A person. HPL Case 215.

B., Deborah

Of Salem. HPL Case 150, 194.


Assyrian god. REH Fire 38, 40.

Babcock, Resolved.

HPL Innsmouth 334.


Statues of baboons were found in curious juxtaposition to statues of the Pharaoh in a well in a transverse gallery of the Second Pyramid. HPL Pyramids 223.

Babson, Eunice

Of Innsmouth. Servant of Asenath Derby. HPL Doorstep 296, 300.

Babson St.

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 354-355.


HPL History visited by Alhazred 52; Medusa 173.

AWD Island 181.

HK Invaders 70.

RFS Warder 165.

Incl: Venus tablets; Asshurbanipal?


HPL Innsmouth 334.

REH Fire 38-40.

Back Bay

Boston. HPL Pickman 15.

Back Street

Kingsport. HPL Festival 210.

Bacon, Roger

Author, Thesaurus Chemicus. HPL Case 121.

Bacon, Friar

HPL Case 161.

RB Sorceror 155.


Arabia? AWD Wind mentioned by Allision Wentworth in his delerium.

Bahadur, Selim

REH Black 59-60, 68, 72-73.


A port city of Oriab. HPL Kadath 315-316, 325, 327-331, 345.


Of Yokahama. AWD Island 203.

Bain, Bill

REH Ring 57.

Baker & Greenbaugh

Providence law firm. AWD Survivor 151, 154.

Balacz family

Of Charleston. AWD Survivor 161.


HPL Mound 122.

Balbutius, Cnaeus

FBL Hills 287.

Baldwyn, Frank

Of Spokane? DWR Music 292-296, (297), 298-299.


(Islands?) AWD Island 184.


Of Wilbraham; familiar of Asaph Peabody. AWD Peabody 195-198.


Island SW of Spain. REH Gods 197~234.

Aka: Isle of the Gods.


Maryland. Hk Hydra 126-127, 129, 133-134, 136.

FL Terror2 295.

Incl: Scott, Kenneth; Baltimore Central post office.

Baltimore Central post office

Baltimore, Maryland. HK Hydra 134.


Author, The Saurian Age. AWD Survivor 160.

Bangka, village of

In province of Shan-si, Burma. AWD Lair 117, 135.

Bank St

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 354, 356.

Bannister place

HPL Test near Goat Hill 20.

Banof, valley of

HPL Polaris 22.

Baptist Church, Arkham

Presided over by Rev. Ward Phillips. AWD Lurker 25.

Baptist Church, Innsmouth

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 350.

Baptist Church, Providence

Providence. HPL Case 126.


RB Terror 221, 223, 230-231, 246.


A "prince" of the netherworld. AWD Wentworth 178.


Spain. HPL Case 133.

Barker's Crick

Missouri. HPL Medusa 199.

Barlow, Robert

AWD Seal 163.


Of Prague. HPL Case 194.

Barnard, Dr.

Doctor who examined Joe Slater [HPL Sleep 28].

Barnard, Rev. Thomas

Of Salem. HPL Case 150.

Barnes Street

Providence. HPL Case 229.

AWD Survivor 150.

Barton, Mrs

Of Arkham. AWD Attic 320.

Barton, Peter

Son of Sir Ronald Barton. RB Opener (156), 157, (158), 159-170.

Barton, (Sir) Ronald

Father of Peter Barton. RB Opener (156), 157-163, (164), 165-169.

Barton County

Kansas. HPL Mound 116.

Barzai the Wise

Of Ulthar, in dreamlands. HPL Kadath (310), 312, 399; Other knows much of gods, learned in the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan,familiar with Pnakotic Manusripts; advised the law against cat-killing in Ulthar; father a landgrave in an ancient castle; Atal is his disciple 128; climbs Hatheg-Kla to see the gods' faces 129-130, seized by the Other Gods 131; never found again 132.

Basalt Pillars of the West

HPL Kadath 318-319; White 39-41.

Bascom Street

Arkham. RB Creeper 104.

Basil Street

London. CJ Acquarium 309.


AWD Spawn (narrator) 18-22, (23-24), 25-28, (29-30), 31-33.


Egyptian cat-goddess. RB Brood 94, ghoul-goddess 95, 99; Grinning 54; Mummy 284; Opener 156, 163; Suicide 19.

Aka: Bubastis; Chewer of Corpses; Pasht.

Batak dream music

Indonesia. AWD Island 185/186.


New York. HPL Diary 303.

Bates, Jefferson

AWD Valley (narrator) 116-148, named 116 & 121 & 129-130.

Bates, Lucius

CJ Acquarium 302, 303, 306.

Bates, Stephen

Of Boston. AWD Lurker 6, 41, 45-47, 52, 55-56, (57-61), 62, (63), 64, (65), 66, (67-70), 71, (72), 73, (74-75), 76, (77), 78-79, (80-100), 111-115, 117-123, 125-131, 140, 142-145, 147.

Bates St

Innsmouth. HPL Innsmouth 347, 351, 354, 356.

Bathurst, Benjamin

British representative to Emperor Francis in Vienna. AWD Lurker 138.


Of M'gonga.

HPL Winged House boy of Dr. Slauenwite 249; became sick, died 250-251; 253, 258.

Battle Creek

Michigan. AWD Lurker 138.

Incl: Church, Sherman.

Battery Street

Boston. HPL Pickman 17.


See: frogs.


HPL Herbert 155; Hound 172; Medusa 170, 175, 192.

Baxter, John and Andrew

Arkham area. AWD Whippoorwills 38, 57-58, 67.

Bay and Book

Providence. HPL Case 162.

Bay of Biscay

HPL Mound 115.


In the south of France. HPL Gates 424.

AWD Survivor 153, 167.

Incl: Charriere, Dr. Jean-Francois.


A medium. AB Inhabitant 535; Moonlit 423.

Beacon Hill district

Boston. HPL Aeons Cabot Museum in heart of Boston's exclusive Beacon Hill district 266; Kadath 356; Pickman 20.

Beacon Radio Company

HC Death 362.

Beacon Street

Boston. HPL Pickman 16, 24.

