C., Mehitable

Of Salem. HPL Case 150, 194.

Cabala of Saboth

A book. RB Mannikin 75; Tomb 13.

Cabot, Lawrence

HPL Aeons trustee of Cabot Museum who was present at dissection of T'yog mummy 287.

Cabot Museum of Archaeology

Of Boston. A small and obscure museum with high standing in scientific circles. It specializes in non-artistic remains of ancient and unknown civilisations. Located in Mt. Vernon Street, near Joy, in Beacon Hill district of Boston. Housed in a former private mansion designed by Buffinch and built in 1819. Includes a hall containing mummies from many cultures, including Eyptian, Aleutian Islands, Pompeii. Also the mummy of T'yog, from ancient Mu, acquired in 1878 by Curator Pickman. Sensational press coverage of the mummy in 1931-1932 resulted in attempts by cultists to revive mummy, and the dissection that uncovered a living, pulsing brain. [HPL Aeons 264, 266-267, 269]

See also: Carver, Dr.; Johnson, Richard H.; Joy St.; Mason, Dr.; Minot, Dr. William; Moore, Dr. Wentworth; Mt. Vernon St.; Pickman; Saltonstall, Dudley; T'yog; Wells, Dr..

Caddo County

Oklahoma. HPL Mound 98; Yig 84.

Caddo Indians

Of Oklahoma. HPL Mound 104; Yig "Caddo Country" 83.

Cadogan Square

London. CJ Acquarium 310.


Britain. HPL Case 220.


RB Sorceror absurd, posturing 155.

HK Hunt a charlatan 167.


Egypt. HPL Case 133; Pyramids 218, Gare Centrale 219, old Cairo 220, Saracen Cairo 221, Zoological Gardens 221, Cairo Museum 222, 223-224, 226, Cairo Museum 231.

RB Faceless 36; Fane 131, 133-135, 138; Mummy 286-287, 297; Opener 159, 164.

AWD Gorge 98, 108, 115; Lurker 125; Space 234; Shuttered 257.

Incl: Drogman, Abdul Reis el; Whateley, Abner; Ziz, Ali.


A Roman municipium in Spain. FBL Hills 287.


AWD Gorge 112.


RB Kiss 43.

AWD Island 211.

Caledonia County

Vermont. HPL Whisperer 209.


See: ceremonial days.


HPL Call 132; Electric 72; Test 16-17, 21, 28, 37; Whisperer home of Akeley's son 218, 225, 232, 234, 264.

RB Kiss 40.

HK Hydra 126-127; Invaders 69.

FL Terror2 267.

Incl: Edmond, Paul; Fischer, Anton; Fischer, Georg Reuter; Hodgkins, Russell; Kinney, Abbott; Mutsunes; Reuter, Marie; Rodia, Simon; Ross; Serra, Junipero.

Alameda; Berkeley; California Historical Society; Coyote Canyon; Culver City; Fermin, Pt.; Griffith Observatory; Griffith Park; Hollywood; Hollywood Hills; Hollywoodland; Huntington Library; Laurel Canyon; Los Angeles; Millbrae; Oakland; Paradise Crest; Pinos Range; Sacramento; San Diego; San Francisco; San Jose; San Pedro; San Quentin; Santa Monica Mountains; San Xavier; Sausalito; Southern California; Tamalpais; UCLA; Venice; Vulture's Roost; White's Point.

Aka: Nueva California.

California Historical Society

San Francisco. HK Bells 80, 92.

Call of Cthulhu, The

By H.P. Lovecraft. AWD Hastur 14.

REH Children 151.

FL Terror2 294.

Calvery Commandery

Former owners of the Masonic hall. HPL Innsmouth 336.


RWC Mask 46; Repairer 28, 37.


AWD Island 195, 211.

Incl: Angkor-Vat.


Massachusetts. HPL Aeons Widener Library Necronomicon 270; Dunwich 172; Mound 159; Winged 251.

AWD Gorge 113; Lurker 81; Sky 57; Wood 72.

Incl: King's Lane; Harvard University; Morton; Wecter, Jason; Widener Library.


Fragrant groves of. HPL White 40.

Campbell, George

HPL Challenge 1-17.


HPL Innsmouth 334.


HPL Challenge 1.

AWD Dweller 122; Island 179, 200; Beyond2 164; Gorge North Canada 108; Peabody, ref 185; Wind speaks of a mystery in Manitoba.

Incl: Manitoba; Quebec; Royal Northwest Mounted Police.

Canadian River

Oklahoma. HPL Yig 85-86.


HPL Dunwich 159, 172; Doorstep 298.

AWD Lurker 17, 140.

See also: ceremonial days.

Canis Tindalos

Georg Reuter Fischer heard mysterious voices whisper of Canis Tindalos and their foul essence [FL Terror2 281].

See: Hounds of Tindalos.

cannibis indica

A plant related to cannibis sativa, marijuana. HK Hydra 128-129.

See also: marijuana


A star or constellation. AWD Curwen 15; Gorge 105.


A passenger on an ocean liner who threw himself overboard shortly after viewing the Sacred White Elephant of Jadhore [RB Elephant 45].

Canton Asylum

HPL Innsmouth a sanitarium at Canton 364, 367.

FL Terror2 Canton asylum 299.

Cantrell, Clyde

Of Stamford-Norwalk area, Connecticut. Cousin of Frank. RAL Settlers (narrator), name mentioned 18-19 & 23 & 25 & 28 & 33 & 35, co-owner with Will Richards of Advertiser 17, investigates Settler's Wall 17-36.

Cape Adare

HPL Mountains 7.

Cape Ann

South of Kingsport Head. HPL Innsmouth 315.

Cape Girardeau

HPL Medusa 164, 166-167, 180, 186, 197, 199.


A star or constellation? AWD Lurker 106.

Cape Verde Islands

HPL Call 139.

Capito, Cnaeus Gabinius

Of Roman Britain. HPL Descendant ancestor of Lord Northam 360/361.


Of hamlet of the dog, Maine. Told Harvey a story of what happened, concerning Graag, 20 years back. RAL Graag 15.

Caravel, Henry

AWD Island 177.

Caravel, Philip

AWD GodBox 119-123.

Carboniferous period

345-280 million years ago. HPL Mountains 69.


AWD Island 200.


AB Inhabitant 534-535.

RWC Cassilda; Court towers rose behind the moon 81; Mask 60; Repairer where black stars hang in the heavens 5, two suns 5, 17, 28, dynasty established in 36, 37.

AWD Curwen 22; Dweller 138; Keeper 141; Lurker 84, 109, 138-139; Hastur 12, 22.

DW Lady 105.

Cardiff Giant

HPL Aeons a popular sensation, contrasted with merely local fame of T'yog mummy 267.


Home of Delapores on banks of James in Virginia. HPL Rats 27, 31-32, 44.


CJ Acquarium 303.

Incl: Barbados; Blackbeard; Black Star; Jamaica; Port-au-Prince; Rover; San Juan; Santa Maria; Santa Rita; Senarbin Deep; Trinidad; West Indies.

Carlsbad Caverns

FL Terror2 296.

Carmody, Charlotte

Mother of Russell Carmody. Possibly of Arkham. JVS Dead 31-33, 35-37.

Carmody, Russell

Son of Charlotte Carmody. Possibly of Arkham. Buried in Old Dethshill Cemetary. JVS Dead 30-32, (36).


A ship. HK Hydra 127.

Carnby, Helman

CAS Return (35), 43, (45-46), 47.

Carnby, John

CAS Return 33-42, (43), 44-47.

Carew, Sam

Of Providence. HPL Case 152.

Carnoti, Dr.

RB Faceless Carnoti appears in some editions of this story, Opener 162.

Note: Dr. Carnoti appears in some editions of RB Faceless, but in the 1993 edition of Mysteries of the Worm, the name is given as Dr. Stugatche instead.

Caroline, H.M.S.

Lurker 136-137.

Caroline Islands

Pacific. AWD Island 183-184; Gorge 98, 101, 104, 108, 110; Lurker 121-122; Wood 77, cult-art 79.

Caronmandall Coast

India. AWD Survivor 153.

Carr, Dr

Curator of the museum at Beloin University. RFS Warder 155-156.

Carrier's mowing

Part of someone's farm. HPL Dunwich 191.


Graduate student at Miskatonic University. HPL Mountains 10, 14, 42.


Author, Black God of Madness. HK Salem 250-266.

