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DW - Donald Wandrei

Yet sleep I must, like all mortal men. And what shall I say of those darker dreams, those fantasmal processions that did not and do not correspond with any knowledge I possess? What of the city beneath the sea, all of vermillion marble and corroded bronze, in whose queerly curved geometry rest the glowing configurations of things that earth never bore? What of the whisperer in darkness, and the call of Cthulhu? I saw the seven deaths of Commoriom, and the twenty-three sleepers where Hali raises its black spires in Carcosa. Who else has witnessed the dead titans waken, or the color out of space, or the ichor of stone gods?
-From "The Lady in Gray"

DW Lady - Donald Wandrei, The Lady in Gray, in Don't Dream, Minneapolis: Fedogan & Bremer, 1997.

Narrator: Nameless. References: Afterglow Cemetary; Carcosa; Colour Out of Space; Commoriom; Cthulhu; Hali; Miriam; old ones; R'lyeh; Whisperer in Darkness, the ;

DW Fire2 - Donald Wandrei, The Fire Vampires, in Don't Dream, Minneapolis: Fedogan & Bremer, 1997.

Note: This story has no direct links with first generation Mythos stories, but is included here because the fire vampires are referenced in works by later Mythos writers.

Narrator: Marsdale, Alyn. References: Antares; Arver, Hugh; Dark Star; fire vampires; Fthaggua; Gruno, Alex; Hanby, John; Hoy, Tsin Lo; Ktynga; Marsdale, Alyn; Norby, Gustav; Pletzka's force tube; United Federation of Nations; Wilson, Mount;

Don't Dream
Donald Wandrei / Hardcover / Fedogan & Bremer, 1998. In one volume, the collected horror and fantasy fiction of Donald Wandrei, a close friend and correspondent of H. P. Lovecraft and the co-founder of Arkham House Publishers. "One of the greatest of the pulp visionaries, Wandrei had a remarkable ability to out-cosmic Lovecraft and even Edmond Hamilton with a flair that has made his work stand the test of time" —Mike Ashley. Click here for pricing and ordering information.
A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance
By Chris Jarocha-Ernst. An indispensible resource for Cthulhu Mythos readers, writers and scholars, "A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance" includes more than 2600 works cited by author and title, with original bibliographic data and a detailed concordance of Mythos terms, citing which stories they appear in. If you want to find a story, all the works of a particular author, or every story that mentions dread Cthulhu, "A Cthulhu Mythos Bibiography & Concordance" is the reference work you've been looking for. Recommended. Click here for pricing and ordering information.

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