AWD Watchers Home of the legal firm of Boyle, Monahan, Prescott, & Bigelow, 382.

Bearded figure

HPL Case (217-223), (230), (233).

Beardmore Glacier

HPL Mountains 9.

Beardsly, Aubrey

HPL Medusa 172.

Bear's Den

HPL Dunwich 179.


Scientific author. HPL Case 121.

Bedard, Marceline

HPL Medusa 171-184, (186-188), 189-193, (194), 196-197, (199), 200.


HPL Pyramids 221, discredited whisperings of 223, 224-225, 227-228..

RB Mummy 287.

REH Fire 31, 33, 39, 41, 43, 45-51, 55.


HPL Dunwich 158; Innsmouth 334.

Synonym for Satan [RB Hell 37].

AWD Middle 359; Peabody 195; Seal 162; Watchers, 401.

REH Dig synonym for Malik Tous 84.


Composer, Fifth Symphony. AWD Sandwin 98.


HPL Cats singular beetles found near skeletons of cotter & wife, in Ulthar (result of Egyptian-like magic practiced by Menes) 58.

Beetle civilisation

HPL Time 395-396, 419.

Begbie, Curtis and Annie

Pocket next to Harrop's Pocket, Arkham area. AWD Whippoorwills 38, Annie 41, Curtis 57.

Beh'-Moth the Devourer

A god. HH Guardian 299.


REH Fire 32, 36, 48.

Synonym for: Kara-Shehr.


HPL Dunwich 158; Hound 178; Innsmouth 334.

AWD Middle 359; Peabody 195; Watchers 401.

Bella Gale

HC Isle 147, 161.

Bellows Falls

HPL Whisperer 224, 228-229, 235, 238.


France. HPL Silver 419.


Of San Xavier. HK Bells 80-93.


HPL Rats 33.

Beloin University

RFS Warder 154, 156.

Incl: Carr, Dr.; Eltdown Shards; Turkoff, Prof.; Whitney, Dr. Gordon.


A city. HK Eater 12-13, 15; Invaders 73, 77; Jest 60-62.

Incl: Black Minaret; Sindara, the; gods of good and evil; gorlaks; little gods; ocuru-lamps; Thorazor; Vorvadoss.

Aka: Dis.

Compare with: Grey Gulf of Yarnak.


HPL Gates 425.

Bend Village

Missouri. HPL Medusa 186.

Benson, Andreas

Recently deceased relative of Will Benson. HK Hunt 162, 164.

Benson, Will

Of area near Monk's Hollow. Next-of-kin of Andreas Benson, cousin of Alvin Doyle. HK Hunt 162-173, 178.


Of Yokahama. AWD Island 203-204.

Bently, Max

Pilot friend who flies Will Richards to parachute beyond Settlers Wall. RAL Settlers 32-34.

Benefit Street

Providence. HPL Case 112, 114.

AWD Brotherhood 329-330, 336, 339, 345, 348, 351; Survivor 148-149, 156, 164.

RB Steeple 211-212, 217-218, 222, 230.

Benevolent Street

Providence. HPL Beyond where Crawford Tillinghast lived in ancient, lonely house 91; Case 115.

Bentley, (Professor)

RFS Mists psychology teacher 28.


In Ptolemaic myth. HPL Medusa 171-172.


California. HPL Test 23.


REH Black 57; Dig 76.

Bernard, Father

Of San Xavier. HK Bells 92.


A star. AWD Island 182; Curwen 21; Dweller 133; Gorge 126; Lair 124-125; Lurker 135; Hastur home of Elder Gods 27, 32; Sandwin 112; Sky 68; Valley 134.

HK Eater 12.

Beth-Horon, battle of

AWD Island 181.


HPL Whisperer 223.

HC Death 364; Isle 156.

JVS Dead 34.

Bethnall, Professor

Of Miskatonic University anthropology department. AWD Shuttered 281.


One of the Seven Stewards of Heaven invoked in White Magic [RB Hell 60].


Gates 439.


A town in K'n-yan. HPL Mound 140.


Race on Cykranosh. CAS Door (31), 32-34, 36-38, 40.


Creatures of earth's dream-world, and also of an ancient planet called Yaddith.

In the dream-world, the bholes crawl and creep nastily in in terrible valleys guarded by the fabled Peaks of Thok [HPL Kadath 335, 336]. Randolph Carter encountered one of them there in the Vale of Pnath [336].

Their size is enormous, at least fifteen or twenty feet in height, and of unknown length [336-337]. In the dream-world, no one has ever seen one, or even guessed what it might look like. Bholes are known only from the rustling they make amongst mountains of bones and the slimy touch they have when they wriggle past one. They cannot be seen because they creep only in the dark. [Kadath 336].

The night-gaunts planned to feed the conquered moon-beasts to bholes and other creatures of the Great Abyss. [380].

In the distant past, on the planet Yaddith, the duties of the wizard Zkauba included weaving spells to keep the frightful bholes in their burrows. There were hideous struggles with the bleached, viscous bholes in the primal tunnels that honeycombed the planet. Zkauba observed a bhole that reared up several hundred feet. Eventually, Yaddith became a dead world dominated by triumpant bholes. [HPL Gates 447-450]

Note: The term bholes is rendered as dholes in uncorrected editions of Lovecraft's stories.

Compare with: dholes.


A city on Vhoorl. HH Guardian 294-296.


HPL Case 153.

AWD Island 181, 184.

RB Satan 7-11, 19.

Incl: Old Testament.

Bibliographic Guild

FBL Hounds 85.

Bibliotheque Nationale

Paris. HPL Case 164; Dunwich 169; includes a 17th century Latin copy of the Necronomicon (History 53).

AWD Gable 206; Gorge 98; Keeper 149; Lurker 81, 125; Six 124; Space 234.


New England town enroute Portland to Arkham. HPL Doorstep 290.

Biddle, Mr

---'s wharf, in Philadelphia? HPL Case 139.

Bienville St

New Orleans. HPL Call 128.

Bierce, Ambrose

Author, The Damned Thing. AWD Dweller 127; Lurker 138; Hastur 12.

