The Cthulhu Mythos: An Annotated Bibliography

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HPL - Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Truly, there are terrible primal arcana of earth which had better be left unknown and unevoked; dread secrets which have nothing to do with man, and which man may learn only in exchange for peace and sanity; cryptic truths which make the knower evermore an alien among his kind, and cause him to walk alone on earth.
-From "The Diary of Alonzo Typer"

The HPL stories are indexed from the corrected Arkham editions:

HPL Aeons - H. P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald, Out of the Aeons, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions.

Narrator: Richard H. Johnson, PhD. References: Africa; Aleutian Islands; Alhazred, Abdul; Areoi; Asiatics; Atlantis; Averoigne; Beacon Hill district; Black Book; Book of Eibon; Boston; Boston Pillar; Bridewell; Bullfinch; Burma and Burmese; Cabot, Lawrence; Cabot Museum of Archaeology; Cambridge; Cardiff Giant; Chaldea; Chandraputra, Swami; Chile; China; Churchward, Colonel; Cingalese; Coptic; Daemon-God; Dark God; Day of the Sky-Flames; De Marigny, Etienne-Laurent; Devil-God; Dhoric shrine; Dusseldorf; Easter Island; East India, East Indies; Egypt; Elder Ones; Eridanus; Europe; Evil Presence; false scroll; Faussesflammes, Chateau; Filipino; France; Gatan; Germany; Ghatanothoa; Goat with a Thousand Young; gods friendly to man; Golden Goblin Press; G'tanta; Hawaiians; Hyperborea; Imash-Mo; Indians (Native Americans); Johnson, Richard H., PhD; Joy Street; Keefe, Sergeant; K'naa; K'n-yan; Ktan-Tah; lagh metal; Leng, Plateau of; Mason, Dr; Melanesia; metals with strange properties; Mexico, Mexicans; Minot, (Dr.) William; Moore, (Dr.) Wentworth; Mother Goddess; Mt. Vernon Street; Mu; mummies; Naacal Language; Nagob; Nameless Cults; Nan-Matal; Nath-feast; Necronomicon; New Orleans; New Zealand; Nug; Occult Review, The; Orient; Orient Shipping Company; Pacific Ocean; Persia; Peru; Pickman; Pnakotic fragments; Polynesia; Pompei; Ponape; pthagon; Reynolds, Stuart; Sakkarah; Saltonstall, Dudley; Semites; Shub-Niggurath; Spence, Louis; Tahiti; Tanotah; Thabon, King; Than-Tha; Theosophy; Tiok; tlath-wood; Tog; true scroll; Tsathoggua; T'yog; Valparaiso; Von Junzt; Weatherbee, (Capt.) Charles; Wellington; Wells, Dr; West End; Widener Library; Yaddith-Gho, Mount; yakith-lizard; Year of the Red Moon; Yeb; Yig; Yob; Yog; Yuggoth, spawn of; Zob;

HPL Ancient - H. P. Lovecraft, The Ancient Track, in H. P. Lovecraft, The Fantastic Poetry. Necronomicon Press, Second Revised Printing, March 1933.

(Also available in The Ancient Track: The Complete Poetical Works of H. P. Lovecraft.)

Narrator: nameless. References: Dunwich; Zaman's Hill;

HPL Azathoth - H. P. Lovecraft, Azathoth, in the "Fragments" section of Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Third person. References: Azathoth;

HPL Beyond - H. P. Lovecraft, From Beyond, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Narrator: nameless. References: Benevolent Street; Gregory; Providence; Tillinghast, Crawford; Updike, Mrs;

HPL Call - H. P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu, in The Dunwich Horror and Others.

Narrator: Francis Wayland Thurston. References: Africa; Alert; Alhazred, Abdul; American Archaeological Society; Angarola; Angell, George Gammell; Angstrom; Arabia, Arabs; Ardois-Bonnot; Atlantis and Lost Lemuria; Auckland; Bienville St; Black Winged Ones; Blackwood, Algernon; Boston; Brava Portuguese; Briden, William; Brown University; California; Cape Verde Islands; Castro; China; Chinamen, deathless; Circular Quay; Collins, Capt; Cthulhu; Darling Harbour; D'Iberville; Dononvon; Dream Landscape; Dunedin; Egeburg, the; Emma; Eskimos; fhtagn; Fleur-de-Lys Building; Frazer, James, Sir; Galvez, Joseph D; geometry, non-Euclidean or mystical; Golden Bough; Gothenburg, Oslo; Great Old Ones; Green, First Mate; Greenland; Guerrera; Haardrada, Harold, King; Hawkins; Hayti; Iceland; India, Indians; Ireland, Irish; Irem; Johansen, Gustaf; Kanakas; Lafitte; La Salle; Lascar sailors; Legrasse, John Raymond, Inspector; Lemuria; Levantines; London; Louisiana; Machen, Arthur; Mglw-nafh; Morrison Co; Murray, Miss; Museum in College Street; Necronomicon; New Orleans; Newport Boat; New York; New Zealand; Norway; Old Town of King Harold Haardrada; Oslo; Paris; Parker; Paterson; Phillipines; Ph'nglui; Princeton University; Providence; Providence Art Club; Rhode Island School of Design; R'lyeh; R'lyehian; Rodriguez, the Portuguese; Royal Society, The; St. Louis; San Francisco; Scott-Elliot, W; Sime, Sidney; Smith, Clark Ashton; South America; Sydney; Sydney Bulletin; Sydney Cove; Sydney University; Thayer Street; Theosophy; Thomas St; Thurston, Francis Wayland; Tobey, Dr; Tulane University; Valparaiso; Vigilant; Voodoo; Waterman Street; Webb, William Channing, Prof; West Indies; Wgah-nagl; Wilcox, Henry Armstrong; Williams Street; Witch-Cult in Western Europe, The;

HPL Case - H. P. Lovecraft, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, in At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels.

