. The people of Dunwich placed the Elder Sign on the central pier of Crary Road bridge [AWD Middle 370].

Aka: Elder Seal?; Sign, the.
Compare with: star-stones.

Elder Things, polypous

A race of alien entities from immeasurably distant universes who dominated the earth and three other solar planets about 600 million years ago. They were only partly material, but could wield material tools. They are described as "half-polypous." This may denote a partial resemblance to terrestrial life forms such as sea anemones, which have a cylindrical body plan with a mouth at one end, usually surrounded by tentacles. However, they were capable of changing their body shape at will, and also of temporarily becoming invisible. Their type of consciousness and sense perceptions differed widely from those of terrestrial organisms. The Elder Things had no eyesight, but their senses could penetrate all material barriers.[HPL Time 400-402]

The Elder Things could control the wind and even harness it for military purposes. They could also fly through the air (despite a lack of any wings). Their footprints occurred in groups of three; each was about a foot square, and consisted of five circular marks, one in advance of the other four. [402, 424, 428] They were associated with singular whistling noises [402, 429, 430].

After settling on earth, the Elder Things dwelt in great cities of windowless basalt towers and in adjoining underground caverns. The Elder Things preyed horribly on the earth beings they found, including the cone-creatures. However, when the Great Race took over the minds of the cone-creatures, they waged war against the Elder Things. The Great Race could not exchange minds with the Elder Things, since their type of conciousness was too alien. However, the Elder Things could be destroyed by certain types of electrical energy; and the Great Race battled them using camera-like weapons which produced tremendous electrical effects. The Elder Things were defeated and driven underground. The Great Race placed gigantic sealed trapdoors over the entrances. [392, 400, 401]

Something less than 50 million years ago, the Elder Things temporarily errupted from their underground lairs to take vengeance against the Great Race. Ironically, however, the minds of the Great Race had already escaped to the future, to the bodies of the post-human beetle race. So the revenge of the Elder Things was really exacted against hapless captive minds of the beetle race who were stuck in the cone-creature bodies at that point. Thereafter, the Elder Things again withdrew underground and gradually died out [Time 385, 402; Challenge ]

The Elder Things are hinted of in the beliefs of Australian aborigines, who preserve legends of underground huts from which a frightful wind sometimes blows [Time 404].

AWD Whippoorwills 47.

FL Terror2 invisible whistlers (296).

Elder Things (2)

HPL Dunwich 185

Elder Things (3)

HPL Mountains 20, 22.

Elder Time

RFS Casket 25.


RB Tomb 12.

el Drogman, Abdul Reis

See Reis el Drogman, Abdul.


Star in the Pleiades. AWD Curwen 46.


HPL Museum 222, 229.

RB Hell 61-62; Sorceror 158-160, 163.

AWD Dweller 127, 133; Ithaqua spirits of the elements 112; Seal 162; Sky 68; Wind according to Dr. Jamison, beings associated with the four elements earth, air, fire, and water. Ithaqua is said to be an air elemental.

Includes: gnomes; salamanders; sylphs; undines.


Inn, tavern? Providence. HPL Case 162.


Egyptian city with temple of Bubastis. RB Brood 94-95.


Family, Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 323.

AWD Clay 375-376, 378; Sky 62; Survivor 161.


HPL Pickman 12, 17-20, 22-25.

Eliot, Matt

HPL Innsmouth 329-330, 332, 334, 336.

Eliot St

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 327, 351, 355.

Eliot, T.S.

HPL Case 209.


HK Jest 60-62, synonym for Philosopher's Stone 63.

Elixir Vitae

HK Hydra =heavy water? 135.


Brig out of Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 329.

Ellery, Professor

Miskatonic University? HPL WitchHouse 284.

Ellis, Mate

A bottle. HPL Terrible 273.

El Mekru, Nurreddin

REH Fire 47-51, 53, 55.

Elm Mountain

Massachusetts; south of Arkham. HPL Silver 419.

Elmwood Avenue

Providence. HPL Case 165.


HPL Case 170, 233.

El Nigro

Saharan oasis. AWD Gorge 108, 110.