HK Invaders 64.

Big Cypress Swamp

HPL Statement 299-300.


AWD Island 210.

Billington, Alijah Phineas

"Old Billington" of Billington's Wood. Husband of Lavinia Billington. Father of Laban Billington. AWD Lurker 4-9, 11, (12), 13-14, 18-24, 26, 29, 32-37, 39, 40-41, 46-47, 60, 62-63, 66-71, 76-81, 85, 96, 98, 100-102, 111, 117-120, 125-132, 139, 140-142.

Billington, Laban

Of Billington's Wood. Son of Alijah. AWD Lurker 4, 9-10, (11), 12-13, 20, 24, 26, 41, 66, 68, 71, 92, 126, 132.

Billington, Lavinia

Of Billington's Wood. Wife of Alijah Billington. AWD Lurker 13.

Billington, Richard

Of BIllington's Wood. AWD Lurker 14-18, 26, 48, 63, 67, 69-71, 74, 77-80, 85, 101-102, 131, 139-147.

Aka: Master, the.

Billington's Wood

North of Arkham. AWD Lurker 3-4, 7, 21, 23-27, 42, 57, 77, 90-91, 97, 107, 110, 113-114, 118, 120, 126-127, 129-131, 139, 141, 144.

Biltmore Hotel

Providence. HPL Case 165.


Caddo County, Oklahoma. HPL Mound 98-99, 102-104, 106, 108, 110, 155-157, 161-162; Yig 84.


England. AWD Lurker 136.

Incl: Rowley ragstones.

Bishop family

Family, of Dunwich and Aylesbury areas. HPL Dunwich 157, Bishop house 158.

AWD Lurker 6, 32-33, 47, 99-100; Shuttered 278, 284; Valley 118, 121, 123-124, 130, 134; Watchers 403.


Someone who disappeared from Dunwich in 1928. AWD Watchers 402.

Bishop, Ambrose

Of England and Dunwich. Son of William Bishop, grandson of Septimus Bishop. AWD Middle (narrator) 352, 365, 370.

Bishop, Blessed

Of Dunwich. AWD Watchers, married to Edward Marsh 403;

Bishop, Elizabeth

Of Dunwich. AWD Watchers, married to Abner Whateley 403;

Bishop, Henry

Of St. Augustine. AWD Survivor 161.

Bishop, Jonathon

Of New Dunwich. AWD Lurker 48-52, (53), 71, 99-100, 126-127, 131-132, 140.

Bishop, Mamie

HPL Dunwich 160.

Bishop, Mis'

Of Dunwich. AWD Shuttered 274.

Bishop, Mis' (Mrs.)

AWD Lurker 33-35, (36), 37-38, 71, 96-98, 117, 140.

Bishop, Peter

Of England? Father of William Bishop, brother(?) of Septimus Bishop. AWD Middle 367.

Bishop, Septimus

Of Dunwich area. Great-uncle of Ambrose Bishop, brother(?) of Peter Bishop. AWD Middle 352-356, 358-360, 362, 366-370.

Bishop, Seth

(1). HPL Dunwich 177-178, 181, 187, 190-192.

Aka: Seth?

Bishop, Seth

(2?). Author, Seth Bishop: His Book. AWD Valley 118-119, 121, 124-125, 127, 133-135, 138, 141, 142-143, 145, 148, refs to house and property 120 & 126 & 129-130 & 132 & 138 & 141 & 145 & 147.

Bishop, Silas

HPL Dunwich 161.

Bishop, William

Of England(?) or Dunwich(?) Son of Peter Bishop, father of Ambrose Bishop. AWD Middle 368.

Bishop's Brook

HPL Dunwich 189.


RB Terror 226-227.

Aka: Thatch, Ned; Teach, Edward.

Black Book (1)

A nickname for the original Dusseldorf edition of Unaussprechlichen Kulten by Von Junzt. See: Nameless Cults .

Black Book (2)

See: book of Azathoth.

Black City, the

REH Fire 32.

Synonym for: Kara-Shehr.

Black Cults

Of Van Heller. HC Isle 149.


Cat belonging to Albert Wilmarth [FL Terror2 295, 297].


Of Australia. HPL Time 404.

Black Goat

HPL Man 207.

Black Goat of the Sabbath

Synoym for Satan. RB Hell 37.

Black Goat of the Woods, Black Goat with a Thousand Young, Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young

Synonyms for Shub-Niggurath. HPL Whisperer 226-227.

AWD Curwen 31; Dweller 123, 132, 137; Gable 207; Lamp 255; Lurker 133; Hastur 22.

JVS Dead 34.

Black God

Synonym for: Gol-goroth. [REH Gods 205]

Black God of Madness

By Carson. HK Salem 265.

Black Island

Of R'lyeh. AWD Island 183-185, lat. 186, 187-188, (203), lat. (204), 205-206, 210-212.

Black Jim's Place

Arkham? RB Creeper 107.

Black King

HC Isle 157.

Black Lama

Synonym for Hooded Monk. REH Bear 36-37.

Black Magic

RB Hell 60.

Black Man

HPL Case 138, 150; Man 207; WitchHouse 264, 272, 281, = Nyarlathotep? 286.

RB Faceless 41, 46.

AWD Peabody 189, 195.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Black Mass

HPL Diary groups 304; Medusa fake 170, 196.

RB Brood 92; Hell 44-45.

HC Death 364; Isle 156.

AWD Peabody 195-196.

CAS Return 43.

Black Master

REH Dig 84.

Synonym for: Malik Tous.

Black Messenger of Karneter

RB Faceless 39, 42; Mannikin Black Messenger 79.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Black Minaret

Of Bel Yarnak. HK Jest will play its part in the doom of Bel Yarnak 60, 61, 63.

Black Monk

Synonym for Hooded Monk. REH Bear 36.

Black One

RB Mannikin 86.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep?

Black Pharaoh

RB Fane 134-137, 141.

Synonym for: Nephren-Ka.

Black Prince

HPL Case 131; Descendant an ancestor of Lord Northam was a bold companion and lieutenant of the Black Prince 361.