Carstairs, Doctor

Of Bridgetown. RB Mannikin 84.

Cartaret, Captain

Of Egypt. RB Fane 131-133, 135-146.


Family. HPL Gates home 422, 423, 425, 427.

JVS Graveyard Arkham? Buried in Old Dethshill Cemetary 235.

Carter (1)

HPL Unnameable (narrator) (200-205), 206-207.

Synonym for: Carter, Randolph? (possibly)

Carter (2)

Grandfather of Randolph Carter. HPL Silver 412-413.

Carter, Christopher

Great-uncle of Randolph Carter. HPL Gates 423, 429, 437; Silver 412, 416-417.

Carter, Edmund

Ancestor of Randolph Carter; a wizard. HPL Gates 422-423, 427-428, 443; Silver 414.

Carter, John

Of Providence. HPL Case 135, 140, 142.

Carter, Martha

Wife of Christopher Carter. HPL Gates 428-429; Silver 416-417.

Carter, Obediah

Possibly of Arkham. Buried in Old Dethshill Cemetary. JVS Dead 30, 37; Graveyard 235.

Carter, Pickman

Descendant of Randolph Carter in 2169. HPL Gates (year 2169) 443.

Carter, Randolph

HPL Case 214; Gates 421-458; Kadath 306-307, and Pickman 336, and Kuranes in life (309), from Boston 355, 356; Silver 408-420, French Foreign Legion in Great War 411, successful novelist 412, dabbles in occult 412, Boston home 412, lives south of Arkham 415, wounded in Great War at Belloy-en-Santerre 419, change at 10 yrs old 418; Statement 299 etc.

RB Sebek 120.

FL Terror2 298.

JVS Graveyard 236.

Aka: Chandraputra, Swami, Zkauba. Possibly same as Carter (1).

Carter, Randolph, Sir

In Elizabeth's time. HPL Silver 414.

Carter house

Arkham. RB Creeper 104.


HPL Medusa Carthaginian magic 170.

carven mountains

HPL Kadath 393, etc., 394.

Carver, Dr

Of Cabot Museum staff; present at dissection of T'yog mummy. HPL Aeons 287.


Factory inspector. HPL Innsmouth 308.


RWC Cassilda; Mask 60; Repairer 37; Yellow 106.

Castaigne, Hildred

RWC Repairer (narrator); Yellow 104.

Castleton, Joseph X

Of Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 119.


A star or constellation? AWD Lurker 106.


HPL Call 140 (was 130?).

Cathedrals of England

by (M. R.?) James. AWD OutThere Geoffrey Malvern was carrying a copy when he went to visit Hydestall Cathedral.

Cathedral of St. John

Providence. AWD Brotherhood 351.

Cathuria, Land of Hope

HPL Kadath 318; White 39-41.

Cato, M. Porcius

Author, De Re Rustica. FBL Hills 291.


Cats of the Waking World

Cats may have an unusual sensitivity to the supernatural. Thus, the cat "Nigger-Man" showed signs of alertness and anxiety shortly after moving into Exham Priory. The other cats in the household were affected similarly. When Delapore heard the sounds of rats in the walls, Nigger-Man reacted as if rodents were present in the room. [HPL Rats 32-40]

The town of Innsmouth was marked by a complete absence of cats and dogs [Innsmouth 326].

Cats of the Dreamlands

In Ulthar, according to an ancient and significant law, no man may kill a cat. The law arose after an incident involving an old cotter and his wife, who were fond of torturing and killing cats. After they killed a kitten belonging to dark wanderers from the South, one of the wanderers raised his arms to the sky and prayed in an unkown tongue. Thereafter, all the cats of Ulthar began circling the home of the cotter and his wife. When the villagers next looked in on the cotters, their bones had been picked clean of flesh. [Cats 55-58].

It was the priest Barzai who advised the burgesses of Ulthar to pass their law against killing cats. Barzai also told Atal where the black cats go on St. John's Eve. [Other 128]

Randolph Carter visited Ulthar about 300 years after this incident; for Atal, who had been a small boy when the law was passed, was fully three centuries old when Carter met him [Cats 58; Kadath 311].

The neighborhood of Ulthar is notable for the presence of many cats. The cats of Ulthar slew a party of zoogs that had followed Carter to the town, because one of the zoogs sought to eat a kitten. [Kadath 314] Later, Carter informed the cats of the zoogs' plans for revenge. The cats launched a pre-emptive strike, and secured the surrender of the zoogs, along with twelve young zoogs of noble families to keep as hostages, and an annual trible of grouse, quail, and pheasants. [345-347]

The cats of the dreamlands leap from rooftops up into the sky at night and visit the dark side of the moon [314, 322]. When Carter was held prisoner on the moon's dark side by the moon-things, an army of cats rescued him and slew his captors. Carter was able to converse with them in the soft language of cats. [322-324] The old cat-general of Ulthar taught Carter passwords and introductions he could use when meeting other cats [353].

The only enemy feared by earth's cats are the very large and peculiar cats from Saturn, who are allied to the moon-things. [324]

In Thran, Carter spoke gravely to the venerable cat at the inn where he stayed [350]. In Celephais, an old Maltese, the chief of Celephais' cats, told Carter much of the secret lore known to cats on the seaward slopes of Ooth-Nargai, and also told Carter where to find Kuranes [347-348, 353].

Cats avoid Inganok, and the ships that go there, because Inganok holds shadows that no cat can endure, and a brooding hint of outer space which cats do not like [354]. The men of Inganok are sorry that no cats will stay there, and blame it on the hidden nearness of Leng [358].

RB Brood 89, 94-95, 100.

Incl: Nigger-Man.

Catskill Mountains, New York

Home of Joe Slater and Peter Slater [HPL Sleep 26, 30, 33].

HPL Man 209.

REH House 117.


HPL Rats 37.

Causeway, The

HPL Mist 278-279.

cavern of flame

HPL Kadath 307, 338-339.

Cavern of the Archetypes

Beneath Mt. Voormithadreth, Hyperborea. CAS Seven 60, 62, 65.

Cavern of the Children of the Night

REH People 152, 161.

Synonym for: Dagon's Cave.

Cedar St

In an unknown city. RB Demon 68.


A star in the Pleiades star cluster, in the constellation Taurus. In the Pleiades it lies between Alcyonne and Electra on one side, and Maia and Taygeta on the other [AWD Curwen 46].

The Great Library

There is a library on Celaeno [AWD Island 197-198]. It is not clear how a library could be located "on" a star. It is possible that Laban Shrewsbury and his companions used the term "Celaeno" as a shorthand for a planet that orbits Celaeno.

The library on Celeano is of carved granite, with columns and tables of colossal size. The shelves hold gigantic books with hieroglyphs on their spines. The walls are made of rows of stacked blocks that are convex on top and concave on the bottom. Carvings appear on the walls. [AWD Gorge description (118)]

The hieroglyphs and books there were stolen from the Elder Gods by the Great Old Ones. Some were stolen at the time of their revolt from the Elder Gods, while others were stolen later on. [AWD Curwen 43; Sky 69]

Human Exiles

Laban Shrewsbury, Andrew Phelan, Abel Keane, Claiborne Boyd, and Nayland Colum all spent periods of time in exile on Celaeno. Shrewsbury spent a full twenty years there after his initial disappearance. [AWD Curwen 43; Gorge (118); Island 197-198 ; Keeper 144, 160; Sky 54, 67]

To travel to Celaeno, Shrewsbury and his companions first drank a special golden mead and recited an invocation to Hastur. This summoned the bat-winged byakhee, who transported them to the Nameless City in Arabia. There, they left their bodies in hibernation while their astral selves traveled to Celaeno. It is not clear how their astral selves were transported to Celaeno, though this may also have involved using the byakhee. [AWD Curwen 44; Sky 86, 93]

Hastur and the Hyades

Claiborne Boyd and Abel Keane each mistakenly believed that Celaeno is in the Hyades, which is another star cluster in the constellation Taurus. Boyd jumped to this conclusion after reading a reference to a dark star in the Hyades in the R'lyeh Text ; since Boyd had recently heard of Celaeno, he made the leap of connecting the two. [AWD Sky 59] Abel Keane had a vision of Laban Shrewsbury, in which he was supposedly told that Celaeno is "a place far removed from our universe—Celaeno in the Hyades" [AWD Gorge 132]. This lapse can perhaps be explained if you suppose that Shrewsbury referred to Celaeno and the Pleiades as being somehow related to the Hyades, which is the realm of Hastur. Together with the use of Hastur's byakhee for transport, these factors seem to imply that Celaeno is controlled by servants of Hastur.

