The Cthulhu Mythos: An Annotated Bibliography

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DWR - Duane W. Rimel

We tried for years to find copies of various forbidden tomes of ancient lore; the Necronomicon by the mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred, the strange Book of Eibon, and Ludvig Prinn's hideous De Vermis Mysteriis—but in vain. We had lived the simpler weird excitements—nights in haunted houses and mouldy graveyards . . . digging corpses by candle-light . . . But we wanted the real thing, though always it was just beyond our fingertips.
-From "Music of the Stars"

DWR Music - Duane W. Rimel, Music of the Stars, in Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos, ed. Robert M. Price, 1992: Fedogan & Bremer, 700 Washington Ave., S.E., Suite 50, Minneapolis, MN 55414.

Narrator: Rambeau. References: Alhazred, Abdul; Baldwyn, Frank; Book of Eibon; Child of a Disordered Brain; Chronicle of Nath; Chronike von Nath; De Vermis Mysteriis; Haiti; Herth, Milt; Hines, Earl; Lancaster; Lovecraft, H.P.; Lunachord; Necronomicon; Prinn, Ludvig; Providence; Rambeau; Sheffield, James; Spokane; Thing on the Doorstep, The; Yergler, Rudolf; Zann, Erich;

Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos
Robert M. Price (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1992. The Thing on the Roof, Robert E. Howard; The Fire of Asshurbanipal, Robert E. Howard; The Seven Geases, Clark Ashton Smith; Fane of the Black Pharoah, Robert Bloch; The Invaders, Henry Kuttner; Bells of Horror, Henry Kuttner; The Thing That Walked On the Wind, August Derleth; Ithaqua, August Derleth; The Lair of the Star-Spawn, August Derleth & Mark Schorer; The Lord of Illusion, E. Hoffman Price; The Warder of Knowledge, Richard F. Searight; The Scourge of B'Moth, Bertram Russell; The House of the Worm, Mearle Prout; Spawn of the Green Abyss, C. Hall Thompson; The Guardian of the Book, Henry Hasse; The Abyss, Robert A. W. Lowndes; Music of the Stars, Duane W. Rimel; The Acquarium, Carl Jacobi; The Horror Out of Lovecraft, Donald A. Wollheim; To Arkham and the Stars, Fritz Leiber. Preface by Robert Bloch; Introduction by Robert M. Price. Click here for pricing and ordering information.
A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance
By Chris Jarocha-Ernst. An indispensible resource for Cthulhu Mythos readers, writers and scholars, "A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance" includes more than 2600 works cited by author and title, with original bibliographic data and a detailed concordance of Mythos terms, citing which stories they appear in. If you want to find a story, all the works of a particular author, or every story that mentions dread Cthulhu, "A Cthulhu Mythos Bibiography & Concordance" is the reference work you've been looking for. Recommended. Click here for pricing and ordering information.

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