Protagonists: Dr. Willett, Charles Dexter Ward. References: A., Jonathan; Abbot's distil-house; Abyssinian alphabet; Adirondacks; Adonai; Agricola; Alexander, Cosmo; Alhazred, Abdul; Allen, Dr.; Almonsin; Almonsin-Metraton; Altstadt; Amasa Field; Amharic; Angell Street; Arruda, Manuel, Capt.; Ars Magna et Ultima; Artephius; Asa, Old; Athenaeum; Atlantic City; Attleborough; B.; B., Deborah; Bacon, Roger; Bacon, Friar; Baptist Church; Barcelona; Barnabas; Barnard, Thomas, Rev; Barnes Street; Bay and Book; Bearded figure; Becher; Benefit Street; Benevolent Street; Bible; Bibliotheque Nationale; Biddle, Mr; Biltmore, the; Black Man; Black Prince; Boerhaave; Bolcom, Mr; Borellus; Boston; Bowen, Jabez, Dr; Boyle; Britain; British Museum; Broad St; Brookline; Brown, John; Brown, Joseph; Brown, Moses; Brown, Nicholas; Brown family; Brown University; Bucharest; Burroughs, George, Rev; C., Mehitable; Caerleon; Cairo; Carew, Sam; Carter, John; Carter, Randolph; Charlestown; Cheapside; Checkley, Dr; Christ Church; Christian Science Church nd Christian Science Dome; City Hall; Clark and Nightingale; Clavis Alchimiae; Cocidius, Sylvanus; Coeli God; College Hill; Colony House; Conanicut Island; Congdon Street; Congregational Church; Connecticut; Conscious Lover; Copley Square; Cotton, Dr; Court House; Court-House Parade; Court of Oyer and Terminer; Cranston line; Crawfords; Crooker decorating firm; Crown Coffee House; Cunningham, Inspector; Curwen, Ann; Curwen, Eliza; Curwen, Joseph; Curwen; Custodes; Cygnet; Czecho-slovakia; Danvers; Dark Man; Dedham; De Lapide Philosophico; Dexter, Gregory; Dexter, Knight; Doubloon Street; Douglass' Histrionick Academy; Dragon's Head; Dragon's Tail; Dunsany, Lord; Durfee-Arnold letters; Dwight, Walter C; Edgewood; Egypt; Einstein; Elephant; Eliot, T.S.; Elmwood Avenue; Eloim; Empire Street; England; Enterprise; Essex Institute; Evam; Evening Bulletin; F; F., B; Fenner; Fenner, Arthur; Fenner, Luke; Ferenczy, Baron; Field, Naphthali; First Baptist Church; Fludd; Fortazela; France; Fraunce's Tavern; Frying-Pan and Fish; G; Gaol Lane; Gaspee; Geber; Gedney, Judge; George Street; Germantown; Gethsemane, Garden of; Gibor; Glauber; Golden Ball Inn; Golgotha, Hill of; Gomes, Tony; Grand Cairo; Graves, John, Rev; Great Bridge; Great Russell Street; Green, Daniel; Green, James; Green, Mr; Guards; Guinea blacks; H., Mr; Hacher's Hall; Hadoth; Hadrian's Wall; Hallow's Eve; Hannah; Hart, Robert; Harvard University; Hatch, Mr; Hathorne, Judge; Haute Vienne Coven; Havana; Herrenden's Lane; Hexham; Historical Society; Holland; Homeric; Hope Valley; Hopkins, Esek, Capt; Hopkins, Stephen; Hoppin, Aaron; How, Amity; Hungary; Hutchinson; Hutchinson, Edward, Mr; Jackson, Steven; Jammy, Peter; Jehosua; Jehova; Jenckes, Daniel; Jenckes Street; Jerusalem; Job; John Carter Brown Library; John Hay library; Journal; Judge Durfee house; Key of Wisdom; King's Chapell; King's Church; Kingsport; Kingstown; King Street; Klausenberg; Kleinstrasse; Koth; Lawson, Hepzibah; Lekythos jugs; Lemdin, Fred; Leslie, Capt. Charles; Levi, Eliphas; Liber-Damnatus; Liber Investigationis; Liberty; Limoges; Liverpool; Lockwood Street; London; Long Dock; Lully, Raymond; Lyman, Dr; M; Magnalia Christi Americana; Magnus, Albertus; Magyars; Manning, James, Rev; Market House; Market Parade; Martinique; Massachusetts-Bay, Province of; Materia; Material; Mather, Cotton; Matthewson, James, Capt; Meeting Street; Memphis; Merritt, John, Mr; Metraton; Mile-End Cove; Mirandola; Moses Brown School; Muddy Dock Bridge; Nadek, Joseph; Namquit Point; Narragansett; Neck, the; Necronomicon; Nephren-Ka; Neustadt, the; New Coffee-House; New France; New London; Newport; New York; Nig; Nightingale, Mr; Nightingale-Talbot letters; North Burying Ground; North End; North Providence; Olde Bury'g Point; Olney Court; Olney, Epenetus; Orne, Jebediah; Orne, Simon; P., Susan; Paracelsus; Paris; Patucket falls; Pawcatuck; Pawtuxet road, river, farm, village, valley; Peck, Dr; Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Historical Society; pentagram; Pentagram of Fire; Perrigo, Mr; Peters, Melville F; Phaleron jugs; Philadelphia; Philosopher's Stone; Philosophical Society; Port Royal; Post Office Square; Potter, Ann Tillinghast; Potter, Welcome; Power's Lane; Power Street; Prague; Presbyterian-Lane; Prospect Street; Prospect Terrace; Providence; Providence Gazette and Country-Journal; Providence Historical Society; Public Library; Qanoon-e-Islam; Raeburn; Rakus; Registry of Deeds; Rehoboth; Resevoir Avenue; Rhode Island; Rhode Island Historical Society; Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet; Riley, Sergt; Riverpoint; Robinson, Collector; Rochambeau Avenue; Romania; Rome, Romans; Roodemass; Runazar, King of; Russells; S., Bridget; SABAOTH; Sabin, Thomas; Sabin's Tavern; St. Eustatius; St. John's church; St. Mary's; St. Paul's; St. Peter's; Salem; Salem-Village; Sayles, Mr; Schacabao, Ibn; Scotland; Second Station; Shepley Library; Shippen, Dr; Sign of Shakespear's Head; Sign of the Elephant; Sign of the Goat; Sign of the Golden Eagle; Sign of the Golden Lion; Sign of the Unicorn and Mortar; Slocum, Charles; Smith, Eleazar; Snow, Deacon ("Elder"); Solomon; South Main; South Water; Spain, Spaniards, Spanish; Stahl; Stampers' Hill; State House; Steele; Stonehenge; Stuart, Gilbert; Sugar Act; Surinam; Swan Point Cemetary; Sylvius; Temple of Solomon; Thesaurus Chemicus; Three Words; Thurston's Tavern; Tillinghast, Anne; Tillinghast, Dutee, Capt; Tillinghast, James, Capt; Tillinghasts; Town Street; Transylvania.; Trithemius; Trismegistus, Hermes; Turba Philosophorum; Turk's Head; V; Van Helmont; Vega; Vice-Admiralty Court; Vienna; W., Deliverance; Waite, Dr; Waite's hospital; Wakeful; Wallace, Admiral; Wanton, Joseph; Ward, Charles Dexter; Ward, Mrs; Ward, Theodore Howland; Ward party; Warren; Washington; Waste Land; Waterman Street; Weeden, Ezra; Weeden, Hazard; West, Benjamin; West Indies; Weybosset Point; Weybosset Street; Whipple, Abraham, Capt; Whitefield adherents; White Star pier; Widener Library; Wilde, Oscar; Willet, Marinus Bicknell, Dr; Williams-Lane; Williams Street; Williams Street; Winsor, Samuel; Wrentham; Yog-Sothoth; Zariatnatmik; Zetsner; Zin; Zion Research Library; Zohar;

HPL Cats - H. P. Lovecraft, The Cats of Ulthar, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Third person. References: Africa; Atal; beetles; cats; cotter and wife; Egypt; Hatheg; Kranon; Menes; Meroe; Nir; Nith; Ophir; Shang; Skai, River; Sphinx; Thul; Ulthar; Zath;

HPL Celephais - H. P. Lovecraft, Celephais, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Protagonist: Kuranes. References: Aran, Mount; Athib; Celephais; Cerenerian Sea; Chaucer; dreamlands; Innsmouth; Kuranes; Kynaratholis, King; Leng, Plateau of; London; Nath-Horthath; Ooth-Nargai, Valley of; Serannian; Street of Pillars; Surrey; Tanarian Hills; Trevor Towers;

HPL Challenge - H. P. Lovecraft, The Challenge from Beyond, in The Illustrated Challenge from Beyond, by H. P. Lovecraft, A. Merritt, Robert E. Howard, C. L. Moore, and Frank Belknap Long; Necronomicon Press, 1978.

(The story is also available in Nameless Cults, Robert E. Howard etc., Oakland: Chaosium, 2001. Lovecraft's portion of this story is also available in Miscellaneous Writings.)

Protagonist: George Campbell. References: Campbell, George; Canada; Eltdown Shards; Great Race; Mesopotamia; Spawn of Yekub; Sumerians; Sussex; Tothe; Winters-Hall, Arthur Brooke, Reverence; Yekub; Yukth;

HPL Colour - H. P. Lovecraft, The Colour Out of Space, in The Dunwich Horror and Others.

Narrator: nameless. References: Arkham; Arkham Gazette; blasted heath; Bolton; Boston; Chapman's Brook; Clark's Corners; Colour; Cygnus; Deneb; Fuseli; Gardner, Merwin & Mernie; Gardner, Nabby, Mrs; Gardner, Nahum; Gardner, Thaddeus "Thad"; Gardner, Zenas; Hero; McGregor boys; Meadow Hill; Milky Way; Miskatonic River; Miskatonic University; Pierce, Ammi; Pierce, Mrs; Potter's General Store; Rice, Stephen; Rosa, Salvator;

HPL Dagon - H. P. Lovecraft, Dagon, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales.