Black Rites

A work by the mad mystic Luveh-Keraph, priest of cryptic Bast.

James Allington had a copy of Black Rites [RB Suicide 19].

Prof. Alexander Chaupin spoke to his therapist of the veiled and subtle truths so furtively revealed in tomes such as Black Rites [RB Grinning 54].

black seal

AM Novel 10-11, 17, 25, 36, 39, translation explains how "man can be reduced to the slime from which he came, and be forced to put on the flesh of the reptile and the snake" 40, 41.

Aka: Ixaxar; Ishakshar; Sixtystone.

Black Seal

By Arthur Machen. REH Children 151.

Black Shining One

HK Eater of unknown origin 12.

black-snouted winged creatures

A race that became a dominant life-form on earth after the Great Race fled to the future to escape their enemies [HPL Time 397], which was around 50 million years ago [385].

Black Star

RB Terror 224-227.

Include: Horner, Isaih; Jakes, Capt. Barnaby.

Black Stars

RWC Court 81; Repairer 5, 37.

Black Stone (1)

Of Hungary. REH Black 57-58, 60-65, 73; House 129; Roof 7.

Black Stone (2)

New England. HPL Whisperer 218, 220-222, 229, 256, 264.

Black Stone (3)

Of Dagon's Cave, Britain. REH People 154, 162.

Black Temple

RB Opener 159, 166.

Black Winged Ones

HPL Call 137-138, 140.

Blackwood, Algernon

HPL Call quoted 125.

AWD Survivor 148; Wind Allison Wentworth said that "Backwood has written of these things," and Dr. Jamison pointed out to Robert Norris several Blackwood stories about air elementals similar to Ithaqua.

HK Invaders 64.

Blade, Captain

Knife-thrower with the Stellar Brothers Circus [RB Elephant 47, 52].

Blaesus, Titus Sempronius

HPL Time 395.


Of H.M.S. Advocate. AWD Gorge 104.

Blake, Robert Harrison

Of Milwaukee. HPL Haunter 92-etc., address 115.

RB Shambler (narrator) writer of weird fiction 177; Steeple 212-219, 225-229.

FL Terror2 293, 300, 310-311.

Bland, Eleanor

Reincarnation of Tamera. REH People 145, 165-167.


Russian composer. AWD Wood 82.

blasted heath

West of Arkham. HPL Colour 54-56, 80.


HPL Museum 228.

Blayne, Arvold W

Of Boston. Adoptive father of Horvath Blayne. AWD Island 193-194.

Blayne, Horvath

Of Boston. Grandson of Asaph Waite; son of John and Abigail Waite; adopted son of Arvold W. Blayne and Martha Blayne. AWD Island (narrator) 178, 180-184, 187, 189, 193, born Horvath Waite 194, 196, 201, 202.

Blayne, Martha

Of Boston. Adoptive mother of Horvath Blayne. AWD Island 192-194.

Blenner, Dr.

AWD GodBox 121.

Blind Ape(s) of Truth

RB Fane 134-136, statues (139), 140.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep?

Compare with: Place of the Blind Apes

Blind, Faceless One

AWD Dweller 127, 132, 138, 142.

Synonym for: Nyarlathotep.

Blind Horse Canyon

Texas. REH Lost 68.

Bloch, Robert

Author, Fane of the Black Pharaoh. RB Steeple (213).


South Africa. HPL Winged 242, 260.

Incl. Bogaert, Johannes; De Witt, Ian; High Street; Orange Hotel; Slauenwite, Thomas; Van Keulen, Cornelius.


HPL Museum 222, 234.

Bnazic desert

HPL Doom 48; Iranon 116.

Boardman Street

Haverhill. HPL Time 370.


Science author. HPL Case 121.

Bogaert, Johannes

Of Bloemfontein; a constable. HPL Winged 262-263, 242.

Bogdoga, Oscar

AWD Wood 75, 79.

Bohr, Niels

AWD Brotherhood 329.


The water lizard. God of Ib. HPL Doom 43-44, 46-47, 49.

Bolcom, Mr

Of Wrentham. HPL Case 152.


A town neighboring Arkham. HPL Colour 64; Herbert 142, 144*, 145, 147, 149-151, 155; Rats 32.

Incl: Delapore; Nigger-Man; West, Herbert.

Bolton Worsted Mills; Pond Street; Potter's field;

Bolton Worsted Mills

In Boston. HPL Herbert 144, 150.

Bonpa priests

HPL Test 19.

Book, the

HH Guardian (288-289), long quote (290*)-297, 298-304.

book of Azathoth

A book in which devotees sign their names in blood, to establish allegiance to the Black Man (Nyarlathotep) and Azathoth. Sometimes described as the Black Book.

Walter Gilman dreamed that Keziah Mason was urging him to go to the throne of Azathoth at the center of Ultimate Chaos, where he must sign his name in blood and take a new secret name [HPL WitchHouse 272-273]. Later, Gilman dreamed that the Black Man pointed to the book, while Mason thrust a quill into Gilman's hand and the Brown Jenkins bit him in the wrist to produce blood [281]. Sometime later, Gilman wondered if he had signed the black man's book after all [290].

Asaph Peabody dreamed that the black cat Balor led him to sign the Black Book. Later, Peabody's descendant dreamed that Asaph Peabody was instructing him to sign the Black Book, while the black cat Balor clawed his wrist to produce the blood to write with. [AWD Peabody (196), 197-198.]

Book of Dzyan

According to Theosophical writer H. P. Blavatsky (HPB), the Book of Dzyan is an ancient manuscript whose teachings formed the inspiration for her book The Secret Doctrine . The online text of this work is available at www.sacred-texts.com. The page numbers cited below are from an facsimile of the original edition of 1888.

HPB describes it as "An Archaic Manuscript -- a collection of palm leaves made impermeable to water, fire, and air, by some specific unknown process." [Vol.I: pg.1] The work is not in the possession of any European libraries, and is not known to our philologists [xxii].