Presumably it was these followers of Hastur who tortured Shrewsbury when he first arrived on Celaeno, because he did not have a star-stone for protection [AWD Curwen 44].

Celaeno Fragments

A book that is sometimes found in the libraries of occultists. From the title, it may have some connection to the library on Celaeno. See: Celaeno.

Laban Shrewsbury said that the Celaeno Fragments was one of the sources of the Cthulhu Mythos [AWD Island 180].

Shrewsbury had a sealed folio of the Celaeno Fragments which he sent Andrew Phelan to donate to the Miskatonic University Library [AWD Curwen 41]. Later, Abel Keane saw Shrewsbury's folio of the Celaeno Fragments at Miskatonic University library, but did not have time to open it [AWD Sky 59].

Claiborne Boyd found passages from the Celaeno Fragments among the papers of Asaph Gilman [AWD Gorge 109] Prof. Vibarro Andros loaned Claiborne Boyd a transcript of the Celaeno Fragments [AWD Gorge 126].

The Gable Window narrator found a copy in the house of his late cousin, Wilbur Akeley [AWD Gable 206].

Winfield Phillips borrowed either an original copy or a photostat from Prof. Seneca Lapham. It probably was borrowed or copied from the Miskatonic University library. [AWD Lurker 134]

Amos Piper consulted a copy while possessed by a member of the Great Race [AWD Space 234]


(Celepha´s) Dreamworld. HPL Celephais 85-89; Kadath 309, 333-334, 338-339, 345, 347, 350, 352-354, 356-358, 360.

celestial objects

AWD Beyond2 stars not right for Hastur 170.

Incl: Alcyone; Aldebaran; Algol; Antares; Arcturus; Betelgeuse; Canopus; Capella; Carcosa; Castor; Celaeno; Cygnus; Dog-Star; Electra; Fomalhaut; Glyu-Vho; Great Bear; Hyades; Jupiter; Hali, Lake of; Leo; Maia; Mars; Milky Way; Moon; Nova Persei; Orion; Pleides; Pluto; Pollux; Rigel; Saturn; Sirius; Southern Cross; Sun; Taurus; Taygeta; Vega; Venus; Vhoorl; Yuggoth


Of Britain. HPL Rats 44.

REH Black 61; Gods 187, 199; People 147.

RB Brood Celtic myths 89.


RB Brood 97.

Center of Ultimate Chaos

Home of Azathoth. HK Hydra 139.

Central America

AWD Gable 199; Sky 76.

REH Roof 6, 10.

Incl: Guatemala; Honduras; Yucatan.

Central Hill

Kingsport. HPL Festival 216; Silver 416; Mist 280.

Central Square

Partridgeville. FBL Hounds 84-85.

Central Station, Bloemfontein

HPL Winged 242.

Incl. De Witt, Ian.

Central Station, Providence

Providence; a police station. RB Steeple 215.

ceremonial days

Incl: Candlemas; Hallowe'en; Lammas; May-Eve; Midsummer Night; Roodmas; St. John's Eve; Walpurgis; Yule.

Cerenerian Sea

HPL Celephais 86; Kadath 334, 348, 350-352, 357, nameless island 358-359, 407.


Ships from there ply the Arctic islands in Hyperborean times. CAS Coming 67, flower-girdled 74.

Cetrics of Sussex

REH Children 150.


HPL Electric 68.

Chaldane, Arthur

Of Manitoba. CAS Offspring 10, 12.

Chaldane, Henry

Of Manitoba. CAS Offspring (8-9), 10, (11-17), 18, (19), 20, (21-25).


HPL Aeons Ghatanothoa cult had penetrated Chaldea 276.

RB Opener 159.


Of Darwich University. RAL Abyss 286, 290.

Chalmers, Halpin

FBL Hills 240-241; Hounds 74-75, (76), 77-78, (79), 80-87; Gateway "Uncle" a reincarnation? of Chalmers (5-9).

Chambers, Ezekial

Of Arkham. RB Creeper 107.

Chambers, Robert W

Rumors of the Necronomicon are said to have inspired Chamber's early work The King in Yellow (HPL History 53).

AWD Dweller 127; Hastur 12.

Chambers house

Of Pringle Street, Arkham. RB Creeper 107.

Chambers Street

Boston. Where Randolph Carter lived as Zkauba. HPL Gates 452.


A ship. AWD Curwen 15.

Chandler, Osborn E

HPL Man 208, Osborne E. 212.

Chandos Street

London. HPL Descendant 360.

Chandraputra, Swami

A disguise of Randolph Carter. HPL Aeons visited Cabot museum and was profoundly moved by hieroglyphs on scroll 270; Gates 425-427, (429, 434), 435, (446), 447, 450, (452-453), 454-457, (458).

Chapman farmhouse

Arkham. HPL Herbert 135-136.

Chapman's Brook

Near Arkham. HPL Colour 60, 78.

Charging Buffalo

An indian. HPL Mound 117, 119-123, (125), 130, 137-138.

Charing Cross

London. HPL Museum 237.


RB Philtre 293-294.


AWD Survivor 161.

Incl: Balacz family.


In or near Boston. HPL Case 163.

Charles' Wain

A constellation. HPL Kadath 357.

Charriere house

Benefit Street, Providence. AWD Survivor 148-150, (151), 152.

Charriere, Dr. Jean-Francois

Of Bayonne, Paris, Pondicherry, Providence, and Quebec. AWD Survivor 150-165, 167.

Charter Street, Boston

HPL Pickman 24.

Charter Street, Salem

HPL Kadath 340.

HK Salem 258.

Charter Street Burying Ground

HK Salem 258, 260.

Chateau Faussesflammes

See: Faussesflammes, Chateau.


HPL Celephais 88.

Chaugnar Faugn

The elephant-headed god of the desert plateau of Tsang [FBL Hills 242, 247]. Its cave was guarded day and night by hideous yellow abnormalities: subhuman worshippers without faces [243, 248]. Its guardians often disappeared during the night, leaving only their clothes, with certain ghastly traces [247].


Chaugnar has a chubby, anthropoid body and an elephant-like head. The ears are webbed and tentacled, and the trunk ends in a large flat disk. It sits upright with hands folded on its lap, exuding a Buddha-like calm together with the malignancy of a gorgon. [244-245] It has stumpy legs and leaves phosphorescent tracks [309].

From its stillness and stone-like material, it appears to be a statue, but it awakens to drink the blood of its devotees. [244-245] Without blood to feast on, Chaugnar suffers torments that no man could endure [249].

Chaugnar's Toad-Men

Thousands of years ago, when Chaugnar dwelt in a cave in the Pyrenees, he created a race of small, dark, human-like beings to serve him [254]. Chaugnar sent its servants forth to collect youths and maidens, who were preserved in spices and stored in the cave until Chaugnar had need of them. [254]

Chaugnar's Brothers

Chaugnar had brothers who also lived in the Pyrenees. Chaugnar and they conversed by means of thought-transference. After the arrival of the Roman legions, Chaugnar decided to move to Asia, but his brothers decided to remain. Then Chaugnar cursed his brothers, proclaiming that when the time frames are dissolved, he alone will arise to glory, and he will consume his brothers. [255]

In modern times, the high priest Chung Ga said that Chaugnar's brothers would destroy Clark Ulman if he attempted to dispose of the god. This makes it sounds like Chaugnar's brothers are still allied to him in some way [256].

Roger Little speculated that Chaugnar and its brothers are incarnate manifestations of a single hyperdimensional entity or principal [296].

The Prophecy of Mu Sang

After deciding to leave the Pyrenees, Chaugnar called for servants and had them carry him to the plateau of Tsang. He caused the prophet Mu Sang to be born from the womb of an ape. Mu Sang prophecied that someday Chaugnar would be carried forth into the world by the White Acoloyte, and that It would devour all things, even its own Brothers, and fill space with its Oneness. [246-248, 255-256]

In modern times, Clark Ulman persuaded Chung Ga that he was the White Acolyte of the prophecy who would carry Chaugnar forth into the world. Chaugnar fed on Ulman's blood during the trip to America, causing Ulman to become terribly disfigured. [248-252] After Ulman died, a loathsome greenish trunk on his face continued to wave about for hours [262].