Narrator: nameless. References: Dagon; Deep Ones; South Pacific;

HPL Descendant - H. P. Lovecraft, The Descendant, in the "Fragments" section of Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Protagonists: Williams and Lord Northam. References: Alhazred, Abdul; Arabia, Arabs; Atlantis; Black Prince; Britain; Capito, Cnaeus Gabinius; Chandos Street; Clare Market; Donnelly, Ignatius; Edward III; Elder Sign (1); Fort, Charles; Gray's Inn; Hadrian's Wall; Harrow; Jews; Latin; Lindum; London; Nameless Cit; Necronomicon; Northam, first baron of; Northam, Lord; Northam Keep; North Sea; Oxford; Rome, Romans; Satan, Satanism; Stonehenge; Williams; Yorkshire;

HPL Diary - H. P. Lovecraft and William Lumley, The Diary of Alonzo Typer, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions

Narrator ("Editor"): nameless; bulk of story narrated by Alonzo Typer. References: Africa; Aklo language; Albany; Attica; Batavia; Black Mass; Book of Dzyan; Book of Hidden Things; Buffalo; Chinese language; Chorazin; Cochin-China; Columbia University; Corey, Abaddon; De Vermis Mysteriis; Eagle, John; Easter Island; Eltdown Shards; Forgotten One Who is Guardian of the Ancient Gateway; French language; ghouls; Goat with a Thousand Young; Greek language; Guardian of the Ancient Gateway; Heidelberg University; Holland; Hotel Richmond; Immemorial Lair; India, Indians; Indians (Native Americans); Indo-China; Iroquois; Kingston; Latin; Lemuria; Leyden; Livre d'Eibon; Lords of Yaddith; Mongoloid technique; Nameless Thing; Necronomicon; Nepal; N------estbat; New England; New-Netherland; New York; Norman-French language; Ones whom Solomon knew of old; Pnakotic Manuscript(s); poltergeists; Prinn, Ludvig; Richmond, Hotel; Sabbat, Sabbath; Salem; Serpent-men; Seven Lost Signs of Terror; Shamballah; Shields, Charles A; Shields, Oscar S; Shub-Niggurath; Sleght; Sleght, Adriaen; Sleght, Trintje van der Heyl; Society for Psychical Research; Solomon; Thibet, Thibetans; Transfiguration; Typer, Alonzo Hasbrouch; Ulster County; V------; Valusia; vampirism; van der Heyl; van der Heyl, Claes; van der Heyl, Cornelis; van der Heyl, Dirck; van der Heyl, Hendrick; van der Heyl, Joris; Venus; Wales; Walpurgis; Words of Fear; Yaddith;

HPL Doom - H. P. Lovecraft, The Doom that Came to Sarnath, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Third person. References: Ai; Akurion; Bnazic desert; Bokrug; Cydathria; Dothur; Falona; Gnai-Kah; Ib; Ilarnek; Implan; Kadatheron; Lobon; Middle Ocean; Mnar; Mtal; Nargis-Hei; Nariel; Pnath, vale of; Rokol; Sarnath; Tamash; Taran-Ish; Thraa; Zo-Kalar; Zokkar;

HPL Doorstep - H. P. Lovecraft, The Thing on the Doorstep, in The Dunwich Horror and Others.

Narrator: Daniel Upton. References: Alhazred, Abdul; Arkham; Arkham Sanitarium; Augusta; Azathoth; Azathoth and Other Horrors; Babson, Eunice; Biddeford; Book of Eibon; Candlemas; Chesuncook; Crowninshield; Derby, Asenath; Derby, Edward Pickman; Derby mansion; Derby, Mr; Florida; Geoffrey, Justin; Gilman; Goat with a Thousand Young; Hallowmass; Hall School; High Street; Hungary; Innsmouth; Ipswich; Kamog; Kingsport; Maine; Miskatonic Club; Miskatonic River; Miskatonic University; Necronomicon; Newburyport; People of the Monolith, The; Portland; Portsmouth; Rowley; Saco; Saltonstall St; Sargent, Moses and Abigail; shoggoths; Shub-Niggurath; Unaussprechlichen Kulten; Upton, Daniel; Upton, Edward Derby; Von Junzt; Waite; Waite, Asenath; Waite, Ephraim; Washington Street;

HPL Dreamer - H. P. Lovecraft, To a Dreamer, in The Fantastic Poetry

(Also available in The Ancient Track: The Complete Poetical Works of H. P. Lovecraft.)

Narrator: nameless. References: Pnath, vale of; Thok; Zin, vaults of;

HPL Dunwich - H. P. Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Third person. References: Aklo language; Alhazred, Abdul; Arkham; Arkham Advertiser; Armitage, Henry, Dr.; Associated Press; Aylesbury; Aylesbury Pike; Aylesbury Transcript; Azazel; Bear's Den; Beelzebub; Belial; Bibliotheque Nationale; Bishop family; Bishop, Mamie; Bishop, Seth; Bishop, Silas; Bishop's Brook; Boston Globe; British Museum; Brown, Luther; Buzrael; Cambridge; Candlemas; Carrier's mowing; Cold Spring Glen; Congregational Church; Corey, George; Corey, Mrs; Corey, Wesley; Cryptomenysis Palefacta; Cthulhu; Daemonolatreia; Dean's Corners; Dee, (Dr.) John; De Furtivus Literarum Notis; De Vigenere; Devil's Hop Yard; Dho formula; Dho-Hna formula; Dunwich; Elder Things; Falconer; Farr, Fred; Frye, Elmer, Selina, and family; Hallowe'en; Hallowmass; Hartwell, Dr.; Harvard University; Hoadley, Abijah, Reverend; Houghton, Dr; Hutchins, Elam; Hutchins, Sam; Hutchins, Will; Ibn Ghazi; Jack; Kadath; Kluber; Kryptographik; Lamb, Charles; Lammas Night; Machen, Arthur; Massachusetts; May-Eve; Miskatonic River; Miskatonic University; Miskatonic Valley; Morgan, Francis, Dr; Necronomicon; Nhhngr; Old Ones; Osborn, Joe; Osborn's general store; Pan; Pocumtucks; Poligraphia; Porta, Giambattista; Remigius; Rice, Warren, Professor; R'lyehian; Round Mountain; SABAOTH; Salem; Sawyer, Chauncey; Sawyer, Earl; Sawyer, Sally; Sentinel Hill; Shub-Niggurath; Springfield; Stone circles; Ten-Acre Meadow; Traite des Chiffres; Trithemius; University of Buenos Ayres; Voorish sign; Whateley; Whateley, Curtis; Whateley, Lavinia (Lavinny); Whateley, Mrs; Whateley, Old; Whateley, Squire Sawyer; Whateley, Wilbur; Whateley, Zebulon; Whateley, Zechariah; Wheeler, Henry; whippoorwills; Widener Library; Witches and Other Night Fears; Wormius, Olaus; Yog-Sothoth; Yr;

HPL Electric - H. P. Lovecraft and Adolphe de Castro, The Electric Executioner, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions.

Narrator: Nameless. References: Acolhua; Aguas Calientes; Albany; Anahuac; Apollo; Argos; Associated Press; Atys; Azteca; Aztecs; California; Chalca; Chicomoztoc; Chihuahua; Cthulhutl; Dionysos; El Paso; Evoe; feathered serpent.; Feldon, Arthur; Fonda Nacional; Hawthorne; Huitzilopotchli; Hylas; Iacchus; Ialmenos; Ipalnemoan; Jackson, (Superintendent); Linos; Maximilian's army; McComb, (President); Mexico, Mexicans; Mexico City; Mictlanteuctli; Nahua Indians; Nahuatlacatl; Nezahualpilli; Niguratl-Yig; Old Ones; Psamathe; Queretaro; Quetzalcoatl; Rio Grande; R'lyeh; Rochester; Sacramento; San Francisco; San Mateo Mountains; Seven Caves of Chicomoztoc; Sierra de Malinche; Southern Pacific depot; Tenochtitlan; Tepaneca; Tlahuica; Tlascalteca; Tlaxcala Mining Company; Tlaxcala country; Tloquenahuaque; Tonatiuh-Metzli; Torreon; Veracruz; Xochimilca; Ya-R'lyeh; Yog-Sototl; Zagreus;

HPL Festival - H. P. Lovecraft, The Festival, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales.