According to HPB, the word Dzyan or Dzan is pronounced "Djan" and is related to the terms Dan , Janna , Dhyan , and ch'an , meaning "to reform one's self by meditation and knowledge." [xx]

HPB seems to imply that she drew the stanzas or slokas of Dzyan from an "old book," of which there is only one copy in existence. It was written in a sacred sacerdotal tongue called Senzar. The text was dictated by Divine Beings to the sons of Light, in Central Asia, at the very beginning of the human race. [xlii-xliii]

Volume 1 of HPB's book quotes and discusses seven stanzas of the Book of Dzyan that deal with Cosmic evolution. These outline how One Supreme Energy gives rise to the universe of worlds, and the descent of life down to the appearance of Man. They also speak of intelligent Beings called the Dhyan Chohans, who adjust and control evolution. [21-22, 27-34]

Volume II includes an additional 49 slokas of Dzyan [Vol. II: pp. 15-21] dealing with the origin of humanity. According to HPB, these reveal the "simultaneous evolution of seven human groups on seven different portions of our globe" [1]. Among these races, one evolved in Hyperborea (now Greenland), another in the now-sunken continent of Lemuria, and another in the similarly-destined Atlantis [7-12].

Alonzo Typer read about the Book of Dzyan in the manuscript book of Claes van der Heyl. According to this source, the first six chapters of the Book of Dzyan antedate the earth, and were old when the lords of Venus came through space in their ships to civilise our planet. Note that this would make the work much older than was postulated by HPB. [HPL Diary 313]

Robert Blake found a copy of the Book of Dzyan in the deserted church of the Starry Wisdom Sect [HPL Haunter 100].

The Gable Window narrator found a copy in the house of his late cousin, Wilbur Akeley [AWD Gable 206].

Winfield Phillips borrowed a copy from Prof. Seneca Lapham. [AWD Lurker 134].

Book of Eibon

A primordial manual of sorcery, written by the Hyperborean wizard Eibon.


The Book of Eibon is said to have come down through a series of translations from an original written in the lost language of Hyperborea. The successive versions include a Greek translation, and a later medieval French translation from the Greek. [CAS Ubbo 49]

In medieval Averoigne, Azedarac the Bishop of Ximes owned a copy written in the original Hyperborean script. It had dragon's-blood illuminations and drawings, and was bound in aboriginal, sub-human skin. Azedarac arrived in Averoigne and acquired the book sometime prior to 475 AD. The runic writings in Azedarac's copy were beyond the lore of all other wizards. Azedarac was still alive in Averoigne centuries later, by which point he had the book rebound in sheep-leather to look like a Christian missal. In 1175 AD, the book was stolen from Azedarac by the Christian Brother Ambrose. Through Azedarac's evil spell, Ambrose and the book were transported back in time to 475 AD, where he gave the book to Moriamis, the enchantress. [CAS Holiness 120, 121, 132, 135, 136] At that point, there seem to have been two instances of Azedarac's copy on earth; one owned by the Azedarac of 475 AD, and the other sent back to the past by the Azedarac of 1175 AD, and kept by Moriamis.


The contents include:

  • Dark and baleful myths, liturgies, rituals, and incantations. [CAS Ubbo 49]
  • Dire and incredible tales of fabled elder gods [RFS Warder 159.]
  • The oldest incantations, and the secret, man-forgotten lore of Iog-Sotot (Yog-Sothoth) and Sodagui (Tsathogguah). [CAS Holiness 120]
  • Information about Ubbo-Sathla, whom it describes as the source and the final destiny of all earthly life. [CAS Ubbo 48]
  • A brief, casual reference to a cloudy crystal that was owned by the Hyperborean wizard Zon Mezzalamech. The wizard used the crystal to see visions of earth's past, even to the very beginning. But presently the wizard vanished and the crystal was lost. [CAS Ubbo 50, 55]
  • Some primal symbols that vaguely resemble the hieroglyphs in the scroll of T'yog from ancient Mu [HPL Aeons 268].
  • A spell for turning people into stone statues. This was actually in a manuscript insert opposite page 679 of the van Kauran copy. [HPL Man 209].
  • Veiled and diverse references to the myth of Nyarlathotep [RB Faceless 41].

Modern Copies and Readers

The wizard Nicholas van Kauran (d. 1587) owned a copy that passed down to his grandson, William Van Kauran. The copy later passed to Bareut Picterse Van Kauran, later to Hendrick Van Kauran, and later to Hendrick's nephew, Daniel Morris [HPL Man 207-209].

Paul Tregardis compared the French version with the Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred and found many correspondences of the blackest and most appalling significance. Tregardis also found much forbidden data that was unknown to Alhazred or omitted by him. [CAS Ubbo 49]

Walter Gilman studied a copy at the Miskatonic University Library, as part of his comparison of modern mathematics and physics with concepts from occult folklore [HPL WitchHouse 263].

Edward Pickman Derby studied the copy at Miskatonic University Library, though he did not tell his parents [HPL Doorstep 279].

Henricus Vanning had a copy of the Book of Eibon with crumbling covers protected by glass [RB Sebek 123].

Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee studied the book while he was possessed by a mind of the Great Race, and left marginal notes in a library copy of the book [HPL Time 374].

The horror author Edgar Gordon had dreams that coincided curiously with descriptions in books such as the Book of Eibon [RB Demon 64].

Rogers' Museum included figures of creatures described in the Book of Eibon [HPL Museum 216].

A mystic dreamer in New England spoke timidly to Robert Blake of The Book of Eibon [RB Shambler 179].

Strange was initiated by his father into the mysteries and arcana to be found among tomes such as the Book of Eibon [RB Tomb 13].

Tony Alwyn, a librarian at Miskatonic University, knew something of the weird knowledge hidden in the Book of Eibon [AWD Beyond2 164]. David, another librarian at Miskatonic, also knew something of the strange knowledge contained in the book [AWD Sandwin 105].

Prof. Upton Gardner asked Laird Dorgan to request a copy or photostat of the Book of Eibon from Miskatonic University [AWD Dweller 122].

The Gable Window narrator found a copy in the house of his late cousin, Wilbur Akeley [AWD Gable 206].

Marius Phillips found a copy that had been hidden by his late uncle, Sylvan Phillips [AWD Seal 160].