Escape from New York

Chaugnar was placed on display in the Manhattan Museum of Fine Arts [240, 265]. Chaugnar killed a museum guard named Cinney during the night, leaving him blackened and shrunken, with his face eaten off [266-268]. Later, Chaugnar disappeared from the museum [295]. Shortly after, several violent deaths were reported in midtown Manhattan [303]. Then Chaugnar proceeded to the Jersey coast and perpetrated a massacre near Asbury Park [307]. Roger Little, Henry Imbert, and Algernon Harris pursued Chaugnar along the Jersey shoreline and destroyed him with an entropy-reversing beam, which reduced Chaugnar to the slime from which he was originally formed [308-313]. Thus the prophecy of Mu Sang was thwarted.

Rampage in the Pyrenees

Shortly after Chaugnar's arrival in New York, his brothers in the Pyrenees emerged and massacred fifteen peasants, leaving their bodies drained of blood [280]. The Brooklyn Standard rushed out a sensational morning extra to report it [307]. When Chaugnar perished, his brothers did also, leaving pools of black slime in the snow [314-315].


According to Chung Ga, Chaugnar is a great god, utterly cosmic and unanthropormophic, with no regard for our ideas of good and evil. "Before it incarnated itself in time, it contained within itself the past, the present, and the future." [254]

According to Roger Little, Chaugnar and its brothers are incarnate manifestations of a single hyperdimensional entity or principal [296, 315]. Little believed that Chaugnar is not truly a god, but a limited being, the spawn of remote worlds and unholy dimensions [317].

Other References

In the poem When Chaugnar Wakes, Chaugnar Faugn is said to live on a planet beyond the edge of space, within a glowing cone. It drinks dark nurture through its ropy arms from lava-pools. Its face is marked by hate and fury. When Chaugnar wakes, it will venture forth to other stars and planets, including perhaps Earth [FBL Chaugnar 49-50]. Possibly the poem is describing a scene from the distant past, before Chaugnar first came here.

Rogers' Museum included a figure of proboscidian Chaugnar Faugn [HPL Museum 216].

According to the Rajah of Jadhore, Chaugnar Faugn is another name of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha [RB Elephant 44].

Winfield Phillips read about Chaugnar Faugn, the vampiric feeder, in books and photostats of books from Miskatonic Library [AWD Lurker 135]. Paul Tuttle told Haddon of Chaugnar Faugn [Hastur 22].

A little man told Doctor Wycherly that the Book includes information on ponderous and proboscidian Chaugnar Faugn [HH Guardian 299].

Chaugnar Faugn's brothers

FBL Hills 246, 254-255.

Chaugnar Faugn's toad-men

FBL Hills 254.

See also: miri nigri.

Chaupin, Alexander, Professor

RB Grinning 51, (52-55), 56-59.

Chavin Stone

AWD Curwen 10.


Providence. HPL Case 123.

Checkley, Dr

Of Providence. HPL Case 120, 122, "Parson"? 152.


HPL Mound 115; Pyramids 221, 224.

Aka: Khufu.


Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 119.

Chequamegon Bay

Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 117.

Chequamegon pike

Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 116.


Author, "Lepanto." RB Kiss 38.


Maine. A town. HPL Doorstep 287, 293-294.

Chewer of Corpses

RB Brood 99-100.

Synonym for: Bubastis.

Chhaya Ritual

A half-legendary occult manuscript.Will Benson had a copy [HK Hunt 167]. Scott had read the Chhaya Ritual, and hinted at the hidden meanings behind the veiled hints in it [Hydra 127].

Chian language

AM White2 125.

AWD Lurker 134.


Illinois. HPL Gates 424.

AWD Depths 225, 236.

RB Steeple 212, 220-221, 223.

Incl: Aspinwall, Ernest B.; Harbinger, John; Holmes, Jordan; Jackson; Jameson, Dr.; Fiske, Edmund; Morrison, Professor; Sharp; Tennant, John;

Chicago University; Fair Grounds; Field Museum; Grant Park; Michigan Avenue; Michigan, Lake; Municipal Pier; Northwestern?; Soldier's Field; World's Fair.

Chicago Tribune

AWD Lurker 138.

Chicago University

AWD Depths 229.


HPL Electric 68.


HPL Electric 63.

Child of a Disordered Brain

By Earl Hines. DWR Music improvisation, reminiscent of music of the stars 297.

Children of Mabon

Apparently a synonym for Druids. RB DarkIsle 97.

Children of the Fire Mist

HPL Gates only in old versions of story; replaced by reference to Winged Ones in corrected Arkham edition.

Children of the Night

REH Children 157-159, 161, 163; People (148), serpent-like hissing (152 & 153), 153-154, described 155, (156), 157-158, 160, 163-164, 167.

Synonym for: Little People.


HPL Aeons Eridanus bound for Chile 265.

Incl: Valparaiso.


RB Brood 97.

Chimu civilization

AWD Curwen 12; Lurker 116.


HPL Aeons Ghatanothoa cult penetrated China 276; Call 140; Test 17, 43, 47.

RB Sorceror 155.

AWD Curwen 12; Lair 122, 124, 136; Lurker 116; Seal 150, 153, 162.

REH Bear 36.

FBL Hounds 76, 81; Gateway 7.

Incl: Chou dynasty; Cochin-China; Hankow; Sinkiang province?

Chinamen, deathless

HPL Call 140-141.

Chinese language

HPL Diary 313, 320.


Area, N.Y. HPL Diary 304-305, in walking distance from Attica (306), villagers (311), (320).

Chosen Ones

AWD Whippoorwills 70-71.

Chou dynasty

FBL Gateway 7.

Choynski, Paul

Of Arkham. HPL WitchHouse 271, 276, 284, 293, 295.


AWD Gorge 130.

Christ Church

Philadelphia. HPL Case 138.

Christchurch Cemetary

Arkham. HPL Herbert 135, 138, 142.

Christianity, Christian Mythos

HPL Mound 136.

AWD Island 179; Keeper 170.

Christian Science Church and Christian Science Dome

Providence. HPL Case 115, 165.

Christian Trinity

AWD Seal 162.


HPL Festival 208; Man 209.

Synonym for: Yuletide.

Chronicle of Nath

By Rudolf Yergler. DWR Music Frank Baldwyn referred to passages when composing music of the stars 294; copy burned after Baldwyn's death 299.

Synonym for: Chronike von Nath

Chronicles of Captain Elias Godsworthy, His Trips & Explorations upon the Continent of North America

RB Satan 5.

Chronike von Nath

By Rudolf Yergler. DWR Music finished in 1653, public suppression, modified by translator James Sheffield, found by Rambeau in Spokane bookshop 294; translation not very clear, read by Lancaster in Providence, infinitely more terrible than translation 297.

Aka: Chronicle of Nath


See: Appendix: Notes on Chronology.

Chung Ga

High priest of Chaugnar Faugn. FBL Hills 248, 252.

Church, Dr

RFS Mists 25-28.

Church, Sherman

Of Battle Creek, Michigan. AWD Lurker 138.

Church Street, Arkham

HPL WitchHouse 274.

AWD Attic 311.

Church Street, Innsmouth

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 325.

Churchward, Colonel

And Naacal language. HPL Aeons Sleazy reporter Stuart Reynolds had a fondness for the writings of Colonel Churchward 269; Gates 425.


HPL Mound 116.


On the Pecos. HPL Mound 116.

Cieciorka, Jon

Of Boston; foreman. AWD Peabody 190.


HPL Time 396.

HK Invaders 73.


HPL Aeons A Cingalese attempted to get at T'yog mummy by tampering with the lock of the case 280.


Museum guard killed by Chaugnar Faugn. FBL Hills 266.

Circle Court

Kingsport. HPL Festival, 210.

Circular Quay

Sidney. HPL Call 148.

City Hall

Providence. HPL Case 112, 159-160.

City of Devils

REH Fire 32.

Synonym for: Kara-Shehr.

City of Evil

REH Fire 32.

Synonym for: Kara-Shehr.

City of Pillars

Synonym for: Irem, in Arabia. HPL History 51.

AWD Gorge 108; Keeper 148; Lamp 249, 252; Lurker 84; Whippoorwills 47.

City under the Desert

AWD Whippoorwills 47.

Clan of Mabon

Apparently a synonym for Druids. RB DarkIsle 93.

Clapham-Lee, (Major Sir) Eric Moreland

HPL Herbert 156-157, 160, 162.