Narrator: nameless. References: Aldebaran; Alhazred, Abdul; Arkham; Back Street; Central Hill; Christmas; Circle Court; Daemonolatreia; Glanville, Joseph; Green Lane; Ibn Schacabao; Kingsport; Lactantius; Market House; Marvells of Science; Morryster; Necronomicon; Orange Point; Remigius; Saducimus Triumphatus; St. Mary's Hospital; Schacabao, Ibn; Wormius, Olaus; Yuletide;

HPL Fungi - H. P. Lovecraft, The Fungi from Yuggoth, in Fungi from Yuggoth, by H. P. Lovecraft; Running Dinosaur Press, 1986.

(Also available in The Ancient Track: The Complete Poetical Works of H. P. Lovecraft.)

Narrator: nameless in some sonnets, third person in others. References: Antarktos; Arkham; Atwood, Seth and Eb; Aylesbury; Azathoth; Boynton Beach; Brigg's Hill; Egypt; Elder One; Elder Pharos; Ghooric zone; Hesperia; Innsmouth; Leng, Plateau of; night-gaunts; Nithon; Nyarlathotep; St. Toad's; shoggoths; Thog; Thok; Watkins, Goody; Whateley, John; Yaddith; Yin, the Gardens of; Yuggoth; Zaman's Hill; Zoar;

HPL Gates - H. P. Lovecraft, Through the Gates of the Silver Key, in At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels

Protagonist, Randolph Carter. References: Ad, Shaddad bin; Affair that shambleth about in the night; Alhazred, Abdul; All-in-One and One-in-All; All-Is-One; America; Ancient Ones (1); Arabia Petraea; Arch-Ancient Buo; Archetypes; Arcturus; Arkham; Aspinwall, Ernest B.; Atlaanat; Australia; Bayonne; Benares; Beyond-One.; bholes; Book of Thoth; Boston; Carter; Carter, Christopher; Carter, Edmund; Carter, Martha; Carter, Pickman; Carter, Randolph; Chambers Street; Chandraputra, Swami; Chicago; Children of the Fire Mist; Churchward, Colonel; clock, coffin-shaped; Companions; Corey, Benijah; Creoles; Cthulhu, spawn of; De Marigny, Etienne-Laurent; Easter Island; Elder Lore; Elder Sign (1); First Gate, First Gateway; First National Bank; Foreign Legion of France; Fowler, Goody; France; French Quarter; Gallows Hill; Gates; geometry, non-Euclidean or mystical; Gnorri; gods of earth, Earth's gods; Guide, The; hand; Herd; Himalayas; Hindoo; Hyperborea; Ilek-Vad; India, Indians; Inner Gate; Irem; Jupiter; Kath; Kingsport; Kled; Kynarth; Kythanil; Last void; Leng, Plateau of; Lithuanians; Lomar; Mars; Mongolia, Mongolians, Mongols, Mongoloids; Most Ancient One; Mthura; Naacal Language; Necronomicon; Nepal; Neptune; New England; New Orleans; Nython, the triple star; Oukranos; Outer Extension; Parks; Phillips, Ward; Pnakotic fragments; Polish immigrants; Prolonged of Life; Providence; Rhode Island; R'lyehian; Salem; shapes; Shonhi.; Silver Key; Skai, River; Snake Den; South Carolina; Tablets of Nhing; Tartary; Thran; Tsathoggua; Tsath-yo; Ulthar; Ultimate Abyss; Ultimate Gate; Ultimate Mystery, The; 'UMR AT-TAWIL; Veil; Warren, Harley; West End; Winged Ones; Yaddith; Yian-Ho; Yogi, the; Yog-Sothoth; Yuggoth; Zkauba;

HPL Haunter - H. P. Lovecraft, The Haunter of the Dark, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Protagonist, Robert Blake. References: Aklo language; Ankh; Antarctica; Atlantis; Azathoth; Blake, Robert Harrison; Book of Dzyan; Bowen, (Prof.) Enoch; Brown University; Burrower Beneath, The; College Hill; College Street; Crinoid things of Antarctica; Cultes des Ghoules; d'Erlette, Comte; De Vermis Mysteriis; Dexter, (Doctor) Ambrose; Doyle, Mayor; Drowne, Dr; Easter Island; Eddy, Orin B; Egypt; Feaster from the Stars, The; Federal Hill; Federal Hill Boys; Feeny, Francis X; Free-Will Church; Haunter of the Dark; Industrial Trust beacon; John Hay library; Khem; Knapp Street, East; Lanigan; Lemuria; Liber Ivonis; Lillibridge, Edwin M; Lord of All Things; Maine; Memorial Hall; Merluzzo, Father; Milwaukee; Minoan fisher; Monahan, (Patrolman , later Sergeant) William J; mystic dreamer; Narragansett; Necronomicon; Nemesis; Nephren-Ka; Nyarlathotep; Old Ones; O'Malley, Father; Pnakotic Manuscript(s); Pnath, vale of; Prinn, Ludvig; Providence; Providence Bulletin; Providence Telegram; Psi Delta House; Regan, Patrick; Serpent-men; Shaggai; Shining Trapezohedron; Spirito Santo Church; Stairs in the Crypt, The; Starry Wisdom sect; Tau Omega fraternity house; Ultimate Chaos; Unaussprechlichen Kulten; Usher, Roderick; Vale of Pnath, The; Valusia; Von Junzt; Walpurgis; Wisconsin; Yaddith; Yog-Sothoth; Yuggoth;

HPL Herbert - H. P. Lovecraft, Herbert West, Reanimator, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Narrator: nameless. References: Arkham; Averills; Baudelaire; Bolton; Bolton Worsted Mills; Boston; Chapman farmhouse; Christchurch Cemetary; Clapham-Lee, (Major Sir) Eric Moreland; Commercial House; Crane St; Eblis; Elagabalus; Flanders; Haekel; Halsey, Allan, Dr; Hill, (Lieut.) Ronald; Illinois; Leavitt, Robert; Meadow Hill; Miskatonic University; Miskatonic Valley; O'Brien, Kid; Ottawa; Pond Street; Potter's field; Robinson, Buck; St. Eloi; St. Louis; Sefton Asylum; West, Herbert;

HPL History - H. P. Lovecraft, History of the Necronomicon, in Miscellaneous Writings, ed. S.T. Joshi, Arkham House Publishers, 1995.

References: Al-Azif; Alhazred, Abdul; Arabia, Arabs; Arkham; Babylon; Bibliotheque Nationale; British Museum; Chambers, Robert W; City of Pillars; Constantinople; Crimson Desert; Cthulhu; Dahna; Damascus; Dee, (Dr.) John; Empty Space; Germany; Gregory IX, Pope; Harvard University; Irem; Khallikan, Ebn; King in Yellow, The; Memphis; Michael; Miskatonic University; Necronomicon; Ommiade Caliphs; Philetas, Theodorus; Pickman family; Pickman, Richard Upton; Roba el Khaliyeh; Salem; Sanaa; San Francisco; University of Buenos Ayres; Widener Library; Wormius, Olaus; Yemen; Yog-Sothoth;

HPL Hound - H. P. Lovecraft, The Hound, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Narrator: nameless. References: Alhazred, Abdul; Baudelaire; Belial; England; Goya; Holland; Hound, the; Huysmans; Leng, Plateau of; Necronomicon; Rotterdam; St. John; Victoria Embankment;

Imprisoned With the Pharoahs - This story name was corrected to Under the Pyramids in the new edition of Dagon and Other Macabre Tales. See Pyramids.