Claiborne Boyd found passages from the Book of Eibon among the papers of his late great-uncle Asaph Gilman [AWD Gorge 109].

Haddon found fragments of the Book of Eibon among the books of Amos Tuttle [AWD Hastur 2]. Paul Tuttle donated the copy to the Miskatonic University library [AWD Hastur 25, 29].

Gordon Whitney read, with horrified fascination, the equivocal disclosures and incredible inferences in the Book of Eibon [RFS Warder 154].

A tiny man assured Doctor Wycherly that the Book of Eibon is too rare to be found in bookstores [HH Guardian 288].

The abyss narrator had heard of the book [RAL Abyss 284].

Baldwyn and Rambeau searched for a copy for years, but without success [DWR Music 294].

Copies With French and Latinate Titles

The Book of Eibon is also known by a Latin title that is spelled variously as Liber Ivonie, Liber Ivonis, Liber Ivoris, Libor Ivonie, and Libor Ivonis , as well as by the French title of Livre d'Eibon.

Liber Ivonie: When John Conrad explored the house in the oaks near Old Dutchtown, N.Y., he found a copy of the Liber Ivonie [REH House 125].

Liber Ivonis:

Robert Blake found a copy of the Liber Ivonis in the abandoned church of the Starry Wisdom sect. Blake previously had access to a different copy, for he had already read the book. [HPL Haunter 100].

Dr. Ambrose Dexter had a copy of the Liber Ivonis [RB Steeple 224].

Ambrose Dewart found a copy of the Liber Ivonis in Billington House [AWD Lurker 16].

In the forger Alastair White's spurious catalog of esoteric books for sale, he offered a copy of the Liber Ivonis, supposedly published in Rome in 1662 [AWD Six 125].

Liber Ivoris: Amos Piper consulted a copy of the Liber Ivoris while possessed by a member of the Great Race [AWD Space 234].

Libor Ivonie: Laban Shrewsbury spoke to Andrew Phelan of various esoteric texts, including the Libor Ivonie [AWD Curwen 20].

Libor Ivonis : Winfield Phillips read from a copy or photostat of the Libor Ivonis in the possession of Dr. Seneca Lapham [AWD Lurker 134].

Livre d'Eibon : Alonzo Typer found a copy of a Norman-French Livre d'Eibon in the attic of the van der Heyl house [HPL Diary 313] Typer later discovered a chant in a repellant language that he had never encountered, even in the blackest chapters of the Livre d'Eibon [317].

Book of Hidden Things

HPL Diary 319.

Book of Iod

The Huntington Library has a copy of the expurgated, but nevertheless forbidden Johann Negus translation of The Book of Iod . Denton viewed the book there, and copied a passage about the Dark Silent One, Zushakon. Denton, Ross, and Arthur Todd concluded that the passage is connected with the legends of the San Xavier bells. [HK Bells 86-87, 89, 92-93]

Compare with: Iod the Shining Hunter.

Book of Karnak

Will Benson had a great, iron-bound copy of the Book of Karnak in Latin, with yellowed pages. It included a spell to summon Iod, the Hunter [HK Hunt 166-168]

In his library safe, Kenneth Scott had a great scrapbook filled with extracts from works such as the Book of Karnak [HK Hydra 127].

Book of Peers

REH Children 150.

Book of the Damned

By Charles Fort. AWD Lurker 136.

Book of the Dead

(Egyptian). RB Faceless 40; Fane 134.

Book of Thoth

A legendary work of Egyptian magic. In an old Egyptian story about The Book of Thoth , it is said to give power over heaven and earth, the abyss, the mountains, and the sea; to reveal the secrets of the sun, the moon, and the stars; and to enable one to see the gods themselves. The book was stolen from Thoth, the god of wisdom, by the prince Nefrekeptah, son of Amenhotep. Thoth's curse lead to the death of Nefrekeptah and his wife and child. The book was placed on the dead breast of Nefrekeptah in his tomb at Memphis.

Later, the prince Setna, son of Ramses the Great, stole the book from Nefrekeptah's tomb. Then Setna dreamed of Tabubua, a seductive priestess of Bast, who persuaded him to cast out his wife and sanction the murder of this children. On their wedding night, Tabubua turned into a hideous, withered corpse. Awakening from this nightmare, Setna was convinced that it was a warning of his own future fate. To prevent this doom, Setna returned the Book of Thoth to the tomb, and arranged for the bodies of Nefrekeptah's wife and child to be moved from Koptos to Nefrekeptah's side in Memphis. (See articles at www.egyptianmyths.net and touregypt.net.)

According to Abdul Alhazred in the Necronomicon , the Book of Thoth warns of the terrific price of seeking glimpses beyond the Veil and accepting 'Umr at-Tawil as a guide. However, when Randolph Carter encountered 'Umr at-Tawil, Carter sensed no malignity, and wondered if the extracts from the Book of Thoth might have been inspired by envy. [HPL Gates 430, 432]


See: "Appendix: Books."


HPL Mountains 76.


Borellus is quoted as stating that dead ancestors can be revived from their ashes [HPL Case 107, 122]. Joseph Curwen had a badly worn copy of Borellus, in which he had written many cryptical  notes [121]. Curwen had heavily underlined the passage about raising the dead from their "essential Saltes" [122]. In a letter to Curwen, Jebediah Orne confessed "I have not ye Chymicall art to followe Borellus" [138]. In a letter to Simon/Jebediah Orne, Curwen said "I am foll'g oute what Borellus saith" [152]. Edward Hutchinson wrote to the revived Joseph Curwen that "You excel me in gett'g ye formulae so another may say them with success, but Borellus fancy'd it wou'd be so if just ye right Wordes were hadd" [197]. Dr. Willet and Theodore Ward concluded there was truth in Borellus' claim that the dead could be raised from their Essential Saltes [199]. Dr. Willet found a tattered old copy of Borellus in black-letter in the laboratory of Joseph Curwen [211].