Clare Market

London. HPL Descendant 360.

Clarendon, (Dr.) Alfred Shuyler

HPL Test 16-39, 41-53, (54), 55-60.

Clarendon, Frances Shuyler

HPL Test gentle mother of Alfred 39.

Clarendon, Georgina

HPL Test (16), 17, 19-20, 25, 28-31, 35-52, 57-60.

Clarendon, Old

HPL Test 17-18.

Clark, Passon

HPL Picture 121, 123.

Clark, Wesson

RFS Casket 11-14.

Clark's Corners

In or near Arkham. HPL Colour 61-62.

Clark and Nightingale

Providence. HPL Case 123.

Clarke, Asa

Innsmouth store owner. AWD Seal 153.


Virginia. FL Terror2 295.

Clarney, Steve

REH Fire 29-30, 32-49, 52-56.

Clave, (Sir) John

Of England. HPL Rats 31.

Clavis Alchimiae

Clavis Philosophiae et Alchymiae (1632), by Robert Fludd. The work discussed alchemy as a spiritual path, and attempted to defend the Rosicrucian brotherhood from its Catholic critics. In 1632, the whole edition of the work was destroyed in Frankfurt by the militia; but the work was reprinted the following year.

Joseph Curwen had a copy in his collection [HPL Case 121].

Ambrose Dewart found a copy at Billington House [AWD Lurker 16].

Further reading: Robert Fludd: A Picture in Need of Expansion by Ron Heisler, at www.levity.com; Problems of Mysticism, by Herbert Silberer, at www.aiwaz.net; Fludd, Robert at matemius.free.fr.; Language of the Birds at www.occultopedia.com.

Clay, Ed and Walker

HPL Mound 104-105.

Clegg, Doctor

Doctor to Avis Long. RB Unspeakable 165, 168-177.


REH Children 149, 152-153, 160.


CAS Holiness 122-123, 138, 141.

Clement, (Prof.) James

Of Richmond, Virginia. REH Roof 5.


Ohio. HPL Innsmouth 363-364.


A monk, author of Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus. AWD Depths Confessions of 236, 239-240, 244, 247; OutThere Supposed to have been somewhat deranged. Lived at Hydestall Cathedral. Set free Something From Out There and was banished by St. Augustine to Rome; Passing Monk who lived on the English coast. Author, Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus. Wrote of a beast that a wise man could send against his enemies. Served under bishop Augustine.

clock, coffin-shaped

HPL Gates 421, 425, 427, 434, 446, 455-458.


HPL Medusa 189-190.

AWD Gorge 109.

Synonym for: Cthulhu.

Cloven Hoof, The

Poetry magazine edited by Clemants. REH Children 152.

Cloy family

Of Lynwold. AWD OutThere Albert, son of Jibber, along with the sons of Henry Kopps, got lost in the caves under the priory near Malvern-by-the-Sea and found the body of Old Cramton.


HPL Winged megalithic ruins in Uganda were said to have been an outpost of the evil god Clulu 247.

Synonym for: Cthulhu.

Cobbett, Mrs. Hepzibah

Of Providence. AWD Survivor 155-156.


HPL Diary 304.

Cocidius, Sylvanus

HPL Case 138.

Codman, Betsy

Of Monk's Hollow. HK Frog 106.

Coeli God

Phrase in incantation. HPL Case 170.

Coffin Club, The

RB Sebek 118.

Incl: Delvin, Doctor; de Marigny, Etienne Laurent de; Royce, Richard; Vanning, Henricus; Weildan, Prof..


Of Darwich University. RAL Abyss 286-290.

Cold Flame

Location in another dimension. HK Hydra 140.

Cold Harbor

Manitoba. AWD Ithaqua 105-108, 110-112, 115-116.

Cold Spring Glen

Near Dunwich. HPL Dunwich 166, 177-181, 188.

Cold Waste

Where Kadath stands. AWD Dweller 133, 138; Lamp, Kadath in the ___ 252; Lurker 48-49, 82; Space 241; Valley 135; Whippoorwills 47.

Incl: Kadath.

Cole, Howard

Of Dunwich. AWD Middle, farm north of Dunwich 368.

coleopterous species

Race(s?) of beetles immediately following mankind. HPL Time 395.

See also: beetle civilization.

College Hill

Providence. HPL Case 154; Haunter 109, 113.

College Street, Arkham

AWD Lurker 76.

College Street, Providence

HPL Haunter 93.

RB Steeple 212, 215.

JVS Snouted 27.

Collins, Capt

HPL Call 146.


France. RB Shambler De Vermis Mysteriis printed there 181.

Colony House

Providence. HPL Case 114, 123.

colored gases

A life-form in distant space. HPL Kadath 356.

Colour Out of Space

HPL Colour throughout, esp. 71-72, 81; Mountains 106.

DW Lady 105.

Colum, Naylan

Of London. Author, The Watchers on the Other Side. AWD Island (177), 178, 206; Keeper (narrator) 137, flat in Soho 138, 139-140, 142-144, evidently over 30 145, 148, 155-156, 159-160, 162, 165, 170, 173.


Brig, out of Innsmouth, owned by Obed Marsh. AWD Clay 378; Shuttered 271.

Aka: Columby.


HPL Test 53, 56.

Columbia University

New York, NY.

HPL Diary 303; Winged 243, 244, 252.

RAL Settlers In 1930-31, Will Richards and Dave Fenner were fraternity brothers there 24 & 30-31.

Incl: Dyson; Fenner, Dave; Moore, Henry Sargent; Richards, Will; Slauenwite, Thomas; Typer, Alonzo.


AWD Island 181.


HPL Innsmouth 329.

Synonym for: Columbia.

Coma Berenices

Constellation. HPL Medusa 171.

Comanchian period

Circa 135 million years ago. HPL Mountains 16-19, 33, 52, 71.

Commentaries on Witchcraft

By Mycroft. RB Mannikin 75.

Commercial House

A place with a bar, Arkham. HPL Herbert 141.


Old capital of Hyperborea. HPL Mountains 47; Whisperer Commoriom myth-cycle 254.

CAS Seven 42, 44, 49, 52, 59, 61-62; Tale 3, 5-8, 11, 13, 15.

DW Lady 105.


HPL Gates 434-435.

Compton, Clyde

HPL Mound 99, 102-103, 106, 107, 110, 114, 155-157; Yig 87.

Compton, Grandma Sally and Joe

HPL Mound 99, 102, 105-107, 110, 114, 156-157.

Conan of the reavers

(Not Conan of Cimmeria.) Earlier incarnation of John O'Brien. REH People 149, (150-160), 161-164, 167-168.

Conanicut Island

(Providence?) bay. HPL Case 193, 231.


Massachusetts. HPL Whisperer enroute Waltham to Ayer 244.

AWD Watchers 385.

Confessions of Clithanus, Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus

By Clithanus. Originally published in Rome. Soames Hemery found a copy. Includes an account of St. Augustine visiting Hydestall Cathedral when Clithanus set free the creature Something from Out There. Augustine banished Clithanus to Rome and succeeded in imprisoning the creature with a star-stone, on which he wrote a Latin inscription. [AWD OutThere]

Purchased by Eric Holm from Sanderton and Harker. Includes a formula to invoke a spawn of Cthulhu, another formula to send it back to the sea, and yet another to send it back upon the person who first invoked it.[AWD Passing]


REH Bear 36.


A race that peopled earth about a billion years ago [HPL Time 389]. They belonged to no surviving, or scientifically known, line of terrestrial evolution [398]. Their minds were displaced by the minds of the Great Race from the planet Yith about 600 million years ago [400-401]. See: Great Race.

AWD Brotherhood, description (340), tending great cubes 340-342, 344, (350).

Congdon Street

Providence. HPL Case 113.

Conger, Enoch

Of Falcon Point. AWD Fisherman 289-293.


HPL Picture Congo region 119; Winged 248

Incl: Nyangwe (possibly).

Congregational Church, Dunwich

HPL Dunwich 158.

AWD Watchers 401.

Incl: Hoadley, Rev. Abijah.

Congregational Church, Innsmouth

HPL Innsmouth 318, 350.

Congregational Church, Providence

HPL Case 118.

Congregational Hospital

Kingsport. HPL Silver 416; Mist 281.


HPL Unnameable 201.

Congregational Steeple

Central Hill, Kingsport. HPL Silver 416.


HPL Case 145, 165.