El Reno

A town. HPL Yig 87.

El Turco

An Indian. HPL Mound 116.

Eltdown Shards

Debatable and disturbing clay fragments, dug up from pre-Carboniferous strata in southern England, thirty years before the events of The Challenge From Beyond (written 1935) . [HPL Challenge 7].

The first examiners of the shards were Dr. Dalton and Dr. Woodford; this was 44 years before the events of The Warder of Knowledge . Following their discovery, the shards were hastily sent to a museum at a small midwestern school called Beloin University [RFS Warder 154-157].

In 1912, a Sussex clergyman named Arthur Brook Winters-Hall published a purported translation, based on comparisons with "pre-human hieroglyphs" handed down in certain mystical circles. [HPL Challenge 7].

Dr. Gordon Whitney started a translation of the cryptic and half-decipherable Eltdown Shards , but abandoned the project in fright. He returned to the project years later and completed a translation of the nineteenth shard. Whitney's translation was based on comparison with later Amharic and Arabic root words [RFS Warder 154-158].


There are 23 shards total. The shards are slabs of iron-hard grey clay, varying in shape and ranging in size from the fifth shard, about 4 by 8 inches, to the fourteenth, a triangular piece about 20 inches across. Most are broken and are missing pieces. The shards are carved with fine, symmetrical characters, except for a one inch margin around the edge. [RFS Warder 156]


The Shards record that, in distant Elder Times, the wizard Om Oris attempted to defeat the demon Zubnian. [RFS Mists 25]. The shards also record that Om Oris attempted to defeat a demon called Avaloth, who was plaguing the earth with a growth of living ice and snow. [RFS Casket 11]. In both these cases, it is not known whether Om Oris was able to destroy the demons, and some believe that he did not have sufficient means to actually destroy them. Yet Zubnian was seen no more, and the ice fields of Avaloth vanished.

The fifth shard discusses the revolting habits of the fiendish Avaloth at some length [RFS Warder 159].

The nineteenth shard discusses an enity called the Warder of Knowledge [RFS Warder 155, 156], and ends with a spell for summoning It [158]. However, the shard is broken and is missing the complementary spell for dismissing the Warder.

According to Winters-Hall's translation, the Shards tell of giant worm-like aliens, the Spawn of Yekub, and of certain cubes that they used to transfer their minds between universes [HPL Challenge10].

The Shards also speak of the planet Yith, the origin of the Great Race [HPL Time 401].

Modern Copies and Readers

Alonzo Typer read from the text of the Eltdown Shards in the library of the deserted van der Heyl house, and regretted having come there [HPL Diary 311].

Elton, Basil

HPL Kadath (317); White 36-42.

Elton, (Professor)

RFS Mists 27-28, paleontology 29, 30.

Elwood, Frank

Miskatonic University math student. HPL WitchHouse 271, 276, 279-280, 282-287, 289-290, 294-296.

Embankment, the

London. CJ Acquarium 309.


Two-masted schooner, of Auckland. HPL Call 146, 149.

AWD Seal 163.

Empire Street

Providence. HPL Case 165.


A ship. HPL Time 412.

Empty Space

Arabia. HPL History 52.

AWD Keeper 148.

Synonym for: Roba el Khaliyeh.

Enchanted Wood

HPL Kadath 308-310, 334, 339.


Of Britain. HPL Case 149; Hound 175; Mound 137; Rats 33, 42-44.

RB Brood 89-90; Kiss 48; Notebook 235; Satan 8, 17; Sebek 124.

AWD Lurker 4, 9, 13, 40, 46, 127, 136, 142; Middle 352-353, 355, 358; Spawn 19-20, 26; Watchers 384, 394, 395; Wind Allison Wentworth raved of the fogs over England, which he must have visited while a captive of Ithaqua.

REH Gods 196; People 147; Roof 9.

FBL Gateway 3.

CAS Offspring 8.

