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The following references are helpful if you are planning to visit Lovecraftian locales in New England:

Donovan Loucks' Web pages Lovecraftian Sites in New England and A New England Odyssey.These pages, useful as they are, capture only a small portion of Loucks' research into Lovecraftian New England. Send him a note today to encourage him to finish his forthcoming guidebook! Should be a great resource.  
Jason Eckhardt's Off the Ancient Track, published by Necronomicon Press. This is a pamphlet-sized work, attractively illustrated, and focusing on Providence, Boston/Cambridge, Marblehead, and New York/Brooklyn. A final map of the Northeast briefly lists the locales thought to have inspired Lovecraft's fictional towns such as Arkham, Innsmouth, etc. Originally published by Necronomicon Press, this work appears to be out of print currently. You might find a used copy listed here at or here at
Henry Beckwith's Lovecraft's Providence and Adjacent Parts, published by Donald M. Grant. This hardcover work describes three tours of Lovecraftian Providence, with an additional section on other sites in Rhode Island. Features illustrations and maps by one of my favorite artists, David Ireland, as well as a number of photographs. Originally published by Donald M. Grant, this book also appears to be out of print currently. You might find a used copy listed here on or here on
Lovecraft's Providence from Another Angle William Hart's Lovecraft's Providence, From a Different Angle, is a well-annotated photoset on Flickr, collecting hundreds of great photos of Lovecraftian scenes taken in Providence in 1990. Includes quite a few locations that I was unaware of or didn't have time to see when I was there.

My own impressions which follow are no replacement for the preceding works, which are well worth acquiring if you plan to visit the area.

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