Incl: Cantrell, Clyde; Richards, Will; Stamford-Norwalk area; Darien.

Connecticut River

Enroute Greenfield to Brattleboro, after Northfield. (page and story ref. lost)


Curwen 9.

Conrad, James

REH House 113, (114), 115-124, (125-129), 130.

Synonym for: Conrad, John?

Conrad, John

REH Children 149-154, 160; Dig 71-86; Dwellers 111-123, 127-130; Voice of El-Lil--a different John Conrad?

Aka: Conrad, James?

Conscious Lover

Play by Steele. HPL Case 188.

Considine, (Constable) Robert

Manitoba area; Royal Northwest Mounted Police. AWD Ithaqua 116.

Considine, Thomas M.

RB Hell 22, 30, 40, 43-47, 49-50, 54, 56, 71.


Included Philetas, Theodorus (HPL History 52).

Constitution Wharf

Boston. HPL Pickman 17.

continental shelf

AWD Seal 158.

Cook Island

AWD Island 185, 187-188, 195, 198; Gorge 100.

Incl: Fisherman's God.

Copley Square

Library in Boston. HPL Case 159.

Copp's Hill

North End of Boston. HPL Pickman 15, 20.

Copp's Hill Burying Ground

HPL Pickman 18.

Coptic Period

Period, Egypt. HPL Aeons Cabot Museum includes mummies from Coptic period 266.


Trapeze artist at the Stellar Brothers Circus [RB Elephant 46-51].

Cordillera de Vilcanota

AWD Curwen 10, 15, 18, 29, 38; Gorge 125, 134.

Corey, Abaddon

HPL Diary 306, 322.

Corey, Benijah

Carter family servant. HPL Gates 423, 428; Silver 416-417.

Corey, George

HPL Dunwich 177, 191.

Corey, Jeffrey

Of Paris, and of Innsmouth area; sculptor of Rima, the Bird Girl, and of Sea-Goddess. AWD Clay 371-381.

Corey, Lute and Jethro

(Harrop's?) Pocket. AWD Whippoorwills 38, 44, 57, cows 58-59, Jethro 59, cows 67.

Corey, Mis'

Of Dunwich. AWD Shuttered 274.

Corey, Mrs

Wife of George Corey. HPL Dunwich 177, 189.

Corey, Nathaniel

Of Vienna, Boston, and Arkham. AWD Space 229, (230-242), 247.

Corey, Wesley

HPL Dunwich 193.

Corey, Wilbur

AWD Lurker 48-49, 52, 100, 127, 140.

Corey family

Of Dunwich. AWD Lurker 99-100.


Britain. HPL Rats 30.

RB Brood 89, colonized by Egyptians 92, 95; Sebek 124.

AWD Lurker 122; Watchers 386.

Incl: Kent, Malcolm.

Coronado, Fracisco Varquez de

HPL Mound 98, 113-114, 116-117, 119, 138.

Corsi, Bartolomeo

HPL Time 395.

Cortland, Tom

HPL Test 56.


Ship. AWD Seal 158, 167.


HPL Kadath 406; Whisperer 228, 240, 254, 256.

AWD Lamp, levels of being in other time continua, older than earth itself, tracing back through the Ancient Ones to Hali in the start and even beyond 254.

HH Guardian hints about origin and destination of cosmos 293, good vs. evil 296, evil thought in the mind of a Thing in Darkness created the world 299.

FBL Hounds time 76, deed before time 81-82, angles and angular time 80-83 & 85, curves and curved time 80 & 82-83.

CAS Ubbo great circle of time 48.

cotter and wife

Of Ulthar. HPL Cats given to trapping and slaying cats 55-56, found dead after the prayers of Menes bring revenge for the cats 58.

Cotton, Dr

's hill church, Providence. HPL Case 123.

Cotton, Jeremy

Of Lynwold; a schoolmaster. AWD OutThere Found Geoffrey Malvern in the priory near Malvern-by-the-Sea estate, and discussed the star-stone with him.

Council of Sages

Of the zoogs. HPL Kadath 309.

Court House

Salem. HPL Case 150.

Court-House Parade

Providence. HPL Case 126.

Court of Oyer and Terminer

Salem. HPL Case 150; WitchHouse (Salem not mentioned?) 263.

Cowan, Sherrif

Of Wisconsin. AWD Dweller (123), 124-125.

Coyote Canyon

California. HK Bells 81.

Cramton, Old

Of Lynwold. AWD OutThere A solitary fisherman who lived in a hut near Lynwold. Was killed by Something from Out There. Body was found under priory near Malvern-by-the-Sea, icy cold and crushed.

Crandall, Harry

HC Death (narrator) 360, 362, 364, 367.

Crane Street

Arkham. HPL Herbert near Miskatonic University campus 143; Time 371, 374, 376, 417.

Cranston line

Near Providence/Pawtuxet. HPL Case 178.

Crary Road

Dunwich area. AWD Middle 361.


A Providence family. HPL Case 122, 126.

Crawler of Midnight

Synonym for the Snake-God. RB Serpents 261.

crawling chaos

See: Nyarlathotep.

Creek country

Oklahoma. HPL Yig 85.

creeper in the crypt

Of Arkham; related to ghouls? RB Creeper invoked by Jonathon Dark (108), long nails or claws, wheezing laughter, victim moans for long after commencement of attack (110).


HPL Gates 424, 457.

RB Sebek Creole district, New Orleans 116.

AWD Gorge 97-98, 102, 112, 118.


Transylvania. AWD Gorge 98.

Cretaceous period

135 million to 65 million years ago. HPL Mountains 17, 22, 53, 60, 69.

Crimson Desert

Synonym for: Roba El Khaliyeh. HPL History 52; Test 47.

AWD Keeper 148.

crinoid things of Antarctica

See: Old Ones (1)

Crippen, Dr

HPL Museum 215.

Crocodile Cult

RB Mummy 286.

See also: Sebek.

crocodile-headed beast

HPL Medusa with three legs and a dorsal row of tentacles 193.

crocodile-like beings

AWD Keeper 154.

Synonym for: Nameless City denizens.


HPL Medusa 190.


RB Sebek 121, 125-129.


Genus of saurians. AWD Survivor 152, 162.


God of the Irish. REH People 161.


15,000 BC. HPL Time 396.

FL Terror2 chants of 285.

Crooker decorating firm

Providence. HPL Case 156.

cross, reversed

RB Satan 15.

cross, sign of the

FBL Eaters 88, (107), 108, 110, 112, 114.

Compare with: crux ansata; looped cross.

crotala, rattle of

HPL Kadath 368.

Crown Coffee House

Providence. HPL Case 188.


An old house on the outskirts of Arkham, High Street, home of Edward and Asenath Derby. HPL Doorstep 282-285, 292, 298*, 299.

Crown of Horns

RB Satan 18.

Croydon Aerodrome

AWD Curwen 33.

Crubinthorpe, Judge

RB Notebook 233.


Keziah Mazon recoiled in panic when Walter Gilman showed his crucifix to her. [HPL WitchHouse 292]

RB Hell 30, 57-58, 68.


RB Fane 142.

crux ansata, crux ansantor

RB Hell 30.

HK Salem 264-265.

JVS Snouted 25.

Aka: ankh; looped cross.

Cryptomenysis Palefacta

By Falconer. HPL Dunwich 183.


AWD Island 198; Curwen 20-21, 31; Dweller 127, 134, 138-140, 147, 151; Gorge 126; Keeper 151; Lurker 84, 133; Seal 160, 162; Sky 68; Witches 301.

Aka: Fire-Being.

See also: Flame Creatures of Cthugha.


An alien being, said to be the priest of the Great Old Ones [HPL Call 139]. Cthulhu preserved the Great Old Ones with spells, so they can survive until the stars are "right" again [140].

Cthulhu is of vaguely anthropoid outline, with a scaly, rubbery-looking, green, sticky, bloated body. The head is octopus-like, the face covered with tentacles or feelers. There are prodigious claws on the hind and fore feet. Two long, thin, rudimentary wings rise behind [127, 134, 152]. In a dream, Cthulhu appeared to be "miles high" [130] and was later compared to a "mountain" in size [152]. It is not clear whether Cthulhu resembles the other Great Old Ones, for "none might say whether the others were precisely like him" [139].