John Dorfman has discovered that the quote ascribed to Borellus actually occurs in Cotton Mather, Magnalia Christi Americana, Book II, Chapter XII, "The Life of His Excellency Sir William Phips, Knt." Mather is evidently summarizing one of Borellus' teachings in his own words. Dorfman quotes Kenneth B. Murdock as stating that Borellus was a French physician and scholar named Pierre Borel (1620-98). See John Dorfman, "Essential Saltes," in Crypt of Cthulhu 66, Volume 8, Number 7, Lammas 1989.

See also: Sources of Necromancy in Charles Dexter Ward.


Of Italy. HK Invaders 70.


AWD Island 183.


Massachusetts. HPL Aeons In 1931-1932, the people of Boston were excited by the affair of the Cabot Museum mummy 264, 266, 269, 270, 284; Call 125-126; Case 110, 133, 152, Boston Stone 152, 159, 163, 170, 192; Colour 56-57; Gates 422-424, 438, 452; Herbert 153-154, 158, 160; Innsmouth 335, 362-363; Kadath 335-336, 355, 400, 406; Pickman 13, 15, 18, 20, 24; Silver 417, 419; Time 375; Unnameable 201.

RB Satan 5, 7, Boston Town 9; Tomb 13.

AWD Attic 321; Island 189; Curwen 3-4, 30, 40, 44, 46; Gable 202; Gorge 98; Lurker 7, 13, 17, 41, 45, 58, 79, 87, 89-91, 114, 130, 143; Peabody 179-181, 183, 187, 189; Hastur 6, 23; Sandwin 89; Seal 150, 153, 172; Sky 52-53, 58, 67, 71-72, 87; Space 229; Shuttered 261, 272; Valley 116; Watchers 382, 385, 386, 392, 393; Wentworth (168-170), 171, 172; Whippoorwills 34, 58, 67, 69; Wood 81.

HK Salem 254.

FL Terror2 269.

Points of interest: Art Club; Auburn, Mt.; Back Bay; Battery St.; Beacon Hill; Beacon St.; Boston Dial; Boyleston Street Subway; Charter St.; Constitution Wharf; Copp's Hill Burying Ground; Copp's Hill; Danvers Asylum; Greenough Lane; Hanover St.; Henchman St.; Joy St.; Museum of Fine Arts; Newbury St.; North End; Part Street; Prince Street; Randle Place; South Station; Thoreau Drive; Tremont St.; West End; White Star pier, Charlestown; Widener Library (really in Cambridge?); Zion Research library, Brookline;

Inhabitants: Bates, Stephen; Bosworth; Cieciorka, Jon; Corey, Nathaniel; Eliot; Godfrey, Gideon; Haddon; Hadley, Fred; Minot, Joe; Peabody Heritage narrator; Peters; Phelan, Andrew; Pickman, Richard Upton; Pinckney(?); Reid, Dr.; Thurber;

See also: (not sure if these are part of Boston or just related) Brookline; Charlestown; Copley Square.

Boston Dial

AWD Wood 72, 75, 81-82, 86.

Aka: Dial.

Boston Globe

HPL Dunwich 165.

Boston Harbor

HPL Mountains 6.

Boston Herald

AWD Curwen 47.

Boston Pillar

HPL Aeons sensationalistic newspaper that sent Stuart Reynolds to cover the Cabot Museum story 269-270.

Boston Transcript

AWD Hastur refers to Transcript w.out specifying city, but narrator lives in Boston 22.


(Not Johnson's Bosworth.) HPL Pickman 13.


Of Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition. Mountains 20.


Alternate spelling of Henri Boguet; See: Discours des Sorciers.


Family, Aylesbury area. AWD Valley 118-119, 138.

Bowden, Amos

AWD Valley 125.

Bowen, Asenath

Of Providence. AWD Middle 359.

Aka: Brown, Asenath.

Bowen, Prof. Enoch

Of Providence. HPL Haunter 103.

RB Steeple 213-214.

Bowen, Dr. Jabez

Of Providence. HPL Case 118, 135, 137, 140-142, 146, 152.

Bowen, Olney

Of New Dunwich. AWD Lurker 49.

Boyd, Claiborne

Great-nephew of Asaph Gilman. AWD Island (177), 178, 206; Gorge (narrator) 97, 113-114, 119, 129, 134; Keeper 160.


A science author. HPL Case 121.

Boyle, Ambrose

Of Springfield; cousin of Stephen Boyle. AWD Watchers 382, 383, 384.

Boyle, Dr. E. M.

Time 404-407, 409, 411.

Boyle, Monahan, Prescott, & Bigelow

Of Beacon Street, Boston; law firm. AWD Watchers 382, 383, 383, 385.

Incl: Boyle, Stephen.

Boyle, Stephen

Of the law firm of Boyle, Monahan, Prescott, & Bigelow; Of Boston; cousin of Ambrose Boyle. AWD Watchers 382, 383, 385, 388, 389, 394, 395, 403.

Boyleston Street subway

Boston. HPL Pickman 20.

Boynton Beach

Near Arkham. HPL Fungi VIII.

Bozo (1)

A Maltese cat. REH Hoofed 145, (147), 148.

Bozo (2)

A bulldog. REH Hoofed 148-151, 157-160, 164, (165), 168-169.

Bradford, Mr

Governor of Massachusetts. AWD Lurker 14-16.


HPL Whisperer 223.

JVS Dead 34.

Synonym for: Mak Morn, Bran.

Brand, Eric

Of Hankow. REH Bear 35, 37.


Vermont. HPL Whisperer 219, 224-225, 229, 231, 234-237, 241, 243, 245-246, 264, 269.

AWD Attic 309; Gorge 108; Witches 300.

Incl. Duncan, Adam?; Williams, Mr..

Brattleboro Reformer

HPL Whisperer 215-216.

Brava Portuguese

HPL Call 139.


Arkham psychiatrist. RB Creeper 104.

Brent, Richard

Reincarnation of Vertorix. REH People 145-146, 165-166, (167), 168.


Near Partridgeville. FBL Eaters 92.

Briden, William

HPL Call 146, 152.


REH Roof 4, 6.

Aka: Bridewell.


Translator of Nameless Cults. HPL Aeons 1845 Bridewell translation was suppressed 269.

REH Black 56.

Synonym for: Bridewall.