HPL Innsmouth - H. P. Lovecraft, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Narrator: nameless in original story, though maternal ancestors include Williamsons. Referred to as Williamson in AWD Sky 84. References: Adams St; Allen, Zadok; Arkham; Asbury M.E. Church; Ashtoreth; Babcock, Resolved.; Babson St.; Babylonia; Bank St; Baptist Church; Bates St; Beelzebub; Belial; Boston; Broad St; Calvery Commandery; Canaan; Canton; Cape Ann; Casey; Church Street; Cleveland; Columby; Congregational Church; Cthulhu; Dagon; Danvers; Deep Ones; Devil Reef; Easter Island; Eliot; Eliot, Matt; Eliot St; Eliza; Esoteric Order of Dagon; Essex County; Fall Street; Federal Street; First National grocery store; Fish Street; Freemasonry; Garrison, Henry; Gilman; Gilman House; Gilman, Hiram; Hallowe'en; Hallowmass; Hammond's Drug Store; Hetta; High Street; Hydra; Ideal Lunch; Innsmouth; Innsmouth Harbor; Ipswich; Kanakas; Kingsport; Kingsport Head; Lafayette St; Lower Green; magic sign; Main St; Malay Pride; Manuxet river; Market Square; Marsh, Barnabas; Marsh, Enoch; Marsh, Lydia (Meserve); Marsh, (Captain) Obed; Marsh, Old Man; Marsh, Onesiphorus; Marsh Refining Company; Marsh St; Martin, Esdras; Martin St; Masonic Hall; Maumee; May-Eve; Miskatonic University; Mowry, Selectman; Newburyport; Newburyport Historical Society; New Church Green; Oaths of Dagon; Oberlin; Old Ones; Order of Dagon Hall; Orne; Orne, Benjamin; Orne, Eliza; Otaheite; Paine St; Panton; Parker River; Peabody, E. Lapham; Philistines; Pierce, Nick; Plum Island; Ponape; Providence author, a; Pth'thya-l'yi; Ranger; River Street; Rowley; Sargent, Joe; shoggoths; South Pacific; South St; Southwick, Adoniram; State Street; Strange High House in the Mist; Sumatra Queen, Sumatry Queen; Tilton, Anna, Miss; Toledo; Town Square; Waite; Waite, Luella; Waite St; Walakea; Wallace, Dr; Washington Street; Water Street; Williamson; Williamson, Douglas; Williamson, James; Williamson, Lawrence; Williamson, Walter; Y'ha-nthlei;

HPL Iranon - H. P. Lovecraft, The Quest of Iranon, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Protagonist: Iranon. References: Ai; Aira; Athok the cobbler; Bnazic desert; Cydathria; dreamlands; Drinen in the East; Ilarnek; Iranon; Jaren; Kadatheron; Karthian Hills; Kra; Liranian desert; Lomar; Mnar; Narthos, valley of; Nithra; Olathoe; Oonai; Romnod; Sarnath; Sidrak, Mt; Sinara; Stethelos; Teloth; Thraa; Tower of Mlin; Xari, river; yath-trees; Zuro, river;

HPL Kadath - H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, in At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels

Protagonist: Randolph Carter. References: Aldebaran; almost-humans; Aran, Mount; Arkham; Atal; Azathoth; Baharna; Barzai the Wise; Basalt Pillars of the West; Beacon Hill district; bholes; Boston; buopoths; Carter, Randolph; carven mountains; Cathuria, Land of Hope; cats; cavern of flame; Celephais; Cerenerian Sea; Charles' Wain; Charter Street; colored gases; cosmology; Council of Sages; crotala, rattle of; Derby, Nehemiah, Colonel; Dylath-Leen; Elder Ones; Elder Sign (1); Elton, Basil; Enchanted Wood; Fomalhaut; Gate of Deeper Slumber; Gate of the Caravans; ghasts; ghouls; gingko trees; Gnophkehs; gods of earth, Earth's gods; Granary Burying Ground; Great Abyss; Great Ones; Gugs; Hatheg; Hatheg-Kla, Mt; high priest not to be described; Hlanith; Ilarnek; Ilek-Vad; Inganok; Ired-Naa; Kadath; Kadatheron; Kaman-Thah; Kingsport; Kiran; Kled; Koth; Kuranes; Lathi; Lelag-Leng; Leng, Plateau of; Lerion, Mt; Little Bear; Lomar; lygath trees; magah birds; Mnar; Moon; moon-things; moon-trees; nameless monastery; nameless rock; Naraxa; Nasht; Nath-Horthath; Ngranek, Mt.; night-gaunts; Nir; Nodens; Nyarlathotep; Ogrothan; Olathoe; Ooth-Nargai, Valley of; Oriab; Other Gods; Oukranos; Palace of the Seventy Delights; Parg; Pharos; Pickman, Richard Upton; Pnakotic Manuscript(s); Pnath, vale of; purple spiders; reincarnation; Rinar; Salem; Sarkomand; Selarn; Serannian; Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan; shantak-birds; Six Kingdoms; Skai, River; S'ngac; Snireth-Ko; Sona-Nyl, land of fancy; Southern Sea; Street of Pillars; Tanarian Hills; Temple of the Cats; Temple of the Elder Ones; thagweed; Thal; Thalarion, City of a Thousand Wonders; Thok; Thon; Thorabonia; Thraa; Thran; toad-things; Trevor Towers; Ulthar; Urg; urhags; Veiled King; voonith; wamps; Xura, Land of Pleasures Unnattained; Yath, lake of; Yogash the black; Zar, Land of; Zenig of Aphorat; Zin, vaults of; Zoogs;

HPL Man - H. P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald, The Man of Stone, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions

Narrator: Jack. References: Adirondacks; Albany; Allen's Cave; Black Goat; Black Man; Book of Eibon; Catskill Mountains; Chandler, Osborn E; Christmas; Damon and Pythias friendship; Devil's Kin; Esopus; Feast of the Foxes; Goat, Black; Goat with a Thousand Young; Great Rite; Great Sabbat; Green Decay; Hallow Eve; Hallowmass; Hasbrouck, Squire; Hayden, Ben; Hoog, Mr. and Mrs; Hudson; Hurley; Jack; Jackson, Henry; Kingston; Mad Dan; Marvells of Science; Montreal; Morris, Daniel; Morris, Rose C; Morryster; Mountain Top; New Paltz; New York; Outer Powers; Placid, Lake; Poole, Sam; Pythias; Rapelye place; Rensselaerwyck; Rex; R'lyeh; Roodmas; Shub-Niggurath; Steenwyck's store; Sugar-Loaf; Thanksgiving day; Thunder Hill; Tsathoggua; Van Kauran; Van Kauran, Bareut Picterse; Van Kauran, Hendrik; Van Kauran, Nicholas; Van Kauran, William; Wheeler, Arthur; Wijtgaart; Williams, Nate; Yoth;

HPL Medusa - H. P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop, Medusa's Coil, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions.

Narrator: nameless. References: aegipans; Africa; Atlantis; Auteuil; Babylon; Barker's Crick; Baudelaire; Beardsly, Aubrey; Bedard, Marceline; Bend Village; Berenice; Black Mass; Cape Girardeau; Carthaginia; Clooloo; Coma Berenices; crocodile-headed beast; crocodile-stone; Cthulhu; de Chameaux, Marquis; Delilah; de Russy; de Russy, Antoine; de Russy, Denis; des Esseintes; Durtal; Easter Island; Egypt; Elder Ones; Ferris, Jim; France; Fuseli; Gauguin; geometry, non-Euclidean or mystical; goats; gorgon(s); Goya; hair; Harvard University; Hearn, Lafcadio; Hecate; Hoggar; Isis; Kadath; lamia; Latin Quarter; Lautreamont; Lemuria; leopardess; Louisiana; Marsh, Frank; Martinique; Mary; McCabe; Medusa; Missouri; Mu; N'bangus; Necronomicon; New Orleans; New York; Paris; Princeton University; Rembrandt; Rimbaud; Riverside; R'lyeh; Roodmas; Rue St. Jacques; Sahara; St. Clair Academy; St. Louis; Sarah; Satan, Satanism; Scipio, old; Seventh Louisiana Infantry, C.S.A; Shub-Niggurath; Sime, Sidney; Smith, Clark Ashton; snakes; Sophonisba, Old; Sorbonne, the; souls, immortal; Tanit; Tanit-Isis; vampirism; Van Gogh; West Indies; Witches' Sabbat, --Sabbath; Yuggoth; Zimbabwe; Zulus;

HPL Messenger - H. P. Lovecraft, The Messenger, in The Fantastic Poetry.

(Also available in The Ancient Track: The Complete Poetical Works of H. P. Lovecraft.)