Deathless Chinamen and Naked Savages

The Great Old Ones have the ability to communicate telepathically with humans, and in ancient times inspired a cult of human worshippers by revealing the location of various small carved idols that had been brought from the stars [139-140]. But this communication ended when R'lyeh sank beneath the ocean, for thought cannot pass through the deep waters [141]. The cult exists hidden in distant wastes and dark places all over the world [139]. The cult has been observed among a singular tribe of Esquimaux on the West Greenland coast [135] as well as among a mob of mix-blooded West Indians, mulattos and negros in a swamp south of New Orleans [139]. There are undying leaders of the cult in the mountains of China [140]. When the stars come right again, the secret priests of the cult will take Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of Earth [141].

The most detailed account of the cult worship comes from Inspector Legrasse, who raided a ritual in a Louisiana swamp on November 1, 1907. Naked worshippers danced counterclockwise in a circle around a bonfire with a pillar surmounted by a small carving of Cthulhu [138]. The cultists erected ten scaffolds where they hung victims head down [138]; the victims were slain by Black Winged Ones from a haunted wood [140]. The ritual may also have been witnessed by a monstrous white bulk with shining eyes in the distance [138].

A Brief Resurgence

In the spring of 1925, there was a brief period of increased psychic influence on the part of Cthulhu or the Great Old Ones generally:

    1. On the night of February 28 to March 1, 1925, an earthquake occurred in New England and the artist Henry Anthony Wilcox dreamed of Cthulhu [128]. Starting on February 28, artists and poets began having bizarre and frightening dreams [131]. Also on March 1 [or February 28 on the American side of the International Date Line], the schooner Emma was thrown off her course by a great "earthquake-born" storm in the South Pacific [146, 149]. It appears that this is the earthquake that threw a portion of the sunken city of R'lyeh to the surface [150].
    2. On March 23, the crew of the Emma landed on on previously unknown island [147], a portion of newly-risen R'lyeh. There, the hapless sailor Donovan seems to have been responsible for opening a great door that allowed Cthulhu to emerge [151]. After killing some of the sailors, Cthulhu swam after their ship until they reversed direction and used the ship to ram Him. This did not kill Cthulhu, however, for He started to recombine afterward [152-153]. Presumably as a result of Cthulhu's emergence from His lair, the psychic influence intensified on the night of March 22-23, when Wilcox lapsed into a delirium [130]. During the night of March 22-23, New York police were mobbed by hysterical Levantines [132]. During the period from March 23-April 2, even average people in society and business reported uneasy but formless nocturnal impressions [131].
    3. The psychic influence abated on April 2 when another storm occurred in the South Pacific [146, 153] and the dreamer Wilcox in New England recovered from his delirium [130]. Poets, artists, and ordinary people stopped being troubled by the bizarre nocturnal visions [131]. These events presumably mark the sinking of R'lyeh back to the ocean depths, and Cthulhu's return to entrapment.

Among the events in this period, it is not at all clear why R'lyeh rose or sank again; whether through random geologic processes, or because the stars were nearly "right," or as a result of ritual activities on the part of the cultists. Also, given that R'lyeh sank again, it is not explained why Cthulhu went down with it, since he had already escaped from His lair and shown His ability to swim.

Alien Cults

Abdul Alhazred was a worshipper of both Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth [History 51]. Alhazred wrote that Cthulhu is a cousin of those "Old Ones" associated with Yog-Sothoth, but can spy them only dimly [Dunwich 170]. The Necronomicon hints of the Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth myth cycles, which antedate the coming of man to the earth Prehuman [Whisperer 219]. Cthulhu seeped down from the stars when the earth was still half-formed [Mound115].

There seems to be a strong alliance between Cthulhu and the Deep Ones. Thus, while discussing the beliefs of the Esoteric Order of Dagon at Innsmouth, Zadok Allen quoted the invocation to Cthulhu: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh , etc. [Innsmouth 337]. The Innsmouth narrator dreamed that the Deep Ones will someday rise again to give the tribute Cthulhu craves [367]. As he contemplated his change into a Deep One, the Innsmouth narrator wrote praises to Cthulhu and R'lyeh [367].

The Outer Ones were also linked to Cthulhu. Folklore researcher Henry Akeley wrote of Cthulhu in a letter to Wilmarth [Whisperer 223]. Cthulhu was among the entities praised during a May-Eve ritual in a Vermont cave, performed by an Outer One and a human [226]. The being impersonating Henry Akeley said that the Outer Ones arrived on Earth long before the fabulous epoch of Cthulhu was over, and remember R'lyeh when it was above the waters [254]. This being also told Wilmarth from whence Cthulhu first came [256].

The Children of Tulu

The Old Ones of K'n-yan worshipped an octopoid being named Tulu; the Mound narrator identified this being with folklore of monstrous and unmentioned Cthulhu, who seeped down from the stars while the earth was still half-formed [Mound114]. Heaton referred to the Old Ones as the children of Tulu [101]. Capt. George Lawton babbled of Great Tulu after visiting K'n-yan [103]. Grey Eagle's protective talisman included a design of a kind of octopoid monster [109]. Charging Buffalo said that the Old Ones worshipped Yig and Tulu [119]. Inside the passageway leading to K'n-yan, Zamacona observed carvings of Yig and Tulu [120]. Zamacona stumbled on a temple with a statue of an octopus-headed abnormality [126-128]; the temples of Cthulhu were the most richly constructed objects in all K'n-yan [136]. These temples were surrounded by embowering groves [144]. Zamacona watched the subtle orgiastic rites at such temples with fascinated repulsion [144].

The Old Ones of K'n-yan traditionally believed that Tulu first brought them to this planet, along with the Tulu metal [127]. By Zamacona's time, the Old Ones were not sure of the historical truth of these legends, but still referenced Tulu for aesthetic reasons [131, 136]. Great Tulu was regarded as a spirit of universal harmony [136]. The Old Ones believed that the wrath of space-devils had lead to the submergence of the gods, including Tulu [131].

Zamacona's dreams of the abyss of N'kai shocked the leaders of Yig and Tulu worship [149]. Zamacona observed statues to Yig and Tulu in a tunnel leading up to the outer world [152]; later, the Mound narrator also viewed them [160, 162-163].

Other Connections

Megalithic ruins in Uganda were said to have been an outpost of the evil god Clulu [HPL Winged 247].

Rogers Museum included a statue of many-tentacled Cthulhu [Museum 216]. Stephen Jones fancied that the long facial tentacles of the Cthulhu statue seemed to sway [230].

Marceline Bedard played a part in a frightful secret from the days of Cthulhu and the Elder Ones [Medusa187].

The specimens of the crinoid Old Ones of Antarctica reminded Lake of folkloric things spoken of by Wilmarth, such as Cthulhu cult appendages [Mountains 22]. The city of the Old Ones reminded Dyer of primal myths such as the Cthulhu cult [45].

AWD Beyond2 primordial beast living deep in sea 160, Josiah Alwyn speculates that Leander may have contacted C. 164, leads forces of the Earth's waters 165, cult of Cthulhu exists in Innsmouth 171; Curwen Cthulhu-like being in South American lake (9-10), name Shooloo applied to creature in Lake 10; water-being C., whose worship continues into the present 13; lake is a door to C. at certain times 18; hints in Necronomicon and R'lyeh Text that C.'s return is near 20; C. shall rise from R'lyeh 21; resembles Devourer of Quechua-Ayers mythology 30; Deep Ones are followers, C. is half-brother of Hastur 31; sleeping in R'lyeh 35; star-stones placed by Elder Gods when C. was imprisoned 37; oozes out of door in R'lyeh, reforms after being blown up by Shrewsbury (38-39); Shrewsbury on trail of C., intent on closing all avenues to the Outside 45; Dweller 127, 131-133, 137; Gable 207, 209; Gorge 101, statue described (101), C. (102), sea origin 108, 109, C. (110-111), 116-117, 121, 125-126, body-servants of 127, 131-132; Depths 235; Island 179, master of waters 180, 181, 185-187, 189, of Ancient Ones only Cthulhu lies forever sleeping 195, 196-198, described 199, described 208-209, 211-212; Ithaqua 114; Keeper 140-141, 148-150, 163, 170; Lair 125-126; Lamp 254-255; Lurker (51), 82, circumstances of imprisonment (83), 84, (92), bas-relief (114), (116-117, 121), 124-125, 133, 139; Middle 359; OutThere Described by St. Augustine as "Mad Cthulhu, who dared return from R'lyeh." Followers include Something from Out There; Hastur Great Cthulhu 12, Water Being 12, 13-14, 20-21, 26-27; Sandwin 100-101, 104, water elemental leader 105, 106; Seal (158), 159-164, 166, 176, 179; Sky 59, 68, superior beings serving 68, 69-70, statue 77 & 80, 81, 86, 88, 91, frog-like servant with tentacles 93; Space 239; Shuttered 277, 288; Survivor 159, 162; Valley 126-127, 134, described? 142, 145, described? 147; Whippoorwills 50; Who monograph by Solar Pons; Wind in delerium, Allison Wentworth spoke of Cthulhu slumbering beneath the sea, waiting to rise and destroy the world. Dr. Jamison gave Robert Norris several old magazines containing stories by H. P. Lovecraft about Cthulhu; Witches 301; Wood subhuman piping attendants 77, 84-85.