RB Mannikin 73-74, 81, 84.

Brier, Mrs.

Sky 54, 57, (71).

Brigg's Hill

Near Zoar. HPL Fungi XII.

Incl: Watkins, Goody.

Brill family

Of Texas. REH Lost 64.


Character in REH Untitled 36-38.

Brill, Jonathon

Of Texas. REH Lost 65-66.

Brinton, (Sir) William

HPL Rats 40-41, 43.

Brisbois, Father

Manitoba area. AWD Ithaqua 107-109, 111, (112), 113-115.


England. CJ Acquarium 301, 305, 307.

Bristol Highlands

HPL Mist 284.


HPL Case 220; Descendant 361.

AWD Gorge 109.

REH People 147.

RB Fane 134.

Incl: Arnsley; Leveredge, Lord; Phillips, Jason; Richards, Father;

British Museum; Bristol; Britons; Celts; Cornwall; Dagon's Cave; Devon; Dickens, Charles; Druids; England; Gaels; God of Blood; God of Life; Ireland; Little People; London; Oxford; Picts; Romans; Saxons; Somerset; Southhampton; Suffolk; Sussex; Toad's Heath Manor; Wallington;

British Museum

London. HPL Case 164; Dunwich 169; Includes a 15th century Latin copy of the Necronomicon (History 53).

AWD Keeper 137, 149; Lurker 81, 125; Space 234; Spawn 18.

RB Brood 92; Fane 132.

RAL Settlers Jim Garlan consulted a book (Necronomicon) there that people aren't supposed to see 26.


REH People 147, 149-154, 157, 162.

Broad St., Innsmouth

HPL Innsmouth 320, 325. AWD Sky 62.

Broad St., Providence

HPL Case 141, 165, 185, 201.


Chief of the Picts. REH Dark 86-88; Gods 187.

Brompton Road

London. CJ Acquarium 309.


AWD Survivor 163.


In Boston? A place. HPL Case 159.


New York. HPL Winged 243, 253, 255.

FBL Hounds 85.

RAL Settlers Clyde Cantrell was there during 1938 hurricane 36.

Incl. Moore, Henry.

Brooklyn Heights

New York City, or nearby. FBL Eaters 110, 113.

Brooler, Hendrick, Professor

REH Children 150.

Brown, Asenath

Of Providence. Synonym for Bowen, Asenath. AWD Middle 359.

Brown family

Of Providence. HPL Case 122, warehouses 139.

Brown, Increase

Of Dunwich. AWD Watchers 392, 393.

Brown Jenkin

HPL WitchHouse 266, 268-269, 271, 273-275, 284, 286, 288, 290-293, 296.

Brown, John

Of Providence. HPL Case 135, 139-140.

Brown, Joseph

Of Providence. HPL Case 128, 135.

Brown, Luther

HPL Dunwich 177, 189.

Brown, Moses

Of Providence. HPL Case 135, 141-142, 146.

Brown, Nicholas

HPL Case 135.

Brown University

Providence. HPL Call 126; Case 112, 139; Haunter 93.

AWD Brotherhood 330.

FL Terror2 288.

FBL Gateway 5.

JVS Snouted 27.

Brown, Walter

Spy for the winged crustaceans. HPL Whisperer 218, 231-232, 236, 239, 264.

Bruk, Captain

HC Isle 147-148, 161-163.

Brule River

Wisconsin. AWD Dweller 116, 119.

Brule the Spear-Slayer

From King Kull series? REH Dark 87.


Queen of Bal-Sagoth. REH Gods 195~233.

Aka: A-ala.


RB Shambler 180-181.


Egyptian city and goddess. RB Brood 94-95, 97; Faceless 40; Fane 133-134; Opener 158; Sebek 115, 124-125.

Aka: Bast; Pasht; Chewer of Corpses.


Hungary. HPL Case 223.


REH Ring 61.

Budd Land

Antarctica. HPL Mountains 72.


Blackfellow myth. HPL Time 404.

See Will Murray's article "Buddai" in Crypt #75.


REH Bear 36-37.


AWD Island 181.

HK Hunt Rajgir, the cradle of Buddhism 169.

Incl: Visudhi-Magga.

Budge, E. A. Wallis

Synonym for: Wallis-Budge.

Buena Street

San Pedro. RB Kiss 43.

Incl: Yamada, Dr. Makoto.

Buenos Aires

AWD Gorge 97; Keeper 149; Lurker 81.

Incl: University of Buenos Aires.


New York. HPL Diary 304.


HPL Aeons designed the original mansion that became the Cabot Museum of Archaeology 266.


Synonym for: Providence Bulletin.

bulls of Ninevah

REH Fire winged 38.


Animals of dreamworld. HPL Kadath 349.

Burma and Burmese

HPL Aeons Burmese intruder died of fright while attempting to revive T'yog mummy 283.

AWD Beyond2 176; Lair 117, 120-122, 135; Wind Allison Wentworth raved of the Tcho-Tcho people of Burma.

Incl: Alaozar; Bangka village; Fo-Lan, Dr.; Hawks Expedition; Ho-Nan province; Stars, Isle of the; Dread, Lake of; Marsh, Eric; Shan-si province; Tcho-Tcho people.

Burroughs, Rev. George

Of Salem. HPL Case 150, G. B. (194).

Burrower Beneath, The

Story by Robert Blake. HPL Haunter 94.

Bursa-DeKoyer, Madame

AWD Wood 81.

Burying Point

HK Salem 258.

Synonym for: Charter Street Burying Ground, Salem.


A place in Russia. AWD Lurker 136.


A demon? HPL Dunwich 158.

AWD Watchers 401.

Byagoona the Faceless One

RB Grinning Secret Parable of -- 54.


Curwen (17, 19), description (33), (39), serve Hastur (44), travel in both time and space (46); Dweller bat-like followers (133); Gorge transport body to place of suspended animation (127), (131, 134); Keeper 144, secret of 160, 170-171; Sky (69), 87, 92.


Serpent-bearded god. RB Shambler ref'd in De Vermis Mysteriis 183.


HPL Mountains 5, 10, 28.

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