Narrator: nameless. References: Elder Sign (1); Leo; Seekonk River;

HPL Mist - H. P. Lovecraft, The Strange High House in the Mist, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Protagonist: Thomas Olney. References: Arkham; Atlantis; Bristol Highlands; Causeway, The; Central Hill; Congregational Hospital; Elder Ones; Father Neptune; Hatheg-Kla, Mt; Hooper's Pond; Kadath; Kingsport; Mighty Ones; Miskatonic River; Narragansett; Neptune; Nereids; Nodens; Olney, Thomas; Orne, Granny; Poseidonis; Ship Street; Skai, River; Terrible Old Man; Titans; Tritons; Ulthar; Water Street;

HPL Mound - H. P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop, The Mound, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions.

Narrator: nameless, but same as in Yig. References: All-Mother; Altair; Antarctica; Aristotle; Arizona; Arkansas river; Asturias; Atlantis; Azathoth; Aztecs; Balboa; Barton County; Bay of Biscay; B'graa; Binger; Caddo County; Caddo Indians; Cambridge; Charging Buffalo; Cheops; Christianity, Christian Mythos; Cibola; Cicuye; Clay, Ed and Walker; Compton, Clyde, Mr; Compton, Sally (Grandma) and Joe; Coronado, Fracisco Varquez de; Cthulhu; Darien, peak in; de Mendoza, Don Antonio; Devon; Do-Hna; dreamlands; dreams; El Turco; England; Europe; Father of (all) Serpents, Father of Snakes; Florida; France; Gll'Hthaa-Ynn; gn'agn; Gnophkehs; Grand Canyon; Grey Eagle; Grh-yan range; gyaa-yothn; Heaton; Henry the Eighth; Hodge, Dr; Indians (Native Americans); Kadath; Kansas; K'n-yan; Kukulcan; Lawton, (Captain) George E; Lemuria; Lomar; L'thaa; Luarca; Massachusetts; Mayas; metals with strange properties; Mexico, Mexicans; Milky Way; New Mexico; New Spain; New World; New York; Nith, plain of; Niza, Marcos de; N'kai; Norton, Joe; Not-to-be-Named One; Nug; Nyarlathotep; octopus-like entities; Oklahoma; Olathoe; Old Ones; Pacific Ocean; Pamphilus, St; Pecos; pineal gland; Plains Indians; Portugal, Portuguese; Pueblos Indians; Quetzalcoatl; Quivira; Relex; Rice County; shoggoths; Shub-Niggurath; Sioux indians; snakes; Somerset; Space-devils; Spain, Spaniards, Spanish; Tigeux; Tirawa; T'la-yub; Toltecs; Trowbridge St; Tsath; Tsathoggua; Tulu, Great; Tulu-metal; Vega; Virginia; Wheelock, Rance; Wichita country; Wichita indians; Williams, James C; Willis, John; Witches' Sabbat, --Sabbath; Xinaian; Yeb; Yig; y'm-hhi or y'm-bhi; Yoth; Yothic manuscripts; Zamacona y Nunez, Panfilo de; Zin, vaults of; Zuni;

HPL Mountains - H. P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness, in At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels

Narrator: William Dyer. References: Abominable Snow-Men; Admiralty Range; Alhazred, Abdul; Amundsen; Andes; Antarctica; Arabia Deserta; Archaean period; Archaeozoic era; Arkham; Arkham Advertiser; Arthur Gordon Pym.; Associated Press; Atlantis; Atwood; Beardmore Glacier; Borchgrevingk; Boston Harbor; Boudreau; Budd Land; Byrd; Cape Adare; Carboniferous period; Carroll; Colour; Comanchian period; Commoriom; Cretaceous period; Cthulhu; Cthulhu, spawn of; Danforth; Daniels; Douglas, J. B., Capt; dreamlands; Dunsany, Lord; Dyer, William, Prof.; Elder Ones; Elder Pharos; Elder Things; Eocene epoch; Erebus; Fowler; Franklin Island; Gedney; Great Old Ones; Gunnarsson; Himalayas; Hobart; Hyperborea; Ib; Joly; Jurassic period; Kadath; Kaiser Willhelm Land; Kingsport Head; Kish; Knox Land; Lake; Larsen; Lemuria; Leng, Plateau of; Lomar; Luitpold Land; Machu Pichu; Mawson, Douglas, Sir; McMurdo Sound; McTighe; Mesozoic; Mi-Go; Mills; Miocene Epoch; Miskatonic; Miskatonic University; Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition of 1930-31; Mnar; Moon; Moulton; Nameless City; Nansen, Mt; Nathaniel Derby Pickman Foundation; Necronomicon; Olathoe; Old Ones; Oligocene epoch; Ordovician period; Orrendorf; Outer Ones; Oxford-Field Museum Expedition; Pabodie, Frank H., Prof; Panama Canal; Parry Mountains; Permian period; Petra; Pickman, Nathaniel Derby; Pleistocene epoch; Pluto; Pnakotic Manuscript(s); Poe, Edgar Allan; Precambrian era; Queen Alexandra Range; Queen Mary land; R'lyeh; Roerich, Nicholas; Ropes; Ross; Ross Island; Ross Sea; Samoa; Scoresby; Scott; Shackleton; Sherman; shoggoths; Silurian period; Smith, Clark Ashton; Snake Tomb; South America; South Pacific; Starkweather-Moore Expedition; star-stones; Tasmania; Taylor; Tekeli-li; Terror, Mt; Tertiary Period; Thorfinnssen, Georg; Totten Land; Triassic period; Tsathoggua; Uzuldaroum; Valusia; Victoria Land; Watkins; Weddell Sea; Wegener; Wilkes; Williamson; Wilmarth, Albert N; Yaanek, Mount; Yog-Sothoth;

HPL Museum - H. P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald, The Horror in the Museum, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions

Protagonist: Stephen Jones. References: Africa; Alaska; Amazon; Arabia, Arabs; Arctic regions; Azathoth; Blatschka; blood; Book of Eibon; Charing Cross; Chaugnar Faugn; Crippen, Dr; Cthulhu; Demers, Madame; De Rais, Gilles; de Sade, Marquis; Dhol Chants; dimensional shambler; Dore, Gustave; elementals; Esquimau; Fort Morton; Gnoph-Keh; Goat with a Thousand Young; Greenland; Grey, (Lady) Jane; Haymarket (Street?); Indo-China; Jones, Stephen; K'thun; Landru; lemurs; Leng, Plateau of; Lomar; London; Madame Tussaud's; Medusa; Necronomicon; night-gaunts; Noatak (river?); Nome; Noth-Yidik; Old Ones; Orabona; Pnakotic fragments; Portland Place; Regent's Park; Regent Street; Rhan-Tegoth; Rizzio; Rogers, George; Rogers' Museum; Scotland Yard; Shub-Niggurath; Sime, Sidney; Smith, Clark Ashton; snakes; South Pacific; Southwark Street; Strand; symbol, peculiar; Tcho-Tcho people; Thibet, Thibetans; Tsathoggua; Unaussprechlichen Kulten; Von Junzt; Walworth Road; Waterloo Bridge; Yog-Sothoth; Yuggoth;

HPL Nameless - H. P. Lovecraft, The Nameless City, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Narrator: nameless. References: Afrasiab; Alhazred, Abdul; Arabia, Arabs; de Metz, Gauthier; Dunsany, Lord; Ib; Image du Monde; Irem; Mnar; Nameless City; Necronomicon; Oxus; Paleozoic era; Sarnath;

HPL Nyarlathotep - H. P. Lovecraft, Nyarlathotep, in Four Prose Poems, by H. P. Lovecraft; Necronomicon Press, 1987. 

(Also available, with different pagination, in Miscellaneous Writings.)

Narrator: nameless. References: Azathoth; Egypt; Nyarlathotep;

HPL Other - H. P. Lovecraft, The Other Gods, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Protogonists: Barzai the Wise and Atal. References: Atal; Barzai the Wise; cats; gods of earth, Earth's gods; Hatheg; Hatheg-Kla, Mt; Kadath; Lerion, Mt; Lomar; Ngranek, Mt.; Nir; Other Gods; Pnakotic Manuscript(s); St. John's Eve; Sansu; Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan; Skai, River; Thurai, Mt; Ulthar;

HPL Outpost - H. P. Lovecraft, The Outpost, in The Fantastic Poetry

(Also available in The Ancient Track: The Complete Poetical Works of H. P. Lovecraft.)