REH Bear 36; Children 152; Fire 51.

CJ Acquarium 306.

HK Invaders of the Watery Abyss 73; Kralitz cyclopean shapes that attend him 8.

FL Terror2 288, 291, 301, Cthulhu's wasps 302, minions 308, 310, 311-312.

FBL Awakening 110-111.

RFS Warder 159.

JVS Dead (30), 34, 37.

DW Lady 105.

Aka: Clooloo; Clulu; Cthulhutl; Cutlu; Fisherman's God; Great Old One; Him Who Lies Dreaming; Him Who Will Rise Again; Kathuln; Kthulhu; Kthulhut; Kulu; Kutullu; Thooloo; Tulu; octopus-like entities?.

Possibly synonymous with: Devourer, the; Kon, Lord of the Earthquake.

See also: Cthulhu, spawn of; Tulu metal.

Cthulhu in the Necronomicon

By Laban Shrewsbury. AWD Curwen 30, 32; Sky 59.

Cthulhu Mythos

AWD Island 179; Keeper 150.

Cthulhu Mythos fiction

AWD OutThere One of Geoffrey Malvern's friends found parallels to occult truth "in the fiction of certain British and American writers."

Cthulhu, spawn of

A land race of beings shaped like octopi, who filtered down to earth from remote gulfs of interstellar space. They were composed of matter widely different from what we know, and were able to undergo transformations and reintegrations. They fought a monstrous war against the crinoid Old Ones who were already present on earth. Eventually peace was made; the Cthulhu spawn retained the lands recently risen from the South Pacific, while the remains of their Antarctic cities were obliterated by the Old Ones. This Pacific landmass included the city of R'lyeh, and it was the Cthulhu spawn who brought the R'lyehian language to earth [HPL Gates 452]. Later, the lands of the Pacific suddenly sank, and obliterated all the Cthulhu spawn. [Mountains 66, 68].

The Cthulhu spawn should not be confused with the Deep Ones, another race with links to Cthulhu; for the Deep Ones have fishlike and froglike attributes rather than being octopoid, and live underwater, unlike the Cthulhu spawn who were land dwellers.

On the other hand, the Cthulhu spawn might be the same as the Great Old Ones, whose appearance is not known, and who lie in R'lyeh, protected and yet also trapped by Cthulhu's protective spells. See: Great Old Ones.

AWD Beyond2 water smells the sign of C. spawn 170; Depths 235-236, 240, 251-252; Passing formula for invoking in Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus; was invoked by Eric Holm and later killed him; left big, webbed, irregular footprints. In this context, same as Something from Out There.

RFS Warder 164.

Aka: Horror from the Depths.


HPL Electric 74, 77.


See: great cubes.

Cultes des Ghoules, Cultes des Goules

By Comte D'Erlette. A volume of occult lore, referred to variously as "terrible" or "ghastly." The nightmare arcana of Cultes des Ghoules are not conducive to a healthy state of mind [RB Demon 65].


There were at least two published editions, of which at least one was expurgated. Henricus Vanning had a copy of the original edition, with the covers protected by thin strips of glass [RB Sebek 123]; whereas the Grinning Ghoul narrator consulted the expurgated edition [RB Grinning 55].

According to the spurious catalog created by the forger Alastair White, an edition was published in 1737 at Rouen [AWD Six 125].


The Miskatonic University library has a copy, which cannot be checked out [AWD Lurker 134]. There may be a copy at the University of Lima, as a transcript was loaned to Claiborne Boyd by Prof. Vibarro Andros of that University [AWD Gorge 126].

Private Copies and Readers

Robert Blake found copy at the abandoned church of the Starry Wisdom sect; he had previously read the book himself [HPL Haunter 100].

Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee consulted a library copy while possessed by a mind of the Great Race, and wrote notes in the margin [HPL Time 374]. A copy was consulted by Amos Piper while he was similarly possessed by a Great Race mind [AWD Space 234].

James Allington had a copy in his study [RB Suicide 19].

Laban Shrewsbury also spoke to Andrew Phelan and Nayland Colum of Cultes des Ghoules [AWD Curwen 20; Keeper 141]. Shrewsbury told Horvath Blayne that the book is one of the sources of the Cthulhu Mythos [AWD Island 180].

Ambrose Dewart found a copy at Billington House [AWD Lurker 16].

The Gable Window narrator found a copy in Wilbur Akeley's collection [AWD Gable 206].

Amos Tuttle had a copy of Culte de Ghoules [sic] [AWD Hastur 2].

Marius Phillips found a copy that had been hidden by his late uncle, Sylvan Phillips [AWD Seal 160].

Alijah Atwood found one among Dr. Jean-FrancoisCharriere's books and papers [AWD Survivor 160].

Dan Harrop found a copy in the collection of his late cousin, Abel Harrop [AWD Whippoorwills 43]

Robert Blake searched fruitlessly for a copy in bookstores [RB Shambler 180].

Cult des Morts, Le

HC Isle perilous treatise of whose missing portion only four copies are reputed to exist; Peter Mace has copy of missing portion in hut on Faikana 149.


See: Esoteric Order of Dagon.

Cultus Maleficarum in Libri quattuor

See: Sussex Manuscript.

Culver City

California. FL Terror2 270.

Cunambria, Queen

Of Hyperborea? CAS Tale jewels stolen by Satampra Zeiros and Tirouv Ompallios 3.

Cunningham, Inspector

Of Providence. HPL Case assigned to investigate the desecration of the grave of Ezra Weeden 177.

Currie, (Dr.) William

Of Lynwold. AWD OutThere (narrator) Investigated the cause of Geoffrey Malvern's sudden loss of sanity. Together with Soames Hemery and Duncan Vernon, succeeded in reimprisoning the creature Something from Out There.

Curtin, Professor

AWD GodBox 119-123.

curves and curved time

FBL Hounds 92; Eaters 105.

Curwen, Ann

HPL Case 127.

See: Potter, Ann Tillinghast.

Curwen, Eliza

(nee Tillinghast). Ancestor of Charles Dexter Ward. HPL Case 116, 125-127, 148.

Curwen, Joseph

HPL Case 110-112, 116-124, 126-133, 135-161, 167, 171, 174, 183, 185, 190, 192, Joseph C. 194, J.C> 195, 196-200, 202-205, 208, 211, 213-218, 220-221, 223-228, 230, 232-234.


Family, of Salem. HPL Case 120.

Curwen Street

Arkham. AWD Curwen 3-4, 8, 14, 19, 24, 26, 29, 36, 39-40, 43, 45; Lurker 138; Sky 72.


HPL Case 212, 215.

See: guards.


FL Terror2 dreams of 272, minions 281, dreams in Rulay 288, 291, 298, 306.

Cut-Throat Cove

Terror 219, 227, 229, 235, 246, 248, 250, 251.

Incl: Terror of Cut-Throat Cove.


Evolutionary theorist. FBL Hills and Chaugnar Faugn 257.


AWD Curwen 10, 15; Gorge 125-126, 129.


HPL Rats 29, 43.


HPL Doom Cydathrian groves 48; Iranon cities of Cydathria 116.


An armed schooner. HPL Case 133.


Stars. HPL Colour 78.


Name for Saturn in the tongue of Mhu Thulan. CAS Door 22-27, 30-32, 34-35, 40.

Aka: Saturn.

Incl: Djhenquomh; Djhibbis; Ephighs; Ghlomph; Ghlonghs; Vhlorrh; Ydheems.

Cymric style

In architecture. HPL Rats 27.

Czanek, Joe

HPL Terrible 272-274.

Czanek, Mary

HPL WitchHouse 288.


HPL Case 164.

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