Incl. Bassett; Bishop, Ambrose; Bishop, Peter; Bishop?, William; Black Prince; Brinton, Sir William; Capito, Cnaeus Gabinius; Clave, Sir John; de la Poer, Walter; de la Poer, Gilbert; de la Poer, Godfrey; de la Poer, Mary; Delapore; Drayton, Lady; Edward III; Hardie, Sir John; Harper; Hemery, Soames; Norrys, Capt. Edward; Shrewsfield, Earl of; Sullatt; Thornton; Trask, Dr.; Tremoth, Lady Agatha; Tremoth, Sir John; Tremoth, Lady Agatha; Tremoth, Sir John; Trevor, Lady Margaret; Vernon, Duncan; Warwick, Jason.

Anchester; British Museum; Cornwall; Devon; Dover; Drayton Hall; Dunstable; Eton Club; Exham Priory; Hanwell; Harrow; Hydestall; Kent; Lindum; London; Lynwold; Malvern-by-the-Sea; Melcombe House; Northam Keep; Oxford; Scotland Yard; Selfridge's; Stonehenge; Surrey; Tremoth Hall; Warwickshire; Wolverhampton; Yorkshire.


A Crawford packet. HPL Case 126, 134.

Eocene epoch

55-35 million years ago. HPL Mountains 17, 22.


Cykranoshian pygmies. CAS Door 36.


Leader of the Tcho-Tcho people. AWD Lair 7,000 year old leader of Tcho-Tchos 128, 129-133.


Sculptor admired by Jeffrey Corey. AWD Clay 372; Wood 75.


Antarctic volcano. HPL Mountains 7-9.


A freighter which, bound from Wellington to Valparaiso in 1878, chanced by a temporary island. A landing party under Captain Weatherbee discovered the mummy of T'yog. HPL Aeons 265.


HPL Call 135.

RB Kiss 48.

AWD Gorge 99, 121.

Aka: Esquimau.


HPL Man 207.

Esoteric Order of Dagon

HPL Innsmouth 312, 318, 320, 336-337.

AWD Clay 378; Sky 56, 62-66, 69, 75, 80, 82.

Aka: Order of Dagon.


HPL Museum legends 221.

Synonym for: Eskimos.

Essential Saltes

HPL Case 107, 122, 199.

FL Terror2 283.

Essex County

Massachusetts. HPL Innsmouth 310, 362; WitchHouse 263.

Incl: Arkham; Crubinthorpe, Judge; Innsmouth; Grandma; Kingsport; Roodsford?

Essex Institute

Salem. HPL Case 149-150, 156, 159.


RB Suicide 19.

Eton Club

London. AWD Spawn 19.

Etrick, (Sir) Landon

AWD Gorge 109-110.


HK Hunt 168.


Author, Vitae Sophistrarum. AWD Attic 320; Peabody 193.


HPL Aeons Europe harbored only hybrid entities 200,000 years ago 272, witchcraft movement in Europe had strong connection with Ghatanothoa cult 276; Mound 153, 155.

AWD Island 180.

RB Faceless 41.

European Club-Room

Hankow. REH Bear 35.


Hyperborean sorceror. CAS Coming 67-82.


HPL Case 170.

Evening Bulletin

Providence. HPL Case (page ref lost).

Evidences of Nahua Culture in Yucatan

A work by the narrator of The Thing on the Roof . A rival scholar named Tussman attempted to discredit the work, resulting in a bitter controversy. However, the author felt that he had sufficiently refuted Tussman's charges in the eyes of the world. [REH Roof 3-4]

Evil Ones (1)

AWD Depths 235, 240, 249; Hastur conflicts between those of Water vs. Air, Fire vs. Earth 11.

Evil Ones (2)

HH Guardian 293.

Synonym for: Outer Ones.

Evil Presence

HPL Aeons 275.

Synonym for: Ghatanothoa.


HPL Electric 70.


FBL Hills cycles 257, regression 263-264.

Examination of the Cthulhu Cult and Others, An

By Solar Pons. AWD Who.

Exham Priory

HPL Rats 26-29, 31-32, 40, 45.

Exhibitor, S.S

HC Death 365.

Eye of Horus. RB Sebek 143.

Eye of Horus

See: Horus.


Hyperborean sorceror on Mt. Voormithadreth. CAS Seven (48), 49-52, 55.


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