Third person. This poem is free from Mythos references itself, but eventually inspired the Mythos story "The Fishers from Outside" by Lin Carter. References: Fishers from Outside; Zimbabwe;

HPL Outsider - H. P. Lovecraft, The Outsider, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Narrator: nameless, see entry for "Outsider narrator." References: ghouls; Great Pyramid; Hadoth; Neb, rock tombs of; Nephren-Ka; Nile river and valley; Nitokris; Outsider narrator;

HPL Pickman - H. P. Lovecraft, Pickman's Model, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Narrator: Thurber. References: Andros; Angarola; Art Club; Auburn, Mount; Back Bay; Battery Street; Beacon Hill district; Beacon Street; Boston; Bosworth; Boyleston Street subway; Charter Street; Constitution Wharf; Copp's Hill; Copp's Hill Burying Ground; Danvers; Dore, Gustave; Eliot; Fuseli; Gallows Hill; Ghoul Feeding; ghouls; Goya; Greenough Lane; Hanover Street; Henchman Street; Holmes, Oliver Wendell; Joy Street; Lesson, The; Longfellow; Lowell; Magnalia Christi Americana; Mather, Cotton; Minot, Joe; Mont Saint-Michel; Museum of Fine Arts; Newbury Street; North End; Notre Dame; Oliver's grandfather; Park Street; Peters; Phipps; Pickman, Richard Upton; Prince Street; Reid, Dr; Salem; Sime, Sidney; Smith, Clark Ashton; South Station; Subway Accident; Thurber; Tremont St; Wonders of the Invisible World;

HPL Picture - H. P. Lovecraft, The Picture in the House, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Narrator: nameless. References: Anziques; Arkham; Clark, Passon; Congo region; De Bry; Frankfort; Holt, Ebenezer, Capt; Lopez, sailor; Magnalia Christi Americana; Mather, Cotton; Miskatonic Valley; Pigafetta; Pilgrim's Progress; Regnum Congo; Thomas, Isaiah;

HPL Polaris - H. P. Lovecraft, Polaris, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Narrator: nameless. References: Alos; Banof, valley of; Daikos; Gnophkehs; Inutos; Kadiphonek, Mt; Lomar; Noton, Mt; Olathoe; Pnakotic Manuscript(s); Pole Star; Sarkis, Plateau of; Thapnen; Zobna; Zobnarian Fathers;

HPL Pyramids - H. P. Lovecraft, Under the Pyramids, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Narrator: Harry Houdini. References: Alexandria; Amen; baboons; Bedouins; Cairo; Cheops; Egypt; Gizeh; Houdini, Harry; Isis; Ka; Khem; Khephren, King; Khufu, King; Memphis; mummies; Nile river and valleyNitokris; Osiris; Pyramids of Gizeh; Re; Re-Harakhte; Reis el Drogman, Abdul; souls, immortal; Sphinx; Thutmosis IV; Unknown God of the Dead, Unknown One; Ziz, Ali;

HPL Rats - H. P. Lovecraft, The Rats in the Walls, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Narrator: Delapore. References: Anchester; Atys; Bellview; Bolton; Brinton, (Sir) William; Carfax; cats; Catullus; Celts; Clave, (Sir) John; Cornwall; Cybele; Cymric style; de la Poer; de la Poer, Gilbert; de la Poer, Godfrey; de la Poer, Mary; de la Poer, Walter; Delapore; Delapore; Delapore, Alfred; Delapore, Randolph; Druids; England; Exham Priory; Greek language; Hanwell; Harley, Francis; James; Latin; London; Magna Mater; Massachusetts; Nigger-Man; Norrys; Norrys, (Capt.) Edward; Nyarlathotep; Phrygia; rats; Rome, Romans; Saxons; Shrewsfield, Earl of; Stonehenge; Thornton; Trask, Dr; Trevor, (Lady) Margaret; Trimalchio; Troad, excavations in the; Virginia; Voodoo; Witches' Sabbat, --Sabbath;

HPL Regnar - H. P. Lovecraft, Regnar Lodbrug's Epicedium, in Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems: Formerly Titled Collected Poems. Ballantine Books, 1971. 

(Also available in The Ancient Track: The Complete Poetical Works of H. P. Lovecraft.)

References: Wormius, Olaus;

HPL Silver - H. P. Lovecraft, The Silver Key, in At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels

Protagonist, Randolph Carter. References: Arabia, Arabs; Arkham; Aspinwall, Ernest B.; Belloy-en-Santerre; Boston; Carter; Carter, Christopher; Carter, Edmund; Carter, Martha; Carter, Randolph; Carter, Randolph, Sir; Central Hill; Congregational Hospital; Congregational Steeple; Corey, Benijah; Elm Mountain; Foreign Legion of France; Fowler, Goody; France; Gnorri; Hannah; Ilek-Vad; India, Indians; Kingsport; Kled; Miskatonic River; Narath; Oukranos; Parks; Pleides; Salem; Silver Key; Skai, River; Thran; Ulthar; Warren, Harley;

HPL Sleep - H. P. Lovecraft, Beyond the Wall of Sleep, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Narrator: Nameless. References: Albany; Algol; Barnard, Dr; Catskill Mountains; Fenton, Dr; Jupiter; Nova Persei; oppressor, the; Slater, Joe; Slater, Peter;

HPL Statement - H. P. Lovecraft, The Statement of Randolf Carter, in At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels

Narrator: Randolph Carter. References: Arabic; Big Cypress Swamp; Carter, Randolph; Gainesville Pike; India, Indians; Warren, Harley;

HPL Terrible - H. P. Lovecraft, The Terrible Old Man, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Third person. References: Czanek, Joe; Ellis, Mate; Jack; Kingsport; Long Tom; Peters; Ricci, Angelo; Scar-Face; Ship Street; Silva, Manuel; Spanish Joe; Terrible Old Man; Water Street;

HPL Test - H. P. Lovecraft and Adolphe de Castro, The Last Test, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions

Narrator: nameless. References: Africa; Alameda; Al-Azif; Algiers; Alhazred, Abdul; Arabian Nights; Asia; Atlantis; Bannister place; Berkeley; Bonpa priests; California; China; Clarendon, (Dr.) Alfred Shuyler; Clarendon, Frances Shuyler; Clarendon, Georgina; Clarendon, Old; Columbia; Cortland, Tom; Crimson Desert; Dalton, (Gov.) James; Dick; East Nineteenth Street; Elder Sign (1); Goat Hill; Hinduism; Hoggar; India, Indians; Irem; Jackson St; Jones, (Dr.) Wilfred; MacNeil, Dr; Manhattan; Margarita; Market Street; Mexico, Mexicans; Millbrae; Miller, Dr; Necronomicon; Nemesis of Flame; New York; Nug; Nyarlathotep; Oakland; Observer; Philadelphia; Phillips Exeter; Royal Hotel; Sacramento; Sahara; San Francisco; San Jose; San Quentin; Sausalito; Shub-Niggurath; Surama; Tamalpais; Thibet, Thibetans; Tsanpo; Tuaregs; U-tsang; Vathek; Yeb; Yemen;

HPL Time - H. P. Lovecraft, The Shadow Out of Time, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Narrator: Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee. References: Alhazred, Abdul; American Psychological Society; Antarctica; Arabia, Arabs; arachnids of earth's last age; Arkham; Ashley, Ferdinand C.; Atlantis; Australia; Beetle civilisation; Blackfellows; Blaesus, Titus Sempronius; Boardman Street; Book of Eibon; Boston; Boyle, Dr. E. M.; Buddai; Cimmeria; coleopterous species; Corsi, Bartolomeo; Crane St; Crom-Ya; Cultes des Ghoules; Dampier St; De Grey River; d'Erlette, Comte; De Vermis Mysteriis; Dyer, William, Prof.; Egypt; Einstein; Elder Things, polypous; Eltdown Shards; Empress; 41st St; Freeborn, Tyler M; Golden Hill; Great Race; Great Sandy Desert; Haverhill; Himalayas; Hinduism; Hyperborea; Inutos; Joanna Spring; Journal of the American Psychological Society; Jupiter; Khephnes; Kingston-Brown, Nevil; Lexington; Lomar; Mackenzie, Robert B. F; Massachusetts; Mercury; Mesozoic; Miskatonic University; Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition of 1930-31; Montagny, Pierre-Louis; Necronomicon; New York; North Station; Nug-Soth; Nyarlathotep; Old Ones; Paleozoic era; Papuan legends; Peaslee, Alice (Keezar); Peaslee, Hannah (Wingate); Peaslee, Jonathon; Peaslee, Nathaniel Wingate; Peaslee, Robert; Peaslee, Wingate, Professor; Permian period; Perth; Peru; Pilbarra; Pnakotic Manuscript(s); Polynesia; Prinn, Ludvig; Serpent-men; S'gg'ha; South Africa; South Pacific; Spitzbergen; Square of Pillars; Tcho-Tcho people; Theosophy; Theotides; Triassic period; Tsan-Chan; Tsathoggua; Tupper; Unaussprechlichen Kulten; Valusia; Venus; Virginia; Von Junzt; Warburton's path of 1873; Wilson, Dr; Woodville, James; Yhe; Yiang-Li; Yith;

HPL Unnameable - H. P. Lovecraft, The Unnameable, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Narrator: Carter. References: Arkham; Attic Window, The; Boston; Carter; Congregationalists; Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir; East High School; Magnalia Christi Americana; Manton, Joel; Massachusetts; Mather, Cotton; Meadow Hill; St. Mary's Hospital; Whispers;

HPL Whisperer - H. P. Lovecraft, The Whisperer in Darkness, in The Dunwich Horror and Others

Narrator: Albert N. Wilmarth. References: Abominable Snow-Men; Adams, Stanley; Akeley, George Goodenough; Akeley, Henry Wentworth; Alhazred, Abdul; Arkham; Arkham Advertiser; Athol; Atlantis; Ayer; Azathoth; Bellows Falls; Bethmoora; Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young; Black Stone; Bran; Brattleboro; Brattleboro Reformer; Brown, Walter; Caledonia County; California; Commoriom; Concord; cosmology; Cthulhu; Dark Mountain; Davenport, Eli; Doels; dryads; Einstein; Father of the Million Favored Ones; fauns; Fitchburg; Five Nations; Fort, Charles; Fungi from Yuggoth; Gardner; Goat with a Thousand Young; Greece, Greeks or Greecians; Greenfield; Hali, Lake of; Hardwick; Hastur; Himalayas; Him in the Gulf; Him Who is Not to Be Named; Hounds of Tindalos; Hurons; Ireland, Irish; Kallikanzari; Keene; Klarkash-Ton; K'n-yan; Lee's Swamp; Leng, Plateau of; Little People; L'mur-Kathulos; Lord of the Woods; Lyndonville; Machen, Arthur; Magnum Innominandum; Massachusetts; May-Eve; Mi-Go; Million Favored Ones; Miskatonic University; Montpelier; Necronomicon; Nepal; Neptune; Newfane; New Hampshire; N'gah-Kthun; N'kai; Northfield; Noyes, Mr; Nyarlathotep; Outer Ones; Passumpsic river; Pendrifter, The; Pennacook; Pleasant St; Pluto; Pnakotic Manuscript(s); R'lyeh; Round Hill; Rutland Herald; Saltonstall St; San Diego; satyrs; Seven Suns; Shub-Niggurath; South Londonderry; Stone circles; Tao, Taoism; Townshend; troglodytes; Tsathoggua; University of Vermont; Vermont; Wales; Waltham; Wantastiquet; West River; Whisperer in Darkness, the; Wilmarth, Albert N; Winchendon; Windham County; Winooski River; Yellow Sign; Yian; Yig; Yog-Sothoth; Yoth; Yuggoth;

HPL White - H. P. Lovecraft, The White Ship, in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Narrator: Basil Elton. References: Akariel; Basalt Pillars of the West; Camorin; Cathuria, Land of Hope; Dorieb; dreamlands; Elton, Basil; Lathi; Narg, River; North Point; Sona-Nyl, land of fancy; Thalarion, City of a Thousand Wonders; Tharp, Year of; White Ship; Xura, Land of Pleasures Unnattained; Zar, Land of;

HPL Winged - H. P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald, Winged Death, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions

Protagonist: Thomas Slauenwite. References: Associated Press; Batta; Bloemfontein; Bogaert, Johannes; Brooklyn; Cambridge; Central Station, Bloemfontein; Clulu; Columbia University; Congo; devil-fly; De Witt, Ian; Diptera of Central and Southern Africa; Durban; Dyson; Fishers from Outside; Galla; Gamba; Glossina palpalis; Gobo; High Street, Bloemfontein; James, Dr.; Johannesburg; Joost, Dr.; Lincoln, Dr.; Mason, Frederick Nasmyth; Mevana; M'gonga; Mlolo, Lake; Mombasa; Mombasa Gazette; Moore, Henry Sargent, Ph.D.; Morton; Nairobi; Natal; New York; N'kini jungle belt; N'Kuru, Old; Nyangwe; Orange Hotel; Pretoria; San Francisco; Slauenwite, (Dr.) Paul; Slauenwite, (Dr.) Thomas; Sloane, (Sir) Norman; South Africa; Titteridge, George C.; Transvaal; Tsadogwa; Ubandes; Uganda; Ugowe; Ukala; Vaal Hotel; Vandervelde, (Dr.); Van Keulen, (Dr.) Cornelius; Wayland-Hall, Nevil.

HPL WitchHouse - H. P. Lovecraft, The Dreams in the Witch-House, in At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels

Protagonist, Walter Gilman. References: Alhazred, Abdul; All-Hallows; Argo Nevis; Arkham; Azathoth; Black Book; Black Man; Book of Eibon; Brown Jenkin; Choynski, Paul; Church Street; Court of Oyer and Terminer; Czanek, Mary; de Sitter; Desrochers; Dombrowski, Mr. and Mrs; Einstein; Ellery, Professor; Elwood, Frank; Essex County; Garrison Street; Gilman, Walter; Goat with a Thousand Young; Hallowmass; Hathorne, Judge; Haverhill; Heisenberg; High Street; Hydra; Innsmouth; Iwanicki, Father; Malkowski, Dr; Mason, Keziah; Mather, Cotton; May-Eve; Mazurewicz, Joe; Meadow Hill; Miskatonic Avenue; Miskatonic River; Miskatonic University; Miskatonic Valley; Nahab; Necronomicon; Nyarlathotep; Old Ones; Orne's Gangway; Patriot's Day; Peabody Avenue; Planck; St. Stanislaus' Church; Salem; Saltonstall St; Shub-Niggurath; Stowacki, Pete; Unaussprechlichen Kulten; Upham, Professor; Von Junzt; Waldron, Old ; Walpurgis; Witch House; Wolejko, Anastasia; Wolejko, Ladislas;

HPL Yig - H. P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop, The Curse of Yig, in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions

Narrator: nameless, but same as in Mound. References: All-Hallows; Arkansas; Aztecs; Binger; Caddo County; Caddo Indians; Canadian River; Compton, Clyde, Mr; Creek country; Davis, Audrey; Davis, Walker; El Reno; Franklin County; Grey Eagle; Guatemala; Guthrie; Hallowe'en; Indians (Native Americans); Kickapoo country; Kukulcan; Mayas; McNeill, Dr; Mexico, Mexicans; Missouri; Moore, Major; Newcastle; Oklahoma; Okmulgee; Ozarks; Pawnee country; Pueblos Indians; Quetzalcoatl; Rigby, Tom and Jennie; Satan, Satanism; Scott County; Smith, Lafayette; snakes; Stevens; Tirawa; Wichita country; Wichita indians; Wichita Mountains; Wichita River; Witch-Sabbath; Wolf; Yig; Zeke;

A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance
By Chris Jarocha-Ernst. An indispensible resource for Cthulhu Mythos readers, writers and scholars, "A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance" includes more than 2600 works cited by author and title, with original bibliographic data and a detailed concordance of Mythos terms, citing which stories they appear in. If you want to find a story, all the works of a particular author, or every story that mentions dread Cthulhu, "A Cthulhu Mythos Bibiography & Concordance" is the reference work you've been looking for. Recommended. Click here for pricing and ordering information.

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